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Hi pals! 

So I’m helping out my friend who’s doing some research into different music genres for work and is currently looking at kpop! 

So if you’re into kpop would you mind sending me an ask or messenger message with the answers to these questions?

  1. How did you discover K-Pop? 
  2. Where do you listen/watch K-Pop? 
  3. What is it about K-Pop that you love? 
  4. Who is your favourite artist? 
  5. Who is the best new artist? 
  6. Where do you find out about the latest K-Pop news and artists? 
  7. What other genres of music do you like?  
  8. When are you most likely to listen to K-pop? 

Would you also mind reblogging this so I can get more responses? 

Thank you so much friends it means the world!

Me and my lovely friend @aboxfullofocs thought about doing a discord for simblrs interested in ‘supernatural’ stuff - dragons, vampires, aliens, werewolfs, witches and many more! Of course any kind of players are welcome - we’re here to make friends, right?

So whatever you play (aliens, vampires, humans, etc.) - join us for fantastic conversations (we’re nice and funny!), lots of good memes (this is the real reason of joing us, trust me!), meeting new people (we’re all shy so worry not), helping you with basically everything and having fun!

Send a message to me or Jo.  We’ll tell you all the details and help you installing discord if you don’t have it ♥

Things you should know before joining:

  • We’re all LGBTQIAP+ friendly and also any kind of racism is strongly against our rules.
  • We welcome people who play all sims games, with any kind of sims, stories, legacies or just are here to find friends.
  • We would love to welcome people who write any kind of story. This discord has been created with a thought of helping each other with writer’s block, having brainstorms and talk about character development as well as creating more original plots when your ideas are on vacation. But don’t worry if you don’t write anything - we love you and we’d love to know you ;)
  • On discord you can join our group chat (text or voice*) or message people privately.

* If you don’t want to use voice chat - that’s ok, so please don’t be afraid of participating our discord. I won’t use voice chat because I don’t feel comfortable with this.
****I’ll say it again - we’d love to see people with same interests as ours (aliens and dragons) but we also want to have F U N and we’d love to meet some new friends and talk more with the ones we have. Talking on discord is really great and I bet you’ll love it!


My interview was a complete disaster! They asked me questions I totally hadn’t prepared for and the stuff I made up on the spot was awful, I could tell they were totally unconvinced by me the whole time! But oh well, guess I won’t be getting on that course! It’s alright as I do have a place on another one, but this one was my top choice, probably why I panicked so much in there!

Going out for food with a friend to destress then i shall have a queue for you this evening!

A List of Future Endeavors!

Hahahahaha- I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself. I have so much real world stuff to handle, but I also want to do a lot of art and fandom stuff. Just to help me keep track and give you, my beautiful followers and friends, an idea of what is to come, here’s a list~ 

 (1) More String Cup icons! (´∇ノ`*)ノSeries that I know I’m doing are Yuri on Ice!!!, Stardew Valley, Soul Eater and Hero Academia. Ones that are still up in the air include Love Live, Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, and the Tales of series

(2) Mystic Messenger English Voice Actor Choices. I’m a slut for dubbed anime and even more so for dubbed voice actors (send your “EW DUB” and “YOU’RE NOT WATCHING ANIME RIGHT” complaints to And I’ve always been curious what the MysMes cast would sound like in English.

 So I’ve been listening attentively and making lists of the best VAs for the main members + V, Unknown, and Rika. It’ll take a bit because I also have to gather voice clips, but I’m really looking forward to posting this one. 

(3) Jumin and my Custom MC stuff. Given how much I draw him (which is like three times, all Chibi, not counting Juminyan), most won’t guess Jumin is actually my second fave. Hehe. It’s his hair man. But I have so many ideas for him and his MC that need to be done. Expect a similar comic setup like I did with Zen and his MC. And expect all four of them to appear together. A lot. 

(4) Zen dress up. Literally, just me drawing Zen dressed up as my favorite characters from other games and anime. Why? Because I need to practice drawing clothes. And I’m Zen’s bitch now. I can’t stop drawing him. It’s a curse. SAVE ME. 

