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*inhales deeply* SO back in 2013, I made a shitty Ace Attorney PowerPoint so my bf could have context to all the shitty AA doodles I did. I’ve dug up this relic and decided to update it with all the hip and happening characters and plot. It’s spoiler free imo, except Mia, but it’s like known by anyone who has played past case 1-1, so….

AAI slides were done primarily by @doodleblah because I never got around to playing those and she loves them. Not everyone is on here because they’re just the characters I primarily draw so sorry von Karma, Kristoph, Dahlia, Fulbright, etc

Honestly, one of my major pet peeves is when the secular Yiddish revival movement pretends it’s single-handedly resurrecting a dead language or something, ignoring the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of native Yiddish speakers and that number is growing rapidly every day. And that continuity was never broken; for Chassidim, Yiddish never died.

Like I literally just saw a post saying there were only a “handful” of Yiddish speakers, and about how awesome it was that some secular Yiddish revivalists had created a Hebrew-English dictionary with modern words like “email,” as if there aren’t probably at least a hundred thousand people who are bilingual in Yiddish and English and use both in their daily lives, and certainly talk about emails.

So what’s the deal? Do secular Yiddish revivalists see Chassidim as too religious or “backwards” to count? I certainly hope not, but it sure seems that way.

And look, I get it. For most American Jews, there *was* a break in continuity regarding Yiddish. And the secular Yiddish culture of Eastern Europe *was* violently destroyed. You have every right to reclaim what was taken from you and it is a radical act to do so, but please stop pretending that Yiddish is not already a thriving living language.

An episode where Pearl meets someone who acts like her could be interesting. Like they use their frail appearance and sad back story to get what they want from people or to stop people from critisizing them. Someone who won’t get over that one crush who moved on.

And at the end Pearl is getting sick of listening to them and either Steven or Amethyst goes ‘But pearl, don’t you do the same thing?’

And Pearl just has a big moment of self realization of what’s she’s done over the years. Her obsession with Rose and behavior against Greg.

It could end with the gems chasing the person away because now everyone’s just annoyed at them, and Pearl just kinda… thinks in the house and doesn’t do anything for a few days/episode because she’s still thinking.

And she starts being more observant when she starts doing her pity stuff and feels angry over Rose, she becomes more hesitant and really starts to think things over.

You know, character stuff that takes a long time to do.

if there is one thing i’ve really come to understand over the last day is that when it comes to harry’s image/solo career, it’s such a delicate balance. because on the one hand if he all of sudden comes back on the scene and starts being in our faces and super public and showy, then people will say he’s being an attention whore and trying to take the limelight away from the other 3/trying to overshadow dunkirk and turn that press into the harry styles show. then on the flipside if he doesn’t do anything at all and remains mute and just drops an album out of the blue with zero fan engagement, he runs the risk of looking like he’s super arrogant and just expects people to buy his stuff. so how does he find a balance there? and does he care about that? as a new solo artist who loves and respects his fanbase, one would think he and his team would.  i think that’s what we’ll hopefully see happen (and IF - again I stress the IF) his album is coming as soon as people are implying, then the transition into that balance is gonna have to happen soon. 

there are some respects (especially as regards worldbuilding) in which LOTR is a lot more nuanced and detailed than many later users of the genre conventions it helped popularize and so there’s some stuff that Tolkienesque fantasy gets criticised for that Tolkien himself doesn’t actually tend to do

there’s obviously plenty to criticise in LOTR itself, but it’s not always what seems obvious based on later examples of the genre, and it’s fascinating to see how those tropes have mutated

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There's a reason Steve prefers vintage porn to the modern stuff, and it's not what most people would think.

“I-I’m sorry,” Tony said, holding an offended hand up to him. “You what?” 

Steve let out a tired sigh. “I don’t like the new digital film,” he repeated, this time a little slower. 

“Digital film isn’t a thing, Rogers,” he protested. “It’s just digital.” 

He rolled his eyes. “Fine, Tony, I don’t like digital,” he corrected. “It’s just too-too-” 

“Crude?” offered Clint. 

Steve snapped his fingers and pointed at him. “Yes, thank you, Clint. Crude. It’s too crude.” 

Tony’s face twisted further into confusion. “It’s porn! It’s supposed to be crude!” 

He shot him a look. “Not like that, Tony,” he chastised. “Back then they were artistic. The compositions, the lingerie, the set, everything was thought out. Now? Now everything looks slapdash and cheap. Bettie Page is rolling over in her grave.” 

Tony let out a dramatic gasp. “I cannot believe you would bring her into this.” 


What life?! A life of ending other people’s lives? Yeah, but these people, they’re not… Not what? Innocent?

My first job was as a door greeter/bag checker. Most people were fine but I would always get people who refused and said stuff like, “What? You think I’m a criminal?” and it was always “white trash” who, yes, did look like criminals.

So I got a taxi back from a dog sitting gig cuz it’s too late to walk
The guy was chatty, nbd.

He brings up a dog he had to transport yesterday.

Then says all the Muslim drivers wouldn’t take it. He said he thought the dog smelt better than the Muslim guys, not like curry
He asked if I agreed.

I told him my mother is a professional Indian/curry chef

He shut the fuck up

@jeong-hanie thank you very much. what did i do in my past life to deserve you  ♡

We should just kiss like real people do.

