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At the airport waiting to board a flight…

Jin: Yoongi where is your jacket you’re going to be cold, you know you always get cold on airplanes.

Yoongi: *looks meaningfully at Jin in his giant hoodie* 

Jin: Did you seriously not pack a jacket?  How bout a hoodie? 

Yoongi: Why should I when I can share yours? 

Jin: You know they’ll make you sit in your own seat on the airplane, right?

Yoongi: Not if they can’t see me. 

tag urself heathers fandom edition
  • lawful good: quality fic posters & artists
  • neutral good: mcnamawyer stans who probably cry at thanks for coming after me
  • chaotic good: the people who suddenly spam everyone with content
  • lawful neutral: *picture of red/yellow/green thing* "omg heathers is so good"
  • true neutral: everything neatly tagged, no Opinons in tags
  • chaotic neutral: those screencaps from the movie with a quote from a different part of the movie
  • lawful evil: jd/self insert fic writers
  • neutral evil: "chansaw is abusive1!1! jd is my misunderstood bby1!1!"
  • chaotic evil: "christian slater pulling the gun out is the moment i realised i was in love with jd"

Royalty AU - Pharaoh Alix of the Kubdel Kingdom

Read the fic here

(Marinette, Adrien, Alya, Nino, Chloé, Sabrina, Juleka, Rose, Nathaniel, Kim) (more classmates coming soon)


a selection of Armins I’ve drawn over the years

Human Garnet AU where she is Afroindian. She’s got little pink stars on her dupatta. What a way to break out of an art hiatus.

Don’t listen to me
I’m nothing but trouble


I liked this moment at Jaxcon (video) because it contributes to my sense that oftentimes when we see Jared all over Jensen in panel, it’s either about him grounding himself, or him letting Jensen know that he’s okay. Here, somebody asked a question that was kind of emotionally heavy (it referenced suicide), and Jared answered it with his usual sincerity. This moment is just after Jared’s finished talking: Jensen doesn’t even say anything, just shifts his gaze away from the questioner to look at Jared, and Jared pats him firm and reassuring on the head, “I’m good.” Then they turn to hear the next question. (It reminded me a lot of this moment at Nerd HQ 2015, which also shows Jared kind of patting Jensen to let him know he’s alright to carry on.)


[excerpt from a longer work of fiction]
↳ Dishonored

Round 09 // HatingCoriander vs Mad-Adam
Mock magazine spread

im hardly into double digits episode-wise at this point but;;; i just did some tiny doodles?? i dont know what fantasy clothing looks like so i just made stuff up lmao sorry;;


Ritual Raven doodles.

I’ve never seen this card before Duel Links added it and I’m in love with it. Its whole design - having faces for eyes (especially this since I’m wierdly attracted to that kind of stuff and eye-related symbolism), these strange frog-feet, the butt-wings and the little, cute arms - it’s just overall appealing.

I have the urge to create a sticker pack for Telegram featuring this little guy :’D I wish I can seriously draw again soon.

Something something Leodle

(It barely counts)


“Would you stop fidgeting with your phone?”

Leorio jumped slightly, Cheadle staring at him from the far end of the room.

It was well over a hundred degrees, but Cheadle still looked pressed, clean cut, and orderly.

Leorio on the other had to comb his sweaty mop of hair out of his eyes every three seconds.

The man had long ago given up on keeping his suit jacket on and clean, settling for his button up and slacks.

And there was Cheadle, barely breaking a sweat while she was still packed into her full suit and tie.

The Iceberian desert was not aptly named.

“How are you not burning up in that?” Leorio asked, slathering a damp handkerchief across his face.

Cheadle clapped the book in her lap closed.

“You wouldn’t understand it if I told you.”

Leorio rolled his eyes.

“Try me.”

His research partner had a terrible penchant for being condescending as all hell.

The very same partner was now up and out her chair, walking slowly towards him.

She leaned down, resting her book on the table next to Leorio and leaning towards the man’s face.

Leorio blushed in their closeness.

Cheadle grabbed Leorio’s chin, turning his head stiffly but gently to the side so that his ear was facing her.

“Professionalism.” She whispered.

Leorio shrieked.

you are a cherished mutual and daud has infinite chances from me because of you and i am giving him a chance to learn his mistakes in the new game and hopefully get some Healthy Character Development 

Filler Time

I know I said I needed a banner but I don’t have time to make one right now D: So sorry, but I will. Someday. Soon. I swear. I promise. I mean maybe. 

This is going to be longer than long. Because it’s about Hana. And well, she’s my main character, so yeah very very long. 

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(Her back is too low, so he’s awkwardly petting her hair. Does it work? What should he do next??)