(5) YooSeven and ZenxMC AU. This one is tricky because I’m still working out the story in my head. But basically I’ve had this AU in the works where both MC and 707 are stuck in the 11-day loop and are aware of it and retain memories after every reset. Deep down they know the only way to stop it is for the two of them to “end up together” because the “game” they’re in dictates they SHOULD be together. But they’re both in love with other people, and as long as they keep pursuing that love they will always reset. I doubt I will go further with the idea past a comic or two (I stopped posting fanfiction years ago), but I really wanted to get this idea out there. 

That’s basically it. Short but heavy. I’m still doing the challenges you all have sent me, as well. I just take long to answer them because I tend to ramble or be a perfectionist with each request (;☉_☉)

 And of course, I’m doing something for Zen’s birthday. Can’t let a holiday go to waste now can I? 

Anyway- if you managed to get this far, thank you for reading! Hopefully you’re looking forward to the final products as much as I’m looking forward to finishing them (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

smollnewt  asked:

Hello friend, I've noticed a crap ton of sidonxlink shipping and I'm just curious why people think it's "the ship" of the game? Because when I first saw it I was just super 'those are some good bros just doing friend stuff' but I'm like super open to seeing the other side. Please pull me into this ship. I want to learn!


Well, I don’t know if I’d consider Sidlink ‘’The Ship’’, I don’t think Breath of The Wild has a truly canon ship outside of marriages.

But hey, I’d love to tell you why I adore this ship. Personally, of course, I can’t speak for my fellow shippers on this one.

Keep reading


hi friends i just wanted to apologise for being a bit inactive on the weekdays (and even sometimes on the weekends)! my final uni hand-in/deadline is on may 11th which is fast approaching + so ive been super super busy trying to keep on top of current work and also trying to finish previous work that didnt get done due to health stuff etc

im also simultaneously still dragging myself through burn-out which is starting to get worse again because ive had so much to do + ive started having a lot of shutdowns and big decreases in energy levels and an increase in frequency of overloads which is just ❌😪

but anyway thank you for your continued patience and kindness + hopefully I’ll answer a big bunch of asks tomorrow + post some planner photos

i hope that you’re all doing okay and having manageable days!

nyanchen  asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you'd be willing to do the RFA + Saeran and some cute fluff stuff of how their first time with MC went? It doesn't have to be too detailed, I'm just a sucker for these sorts of things lol.

Saeran is my baby!!!!! Although I won’t go much into the whole “first time” thing since I’m not good at NSFW I will talk about it a bit, after all it is part of the hc, so I will definitely do it!!! So let us begin!!! Yay!!! Sorry for it being so late, stuff is going on in my personal life.

  • Saeran was at first really nervous to meet you
  • He knew you were his brother’s friend, and of course the part where he kidnapped you
  • Yeah, he was worried, you had been his secretary for a bit, but then Rika had thought you had grown too close and sent you to another sector
  • When you first approached him he went to yell at the person to go away
  • But when he saw it was you he sat back down, he trusted you, you had been through Hell, just like him
  • You sat down next to him
  • “I missed you.” You said, placing a hand on his
  • He twitched a bit at that, but didn’t push you away
  • “Me too…” He mumbled
  • You smiled faintly at that
  • “Look, I said to them I’d help you. But know that’s not because the told me too. They don’t understand, you’re the only one who knows me, who knows what I’ve been through. I told you everything.”
  • “And so did I.” He remembered the long nights you’d stay up talking, and the last night,
  • The last night he was telling a wild story about the sky, and you were listening intently, he saw the faint blush you had from the soda and Mentos you had chugged as a dare from him. You two stared, forehead to forehead almost, and eventually you two were kissing, softly, the sound of crickets around you…..
  • He shook his head, those weren’t important, you liked his brother, didn’t you?
  • But he agreed

