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if there is one thing i’ve really come to understand over the last day is that when it comes to harry’s image/solo career, it’s such a delicate balance. because on the one hand if he all of sudden comes back on the scene and starts being in our faces and super public and showy, then people will say he’s being an attention whore and trying to take the limelight away from the other 3/trying to overshadow dunkirk and turn that press into the harry styles show. then on the flipside if he doesn’t do anything at all and remains mute and just drops an album out of the blue with zero fan engagement, he runs the risk of looking like he’s super arrogant and just expects people to buy his stuff. so how does he find a balance there? and does he care about that? as a new solo artist who loves and respects his fanbase, one would think he and his team would.  i think that’s what we’ll hopefully see happen (and IF - again I stress the IF) his album is coming as soon as people are implying, then the transition into that balance is gonna have to happen soon. 


What life?! A life of ending other people’s lives? Yeah, but these people, they’re not… Not what? Innocent?

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my parents and i had a talk about this recently, i dont get why its ok??? my dad has had moments at work where people tell him he can’t give input to a conversation because he’s a white male. It makes no sense??

It’s not okay.  It’s really, really not okay.  But it happens all the time.  I just don’t get it.  The justification itself is circular logic.  And it hurts like hell.

Ya know, most hate posts read a lot like shit posts. They’re nonsensical and random and I can’t take them seriously so I usually ended up landing somewhere between


on the emotional scale.

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Viggo’s amazing.. I mean the whole cast is amazing. Viggo in particular was unbelievable because he literally became Aragorn. It’s funny for me to see him now because he’s a lot more relaxed and he doesn’t have the facial hair and I’m thinking “boy Viggo you’re pretty cute.” He really submersed himself in the part and every way as everyone did. Learning to horseback ride, archery, and sword fighting, the language involved; Viggo being a ranger, it was really important to him that he was in the clothes all the time and kind of dirty. He brought his sword everywhere and really got into that - Liv Tyler.


Awesome expressions & cute moments from the David Tennant/Billie Piper panel at Wizard World Comic Con - Philadelphia

find what you’re looking for (jax/miles)

find what you’re looking for
backstage. jax/miles. pg-13. ~3k
miles and alya break up two weeks into sophomore year. jax is a-okay with that.

a/n: i’d love to say “i can’t believe i wrote this”, but, yes, yes i can.


reminder to pleeeeeaaaaase tag your ace discourse. how many times do i have to ask before people start doing it

Okay, this is not about hunter x hunter but

If I post something that you need blacklisted, feel free to tell me, and I’ll tag it.

This series does have alot of bad stuff in it, so please tell me if there’s something you just, cannot have on your dash.

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Yeah!! and honestly I hate it when people take the ‘scripted’ feeling or awkwardness to mean they’re obviously fake without even considering the pressure we’re under to constantly be In Character or people will call us fake for /that/, it’s really a catch-22 where both being too much like our source or too different from our source will be used to invalidate us either way

yeah, it’s awful! no one should be trying to invalidate fictives, it’s hard enough being one already! 

Went to sephora today and the lady that greeted us saw that I had a charger hooked to my phone. She hesitated for a second and then asked if I was playing Pokemon go. I said yeah, she did a little bounce, and then asked what level I was.

“ME TOO! ….okay, but what team are you?”
“Heck yeah!”

We high fived and it was cute and she was a delight.

  • steven universe fandom: MR. FROWNY AND MR. SMILEY ARE SO G A Y
  • me: friendship is a thing that exists and is just as important as romance