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More of a fuck these new co-workers story.

I’ve been working at a crafty retail store for a little over a year now. I know where more than half of the stuff we sell goes by heart and they usually have me working the floor to put away the go-backs and recover the store before close. Its easy for me so I try not to complain much but I’m a little pissed today.
A couple days ago they hired a new girl we’ll call ’T’. T had worked at an overrated coffee shop before and doesn’t seem to realise retail is a bit different. We usually only have 1 cashier at the front most days or 2-3 during rushes. On an expected normal night we will have 1 cashier, 1 manager, 1 sale associate, and 1 framer. So T’s left at the front for most of the day.
Usually the previous sales associates on the floor only recover the store so there is ahuge mountian of go backs when I come in for a closing shift. Im usually the only floor person so I had to work quickly to put everything back and still take care of the customers who stop me. T didn’t seem to care. When she would call me up to help ring up customers she would just up and leave the cash register to do anything else. She would turn her light off and just walk out to the floor. Not for a bathroom break or anything like that. What pissed me off us that she did that shit every time she called me up. About 5-10 times during an average day. I told a manager about it, to ask if they could talk to them but nothing ever happens.
Fast forward 3 days later, I come in for my closing shift at 2.30 just in time to see another new hire having her first training shift. We’re gonna call her ‘T2’. Now, T and T2 are high school buddies, so they stick together the moment T2 starts getting trained. So this sucked because T essentially taught T2 a quarter of the basics they taught her to fucking leave with her when I got to the front. Like shit. Since our go back area is by the register when I’m done with a cart I have to go back up to refill it and they would both leave. And T claimed it was so they can both get floor experience together.
Except!! Except that T was hired as a goddamn cashier. And T2 was hired as a GODDAMN CASHIER. Meaning they both have little reason to have floor experience for go-backs because the manager who hired them said they were specifically hired to stay up front as cashiers. If a customer needs something they T or T2 dont know about all they have to do is radio a manager and 90% of the time they know or they call me or the manager up.
This last night, both T and T2 were stuck at the front due to a line of customers. I was sent out to grab carts from the parking lot. When I had come back in, they whined that they wouldn’t have time to take trash out from under the registers. I’d had gotten so pissed off I took all the trash bins from all 8 registers, brought them to my register, called the next in line and rang them out while I dumped all the trash into one big trash bag. Then, when the last few customers were being rang out while both girls stared at me like I killed a child, I told them to put new bags on the bins and put them back. I left to the managers office after that and complained that they didnt even have a method to throw the goddamn trash out. T had been working a little over a week. T2 has been working 6 days. So why they didnt have a goddamn method for trash is fucking unbelievable. Why it took me under 5 minutes to do when they had 4 hours is fucking bullshit. Mostly angry because they had complained the moment I came back from the hot parking lot dragging carts into the store. They yelled about it front of 15 customers who all looked like I was abusing them. It’s literally a chore at home. My manager had agreed and when closing time came they both were told to leave early and they both looked like it came as a shock.
Look, I have shit to do. I gotta do go-backs, clean up the aisles, and deal with customers and their more than often I-didnt-even-try-researching-before-i-got-here questions. Along with following around suspicious customers, following a big family of children because they ALWAYS leave a trail of messes, and doing exerting projects such as move 150, three pound candles across the store. With only 1 cart and an hour till close and only half an hour after close so I don’t have time for this leaving bullshit. I don’t have time for this 'we dont think we will have time for the trash chore’ bullshit. I have no literal time to get fired for not doing my job because I was doing theirs. Fuck T and T2.

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I've looked around a lot for like ADHD apparel and it's impossible to find anything that's not offensive. I found a few things that were okay but I didn't really like them cause they were like "I don't have ADHD you're just boring" tbh if you guys started selling stuff that's funny but inoffensive I would totally buy stuff.

we shld sell sweatpants that say ADHD on the butt

@kaijutegu, @wheremyscalesslither

Tagging you both in regards to the racist guy.

I want to be clear here where I’m coming from. I’m a person of color, and I definitely don’t agree with that guy’s views. I also think that this is definitely a place where reasonable people can differ, and I really appreciate that you both are committed to making your communities safer for people of color like me.

