anonymous asked:

what do you think they are going to discuss at the panel this saturday? do you think we will get a teaser for season three then?

i think it’s probably a bit too early for a teaser, but i’m /hoping/ that we do get some info on season 3′s release date. we know that it’ll be in september, but i wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up getting pushed back a few months like season 2 was.

i’m also hoping we get some info on season 3! nothing too spoilery or anything, but i’d totally appreciate some more theorizing fuel.

stuff i really hope people ask about is:

  • what’ll the show be focusing on this time in season 3
  • any hints as to where Shiro went
  • some backstory on the war??? 
  • Lotor’s design reveal. or at least concept art for his design, or any information on him because we actually have nothing and i’m so tired of fanon Lotor
  • i’m not saying that anybody has to ask this but………i would love to see the writers follow up on that thing they said about being able to explore sexuality in the show 👀
  • some random facts about the characters! that’s like my favorite thing when the writers & voice actors give us little interesting tidbits about the characters like ethnicity, likes/dislikes, hobbies, backstory hints…
  • on that note, can somebody please ask what Keith’s ethnicity is
  • will Hunk and Lance ever get badass moments like the way the rest of the team gets :) [coughcoughkeithshiroandpidgeCOUGH] 
  • the timeline for what the writers worked on developing the story? like, what ideas they had first, what seasons they wrote first/planned first and later and stuff.
  • for jeremy to do another rant about keith and lance because i live and breathe those rants