The numerous times their lips touched.

just wanna say to all u lovely lil ppl out there w different opinions on this whole thing: it’s ok. it’s okay to have a different opinion, it’s okay if u support this, it’s okay if u don’t.
having a different opinion/not supporting this doesn’t make you any less of a fan. you can still be a true fan even if u don’t agree w everything going on.

stay strong lil ones i love u

me and my mom talking about calum
  • mom:so why isnt that boy asian are you sure he isnt
  • me:yes mom hes scottish and kiwi
  • mom:kiwi........
  • me:
  • mom:like the bird
  • me:yes mom kinda
  • mom:he looks like a bird
  • me:no he doesnt mom wtf
  • mom:hes showing his bird to everyone
  • me:
  • mom:
  • mom:he has naked pictures