Here’s some more kylux art school au trash  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’ll see myself out

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You have a very Northern Californian vibe to you. (Unrelated to my question, but true.) I have to ask, how do you feel about southern Cali? It's funny to me how the two halves of the state are so dramatically different, and people often get a little too ~passionate~ about having loyalty to one half or the other, so what are your thoughts? (This is coming from an LA native, but don't hold back to spare my feelings if you like, hate it or something....dude)

Ha! I’m gonna take that first sentence as a compliment. (I think?)

okay, not gonna lie, I visibly cringed when you said “cali”… which I guess is a demonstration of that separation factor between the north and south of this large ass state. They really are very dramatically different across a lot of different things because there’s a lot of space between them that is just filled with farmland and even more different people. It’s hard to describe to outside people.

I don’t hate SoCal by any means, there are places in the area that I actually really like. But at the end of the day SoCal is just not my first choice of places to live. A large factor of that is probably that it’s just too damn hot. Like goddamn. I avoid triple digit temperatures at all cost and that occurs too often there for my liking. 


Awesome expressions & cute moments from the David Tennant/Billie Piper panel at Wizard World Comic Con - Philadelphia

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What's you're favorite song? Are you a country music guy, or a classic rocker? Inquiring minds want to know!

Well, you nailed down my top two pretty easily, though I don’t imagine I make it real difficult!

I’m fondest of the old bones country, back before city folk would even give it a second look. Johnny and Conway and Loretta and all ‘em. I like a good dose of blues, as well – seein’ as it comes from the same kinda place, just a different culture. You put your feelings in the music because just the words ain’t enough, you know?

Blackwatch, now, was full of rock fans, which is where I picked most of that up. Classic, modern, metal, punk, damn near anything with a guitar that sounded good and pissed off. So I picked up a lot of that too, especially as good psych-up music for a mission.

That said, we’re a damn diverse bunch around here, and I can sit and enjoy just about anything with a rhythm I can follow. So I’ve been pickin’ up everything from metal to hip-hop to salsa to electronic stuff in the last few months, and havin’ a real good time with it, honestly. Karaoke nights are a blast around here, tell you what.

I’m a bit more prone than most to catchin’ feelings from a good song, in either direction, so playing something good and tough right before I gotta go deal with some assholes can be a big help. (And being able to put something happy and sweet on to help dial it down afterwards is nice, too.)

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I dont think that the organ transplant wouldn't change his dna, it probably did and i dont want to talk about this topic much cause this is all fictional and we could argue all day lol, but to think that kaneki still has 100% human dna is a bit far fetched to me, as that would mean that he can go back to being a human.. ( can he tho? I really dont know. ) im just stating this as i like to here other peoples thoughts and stuff, not bashing on what you said earlier. Besides wouldn't removing the-

-ghoul parts from him turn him human again? ( also dont know lol, damn ishidia making me overthink this) i really dont know but i still believe that kaneki’s dna is definitely altered a bit, my whole theory is that i remember reading/seeing in the manga kaneki losing his entire kidney in a fight, so at the time i thought he’d lose his ghoul power but he didn’t.. so rizes organs definitely messed up his genes/dna so he’d be able to regenerate a brand new kindey. So sorry if this is too long :s

This is too confusing and unreal and its hurting my head thinking about all possible out comes and hypothesis’ damn

It makes my head hurt thinking about it too! :’)

Ok so in the first statement when I said “ Kaneki’s own DNA in his swimmers should still be 100% human” what I meant there was that the DNA in his sperm is human, but clearly the same can’t be said of the rest of his body. He has parts of him that are Rize, with ghoul DNA. But at the same time, he still has parts of him that are his own DNA. His hair isn’t changing to the same colour as Rize’s. His skin tone isn’t changing to the same colour as Rize’s (… they look like htey have the same skin tone anyway but lets ignore that hahaha). The kakuhou being invasive and replacing parts of his body? Yes. That’s the Rc veins. But I just really don’t think her DNA is mixing with his like that. Eto is genetically a half-ghoul but Kaneki is a chimera.

When he’s hurt, it’s the kakuhou itself that makes him regenerate and grow new body parts. That’s why when ghouls have their kakuhou damaged beyond repair, or if their Rc levels get too low, they can’t heal properly. Because whatever it is the kakuhou does, thats the thing that controls healing. So him growing a new kidney isn’t because his own DNA is part ghoul, its because he has a kakuhou that gives him the ability to heal. 

I agree though, even if you removed the kakuhou he would still have the Rc pathways all through his body- his body has been altered so much I don’t think that would be able to reverse him to a complete human.

There are ways that DNA from one organism can be inserted into cells of another- viruses do this. But inserting entire multiple genes into every cell in the body sounds farfetch’d to me. The kakuhou changing the expression of genes in the body? Yes absolutely. That would definitely happen. But changing the DNA sequence itself? mmmm I dunno

Honestly though, feel free to disagree with me! It’s not like we have confirmation of any of this in the series and Ishida could honestly take it anywhere- it’s a fictional series afterall!

holy crap so in my online course, there is this fricking adorable person and he is so unapologetic in his references to batman?? like he based one of his pieces around batman and it began with ‘nananana BATMAN!!’ and in today’s homework assignment thingy his note on the submission was basically saying he was spooked by his batman poster and i’m just. that’s so cute. how can someone be this precious

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I saw that your might go private and are getting/have a LiveJournal and are you only going to accept people who as you said commented and stuff but what if they were anonymous I've sent stuff anon on here but never really commented on the website where your reader is. Are you guys only going to accept them?

I can’t really accept anon when I don’t know who they are. Sorry.