I also think that if people actually mistreat or discriminate against people of color, that’s completely wrong and unacceptable, and a boycott would be good in that case. Also, if people of color (or white people!) don’t feel comfortable buying from a racist, that completely makes sense and is a fair choice.

However, I think there’s definitely value in buying products and including people in communities without trying to look at their personal beliefs. By “personal”, I mean “beliefs that aren’t related to what they’re trying to sell and which don’t affect their efficacy at their job”.

These are caveats that are important to look at, even if you do decide that you think boycotting racists is a good policy.

There are a couple reasons here that are relevant.

First, as long as we are neutral to the personal views of people who want to sell stuff, we don’t have to determine which views are acceptable and which ones aren’t. Even if someone writes something that is on-the-line between unacceptable and acceptable, that’s not taken as resembling the community as a whole, because the community doesn’t endorse or accept personal views.

If people start policing what the people they buy from say, then any bad thing that someone else says is liable to be taken for what the community believes and accepts. This essentially places you as responsible for anything that anyone you are even a bit associated with says.

I think that you could make it clear that people of color are welcome in your community and your stores by arguing against posts like this man’s and also by clearly stating on your blogs that you support and include all minorities. Trying to boycott and exclude people isn’t necessary; I think that it is flawed to make policy based on what a hypothetical person of color might think at a cursory glance at your community. In my experience, that creates a lot of unnecessary anxiety and guilt over anything that might possibly construed as racist (etc.).

Actions do speak louder than words, but if someone is saying “I don’t consider people’s personal views to be relevant to whether I buy from them”, then I don’t think it’s appropriate to take that to mean “I don’t care about racism and I’m okay with hostility to people of color”.

Second, I don’t really feel uncomfortable or unsafe following either of you or being marginally involved in reptileblr, despite this one random racist guy. I’m really concerned that this policy is being advocated in the name of making a place safe for me, when I don’t think it’s necessary. While other people can and do differ, I would appreciate if you considered my opinion as a personal of color to be a relevant datapoint in making your decision.

Third, it’s really easy for ill-intentioned people to exploit the ability to get people boycotted or expelled from communities for things they write on the Internet which were ultimately fabricated or misunderstood. I definitely don’t think either of you are ill-intentioned at all, to be clear; I do think that this community norm makes it really easy to get someone ostracized or harassed. 

This isn’t necessarily where policies like this one end up, but it is something to watch out for.

Fourth and finally, this isn’t actually stopping people from being racists in general. It’s causing them to stop expressing racist opinions. Depending on context- like, if this is the same Facebook that this particular racist uses for his work, then that’s a good thing; racism isn’t professional behavior. But if this is just his personal account, then I’m less in favor of boycotting him.

I’m speaking for myself, but I would far rather know when someone is likely a racist than not know, and possibly be surrounded by secret racists. Racism is, I think, only possible to argue with when it’s out in the open.

Thank you both very much for all of your work on reptiles, and I encourage you to make your own decision based on your evaluation of the evidence and the arguments. Please don’t feel obligated to do things you wouldn’t otherwise find logical in the name of helping people of color; and please don’t feel obligated to capitulate to what I believe just because I’m a person of color.

Save Shinpachi

Shinpachi is like the ‘Armin’ of Gintama, he doesn’t get that much official goods and he’s frequently undermined. I’d even say he’s practically being ignored by the companies making Gintama merchandise. Why? is it because his glasses? Is it because he’s not sadistic?? Is it because he’s a straight man?? Is it because he’s an otaku??? Save Shinpachi.

Coffee Shop Au

I don’t own OUAT. This is probably a different kind of ‘coffee shop’ than was meant , but I had inspiration ehe.

“Rubes, I cannot believe you” Emma said, laughing. She really should not have been surprised anymore. Ruby was kind of notorious for her gotta-try-everything-once behaviour. Hell, they had met when Ruby had been arrested for ‘multiple incidents of public exposure’ and Emma had bailed her out. Kind of should’ve told Emma she should’ve expected anything from Ruby, especially with how nonchalant Ruby had been about the whole thing ( she had really been more amused than anything , although she had never gone to jail for indecent exposure again. ‘I am not boring, I do not repeat stuff like that, Ems).

Still, this was something that was unexpected even coming from Ruby.

