I’ve been waiting to post this draft for a while hahah but I’ve been rebooting my Redbubble store for the past month and there’s new art stuff and I’m excited.

signs as  john quincy adams things
  • aries: approved an expedition to the center of the earth because he believed that the earth was hollow and that there was a civilization of mole people who lived in the center of the earth
  • taurus: woke up early in the morning to read in the library which scared guests leading to a new hallway being built just for him
  • gemini: the corrupt bargain
  • cancer: kept an alligator from marquis de lafayette in the east room bathroom to scare off guests
  • leo: argued against slavery despite the gag rule against talking about slavery in the house of representatives
  • virgo: "the four most miserable years of my life were my four years in the presidency.”
  • libra: became the first president to wear trousers
  • scorpio: wore the same hat for 10 years
  • sagittarius: his horrible fashion sense
  • capricorn: had a stroke in the house of representatives debating and then died
  • aquarius: one time when he went skinny dipping, reporter ann royall stole his clothes until he would have an interview with her. in the end he did.
  • pisces: he was nicknamed "old eloquent" because he was terribly socially awkward and couldn't small talk for his life

spirkism  asked:

Hello! So, I really love your conceptual tags and I'm really curious about them. Some (like "holy holy holy", "sometimes the beast eats you", "every angel is terrifying") I can understand easily but I have a little trouble grasping some of the others ("less devastating", "dislocation", "this is god's country") - would you mind telling us a bit about them and why you specifically chose those words? I'm really fascinated by them. Thank you for your time in any case and have a wonderful day!

oh! i only updated my tags the other day and completely forgot i put them at the top. but sure, i’d be happy to give a brief overview.

  • holy holy holy is about religion and worship and architecture 
  • every angel is terrifying is specifically about angels as warriors of God, the type you can’t look at in the face; the quote comes from this poem by rainer maria rilke, and ‘terrifying’ is sometimes translated as ‘terrible
  • sometimes the beast eats you is my monster tag, as in “sometimes you eat the beast, sometimes the beast eats you.” it’s kinda weird, i was looking for a quote to fit it ages ago and i thought i read it somewhere, but everytime i’ve tried to search it, it links me to the scene from the big lebowski, where it’s sometimes you eat the bear
  • dictator in perpetuum is my ruins tag
  • look to your kingdoms is my queens tag, comes from this poem by elisabeth hewer, which is one of my absolute faves
  • this is god’s country is my southern gothic tag! i think i originally saw it on this fanmix (i have conceptual tags for all the different gothic americana regions but i couldn’t be bothered writing them)
  • less devastating is more difficult to describe ?? it’s based on this quote and the idea of it is being with someone who makes the world easier to bear (it was originally constructed with my ex-girlfriend in mind, but now it’s become more of a concept for myself)
  • future humanity tag what it says on the label, although the way it came about is funny, sometimes when i mean to rename a tag, i’ll call it “future [subject] tag” as a placeholder. but this ended up working out, because it looks towards the future and all the wonderful things we can do
  • dislocation is for poems and quotes i relate to in a mentally ill way

he’s not used to getting such nice treatment and compliments

Ah so this will be my last post for josuyasu week! :0 It was really fun! (Even if I was super tired and missed one day haha). It has been awesome to see all the art and fics that people have made! It made me feel happy all week ♥ ♥ ♥