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Sanji x Nami Promo

I wasn’t sure if I should do this or not… But a lot of fans of other ships use merchandise or commercials as “proof“ for their ships. Personally I don’t think it’s a valid reason, and if anything all possible ships (that are popular enough) get used to promote One Piece at one point or another. But again, we have the topic of which ship is “the most popular“ in Japan… And I don’t know about now, but Sanji x Nami really used to be the most popular ship for Nami and we can clearly see that in the way they’ve promoted One Piece-related things.

Again… I think it’s highly unlikely that Oda will give us any canon romance. But I also think that Nami x Sanji is used more for promotion than other Nami pairings and personally I see that as a sign that it is more popular in Japan than some here in the english speaking fandom might think.

Sanji x Nami are often paired together just as Zoro x Robin is very common. This doesn’t have to mean they are the most popular pairings, but it still gives the image of them being closely linked when they use it a lot. One Piece is extremely popular and more or less everyone knows it in Japan. And the CM’s they watch highly indicate that Sanji x Nami is something the audience wants to see.

I will show examples of promo for One Piece anime, movies, merchandise or events that include SaNami in one way or another as well as some products with Nami and Sanji. Basically this post is to show how they often get paired up and that I think it at least points at them being popular together.

If you think shipping is uneccassary feel free to skip this post. Lots of examples under the cut! (Seriously this post is super long, but it’s mostly pictures).

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Little Me (piano)
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Little Me (piano)

hiiii this is little me by little mix. i think it sounds better with headphones.