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So my best friend doesn't know I'm a trans boy and she brought up Bruce Jenner to me and she was saying things that were really transphobic and about how we're 'just confused' and 'there's no way God put you in the wrong body' (she's very religious). I tried arguing back but she just said 'see this is why I never talk about this sort of stuff with you because you just throw a hissy fit and argue with me' and then she left and I really don't know what to do

Autumn Says:

Seems like a terrible friend. Sorry you had to go through that.

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Do you think it's creepy when people are depressed and stuff? Because my friends think it's creepy and weird, and I'm afraid to tell them that's how I feel most of the time...

They find it creepy because they don’t understand it. They don’t get yet how common it is. 1 out of 4 people will be depressed at some time in their lives. That’s a huge number. 

If you are depressed you need a good support group. I hope that you have at least one good friend you feel safe telling your feelings to. I’ll let you know that a  huge amount of people who send me asks do so about anxiety and depression. Read through the blog and you will feel less alone.

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I'm looking at some of the "it's not gay if he's dead" stuff and giggling madly and the my mOM COMES IN and ASKS What's so funny and HOw DO I EVEN expLAIN THIS?!? I CANT ThATs HoW



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One of the reasons I really like you is your love for insects/lizards and stuff. Like I don't have a passion for them but idk I just like how you do? Because I feel like most people are grossed out by them and I can be too which makes me feel bad for them but you're just reblogging pictures of worms or something and saying how you love them and its just really nice lol

thank you so much! u_u I’m really passionate about my creepy crawly friends, I feel like they are incredibly misunderstood and just need a chance…it’s been really fun/interesting being on tumblr and seeing a growing number of lizard/insect lovers!! I get really overwhelmed by how amazing bugs are a lot, because it took a long journey of re-learning a lot of taught behavior surrounding them, and now it’s like “oh hello creature that is many times smaller than me but also many times more beneficial to the planet!! I hope you are doing well today” lmao. I’ve always loved reptiles/amphibians tho ;_; pals are everywhere!!  

All ready for my fitness-love June challenge! 

It will consist of the following: 

  • Introduction week - Week one will be all about knowing the persons that will participate! Setting goals for the month and a plan to achieve those goals. Also you can go found yourself a pink-buddy to keep track on them for the challenge!
  • Little peek into your life - This week is about what do you do on a daily basis, what you eat, how/when do you workout, your routines, or/and personal stuff like friends, family, pets, etc. 
  • Love your-self week - This is one of my favorites, every time I set a goal I tend to over go and get really frustrated with myself if thing are not going how I except, this week will have daily challenges to remind to love ourselves! 
  • “Treat yo-self” week. - This will be to remind ourselves that above all things, good and bad, we need to treat ourselves right! 
  • Feedback - Overall how did you catch up with your goals, how did you felt with the challenge, etc. 

This will be a little about everything, from fitness and health to study (in case your poor soul like mine is still in finals), you can set anything as a goal, from loosing weight to smiling more to reading more books!.

I’ll post all the quests for the week each sunday early in the morning! (around 2-5 am each sunday!) and you will found it under my PinkJune tag on my blog! 

How to participate?

  • On monday 1st make an introduction post! I’ll put what it should contain the day before so you can prepare it with time! 
  • You don’t have to be following me but it would be easier for you to see the new quests for the week! 
  • Tag all your posts from the challenge with #PinkJune #WIPfitnesschallenge and #workoutInPink so I can found them easily and reblog them each day!! 

If you can, reblog this so other people can see it and join! if you have any questions feel free to send me a message  here

Also remember this is the last week to participate in my search for my BOTM on here

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Also, what inspired you to start making origami.

I really first got into origami when I made a cherry blossom kusudama for father’s day. I honestly was struggling for ideas and just wandered around the house and found some old origami paper that I hadn’t used. So being the scrub that I was, I used 30 pieces 6x6 inch paper and made a cherry blossom kusudama for him.

I realized that I really liked the feeling of paper in my fingers, and just started folding more. It really took off in my sophomore year of high school, where I began to explore more of what origami could do. I went through a 3D origami phase (you can see pics here) and decided to go into modular origami. The two first origami blogs I followed on tumblr were benny-cheung and origamipenguins, and when I saw all the stuff origami could do I wanted in!

I started making roses because I saw a friend making them and was amazed at how realistic they looked, so I went online and just started making them like crazy.

That’s pretty much my origami love story. 

I always forget that not everyone is a hardcore directioner like a couple friends were telling me about a chick who wrote a whole essay over how hard it is to be a directioner and I was like “shit yeah it’s hard as hell I wrote mine about that” and they stared at me for a good 10 seconds before they were like …..ok anyways….her phone was going off about Harry’s sister and I was like “yeah Gemma” and they basically stopped talking and stared at me like????did you not know?????pretty basic stuff here:/

ppl at my school are so racist like on fb i share a lot of articles about racism (like no commentary or anything like i just copy and paste links) and like so many ugly whites unfriended me like if you know me irl i dont talk about this stuff as much bc i surround myself with ppl who are already aware and so i dont always have to break things down for them when i wanna rant or somethin but damn this is just a reminder as to why i dont hang around white people or have white friends they all ugly and fake and passive aggressive

like legit the only reason ppl at my school probably dont like me is because they are racist. like i really never ever get mad or uptight or whatever unless someone says something or does something racist like all i do is smoke weed, party and make art fuck

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my girlfriends parents are homophobic so we cant see each other outside of school. of course this has bothered us all year but we dealt with it since we could see each other at school and stuff, but now that summer is approaching and school is almost out im worried about what will happen. i love her so much and i dont know what i would do if i lost her.

