stuff that reminds me of junior high

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So a guy at work who is in his thirties added me on Facebook in January. I'm only 17 btw. He messaged me and we had a conversation. In the conversation he called me beautiful and said he felt like a perv for it then asked if I was a senior in high school to which I said I wasn't and that I was a junior and only 17, he still called me beautiful and stuff. Told me my boyfriend who works with us is lucky to have me. I unfriended and stopped replying after this. (1/2)

(2/2) After the initial conversation he was transferred to a different store so I didn’t tell my manager or anything. He continually messaged me saying Hi and asking why I wasn’t replying and if I was mad at him until April, may I remind you I haven’t replied since early January and he still messaged me till April. I found out he’s coming back to our store and so I told my store owner I refuse to work with him and showed my SO the conversation. He might be fired and I don’t care. :)

“he called me beautiful and said he felt like a perv for it”

That right there, Mr. Creepy McCreeperson, should be a clue. You should take a hard look at the fact that you said that, and back all the way off. 

I hope he gets fired. 

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