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100 Magic Items for 5e Pt. 16

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76.      Wizards MindBomb

Consumable, Uncommon

For centuries, deep blue crystals called “Brikken” were harvested out of the dwarven mountains, with no known use. It took a wizard, half mad from age and half from the consequences of failed concoctions to discover that when these crystals are put into a solution of Auroch’s milk and wyvern venom, it creates a sky blue frothy brew that can tap into the magical essence of anybody who drinks it.

A creature under the influence of this substance gains the following effects for 4 Hours:

·         The creature may cast a spell with a casting time of “1 Action” as a bonus actions if they expend a spell slot higher than the required spell slot to cast the spell.

·         Add half your spellcasting modifier (rounded down) to all intelligence skill checks. (Minimum of 1)

·         Once per dose when the player deals damage with a spell, they can decide to deal an additional amount of damage equal to their character level.

When the effects wear off, the player is left with a splitting headache, until they complete 2 long rests. As they recover they reduce their spellcasting modifier by 1 – and all intelligence checks are made with disadvantage, additionally one spell slot of the player’s highest available level is considered empty until the “hangover” is finished.

77.      Spinning Shield

Armour (+1 Shield), Rare

A rusty iron shield with an inner working of turning gears, despite its age – it’s craftsmanship grants it an additional +1 bonus to AC. The player can decide to make the shield spin at a rapid pace either clockwise (right) or counter-clockwise (left) at the push of a button. When a creature attacks, the player wielding this shield and misses, the attacking creature is pushed 5 feet in the direction the wheel is spinning.

78.      Automatic Dart Gun

Weapon (Blowgun), Very Rare, Requires Attunement

A large blowgun fitted to shoot darts instead of small projectiles, it’s made of sturdy metal and has a crank on the side that allows a strip of darts to be fed into the barrel of the dart gun at a brisk pace. A player uses their action hunkering down and prepping the dart gun. Once setup the player can’t move or take any other actions other than shooting the gun or changing direction until they spend an action to stop. On their turn the player may shoot a dart in the direction they are facing. The player forfeits their reaction, and instead gain the ability to attack or change direction at the end of every players turn in the turn order. At the end of the shooters turn, they are pushed 5ft in the opposite direction they are shooting. The darts deal 1d4+DEX (Max. of 2) piercing damage.


79.      Shield of Unmoving

Armour (Shield), Uncommon, Requires Attunement

A sturdy wooden shield rimmed with iron, and a large domed boss placed in the center. When a creature attuned to this shield is forced to occupy another space – they can instead choose to stay in the same space. They also gain immunity to the prone condition.

80.      Roll-on Concealer

Consumable (Soap), Uncommon

A small brick of pressed moist powder that is completely odourless and has 1d4 uses. When this brick is rubbed on a creature that creature also becomes completely odourless using up 1 use. The substance can be rubbed over an inanimate object – requiring 1 stack for every 5 x 5 square it occupies. This effect lasts for 1 hour.

Dragon’s Breath

As promised, a dragon-themed spell of destruction. Use to cut ties, curse, or whatever else you feel appropriate.

What you need: A candle and a paper representation of whatever you want to set on fire.

  • -> Set up your paper representation on the other side of the candle wick, so that it’s not actually in the fore but very close to it.
  • -> Light your candle.
  • -> Bend close and breath gently into the candle flame so that it leans until it makes contact with the paper.
  • -> Revel in your power as a proper dragon should.

If you are the sort who includes incantations with spells, say it just before unleashing your fire breath. (I’m a nonverbal witch, so you’re on your own as far as making something up.)

Remember to always practice appropriate fire safety! You want to burn your enemies, not your house.


The Grim Anatomy
from Dragon Age: The World of Thedas Volume 2 [x]

  1. In 9:16 Dragon, a strange book was recovered during a University of Orlais expedition into an uncharted section of the Western Approach. The book is written in an invented script by an unknown author, apparently on the subject of animal physiology.
  2. The author of this book, dubbed the “Grim Anatomy” by its finders, dissects various creatures using unorthodox methods. The resulting diagrams illustrate in great detail how nugs, giants, wyverns, and others look on the inside. Careful study is paid to the eyes of the nug. Based on the drawings and a limited deciphering of the text, the author seems all but obsessed with understanding what animals see and how this might differ from our own perception of reality.
  3. In later pages of the Grim Anatomy, the author tears a giant’s eye straight from its socked. “If the eye is the window through which it crawls, then where in the skull does it hide,” they wonder. “It” likely refers to a demon attempting to possess the beast.
  4. It is widely believed that the Grim Anatomy’s focus is on demonic possession, specifically how a demon, itself a tangible being, can enter into the mind of another and manipulate it. Here, the author observes the motor skills of a possessed wyvern. “It is not wearing the creature’s skin,” the notes read. “It has become the creature; its mind, it’s senses…its blood.”
  5. The last pages of the Grim Anatomy are largely unreadable, torn, and singed. It’s as if someone attempted to destroy the book. What little can be made out speaks of rot and emptiness. The accompanying diagrams are bizarre, no longer resembling the physiology of any known animal but instead a mess of overlapping and interconnected geometric shapes.

nothinkinc  asked:

What would you consider to be something like an agent of order when it comes to a magical item? I know the Deck of Many Things is like an agent of chaos, what do you think would be a good opposite?

An item that provides immunities from compulsion and mind-affecting spells and effects like Charm and Suggestion as well as providing resistance from spells from outside sources. Order and Law would dictate that whatever is under the control of Order and Law to be exactly the way it should be and therefore hard to change by others.

(of course this is just something I came up with off the top of my head)


Notes from the Fey Fayre Pt. 6

After running from the forest terrified of a mysterious mist, and a treacherous ride on a fey dragon through a hurricane created by a storm wraith, the party reaches Summersprings City. The visit the flower market, known for it’s natural remedies and artisanal magic item traders.

Do you ever get so into a book or movie that you actually forget that it isn’t real and then you look away for a second and you’re so disappointed because this amazing place you’re imagining yourself in isn’t the actual world you live in and wow why can’t I ride a dragon or do cool magic stuff why is the world so flawed