A few months later

  • It was a long haul, he’d have frequent attacks
  • You had the scars to prove it
  • He felt horribly guilty
  • So when he hadn’t had an attack in about a month he pulled you aside
  • “Look, I think I can survive on my own now.”
  • Your face darkened at that, but he continued, it must’ve just been his wishful thinking
  • “And you don’t have to deal with me anymore, you can be with my brother, you can forget about me.”
  • “W-why?”
  • Was your voice shaking?
  • “Because you have stitches, I’ve sent you to the hospital! I’ve been horrible to you, and your life shouldn’t be shadowed by me!”
  • He hadn’t meant to raise his voice, but he didn’t want to do this, he didn’t want to leave you
  • But he had to
  • Breathing out he looked at your once more
  • You face was covered by your bangs, your head down, breathing swiftly
  • No, not just swiftly
  • You were crying
  • “No, please, don’t leave me, they’ll come back!”
  • Immediately looking around for someone following you, gripping your shoulders protectively
  • “Who? Are you in danger? I swear to God, if someone tries to hurt you!”
  • “N-no, the nightmares, they’ll come back!”
  • He stared at you incredulously.
  • “B-before, before I started talking to you, I would wake up screaming e-every night. I was terrified of sleeping. I would go days without, if only so I didn’t have to remember it all! A-and when I started helping y-you, it stopped. T-the time we fell asleep together on the couch I had the best sleep since. I-if you leave, they’ll come back!”
  • You clutched his hoodie tightly, he could feel the fabric grow taught underneath your hands
  • “But, what, what about my brother.”
  • “He’s my friend, an amazing friend, b-but he can’t help, he, he just can’t for some reason.”
  • You were still crying, and in his panic he bent down and kissed you
  • You wrapped your arms around his next tightly, the initial shock melting away as you leaned into the kiss, tears still sliding down your cheeks onto his.
  • Saeran clutched you tightly, worried that you’d slip away like a draft of wind, afraid that the nightmares would come and take you away.
  • When it was done you stared at each other, your cheeks flushed like that first night you kissed
  • “S-so are you still leaving?” You asked nervously
  • He smiled and picked you up, bridal style, nuzzling you close.
  • “Of course not, I promise that I will make sure you never have nightmares again

Skip forward to weeks of dating later

  • You had been dating for six weeks
  • It had been slow, but full of bliss
  • You had the occasional nightmare, and when that happened he’d hold you close, whispered to you soft words of comfort as you clutched to him, trying to rid your mind of screams and darkness
  • One night you two had gotten a bit handsy
  • And then a bit farther
  • And well, yeah
  • You were lying on the bed, and you hugged him tightly
  • “Um, well, is it okay if it’s my first?”
  • He pulled back surprised
  • “If you’re okay with it as well, I just, why would you want it to be, well with me.”
  • “Yes, yes I’m sure I’m okay with it. No, I definitely want my first time to be with you.”
  • You guys kissed deeply, and, well
  • You know
  • Did the thing
  • Did the thing, wow I’m nailing this amirite!!!
  • Afterwards you two snuggled together, his arms wrapped around you
  • “How was it?” Saeran asked nervously
  • You smiled up at him and kissed him
  • “Thank you, you’re amazing.” He blushed at that, but you just smiled, and so did he
  • He stroked your hair as you listened to his heartbeat, and you two feel into a soft, nightmare-free, sleep

So what do you think? How was it? I was kinda unsure, I mean, you saw it. This my friends, is why I don’t write nsfw, I mean if I needed to I could, but like, mehhhhhhhhhhhhh. It’d be horrid. Sorry for being gone so long!! Yeah, I hope you like this, I mean Saeran is my beautiful baby! Lol.

Ten years ago. February 2007. I was at home with some of my sister’s friends over and decided to borrow the computer. I saw them showing my sister a website that was all about penguins. She registered he penguin and plaed around with the game and I decided to give it a try. 

People call me by “flaca” (Which I back then mispelled it as “Flaka”) and I was ten years old. So I decided to name my Penguin Flaka10.  In the first few weeks of my penguin’s existence, it was too young to do tours or do secret agency. So i got really hapy when my penguin was finally old enough to do so. 

The island was so tiny. There was no forest, no beach, no huge HQ, no card jitsu, no submarine. Only Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Black and Purple puffles existed. It was almost an isloated and tiny world. And yet, I was having so much fun. 

As I grew attached to the game, I would go there almost everyday and even go to Youtube and watch Clubpenguin music videos (maybe even see sad clubpenguin videos along the way. Don’t judge me). There was one CP youtube video that I will always find memorable and that is Heatblast’s Clubpenguin TV series. I adored it so much. I always wanted to meet him and be seen in Youtube. It was during his running that I always inspired on making my own Clubpenguin youtube video of my own. So when Clubpenguin TV got cancelled, I felt pretty sad. 

I remember all the fake videos of how people found a golden and rainbow puffle, as well as tipping an iceberg. And how they finally became official in the game.

