She wanted to ask the stars why they are so beautiful, but little did she know that these stars wanted to ask her the same question.

you’re beautiful.

So these Keith and Lance moments make me sad

Does anyone ever think about that Taking Flight episode where Lance is in the healing pod and everyone is waiting outside it impatiently for him to get better? And so Keith is there, and he’s so anxious for Lance to be okay that he goes so far as to tap on the pod, get yelled at, and then pout about it (after getting some funny looks). Like, this is after he and Lance shared their bonding moment when Lance shot at Sendak and was all “we do make a good team” to Keith, who had that cute, little smile in response. 

And, like, this makes me sad because Keith was probably “Omg, Lance and I had a bonding moment, he doesn’t hate me anymore, maybe we can be friends!” Because Keith has no idea why Lance picks fights with him all the time and is so socially awkward that he would assume one moment of civility means so much more than it did, and so that moment means so much to him

Only for Lance to wake up and completely deny the whole thing. 

But I also understand Lance’s pettiness, even if I don’t agree, because he’d been competing with Keith for so long, but Keith didn’t even remember him and so it was the perfect time for revenge (because I suspect Lance was lying about not remembering). But, like, how devastated was Keith? After being so worried and so excited for Lance to come out of the pod? And how devastated was Lance when Keith didn’t even know who he was in the first episode? 

And, like, did this make Keith very cautious about trusting Lance? Kind of like how Lance is so careful to keep Keith at a distance? And, to be honest, their relationship–though they’ve had some good moments on a professional level–hasn’t gotten a whole lot better, which makes sense with the festering of bad feelings, no matter the few times they get along. And, like, how upset Lance was in the Marmora episode when Keith was getting all of Shiro’s favs (be it rational or not) and, like, how much resentment is building in both of them toward the other? Even though they both clearly care about each other a lot too? Like, how conflicting is that?

It just- it makes me so emotional

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BSD Rarepair Week Day 6: Fitzcott

“I hope one day you’re as happy as you’re pretending to be.” -“Leave a Message” by Gnash

I was thinking about my someday wedding, and then about lesbian weddings in general and having to remake heterosexual rituals to suit your relationship, and then I thought about how my grandfather wouldn’t come to my mother’s wedding. So she was like “fine,” and she and my dad walked down the aisle together, and then realized when they got up to the alter that they were standing on the wrong sides, and as they switched around dad said, “sorry, we’ve never done this before,” and everyone laughed, and it’s like. That is so much better than anyone’s father giving away anyone. I like that so much more than anyone presenting themselves to a waiting partner. Like, this is our wedding, let’s do the damn thing together. And same-sex couples need to refit heterosexual rituals to fit their relationships, but like heterosexual couples should really look into doing that rethinking as well.

I want to do a lot of quick sketches to get back into a drawing mood.

A drawing challenge would be nice but I haven’t seen anything cross my dash in a while. So…

I’ll do either a profession or a creature sketch dump. So either prompts of the type “Dean + baker” or “Sam + mermaid”.

What would appeal to you more?