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headband tae??? CAN I GET A HELL YEAH

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just gonna drop every gf-related doodle i’ve drawn this month here, because boy have i slacked off on actually posting stuff lately. 

people always talk about boys being straightforward and easy to understand when getting into a relationship but like????? no? every girl I know is very clear and honest when they are flirting/pursuing, but boys are such a mess when it comes to being uncomplicated.


Kuroo from @eicinic‘s Superman AU. 
Because Gin is amazing and deserves all the Kuroos in the world (so he better save it).

I’ve been listening to this song a lot while drawing, and I think the first verse is awfully fitting

There’s a war we can’t ignore, waging silence on our lives
We will overcome, let the cowards run and hide

We were born to take it back
This is revelational

I am not afraid

– Dillon Francis - Love in the Middle of a Firefight

I can't believe I have to clear this off...

…but let’s make one thing clear ok?:

Dark & Edgy (or Deconstructive) storytelling =\= Clever Writing


Happy & Idealistic themes =\= Dumbed down writing


Cynism/Idealism Scale is not inherent to the quality or cleverness of ANY writing.

A dark show can still be stupid or have poor quality or lighthearted and cute show can be a master piece, the key word here being could.

(It’s also fine to prefer one tone over another but again is NOT related to its quality as media)

I’m gonna stream some spirit idea drawings (similar to these ones) tomorrow at 2PM (GMT+1) 

stream will be on my picarto channel 

if you have an idea for a spirit you wanna see me draw pls send it to me via ask/IM/reply to this post right here!! I’ll draw them during the stream and some of my own spirits