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tag urself heathers fandom edition
  • lawful good: quality fic posters & artists
  • neutral good: mcnamawyer stans who probably cry at thanks for coming after me
  • chaotic good: the people who suddenly spam everyone with content
  • lawful neutral: *picture of red/yellow/green thing* "omg heathers is so good"
  • true neutral: everything neatly tagged, no Opinons in tags
  • chaotic neutral: those screencaps from the movie with a quote from a different part of the movie
  • lawful evil: jd/self insert fic writers
  • neutral evil: "chansaw is abusive1!1! jd is my misunderstood bby1!1!"
  • chaotic evil: "christian slater pulling the gun out is the moment i realised i was in love with jd"

I liked this moment at Jaxcon (video) because it contributes to my sense that oftentimes when we see Jared all over Jensen in panel, it’s either about him grounding himself, or him letting Jensen know that he’s okay. Here, somebody asked a question that was kind of emotionally heavy (it referenced suicide), and Jared answered it with his usual sincerity. This moment is just after Jared’s finished talking: Jensen doesn’t even say anything, just shifts his gaze away from the questioner to look at Jared, and Jared pats him firm and reassuring on the head, “I’m good.” Then they turn to hear the next question. (It reminded me a lot of this moment at Nerd HQ 2015, which also shows Jared kind of patting Jensen to let him know he’s alright to carry on.)

im hardly into double digits episode-wise at this point but;;; i just did some tiny doodles?? i dont know what fantasy clothing looks like so i just made stuff up lmao sorry;;


character descriptions // james potter 

Human Garnet AU where she is Afroindian. She’s got little pink stars on her dupatta. What a way to break out of an art hiatus.


Such a fun night celebrating jordansblah09 and alyciajasmin’s birthday! #somuchfun #the20club


A look inside Ken Ichijouji’s phone.
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totally forgot i never did a highlight comic for this year’s chicon! so here’s a quick one! to preface, know that in 3 years, i’ve never done one of the meet & greets. i decided i would try for one this year, and i got sniped for swain’s at the very end! HOWEVER, the lovely lady who did so ended up giving me the ticket! it was super lucky, but……………..this is how it started:

i wAS S O EMBARRASSED [whispers] he uses my name against me

Okay so since the Severus Snape tag has just become overrun with loads of hateful comments and reposts and has just become a pretty nasty place for people to search for decent content on him, we’d really appreciate it if you’d start tagging any gifs and edits you make of Snape with: snapeedit.

I know a few people have already thought to use this tag which is brilliant, but we thought we’d give it a push and try to spread the word as we’re going to be using it regularly from now on.

*** Please remember that only the first 5 tags on a post will actually show up in the tag, so please include ‘snapeedit’ somewhere in the first 5 tags of your post otherwise other people won’t be able to see your work! ***

It’s just going to make it a hell of a lot easier for people to find new content on him without having to put up with all the negativity and reposts going on in the tag. So if you like reblogging gifs and edits of Snape then I highly recommend that you start tracking the tag: snapeedit.

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I am salty about the marketing we’ve seen for the new game but there’s a part of me that is completely unperturbed by it thanks to Halo 5. I have never felt so betrayed by a studio (or publisher) as I have for that game. Bioware/EA has been varying levels of misleading for their games but 343i/Microsoft fucking lied in their marketing. And completely obliterating everything they’d started in the previous game and bastardizing a character so badly that she is literally unrecognizable as herself.

So thank you, 343i/Microsoft, for setting the bar so low that I am no longer terribly distraught when other devs and publishers appear to be screwing part of the fanbase over.

Rumiko weeks day six: most relatable character.

I think Inuyasha is probably the most relatable to many of us, because he’s just trying to survive. He seems like every part of a person that seems strong, but also every part that feels vulnerable.

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Who are you? Alex. From? Sheffield. From? Eng… Shef… Arctic Monkeys!


rule of thumb: if it’s under the sink, you don’t eat it.

jus wondering but did anyone else catch up to the magi manga and feel like everything they had ever loved had been destroyed