Got tagged by @liz-iz-awesome thanks ya lil cinnamon roll!! 💕

Name/ Nickname: Cookie, Brookie, Symone, Honey, senpai, basically a lot of things XD

Gender: hmm as of now I I am currently a female

Height: 5'2 I think

Hogwarts House: RAVENCLAW 💙💙

Favorite color: I can’t choose just one!

Time: 9:16 PM

Last thing I googled: Jillian Holtzman X reader *i am trash T.T*

A fictional character I would like as a sibling: Honey-Senpai from Ouran Host club!! Omg we are basically the same. I feel like he would be that adorable big brother who you can talk to about anything, but he’ll kick your butt if you mess with his little sister ☺️.

When I made this blog: oh gosh I think like two years ago cause I got the email from tumblr about my blogs 2nd birthday. I honestly just mad sit to look at cosplay and other nerd stuff.

How many blogs I follow: 438 and counting

Number of Followers: 175 and none of them are porn sites!! *shoots party canon*

Do I get asks regularly: hmm not really

Aesthetic: in da middle

20 followers I’d like to know better: @killjoygem @fangirl1206 @justfollowthefunkyflow @princess-tweetheart @earl-grey-and-kittens @shoutsmack @ask-demon-lord-tom @animjap @gay-anomaly @jess-the-vampire @totally-not-a-ghoul @harlivyiseverything @sherlockintheskywithtimelords @real-life-weirdo

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okay so i was literally supposed to do this 2.5k/2 months ago but i recently hit 3.5k+ and i figured now that halloween is over and everyone is back to normal url-wise i had no excuse to not do this. im sure there are tons of ppl im not saying i included all the amazing blogs i follow but im really sick so i did my best. but yep i’d like to thank all of my followers for sticking around this long and i hope you’ll all be around to hang with me for a while ^_^

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oh also i wanted to call out those that keep our fandoms full of new amazing material and put out their writings and edits and drawings for us to enjoy:
@amalasdraws ✦ @applepi ✦ @ayarambles ✦ @bealikestowrite @cactusnation ✦ @commodorecliche ✦ @crimsonkenma ✦ @dekuhornet @hqhaikyuu ✦ @its-not-freedom–its-freestyle ✦ @iwas-biceps ✦ @jouhsai @jshansol ✦ @k0ushis ✦ @lavenderkitsune ✦ @mangoesh ✦ @mooshijima @oddviews ✦ @oikawa-toour ✦ @okiwaka ✦ @rainbow-tobio  
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if there are any glaringly obvious mistakes please let me know or if you do art stuff and i didn’t get you let me know that too! thank you very much!!

That awkward moment when you have to block both anti social justice blog and people going too far in favour of a warped sense of social justice. So I’ve literally blocked both social justice and anti social justice. Tbh they’re all dickheads, invading random peoples blogs whenever they like and trying to prove their points to feel like big people. Social justice isn’t actually about any of that, it’s kinda sad they’ve got it so wrong.

I actually recommend blocking problematic anti social justice and really bad “social justice” blogs straight away as soon as you see them pop up and something seems fishy because that way they’ll never find you anyway. I think this a good tip for people that have anxiety on here and don’t want to get attacked (because you all will at one point from either side) (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭⁾⁾㌨㌨