stuff the ice chest

@rainbow-flyer request:  Whoo! Way 2 go mang! As for ideas: Noct and Prom get wasted, try to pretend they’re sober while Gladdy and Iggy mess with them.

Here you go. You get a few extra hundred words for all the fanart you’ve done. Cheers!

To say that they stumbled down the hallway would have been a gross understatement. Noctis was leaning on Prompto just as hard as the blonde leaned on him. It was a miracle they had maneuvered their way into a cab and had the verbal capacity to tell the driver where to go from the club.

The Princes phone rang again. It had been ringing for the last ten minutes solid. He pulled his phone out of his cargo pants and leaned Prompto up against the wall of the hallway before the ringing stopped. When his eyes focused he saw that he had twelve missed calls from Ignis. “Shit,” he said as Prompto leaned in to see the screen too.

“Wuswrong?” slurred the blonde as he saw the screen too. “Oooooh, Mom’s gonna be mad.”

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Anyone interested in a sort of cosplay yard sale? I’ve got some SPG stuff I’m not gonna use again and I’m just wondering if anyone would be interested in it or if I should just junk it to clear up space.

Stuff includes:
-My Ice Cream Man Cosplay (including hat, freezer box chest, ice cream goggles, ice cream scoop hands, and a small women’s button up shirt)

- A Ghost Grinder box[Pending]

- the sombrero I used for bandito GG (it has holes for her ears and horns so I imagine it could be used for other animal based costumes)

- a foam wig I started for Rabbit, it was supposed to look like strips of metal fashioned into hair, but I never finished it

-some misc. toys and accessories that I could throw together in a grab bag

-possibly my Hatchworth swimsuit/snorkel set if anyone is interested in it?[Sold]

Please let me know if you’re interested. A lot of the pieces aren’t finished/ could use modifications or touchups.

DM me for pictures.

oh dear lord this is too much