“ Oh, come on, it is a great idea!”.

“ How do you even think you will convince your grandma? “ Emma flopped down on her bed. After a long day of bounty hunting, she was tired but she actually did enjoy talking to Ruby a lot. The almost hyperactive energy was catching and her stories were often uproarious.

“ Ehm, with how much profit this is going to bring into the shop. Duh. “.

« Is there even like a demand for this kind of stuff ?”.

“ There is always a demand for this kind of stuff. Besides, we would only sell it in the evenings, in a back room so that we can still cater to kids and teens”.

Emma snorted. “ Won’t the teenagers be the ones that want it the most?”.

“Probably, but I am pretty sure mayor milf would have my head if I tried to sell it to teenagers, considering her son is only a couple of years away from that special age where they start drinking and stuff”.

“ Probably. Can’t say I blame her though, kids already get into trouble without help so- “.

“ Are you insinuating that I could ever corrupt our youth? “

Emma rolls her eyes, but grins a little  “ Didn’t you- “.

“ Omg, Ems let it go. Danny was only like two years younger”.

Emma chuckles. Ruby is definitely pouting. “ Fine, I will let it go. But only because you got dumped . For someone older”.

“ You being really sucky, bringing up old pains like this”.

“ I am sure you will live”.

“ Urgh. You do realize that you can literally die of a broken heart? You should not mock me, or you will feel really bad at my funeral”.

“ I could also die because a construction worker that is working really high loses his shoe and that shoe lands on my hand”.

“ uh your point being?”.

“ There is a lot of crazy things that could kill us. I wouldn’t worry too much about it”.

“ You sound like some sort of philosophy mayor”.

“.. no I don’t”.

“ Yeah, you kind of do” before Emma can react, she has to yank the phone away for the sake of her poor ear as Ruby yells “So are you coming?”.

“ To … Storybrooke” like always she hesitates before saying the name. She has known Ruby for years and she knows she can trust her but it is still a weird name. And there was that one time she searched for it and could find it nowhere. When she asked Ruby, she was told ‘it is a shithole. That’s why you can’t find it”.

« No, to Alaska ».

«  No need to unleash the sass on me ».

“  So are you coming?”

“ I guess so. When did you – “.

“ This weekend” Emma scowls a little at the phone when the words that follow are ‘ And because I know you are pretty much a zombie in the morning, you are allowed to arrive here in the afternoon” .

“ I am not that bad”.

“ Yeah, tell that lie to someone who hasn’t been around you in the mornings” and of course, because she is Ruby , the phone is hanged up before Emma can even react to that with (mostly fake) indignation.


Turns out , even if Storybrooke is non-existent on any maps and Ruby’s directions are a little vague (‘okay there is like a fuckton of trees and then there is a sign. Just do not turn right or left, follow the road and you will get there’) at the end, Emma does find Storybrooke.

Okay, here we go. She thinks and it is kind of odd , because she has known Ruby for years and whenever Rubes wasn’t globetrotting or with his grandmother, she would crash on Emma’s couch so she should not be nervous. She kind of is though. Just a little.

However, she also not a coward so she gets of her car without even taking the time to calm herself down. She gets out of the car and opens the door to ‘Granny’s diner” and even calls out for Ruby. Whose scowl immediately changes into a bright grin as she turns around from where she is taking someone’s order.

“EMMA “ she yells and then barges into Emma, hugging her tight before pulling back to kiss her once.

“ Is that another thing you picked up in Europe? “ Emma says, laughing. Even though Ruby has always been free with touches and flirtations.

“ Well, they kissed each other’s kisses like three times. Sometimes? I don’t know” she winks.  “You must just be irresistible”.

“ Lucky me” Emma says drily.

“ Yup” Ruby rolls her eyes and leans in so her whisper won’t be overheard.  “I am going to deal with whiny dude behind me. You can already sit down if you want” she pulls back again, then says in her usual voice. “ Grilled cheese and hot chocolate coming up” before dragging herself back to the customer.

Emma chuckles as she sits down and watches Ruby plaster on a smile. She could have easily become an actress, had she wanted to. She smiles emptily at the guy, only to throw Emma a ‘can you believe this douchebag?’ look as she has her back turned to him.

