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ok, so but the toon henry fanfics being submitted to @ask-joeydrewstudios are like… the cutest things ever and so I just really wanted to draw SOMETHING from them. (also honestly I just like this toon henry design it’s good-)

aNYWAYS- Here’s this.

This was fun to draw! :D

Design: @ask-joeydrewstudios / @cozylittleartblog

These guys are killing me, I swear.

The only thing I know is…..ABHUJHBBHJSBHJ I LOVE HIM SO MUCH SHJISAHJASNIA  because you can see I don’t know how to draw skeletons (?)
Sorry, I just…. I can’t. He’s beautiful, I love him ;w;

Mirrors ( Steve Harrington )

Steve Harrington x Reader

request (requested on 11/21/17)

can you do one based off of niall horan’s song mirrors with steve ??

Heyhey. I’m sorry it’s so short. I wasn’t too familiar with this song until I got this request to I tried my best, using the genius lyrics and descriptions as my guide a bit. I don’t 100% like how this came out, but I did want to get it out because I don’t know how busy my next few days will be, so I hope you enjoy and if you don’t like it message me and I’ll redo it or you can request something else if you’d like !!


You walked into your room, shutting the door behind you, and letting out a deep breath. This is where you could finally be yourself. You changed into sweatpants and a loose t-shirt, finally removing the sweet looking dress that you had worn all day. You took off your makeup, that serves as your armor. You took a long look in the mirror and the thoughts filled your head. The defamation and slander that your mind came up with was unprecedented. You tried to stop it, but tears began to trail down your bare face. You crawled into your bed and cried. Once the tears stopped you felt nothing. Where there once was happiness was nothing but a black hole that sucked out all emotion. This constant battle you had with yourself wasn’t new, but the main cause of it now traces back to one specific day.

You and Steve Harrington were always best friends. If you ever needed anything, you could go to Steve. Of course, he was nothing more than a best friend to you, or so you thought. You and Steve spent all your time together. Until he started going after Nancy. At first it was the little comments about her, which didn’t bother you, you liked seeing Steve happy, the way he had that little twinkle in his eye. Then it was full conversations, well conversations weren’t the proper word, it was all him, on and on about Nancy. This began to bother you. Every time he said her name you felt a pang in your chest that made you want to cry. The that day came, the day you saw Steve and Nancy walking down the halls hand in hand, smiling, like there was no one else in the world. And you broke. When you saw that you ran to the bathroom and cried horrible gut wrenching cries and then. Nothing, not a single feeling. You were a hallow husk of a person since. You never hung out with Steve, it just made you sad, because even when he had time for you, you knew he’d rather be with Nancy.

After Nancy and Steve broke up, you knew you couldn’t be sullen anymore. You had to put on a brave face and pretend everything was okay again. You hung out with Steve, and he would cry and talk about how much he missed Nancy. You just had to smile and say, “She’ll take you back, I know it” or “everything will be okay steve!”. You wanted him to be happy, but your nothing made it so hard.

So today was a day like any other. Plaster on a fake smile and put on a show. No one saw through the walls you had built, not even your best friend.

The next day you woke up, did your usual morning routine, and mentally prepared yourself for your daily dose of hell. But today, went a little different. You walked in, fake smile on full blast, as you made your way over to Steve’s locker, like you did every morning. You wanted him to be happy, because if you couldn’t have it, he should. “Hello Y/N, light of my life,” Steve said, in an unusually good mood.

“What?” You smiled the first genuine smile that you’ve had in months.

“It is a new day Y/N, have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” Steve chirped.

“Steve are you on drugs?” You immediacy went defensive. This was just some cruel dream, you thought to yourself, some sick poison your brain concocted to make you wake up in tears.

“Well I’ve got to get to class,” he gave you a big hug and started to wonder off, he turned around and slightly yelled, “See you later!” He dashed down the hall, leaving you utterly awestruck.

At the end of the day, you walked in your room, expecting the familiar onslaught of the black hole that lived in your chest. The wave came, but not nearly as terrible as it usually was. The nothingness was manageable and the black hole couldn’t seem to fully over take the beam of light radiating in your mind. You took a deep breath and walked out of you room, ready to take on the world.


Hey hey I hope you enjoyed and if you wanna request something like this lovely human did you can find the link to do so in my description or if you wanna read something else I’ve written you can do that from my masterlist whos link is also in my description, or you can do both, whatever floats your boat!!!

I feel like cuddling with bucky would be really nice, like i feel like he always smells kinda like fresh laundry and rain and a little salty no matter what and he’s so warm that you kind of forget you’re supposed to be doing anything and you just have your head resting on his chest and listening to his breathing and it’s just so soothing you don’t even notice you fell asleep until he’s like ‘hey baby you forgot to take your glasses off’ or something and he just is so gentle when he takes them off of you and then you go back to sleep together and yeah i want that

🎶 Guess who got an art commission??? 🎶

My mum has apparently been showing my Inktober stuff to everyone she knows, and one of her colleagues has commissioned me to draw the JL line-up from the movie for him. They have horribly complicated costumes and there’s six of them, which is four more people than I’ve ever drawn in the one image, but go big or go home I guess!

This is all very exciting.

Man, I am so chuffed to have such a good therapist. She is so supportive, knows a lot about chronic illness, and always seems to say the exact thing I need to hear, in such a gentle, but effective way. 

I constantly find it so hard how I can’t really talk to my family about my health issues (still, after several years, it is something they refuse to properly acknowledge, which both baffles and hurts me), and it has been getting me down a lot, but you have to focus on the positive, you know? I know that sounds cheesy as fuck, and it is, frankly. But sometimes a bit of that is good for you (in moderation. Excessively optimistic people scare me). 

Appreciations and small victories, as they say. Things like having a good therapist, being thankful for your supportive and kind friends, being proud that you were able to do some tasks that day (even one! or maybe none but you made it through the day, and that is amazing in itself) or you simply got some fresh air and saw the colour of the sky. 

I don’t know, but I just feel like those simple things are the most healing. And I feel like it’s very easy to be caught in the loop of feeling frustrated at ableist, ignorant people, and it is like smacking your head against a wall because you want those people to become educated, and they just aren’t doing that? Try as you might, they just don’t get it and them not getting it ends up hurting you more. So, I think it’s good to leave those things sometimes. Just let go as best you can and hope those people change in the future, but for now, there’s just lots of good things around that deserve that attention more, and, also, those good things make you feel good about being you. 

Am working on appreciating the validating things, instead of the invalidating, is what I am trying to say, so inarticulately.