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anonymous asked:

what was the significance behind 'not anymore, simon'? what was the context? also, what on earth, harry styles??? - becks

Ah, I’ll try to put “Not anymore, Simon!” into a broader context but there was a lot going on then so I forgive me if I don’t get it quite right. Basically, it kicked off a really contentious period of time on the tour. The American leg had closed a couple weeks beforehand with the blatant attack that was the Attitude article and then the response at the Boston show (Harry’s rainbow run/speech and a fan project to create a rainbow with lights around the stadium). 

London 1 was… wild. First of all, Simon was in attendance for this show. Briana was flown in there (when she hadn’t gone to any of the American shows at all even though she lives there) and purposefully walked past all the fans to sit in the VIP section. It really was not subtle, it felt like this blatant display of power to put her there.  

There was a HUGE pushback from the band that night: The Bears amped things up to a level beyond anything else they’ve ever done, appearing both dressed as brides with a picture of Larry Grayson (a long closeted gay entertainer) signed “Love, Larry” with a spotlight shining on them. We’d been saying before that, “the only way the bears could be more obvious is if they put their names on them” and they did (also, the “Love, Larry” picture was removed midshow, making people wonder if they took things a little too far). The stage was lit up with rainbow lights during Girl Almighty which some people took as a nod to the rainbow light project the fans did for Boston. There was a “Louis is Harry’s Infinity” sign shown on the big screen (kind of a funny coincidence considering how Infinity got used this show!). The set list got changed around to end with Drag Me Down, quite a charged message to end on.

“Not anymore, Simon!” happened when they went to play Night Changes and had “technical difficulties”. It’s been discussed whether the technical difficulties were staged to give them a chance to break out of the usual run of the concert and create a different space where they were got to be themselves, just hanging out with the audience (I remember someone mentioning that Simon hates that sort of time wasting but idk where that rumor came from). After a few false starts, Niall is noodling around playing Infinity on his guitar (which had just been released as a free download two days earlier) and they start singing along. You can watch the video to see for yourself (interestingly, the video with the best view of Louis’ face was promptly removed from YouTube) but Louis leans over to Niall and whispers “No more!”, they laugh, and then after the line “When everybody wants you…” Niall says very clearly: “Not anymore, Simon!”. Then Louis raises his hand and kind of faux apologetically takes credit for that. There was rumor that Simon got up and left after this part of the show. No matter what, it was a shockingly direct Fuck You to him. With everything that happened that night, it really, really felt like it was game on

After this, Briana was consistently brought and made to walk past the fans night after night (who didn’t even take pictures of her at first since no one knew wtf she looked like) during the London shows while the band ignored her existence, except for an unhappy Louis sticker from the Bears. And then he went clubbing and got in a van full of only brunettes (because again, every blonde could be Briana no one could tell and he was not taking that chance) while sick (he was literally papped holding a tissue) to show that she wasn’t here with him and there was no “rekindling” of anything happening like they were trying to sell by her being there. And then a couple weeks later, the Bears came to twitter and started a countdown and the Belfast show was cancelled and… basically London 1 was the start of a much more openly hostile period and “Not anymore, Simon!” is used as the biggest symbol of that.


A 100% safe, clean Overwatch blog that you can use.

I remember having seen a post where someone made a Star Trek blog for people who needed a blog to call their own if their parents or someone else was being snoopy or something. So I kinda decided to do the same thing for an Overwatch blog, since “safe” blogs aren’t always that way.

If you have parents or guardians or even friends who are always prying at you to see what you’re doing on tumblr, or ask you about Overwatch things, you can use the blog @legendaryhanzo and tell people that it is yours.

This blog is 100% clean; no porn, no dirty jokes, nothing out of the ordinary that might make you afraid to show someone. It’s just reblogs, all of which stem from this one, which is also 100% clean.

If you ever need to divulge information about your blogging, just give people the url to @legendaryhanzo and call it a day. There is nothing personal about it yet, and there may never be. I know that it can be hard to be constantly under the scrutiny of peering eyes and helicopter people, but maybe this can lessen your burden just a little bit.

I’ve also made sure not to include gay shipping, excess blood and gore, and anything else that I know my parents would have never wanted to see. It’s awful that things have to be like this for some people, but there’s basically little to nothing on this blog that can trip up your conservative parents and make your grandma cry.

It’s got over 100 posts, and there’s 200 in the queue, which posts 5 times a day, so it will always have updates.

Even if you have no use for such a blog, please reblog this post for someone else who may need it instead. And if you are looking for SFW blogs, well, I mean, this is as good as it gets.

Stay safe, friends!!

german edgy rap loving teens instagram culture: bild mit wenigen farben, partyszene oder einödeszene, jemand kifft, jemand schläft, alle haben piercings (vorzugsweise an der nase), alle tragen schwarz im hipster trash style, sehr ästhetischer fotograf versucht sein bestes alles casual aussehen zu lassen, unter dem bild steht als caption: chille digha, weitere kommentare beinhalten worte wie: gailste schnegge, gönnung, edles weib, naiser shit, usw usf, das wort ein/eine/eins wird durch 1 ersetzt, alle personen sind definitiv high middleclass auch wenns nicht danach aussieht, es herrscht eine stimmung der anarchie

anonymous asked:

I really hate how many people hate on minecraft, like i understand, its not the best game but it isnt bad either, and its really fun too and you got so much freedom

like all things, some people just irrationally hate things that: 1) kids like and enjoy 2) is extremely popular and 3) doesn’t fit their strict assumptions of what a game should be.

minecraft has been incredibly influential on the gaming market, for better and for worse, and while i appreciate the game for everything it is, there are going to be people who dislike it, which by itself isn’t bad. like, many people prefer rpg’s over sandboxes, or graphics over versatility, or just plain don’t click with it for whatever reason. and that’s okay.

what is bad is hounding and heckling kids who have foam pickaxes and torch nightlights for liking an all audience game that they have fun with just cuz it’s not “hardcore” enough for some sick elitist.