Emma gives her a quick smile before Ruby turns and sashays into the part of the diner that is the kitchen. When she has dealt with Douchebag as well as some nicer customers, she sits down across from Emma and pushes the grilled cheese towards her.

“ Don’t choke, Ems” Ruby says , laughing at the way Emma immediately digs her teeth in and takes a very large bite from the grilled cheese.

“ Hmm” Emma just groans, quickly swallowing before taking another large bite.  “You are the best” she says vehemently.

“You are pretty great too” as soon as Emma is in between bites, she asks  “how is Boston?”.

“ Okay. Bounty hunting continues to pay the rent” .

“ Do you spend your sad, lonely days tackling people on the wrong side of the law or do you actually get some action” the devious look in Ruby’s eyes tells Emma what exactly she means with ‘action’. She rolls her eyes before swallowing. “ You know the drill”.

“ Still with the one night stands?”.

Emma shrugs. “ I am not really the type of girl for anything else”.

Ruby lays her hand on top of Emma’s, the sadness in her eyes making Emma’s skin crawl slightly.  “ I really hope that will change one day, Ems” she smirks slightly. “Because one night stands are awesome and all, but I really wish you could have a little more”.

“ I don’t need more. I am fine, Rubes”.

“ Yeah, I know. You are Emma Swan, who is really independent and strong after a lifetime of rotten families” she squeezes Emma’s hand once before letting it go.. “ Just so you know though, you always have a family here, you know? One that does not suck”.

“ I know Ruby “she says , her voice stilted. She quickly adds. “ Thank you”.

“ You are welcome”.

Ruby lets her nearly choke on the remains off her grilled cheese for a while before offering her a napkin and pointing at her mouth. “ So…  “ Emma says, and lays down the napkin . “ what did your grandma say?”.

“She is thinking about it”.

Emma arches her eyebrows a little.  “Seriously?”.

Ruby dips her finger in the whip cream on top of Emma’s hot chocolate and licks it. She is a pouting a little.  “Yes. But she says the mayor needs to approve as well”.

“ and you think she won’t”.

“ Have you even listened to my stories ? No way that Mills will ever approve of a coffee shop”

“ Well, move to Amsterdam then” Emma teases.

It is when Ruby stiffens a little that Emma realizes she cares more than expected. Because Ruby has often ideas that are a little crazy or at least a little bit inappropriate or just not feasible and she gets really enthusiastic but often forgets about them after a while. Emma had expected this to be like that, but if the slightly hurt look Ruby gives her is any indication, it isn’t.

“ Sorry Rubes”.

Ruby slowly starts to smile again.  “It is okay” she sags a little. “ I am just enthusiastic about this and it is stupid that it might all not happen because the mayor thinks it is sordid or whatever”.

“ Have you actually talked to her about it?”

“ Not yet. But I would be really surprised if she actually approved”.

“ Stranger things have happened”.

“ Maybe” but Ruby does not look certain at all. She actually looks kind of droopy, which makes Emma shift a little and think of a better topic conversation. She is just about to ask whether the crush Ruby had been so frustrated and kind of teary about is finally not  a ‘shitfest waiting to happen’ anymore when Ruby perks up and jumps to her feet. Emma stares after her as she half-runs towards a brunette that is buried in a large, ancient-looking book.

She smiles a little as she sees Ruby lean in , place her hand on the woman’s shoulder and say something to her. The woman slowly lowers her book, gives Ruby a shy but brilliant smile. Let me guess, that’s- yup. That is definitely Ruby’s crush. The slightly hesitant way Ruby talks and touches says it all. She is kind of curious about what exactly is so bad about liking her( Ruby had only muttered something about gold, which Emma had distributed to her just being drunk at the time)

Emma smiles at the woman as she is pulled along by Ruby. Ruby throws an arm around her and points at Emma. “ This is my lemur”.

“ Ehm, lemur? “the woman hesitantly asks.

“ It is a nickname Rubes has for me” Emma explains, offering the woman her hand. “ Emma Swan. Nice to meet you”.

The woman clutches her book with one arm as she shakes Emma’s hand with the other. “ Belle French” she says.

