Nach heutigen Hipster Maßstäben war ich im Kindergarten eine richtige Fashionikone: Ich hatte Birkenstocks, fast all meine Sachen waren Second-Hand, ich hatte eine seltsame Strubelfrisur

I can relate to akira so much in this pic, it shall now be my aesthetic ( ಥ_ಥ)
For anyone interested , this is drawn by artist : Ron/Fuente , Lovechro on Twitter who made a doujinshi/fanbook of an AU where Minato is a singer and Akira is his #1 fan
It was made before the dancing games are announced btw

I absolutely don’t understand the need to spread hate. Honestly, what’s the point?

I work with third graders, and you know we teach them? If someone upsets you, you tell them how their actions hurt you in a calm way, and then walk away. You don’t lash out and get revenge.

For the love of all this is holy why can’t grown people on this site act like third graders.