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lets get personal: send me a number
1: 6 of the songs you listen to most?
2: If you could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be?
3: Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 23, give me line 17.
4: What do you think about most?
5: What does your latest text message from someone else say?
6: Do you sleep with or without clothes on?
7: What’s your strangest talent?
8: Girls… (finish the sentence); Boys… (finish the sentence)
9: Ever had a poem or song written about you?
10: When is the last time you played the air guitar?
11: Do you have any strange phobias?
12: Ever stuck a foreign object up your nose?
13: What’s your religion?
14: If you are outside, what are you most likely doing?
15: Do you prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it?
16: Simple but extremely complex. Favorite band?
17: What was the last lie you told?
18: Do you believe in karma?
19: What does your URL mean?
20: What is your greatest weakness; your greatest strength?
21: Who is your celebrity crush?
22: Have you ever gone skinny dipping?
23: How do you vent your anger?
24: Do you have a collection of anything?
25: Do you prefer talking on the phone or video chatting online?
26: Are you happy with the person you’ve become?
27: What’s a sound you hate; sound you love?
28: What’s your biggest “what if”?
29: Do you believe in ghosts? How about aliens?
30: Stick your right arm out; what do you touch first? Do the same with your left arm.
31: Smell the air. What do you smell?
32: What’s the worst place you have ever been to?
33: Choose: East Coast or West Coast?
34: Most attractive singer of your opposite gender?
35: To you, what is the meaning of life?
36: Define Art.
37: Do you believe in luck?
38: What’s the weather like right now?
39: What time is it?
40: Do you drive? If so, have you ever crashed?
41: What was the last book you read?
42: Do you like the smell of gasoline?
43: Do you have any nicknames?
44: What was the last film you saw?
45: What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?
46: Have you ever caught a butterfly?
47: Do you have any obsessions right now?
48: What’s your sexual orientation?
49: Ever had a rumour spread about you?
50: Do you believe in magic?
51: Do you tend to hold grudges against people who have done you wrong?
52: What is your astrological sign?
53: Do you save money or spend it?
54: What’s the last thing you purchased?
55: Love or lust?
56: In a relationship?
57: How many relationships have you had?
58: Can you touch your nose with your tongue?
59: Where were you yesterday?
60: Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?
61: Are you wearing socks right now?
62: What’s your favourite animal?
63: What is your secret weapon to get someone to like you?
64: Where is your best friend?
65: Give me your top 5 favourite blogs on Tumblr.
66: What is your heritage?
67: What were you doing last night at 12AM?
68: What do you think is Satan’s last name?
69: Biggest turn ons?
70: Are you the kind of friend you would want to have as a friend?
71: You are walking down the street on your way to work. There is a dog drowning in the canal on the side of the street. Your boss has told you if you are late one more time you get fired. What do you do?
72: You are at the doctor’s office and she has just informed you that you have approximately one month to live. a) Do you tell anyone/everyone you are going to die? b) What do you do with your remaining days? c) Would you be afraid?
73: You can only have one of these things; trust or love.
74: What’s a song that always makes you happy when you hear it?
75: What are the last four digits in your cell phone number?
76: In your opinion, what makes a great relationship?
77: How can I win your heart?
78: Can insanity bring on more creativity?
79: What is the single best decision you have made in your life so far?
80: What size shoes do you wear?
81: What would you want to be written on your tombstone?
82: What is your favourite word?
83: Give me the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word; heart.
84: What is a saying you say a lot?
85: What’s the last song you listened to?
86: Basic question; what’s your favourite colour/colours?
87: What is your current desktop picture?
88: If you could press a button and make anyone in the world instantaneously explode, who would it be?
89: What would be a question you’d be afraid to tell the truth on?
90: Turn offs?
91: You accidentally eat some radioactive vegetables. They were good, and what’s even cooler is that they endow you with the super-power of your choice! What is that power?
92: where are your parents from?
93: You can erase any horrible experience from your past. What will it be?
94: You have the opportunity to sleep with the music-celebrity of your choice. Who would it be?
95: You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere. You have to depart right now. Where are you gonna go?
96: Do you have any relatives in jail?
97: Have you ever thrown up in the car?
98: Ever been on a plane?
99: If the whole world were listening to you right now, what would you say

Try to get rid of me in an overseas big city? We'll get rid of you instead.

(long story. tl;dr at the end)


Back in 2011 me and my immediate family traveled to Saudia Arabia for Umrah, or what’s known as the lesser pilgramage. You visit Makkah, make rounds around the Kaabah, pray with all your heart and soul, you get the picture. My dad and I were excited because we were all about going on a spiritual journey and casting away the problems of the world - but as it turns out, some problems just wouldn’t leave us.