You can’t say that you guys are just friends? And then hang out

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STORY TIME. i was at a band and orchestra party yesterday to kick off summer and so my friends and i are all huge nerds so we all LOVE FOB. there was a DJ and it started off cool, playing all the popular songs and stuff but after this one rap song were like “SAVE THE EMOS” so we requested FOB and Black Parade, and it took HOURS but FINALLY dance dance came on and then centuries and then Black Parade and we all started screaming and dancing spastically i love band and orchestra parties. ~ claire

okay but how do u even listen to centuries without wanting to fight everyone around u tho

University Sim #2 for twinsimskeletons- Aidan Welthrope!

Hi, Aidan! Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself? Sweet last name, by the way.

Hey, shut up! That name has been in my name for gener- why are you laughing?

No reason, no reason. Go on.

Well, I do a lot of athletics. That’s not to say I like it, though. I got into it when I was a kid because I was basically forced to by my parents. They’re kinda the socialite type and wanted me to be a typical jock.

What else do you do?

Oh, man, I’m big into mechanics and stuff. I have this dream of being an astronaut one day, which includes building my own rocketship. I’m handy with a spanner, I guess you could say!

Okay, great! Anything else?

I tend to make a lot of friends wherever I go (partly why I’m looking forward to uni) because I’m charismatic- like, I just know how to talk to people. I’m a fair kisser, too. And, um, don’t tell anyone, but I’m sort of in love with Aja

Oh no. Not this again.

Hey, what can I say? I’m just a hopeless romantic. Also, I don’t like cats. They just… freak me out, y’know? With their little eyes and feet, and… *shudders* The teeth.

Okay, let’s end it here.

8 more to go! c:

download Aidan here

CC needed: Skin (Non-Default Naturals) | Hair | Blush (Blush #5) 

He also uses my sliders, found on my resources page.

Can we all take a moment out of our day to appreciate how awesome my friends are? Katie fucking HAND CROSS STITCHED this for me as a birthday gift and LOOK AT IT! She works tirelessly at her job and still found time to do this. It’s the sweetest sentiment with the most kick ass of messages (the best kind of combo, no?) I guess it’s true; bitches really do get stuff done.

I feel like I have more nice, busy plans this week.

than I have had in the past four years. It’s nice. Tomorrow I’ve got a pass plus session so thats two hours, and driving a car I like so I will enjoy myself a bit more than I do right now (My mother has a 1.0l Spark, its like a tin can grateful to have a car to drive, just don’t like that car). Then on Tuesday I’m going to a YSL beauty event/make up masterclass with some of my friends from uni, hosted by Frederic Letailleur. I have a haircut booked but I’m going to try move that till Friday because otherwise I’ll be in town all day. We’re also going to finally paint my bedroom this week so I will actually put my stuff in its place soon. 

It’s nice. I keep having plans to look forward to. 

void dispatches:
  • Yesterday I jammed with some good friends for another incarnation of White Mascara. Hopefully that goes well and we can start playing shows and recording again soon. The new stuff is going to be darker and brattier and a bit more refined I think.
  • My shitty abusive ex who i’ve been sharing a basement with is finally moving out!! Mega mega stoked, even though it does mean more financial uncertainty for the house. It’ll be chill.

  • Doing a lot of processing, making emotional breakthroughs and overall trying to actually start working through my shit. Feels good but goddamn is it hard.

  • Slowly being able to work and make art at a more steady pace again. getting better about making necessary doctor appts and not putting everything off for 5 thousand years. 

  • Planning on going to Fed Up Fest this year. If yr in chicago and wanna hang let me know. 

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if u havent already, annoying this about libras?

this is just the sign based on my libra friends:

• why do you do no work? it’s a group project…

• you complain you get to do nothing yet you’re the one who doesn’t work


• you’re not special okay

• no I do not have a lot of white hairs, stop telling me I do

• selfies. no. more.

• I love you but why are you always saying stuff that clearly makes me sad?


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That should be all! I wish you good luck and a happy day~

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you and your friends are playing my superhero-loving ass like an accordion, and I DEMAND YOU TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. i do not need another fandom in my life p l e a se

Then you may want to quit while you’re ahead friend because Trumps is like a snowball rolling down a hill in a place where snow is actually a thing. It started slowly but now we’ve got going it isn’t about to stop. (Also we keep congregating fics, drawings, wiki pages and now new powers, it’s a wild ride) 

So I can’t really stop the Trumps Train, but I can definitely tell you about it ::) 

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You blacksmith?? Oh my god, you just got like two times hotter

Ahaha thank you
It’s my first time so I’m mostly just hammering stuff and my blacksmith friend is the one doing the actual forge shenanigans