I’ll never forget how horrifying it was when the pool started flooding after the crab cracked the underwater window. I thought the island was gonna drown until they decided to host that Water party. I remember forcing my mom to pay for membership. I remember seeing a location get packed because of Rockhopper’s appearance and even have some who try to look and act like Rockhopper. 

I remember when the dojo was just a secret location. You open a map, click on a random snowy mountain, and you’re in an empty abandoned dojo. I remember when Sensei arrived in Clubpenguin being all mysterious at first before introducing Card-Jitsu. I remember how interested I was at the plot of the snow dojo. How I always wanted Sensei and his former friend Tusk to get back together. 

I’ll never forget getting my favorite pet puffle Flakes when white puffles became available in the Pet Shop. We done lots of game together and I ALWAYS let him walk besides me wherever I go. I’m very happy that he never ran away. And I will miss him so dearly. 

As you can see on the last few pictures, this was my last moments in Clubpenguin before it shut down. I took all my penguins clothing and made it how it exactly looked when I registered Clubpenguin. I kept my puffle beside me and we looked at the island together one last time in an empty server. Some penguins joined in to take a glimpse of the view. 

I never got to see the game close, since my parents would have catch me awake, but the last words I said in the game is something I don’t regret. This game will always treasure my heart for as long as I live. Again, Thank you Club Penguin. May you waddle on peacefully. 

kidneyray2015  asked:

So, my daddy stayed the night with me 3 weeks ago, we did stuff and since then, he's been acting different. He's more distant, hasn't called me Princess since then, we hardly talk, He avoids my questions about his behavior. He also called me fat to my face in front of our friends at a party, then told me we aren't in a "real relationship" and shouldn't be upset when he flirts/screws other girls. I know you're gonna tell me to leave his dumb ass but I'm having a hard time doing that.. Help?

He’s not a real daddy
He’s just a jerk tbh
And ye you should leave him because, and I think you already know this, he already left you
So block him on social media, avoid him but if he’s going to the same party your going to or an event , just go and make it look like you don’t even know him or you moved on.
Do stuff that’ll distract you,
do not drink alcohol and do not do drugs
I want you to be safe
For example , I like to bake muffins and brownies , it’s a good distraction 😅🙈😌
And I also like to exercise ,
staying active is key
Just generally going out helps
Hang out with friends
😊I hope you do eventually forget about him because he doesn’t deserve a cute girl like you,
No girl should ever feel or go through something like this
If you wanna chat more , just kik me

the first time he called me anne i thought he was being silly but this has happened a couple of times now and i think he may actually think that’s my name, which is deeply hilarious

i love his writing and am so psyched that we’re becoming like, quasi-internet friends, and he messaged me to ask where i worked and if i’d be willing to be a deep background source if he needed someone in publishing and i didn’t commit to being a source but i did tell him the company, which i HATE doing but i just… want to be friends… i’m rationalizing that it’s okay though because 1. he doesn’t know my name isn’t literally anne boleyn lmfao and 2. i rarely know anything worth reporting on anyway so i can just tell him idk if he asks anything sensitive

most of the reason i want my anonymity is bc of the personal stuff i share on this blog and only occasionally in tweets so… it’s probably fine

anonymous asked:

I'm pretty clueless about art so I hope you don't mind my questions and that they make sense... How do you do your art? Do you use a certain computer program? The coloring in your art is so beautiful so I'm pretty curious.

hi, friend! I only use Photoshop (CS6),  let me show you how I do it:

I usually sketch stuff on paper and take a picture of it with my phone. (I could scan it, but I’m lazy) Then i just change the blending mode of the layer to make my “line art”. 

I use the Linear Light mode. (sorry, it’s in spanish)

And i change the hue to a pink tone, which is my trade mark ♥

Then I paint underneath this layer with a brush I made myself (it’s just a blend of different textured brushes)

The shading I made in the sketch and the paper texture helps create the water color look ;o  I use a lot of warm colors ♥♥ 

uh..I’m not very good at explaining. I hope this helps anyways ♥

anonymous asked:

I mean! You've creeped out me! Seeing a full grown adult in spaces mostly filled by teens is weird as hell and makes me (and a few of my friends) incredibly uncomfortable and honestly is just such a creepy thing to do and the fact that you have kins and stuff too (which is a thing mostly done by younger teens) makes you come across as like... Wanting To Get In With The Kids and its like. Its weird.

i’m literally?????? not doing any malicious in any way shape or form????? and never have????

believe me, if any of my mutuals came up and told me any of this, i’d pay attention

but you’re literally a faceless nobody who i have absolutely zero connection with, and you’re making baseless accusations just to try and stir up drama

also kins are not excluded from adults??? since when was that a stingent rule??? i have several mental illnesses, and this helps me cope with my identity issues, and has never once been used to try and “get in” with anyone underage

thanks for trying to smear me tho i appreciate the effort!!!!!!!!!

