So it’s already one year ago since I started this blog and via this post I want to thank al the amazing mutuals and blogs that I follow! You guys are the absolute best and one of the main reasons why I love it to be on tumblr. Of course I did not forget about the rest of my followers. I’ll be celebrating 1.6k followers, more details on that will be mentioned in my next post! ♥︎

                                 Thank you all, for being so amazing.
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Hey! Me again!
But this time with 700 followers B-)
I really didn’t think it will happen. Anyway, thank you for following this weird blog. Hope I will not scary you :D. I am still don’t know what should I do when I get more hundreds followers( I think here has some gramma mistakes, never mind )
But thank you! The new followers and the followers who is staying with me in last half years ago( or 7?8?month??? But if you are bbs fan it’s half years ago). Thank you!

Uh, what’s next?
I don’t know :3 how about you tell me. Let us think about it.
Thank you! And love you all❤

is life just an endless working towards your dreams but never accomplishing them? I stg it just feels like the main thing keeping me going is “if I do this now, I will benefit later” in everything (school, fitness, art, etc) but I’m just not at any of my goals yet and I haven’t actually really accomplished any dreams and I dk man

Part 7/?? of the Otayuri mafia AU comic

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

Weird Human Things


Jaal: Human females seem more… Curvy than their male counterparts..

Ryder: Are you asking why we have breasts?

Jaal: …Perhaps.

Ryder: *Laughs* They’re for feeding babies.

Jaal: What?

Ryder: Our mammary glands produce milk for babies!


Baby teeth

Jaal: Humans have multiple sets of teeth?

Ryder: Well, kind of. We’re born with no teeth, we grow a set of ‘baby’ teeth. Then in childhood all those teeth fall out and our permanent set grow in. It can be painful and bloody.

Jaal: That sounds terrifying. 

Static hair

Jaal: Ryder your hair is floating

Ryder: Oh, yeah that happens sometimes.

Jaal: *confused cat face*…What!?!


Jaal: Ryder! Your colors are changing!

Ryder: It’s just hot Jaal. Humans turn red sometimes.

Jaal: So, this is normal?

Ryder: Kind of. Blushing can signify distress, but It’s usually no big deal.

Jaal: Distress? Are you not well? 

Ryder: I’m fine Jaal, it’s just hot here 

 *Sometime later after certain saucy scenes* 

Jaal: Ryder, Are you in distress?! Your colors! 

Ryder: *Laughs* No Jaal, I’m fine. 


Jaal: Why do some humans have spots while others do not?

Ryder: Spots?…Oh, you mean Freckles.

Jaal: Freckles?

Ryder: Yeah, just genetics. Some human’s just have…spots. *Ryder smiles*

Talk and Walk

Jaal: Why is Liam pacing the ship?

Ryder: He’s on a call Jaal.

Jaal: ??????

Ryder: Oh, human’s like to lap their homes while on calls.

Talking to animals

Pyjak: *squeak*

Ryder: *Squeak!*

Jaal: What are you-

Ryder: Shhh! I’m talking to my child.

Jaal: ?!?!?!


*Liam sprints desperately to the kitchen*

Jaal: What’s going on?

Ryder: *dead serious* He has to stop the microwave before it hits zero or it explodes.


Ryder: *Laughing*

Jaal: an…Idiom?