Emma smiles. “ Ironic name” Belle stares at her, so she explains.  “ Belle is French for beautiful, right ? «  Emma is definitely not fluent, but she has picked up some French over the years. She doesn’t even know where anymore, possibly to either pretend to be someone else or impress someone. “ So the name ‘Belle French’ is kind of ironic considering the first part is a French word”

Belle smiles brightly. “ My father was born in France , but he moved to Australia when he was pretty young”.

“Ah. That explains it”.

Ruby pulls Belle a little closer to her. “ You did not tell me you spoke the language of love”

“ And you are so very surprised by this fact? I may be a dropout, but that does not mean I hate learning stuff, you know”.

“ Ems. I have seen your apartment, I know you have a lot of curiosity and everything” . Yeah, that may have come out a little too intense. Emma cannot help it: almost everyone she ever meets assumes that she is stupid and/or doesn’t like to read just because she dropped out of high school.

She shrugs. Ruby and Belle sit down. Emma really wants to talk about why it cannot work between the two when Ruby throws glances whenever she thinks Belle isn’t looking and Belle blushes slightly as their hands brush. Then relaxes with her shoulder pressed against Ruby’s.

“Ruby told me you are a bail bondsperson. It sounded- “ Belle hesitates for several seconds ( Emma really needs to talk to Ruby, with how she is staring at the crunchy face Belle makes when she thinks with this bright smile) “ interesting. Do you enjoy it?”.

“ I guess? I mean, I am pretty good at it and it pays enough so that is cool”.

“ Oh. Is it as dangerous as it sounded when Ruby was telling me about it? “.

“ Maybe a little. But I can handle myself” .

Belle really seems interested, so Emma decides to tell one of her funnier (and weirder) stories. She is in the middle of describing how she slipped over the plate her ‘date’ had thrown on the floor and crashed into a group of too-pale businessmen when she sees her.

“ So they gave me this lo – “ she trails off, her hands freezing in the air. A woman has just entered. Her brown hair is coiffed, her brown eyes are almost scary they’re so intense and Emma just knows she is the kind of woman that is a really Bad Idea. Still, she takes one look and she is sold. Damn.

“ What are you- “Ruby starts, then turns around and back with a knowing smile.  “The mayor. I told you she was hot, didn’t I?”.

“ you didn’t tell me she was hot enough to spontaneously combust things” Emma mutters, slowly dropping her arms and still staring at the mayor. And yeah, of course she has seen attractive women before but wow. The woman is really attractive. And wearing a perfectly fitting pantsuit, that Emma recognizes to possibly cost her entire month’s salary. She is also barely looking at anyone around her, head tilted slightly.

Emma tries to stop Ruby, she really does. But she is too late when Ruby calls out “ Hey, madame mayor!”

“What are you doing?” Emma hisses as the woman arches her eyebrows- fuck, that is hot too – before walking over to them.

“ I need to ask her something, remember?” Ruby says, but she is smirking and there is that look she gets into her eyes before she tricks Emma into going somewhere like a fight club or whatever ‘entertainment’ she has found.

“ Miss Lucas” the mayor says , gifting Ruby with a small but seemingly genuine smile. She nods at Belle. “ Miss French”.

“ Hey madam mayor. How are you doing?”.

“ I am fine” it is kind of cute (maybe?) how Regina is obviously not the best at small talk. Emma can almost imagine her thinking ‘what does she want now’… or perhaps that is her experience with Ruby’s crazy plans talking. She knows the mayor has seen some of those.

“ Have I ever told you about Emma?” Ruby says which is when the mayor deems to actually look at Emma. She kind of bristles at how she looks at the red jacket hanging over the seat, then smiles as there is a flash of interest as those brown eyes linger on her arms for a moment.

“ Regina Mills “ she says, offering her hand with that same small smile.

The hand is kind of cold as Emma takes it.  “ Emma Swan. Hi “.

The smile grows at Emma’s awkward ‘hi’ and damn it she is usually far more suave around dangerously attractive women with really intense and pretty brown eyes. Not that she has ever met any that are like Regina Mills.  

“ I am pleased to meet you” Regina says and Emma tells herself let go off her hand, you doofus. That is the signal even as it takes three additional seconds before she actually does. Perhaps she should have taken Ruby more serious when she described Regina as ‘kind of Marilyn Monroe except mixed with like an evil queen possibly and then stuck into a pantsuit” . Instead, she had laughed.