I love Leorio he keeps repeating stuff like he’s selfish and only care about his personal gain and I think he seriously believes it, but what he calls “his personal gain” is “my friends being safe and happy” he’s like “oh ye I’m sooo selfish I’d do anything so my friends are in good shape” like wow what a man #goal

anonymous asked:

I want to talk to my friends about trans related stuff since there's a lot more to it than people think, but I feel like I'm forcing it onto them... Any suggestions as to what I should do?

Kii says:

If you’re giving them important information or correcting things they say that are incorrect, then you have every right to inform them! However, they may not be interested in talking about it all the time, especially if they’re already fairly knowledgeable about ettiquite in talking to/about trans people. Maybe try and find friends who are more interested in talking about trans things.

Good night, guys.

After this I’m not responding to anymore messages for awhile. I love the support we’ve been getting but I’m going to pull away from here for a bit.

I’ll keep in touch with some of you through messages in the chat. And anyone who wants to talk there is more than welcome to send me stuff!

And I’ll post an update after our vet appointment on Friday.

All I want out of this is for Opal to be okay. No matter what we end up having to do, Opal is my number one priority. I know she deserves more than I have ever been able to give her but I love her so, so much. And I will keep working my ass off to be better for her.

Good night, friends. I’ll be back soon. Keep the good vibes flowing for my fluffy mutt.

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Nerd anon again So my friend and me have this thing where we constantly tease, roast, and just like be jerks to each other (we know we don't mean it) but one thing I love doing is, he'll call me a nerd (trying to be a jerk) I'll just smile micheviously and say "Thanks" and walk off. HIS REACTION THOUGH 👌👌 He'll just look so stumped and puzzled XD

AYYYYYY hahahaha that’s incredible. whenever i tell people i do hackathons/cs stuff in general i get jokingly called a nerd so i relate *finger guns*

Thoughts on Relationships at 5am...

I can’t remember who it was who posted something about what is a good way to meet guys, and I was reminded of how I met one of my ex’s. She was one of the good ones, and to this day we’re still really good friends. But she ran off to a PhD fellowship in a far off land and could not/would not do a LDR so we parted on good terms and with lots of love :)

But thats not what I want to talk about… what I want to talk about was how we met! Nope, not tindr, or, or friends setting us up. No party, or me rescuing he from a burning building… None of that.

I was at the market, she saw some stuff in my basket and said that all looks really good and asked what I was gonna make with it. I explained the couple of dinners I was looking to throw together, and she said that sounded really good! From there we started talking more and more and before we checked out, I had her number and info :)

I still grin when I think about that…

anonymous asked:

Aaron, please consider actually checking out some tunes by Steely Dan, especially anything from the album Aja. They were way ahead of their time in the 70s. Metal is good too, but just listen to all the cool stuff those guys do with harmony and melody in their music!

Oh, I’ve listened to Steely Dan for decades - mostly because all of my friends fucking LOVE Steely Dan. I like two of their songs, but that’s it. I don’t care that they were ahead of their time. I don’t care that they’re named after a dildo. I don’t care that they are studio perfectionists who pride themselves on musicianship. I don’t care; I don’t like their music. So I don’t like Steely Dan.

But here’s the great thing about music: I can say something sounds like shit, and you can say something sounds amazing, and we can both be right.

I might hate Steely Dan and everything they’ve ever recorded (save two songs) - but I definitely don’t judge people on the music they listen to. God knows I listen to some absolutely 100% garbage music that 99% of the world fucking hates. So hey, I can dig that you dig on the Dan and call yourself a Danfan. I just don’t.

By the way, if you love Steely Dan, I highly urge you to check out this podcast that my friends do (the same ones who made me listen to Steely Dan) - they created the phrase “Yacht Rock”, and do a weekly podcast discussing all kinds of great and obscure music. It’s called “Beyond Yacht Rock”. Enjoy!