As soon as we landed in Jeddah’s airport, our plan was to take a taxi to Makkah and get the Umrah done while we were still gung-ho about God. However, we were instead diverted to our relatives’ house in Jeddah, where we discovered that 4 or 5 of my mothers’ relatives and their families had gathered up and spontaneously crashed in my grandfather’s house for one giant family reunion. Naturally, my dad and I, as well as my maternal grandfather, were really upset over this development as my mom’s side of the family is full of … for the lack of a more polite word, the shady folks. Most of them I was on good terms with, but once I realized that my least favorite Uncle and Aunt had come with the crew, my enthusiasm just deflated like a balloon.

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Honestly, one of my major pet peeves is when the secular Yiddish revival movement pretends it’s single-handedly resurrecting a dead language or something, ignoring the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of native Yiddish speakers and that number is growing rapidly every day. And that continuity was never broken; for Chassidim, Yiddish never died.

Like I literally just saw a post saying there were only a “handful” of Yiddish speakers, and about how awesome it was that some secular Yiddish revivalists had created a Hebrew-English dictionary with modern words like “email,” as if there aren’t probably at least a hundred thousand people who are bilingual in Yiddish and English and use both in their daily lives, and certainly talk about emails.

So what’s the deal? Do secular Yiddish revivalists see Chassidim as too religious or “backwards” to count? I certainly hope not, but it sure seems that way.

And look, I get it. For most American Jews, there *was* a break in continuity regarding Yiddish. And the secular Yiddish culture of Eastern Europe *was* violently destroyed. You have every right to reclaim what was taken from you and it is a radical act to do so, but please stop pretending that Yiddish is not already a thriving living language.

Skam season 4, episode 8: “Don’t look back in anger” - oh but I will!!

Guys, I failed with the recaps as much as Julie failed to structure a coherent season 4 storyline. So Julie, girl, I get ya.  But I’ll still rant over what I’ve just seen.

I’ve been relatively positive about the post-hiatus episodes, because as painful as they were for Sana (and me), at least they were about Sana.  I was kind of sure that everything was going to be resolved in a way, because let’s be honest, in the end everything will be fine.  Expect, this time, I won’t be fine (yes, it’s all about me.  Call me Noora.)

Anger Issue part 1

Now, this last episode that just ended.  Episode 8.  Let me get the Even and co. stuff out of the way first, because I know that it causes the most anger right now.  

In the very first clip  of this week’s episode (!!) we got an entire conversation between the Bakkoush siblings about why the friendship between the Balloon Squad and Even ended back then.  We got Elias’ view on what happened (remember how Yousef told us his version? ).  We saw a conversation between Sana and Even all those years ago where it was pretty obvious that there were a few unresolved matters between him and his former buddies.  So surely it wasn’t too crazy to expect some kind of scene that would resolve that particular storyline, right?  Wrong.  In this week’s final clip we suddenly see them all peacefully re-united, playing, dancing, singing together as if nothing has ever happened.  Now, I don’t need to be spoon-fed with every little detail, I understand that people solve things, but this was a story touched upon quite a few times this season.  So how did the boys get there?  The cute, happy scenes felt completely un-deserved. Also, dropping a teenager’s suicide attempt as background information on said character and never following up on that is not just low, it’s simply irresponsible.  Get it fucking together, Julie.  

And don’t get me started on Isak, who apparently punched Mikael in a drunk, jealous rage back at the karaoke thingy.  Um.  Ok.  I get being jealous, he did seem a bit that way when he tried snooping around finding out more about Mikael.  Still, doesn’t make sense.  But yeah, give us that striking image of a favorite character violently bleeding and being in pain.  Only to have a bullshit explanation as to why that happened.

Another issue within this storyline that made no sense:  Sana seriously thinking that her sweet, loving, kind brother is a homophobe who goes around and punches her friends.  Um, what?  And then she doesn’t talk to him for weeks, only to finally get what happened when Isak tells her that it was basically his fault?  That’s crazy out of character.  Sana knows her brother. And for her to not ask him about it earlier is insane.  

Anger Issue part 2

Ok.  Moving on to the girls.  Sana destroyed Sara by releasing private chat screenshots she took of a conversation between her and Isak.  I am a bad person, because as much as I knew that it was wrong, I cheered for Sana.  Yep.  Sue me.  When Sana finally came clean to the girls (accidentally) when it looked like Isak might bet expelled (because he took the fall for Sana), they dropped Sana.  In one of the most painful scenes I’ve ever watched on this show, Chris told Sana that the other girls don’t like her as much anymore because they felt she had changed throughout this whole bus drama.  This was terrible.  And was surely to be resolved in some kind of scene between Sana and at least one of the girls, maybe Eva who seemed the most angry.  Well….the next scene, when Sana was all alone with the awful Pepsi Max girls and which included a powerful voiceover from Sana, we suddenly see the girl squad coming to the rescue in their very own bus, happily screaming for Sana who is all happy too and gets on the bus with them.  Now, did the girls see the light and finally got that their friend must have had reasons to do what she had done?  Probably.  I can live with not getting that scene. It’s not from their POV.  But to not have a scene between them talking about it in some way later on is not ok and doesn’t make any sense.  Another storyline resolved without feeling deserved.