Emma finally recovers enough to give her most charming smile and say “ Pleased to meet you as well. Especially after Ruby told me about you “ The last part is revenge for how Ruby was smirking during Emma’s awkwardness. The mayor smiles and arches her eyebrow. “ Oh? I hope she has not mentioned anything scandalous”.

“ You do not seem like the type to cause scandals”.

Regina starts to smirk slowly. “ No. But miss Lucas herself causes them frequently”.

“Hey!” Ruby protests

Regina chuckles. It is somewhere in between teasing and slightly cruel.  “The paperwork from your latest stint was quite extensive” her smile sharpens a little. “ Do remember to stay out of trouble, dear”.

“ Oh please, you totally enjoy it when I ‘cause trouble”  Ruby ways it off, sending Regina a small smirk.

“ Quite the opposite, dear”.

“ Oh really? “Ruby leans forward, her tone slightly more flirtatious. “ I remember you enjoying one of my ‘scandals’ quite a bit”.

Emma would feel oddly and inappropriately jealous , but Regina just rolls her eyes.  “In order to avoid humiliating yourself, I would stop with the insinuations miss Lucas”.

Ruby pouts, but she is smiling a second later. “ You’re no fun”.

“ I will have to check my job description, but I am quite certain that ‘to be fun’ is not in there”

“Your job is to make your citizens happy, so basically the same thing. And it would make me happy”

“ I am certain it would” Regina merely says, smiling at Ruby one last time. She turns to Emma. She smells like apples and possibly cinnamon when she leans on and slowly smiles. “ Miss Swan. I do hope you enjoy your stay “ and she squeezes Emma’s bicep briefly before sauntering over to the counter.

Emma’s eyes are still on her when she directs a question at Ruby. “ Should you not have asked her about the coffee shop thing? “.

“ Yeah, maybe. When she is -  “

They all stare at the card that is revealed when Emma lifts her mug. ‘Regina mills’  it says, along with a series of numbers and , beneath that; ‘I hope your taste in venues is better than your taste in jackets. Call me’

“ Oh My “ Ruby slowly says, staring at the card.

Belle looks mainly confused and slightly terrified. “How- how did she place it there? I never saw her hand anywhere near it!”

“GOD “ Ruby nearly shrieks, turns it into a slightly less obvious thing at the last moment. Emma glares at her.

“ Will you stop already?”.

“ I can’t- I have been flirting with her forever and you what? Come into town and show her your muscles and she just- “.

“ Do you not have a crush on someone else?” she almost glances very obviously at Belle, but catches herself. She really doesn’t want to be murdered now that she might be going on a date with Regina Mills.

“ Have you seen her? Plus, someone who is as tightly wound as her would probably be a –“.

Ruby” Belle hisses. Emma is surprised at how not-sweet her voice can sound. Ruby cowers a little, then mutters “ sorry”.

Emma would make a joke about how whipped Ruby is or at least give her a look, but she is too busy staring at the card. She glances behind her: the mayor is still at the counter. She glances at the card again. “Right back” she says, then slides out of the booth.

She leans on the counter, waits until Regina turns around. She looks down at the card, smirks. “ I have excellent taste”.

“ The jacket begs to differ , dear” but the tone is more teasing than anything.

She leans in a little, lowers her voice.  “Would you still think I have horrible taste if I tell you that you are my type?”.

“ I might be persuaded into believing you are not a lost cause”.

Emma smiles. She had meant to smirk and play coy and hopefully fluster Regina (there is something about her that makes Emma really want to fluster her) but she can’t help it. “ So will you let me show you I am not?”.

“ I did offer you my card, dear” the woman points out.

Emma shrugs. “ Just checking. So uh- “ she hesitates, because she doesn’t want to be too eager but she also really doesn’t want to wait. Screw it. “ are you free tonight or do the people need their mayor?”.

“ The people can ask someone else to solve their issues for the night”.

Emma grins. “ Wonderful. Should I- “ .

“ Eight O’ clock sharp. I do not tolerate tardiness “ her eyes flick to Emma’s arm again before she smirks and looks into Emma’s eyes. “ Make sure to wear something that shows off those arms” .

