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i know it'd be some work and ppl ask this general question but would you put out audio files of your covers? because you talk in most of your covers like i love the brand new and new friends covers but you talk for like two minutes and only way i could get the audio is to take the video from youtube, remove the talking, then THEN convert video to mp3 which idk how unless it's a youtube video. so idk how i could do that i'm not good w that stuff

I’ll do that now my friend. I’ll be uploading them to my covers album on bandcamp

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Mind sharing your tips on dealing with anxiety? I had a panic attack at work last week, felt like I was gonna die. :(

There are some amazing tips online! Google can be your best friend!

but some of the stuff I do is:
- grounding: my best friend from HS gave me this one.. and I just start off with my 5 senses and I list everything I can touch, taste, see and so on and so forth. It kinda helps me “forget” about whatever I’m freaking out about. Just because I change my focus or at least try to

- and I read somewhere that you can sort of train your body to relax when you start taking deep breaths (our bodies kind of already do this) but I took it to another level by mentally saying to myself “when I start taking these deep breaths like this it’s time to calm down and relax” and so anytime I start to freak out I’ll start those deep breaths to sort of cue my body that it’s time to calm down. It takes a hot second for your body to pick up this behavior but it’s worked for me.

- also I personally like to write the things I’m freaking out about out on paper bc I feel like the physical action of writing helps me calm down and also I find myself a lot of times very high energy and scatter brained so it slows me down so to speak.

There’s a bunch more but these are the main ones that I use that work for me. :)

picarto stuff

i am usually forgots to post info about streaming when i am streaming with Rice and sometimes the tiny silly bat  sooooo if you would want to watch sometimes what i am doing just go to my channel and click follow. you’ll be notified(in mail or something when i doing stuff) Usually i doing sfw work (but my friends depends on the mood it guess/still it will be a warning if they do (for example tiny bat streams nsfw so there will be a warning for nsfw warning  for whole multistream but after ya click yes and  you can just pause(the nsfw channel or something)…

TL:DR if u wanna sometimes watch my stuff follow my picarto channel. 

((thats all, hope ya have a nice day =w=))

(picture to catch attention.

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I want to say something about suicide

Now that suicide has affected me personally, I feel like I have something to say about it.

I once saw a quote somewhere on this website that went something like “people say they want to die, but really they want to live”

And I think what that means is - when you’re suicidal and you can’t see any end in sight to whatever pain or stress or sadness you’re experiencing, you feel like the only way out is to end your life. Whether it’s school stressing you out, or a break up, or family issues, or a struggle with your spirituality, or just feeling like you don’t belong - sometimes these things push people so far that they feel like they want to kill themselves. But really, they just want to kill the things that are holding them back from really living!

When I think about my friend who took her own life, I think about all the things that she liked. I think about all the things that she would get excited about. She loved Halloween, but she’s going to miss it this year. She liked to read, but now there are thousands upon thousands of good books that she would have liked but will never get to read. She was a big fan of Harry Potter, but she’ll never get to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. She loved to take silly pictures, but she won’t take any more.

I don’t know exactly why she did what she did. But I know she must have been hurting inside. And I know she was running away from something. But, oh my God, do I wish that she really, physically, literally, just ran away! Why couldn’t she have just run away! And spent the rest of her time reading and playing video games instead of going to school! I wish that she had thrown away her education instead of her life! I wish she had gone on an adventure! I wish she had decided to drop everything, everything that was hurting her, scrape up all the money she had to her name, and fly off to Asia! Just for the hell of it! I wish she had wasted all her tuition money on trips around the world! Because she’ll never get to do that now! She’ll never get to visit all the foreign countries she’s always wanted to. She’ll never get to meet the cool people she’s always dreamed about meeting.

I mean, we all have fantasies, right? We all have our dream destination? Hawaii, Egypt, Tokyo, Paris, whatever, that we’ve always wanted to go to? We all have those things we’ve always wanted to try like scuba diving, paragliding, going on a safari. But we don’t do those things because, why? We don’t have the time? We don’t have the money? It’s because we’re thinking ahead! We’re thinking about our futures! I can’t just jump on the next plane to London. I have to finish school and get a good job and make money before I do stuff like that. But my friend, she didn’t care about her future anymore. Why couldn’t she just jump on the next plain to London? Why couldn’t she? I’d rather her parents be worried about her safety and what she’s going to do with the rest of her life than mourn her death and bury her at 20!

If you’re suicidal, PLEASE, I’m begging you. Try this. Try this one last thing before you kill yourself. There is an alternative.

When you feel like there’s no place for you, remember this. There may not be a place for you EXACTLY where you are right now. But there is definitely a place for you somewhere on this earth. Go and find it. Run away. Just run far, far, far away. And go find your place. Run away from your ex, run away from school, run away from work, run away from your family problems. And I mean that literally. Run away and go on an adventure.

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Would you please take more pictures of your room? I want to give mine a makeover and I need inspiration *o*

my rOOM is a fucking mess right now im so sorry which is why theres no closeups on anything

idk man here are close ups of the makeup on my table when it was still clean

hope u got inspiration on like layouts and stuff idk!! i didn’t do anything tbh my friends helped me w/ a lot because im really bad at stuff like this