And the lady has departed, coffee in one hand and take-out bag in the other. Emma watches her go with a smile that prompts Ruby to throw a balled-up napkin at her and say “ The queen has stolen another heart” with a devious smile.

Emma walks over to them, says “ Have fun dealing with her when she finds out you have just outed her in front of a quarter of her town” then starts to walk away. Her smile only widens when Ruby calls out “she was ogling you, I just said what was clear. No way that she can murder me for that”

Emma laughs at the insecure  “right?” that is the last thing she hears. She has a date to prepare for.

Good news 🌟!

A work friend of my grandma’s is paying me to paint a rocking chair for her (she liked the one I was doing 4 my gram)!!

And with that, my commission money, and my grandma managing to sell a few things, we only need about $40 until we’re in the clear!
(The clear being bills will be paid, and we will have our estimated amount for food/gas!!)

I’m opening commissions again! (I never closed them //chokes) to try and raise the money, so please consider ☁️💛

Also. Bracelet pricing has changed.
I must pay for shipping now, which is $2.70 per (small) package. So bracelets are now $2.70 + however many you are ordering.

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☾ A typical cheesy romance book cover, but Mormor style!

send me a symbol meme

“Dangerous Romance — Two criminals, trapped in their own hearts and unable to express feelings. Will their summer affair last? Or has their love no chance at all?”

Check out this new mv called “Life” by Rubbersoul, an all rapper girl group. It has a really chill catchy beat with a feel-good vibe AND the concept is the 90s. Seriously, go listen to it now.

6:19 PM

I just woke up an hour ago and all my friends and I are talking about July 8. If you don’t know, there’ll be an event on the 8th wherein we’ll be performing and selling Cherry Society stuff. WE’LL ALSO BE SELLING OLD CLOTHES AND SHIT. And ngayon lang kami nagusap about that day. Now we’re rushing. And I wanna cry cause I literally feel the pressure. 

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I thought it was kinda strange that you made money off of drawing Dan and Phil's faces.. I mean, your art is cool, but doesn't it bother you that like half of your success comes from their fame?

if you are judging me online, then yes majority of you guys are D&P fans.
I don’t intentionally draw D&P for money. I draw them because I like it.
Its just so happens you guys want my phanart so I sell it
and I really appreciate it cause it does help me in a lot of ways

I don’t call my online life a success.
I just came here to have fun and stalk meet people.

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THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your note to Joshifer fans today. I have struggled with recent events and questioned what is REAL ...feeling a fool that I'm being played. I needed your positive words 😘

Oh I’m glad that I could bring you a little cheer. I admit, Joshifer still makes me happy. I won’t lie, every day all of us are being “played” by the media, by Publicists/PR, by the stories that they want…or rather NEED us to believe.  Just look at today, Netflix Latin America twitter just posted about Escobar: Paradise Lost and so did Benecio del Toro JUST as new pictures showed up in a pap walk. What a little coincidence! Shock!! (Hope they’re enjoying the free advertisement from me, it’s still not going to earn you more money or celebrity). 

But anywhoo…we didn’t love Joshifer because they were trying to sell them as a romantic couple to us. Hell it was the exact opposite. If anything they tried to push Jen and Liam (poor Miley). What make us love them is their genuine love and adoration of each other and all those adorable little moments:

I can keep going. And you can’t fake all that spontaneity or erase it. 

Things We Don’t Have That People Ask For 

  •  Chopsticks 
  • Salad dressing 
  • “Those big straws like for bubble tea" 
  • Lemon/lime slices 
  • "A hand-washing station” (customer did not want to use the restroom for this) 
  • “For here” bowls (bowls? For what?!) 
  • Toast 
  • Non-wireless Internet (via Ethernet cable) 
  • Booze 
  • Creme brûlée 
  • Tourist maps 
  • Parking validation 
  • Hats (…?) 
  • Computer terminals for Internet 
  • “Bigger bathrooms” (…I’ll get right on that) 
  • Tacos 
  • Fresh squeezed lemonade 
  • Made to order sandwiches 
  • Free samples on demand 
  • Pizza
  • Cellphone/laptop charging cables 
  • Lighters