Anger Issue part 3

And now…the final moments of the episode 8′s last clip. Sana and Noora talk, it turns out (for Sana, we knew this all along I guess) that Yousef does indeed like her a LOT.  We learn all this through several minutes of Sana reading the texts between Noora and Yousef discussing his feelings for Sana.  Um, ok?  If this is how you want to do it, fine.  They exchange loving looks and Yousef seems to understand that things are looking up for them. We’ll get a sweet scene between Sana and Yousef later, right?  Well….I guess not.  Julie went all Red Wedding on my feelings by having a big ass dramatic scene for the arrival of…Wilhelm and boy-Chris.  It suddenly became Noora’s season again.  That was the big moment of this clip.  For real, guys. The episode didn’t end with a Sana moment, it was all about Noora and Wilhelm and I guess that’s what the final two episodes are going to be about.  Everything else has been resolved in this episode.  Don’t expect any deep talks between Sana and Even, or Sana and Yousef or Sana and the girls about what happened to their friendship.  From here on it will be the resolution to season 2.  Good luck, Julie.  It was fine while it lasted I guess.

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Hawkeye’s baby blues

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Just came back from my local CB store for my weekly run and this woman with her young son and daughter reprimanded her girl because she wanted to buy comics too. She said, "it's not for you". You backwards-ass fuckers, let little girls read comics, it's 2017 for fuck's sake.

i liked comics ever since i was a kid. my uncle would drive me to the nearest convenience store because my neighborhood didn’t have any comic book places and i’d spend solid minutes searching their lackluster comics section trying to find something that sparked my interest. i wasn’t specifically reading just DC or Marvel comics, i would grab stories about superheroes one day, fairies and witches the next, unending quizzes and riddles the other. i liked the shapes and the colors and the speech bubbles and the fact the letters were always capitalized for some unexplained but cool reason. it’s why i started reading actual books from a very young age, and how i picked up drawing so religiously. i still remember the exact picture that helped me learn how to draw shoes

when i was around 12, i had a friend my age (let’s call her katie), this girl who wasn’t going to the same school i did, but because she was living in my neighborhood, me, her and a bunch of other kids were constantly out every afternoon to play until sundown, so we were close. i had only three hobbies at that age: creating superhero battles with my dolls, readings my comic books and magazines, and playing outside and getting dirty because i was certain i could turn a local soil dumping ground into an actual water park (i got the neighborhood kids, including this guy five years older than me, to actually believe in my project and help). katie, i had noticed, was pretty much interested in the same things i was, but every time i’d bring my comics with me and offer her an issue, she’d shut me down fast. at first i thought she didn’t like reading/prefered to actually play (or help me become a genius, self-made multi-billionaire at the ripe age of 12), and that was okay so i didn’t pressure her, but i quickly found out she was not allowed to read comics

when one of my birthdays creeped around and everyone and their mother got invited (literally, they were all young kids, their mothers had to be there), katie’s mother got a tour of the house including my brother and i’s shared bedroom. i remember her making a backhanded comment about how my brother seemed to read a lot, and when my mother said, “oh no, that bookcase’s actually my daughter’s, she’s driving her uncle broke with all her comics”, that lady just… lost it in the most comically dramatic way. something about how it’s ridiculous for me, a girl, to read comics about angry men fighting each other, about how these activities are for boys and not ladies, and maybe if i had more dolls to play with, i wouldn’t be like this. now, my natural response at my current age is, “chill the fuck out you spoiled nutmeg”, but back then, i remember just getting… surprised, offended, ashamed, sad. scared my mom would listen to her and take away my comics or not allow me to read any new ones ever again. then i looked at katie and realized she had to live with that spoiled nutmeg 24/7. is that why she was downright terrified of my comics?

the whole thing didn’t have a happy ending. Spoiled Nutmeg & Co. left the party after a while, then the years passed, we grew apart, i moved houses at some point, we lost contact, my water park business was completely ruined because the same company that dumped all that soil just took it away like the self-entitled little fuckers they were. two years ago, through some weird and questionable means and circumstances, katie got in contact with me again. through it all and after i mentioned something about batman (imagine? me? sneaking batman into every conversation?), she asked me if i still read as much as i used to. i managed my best impression of, “no, i don’t have an entire blog dedicated to superheroes”, and told her that i’m still into comics. after she explained to me she’s been actively avoiding any kind of comic book material because of her childhood days being filled with every relative repeating that kind of stuff is only meant for boys, i convinced her to try some DC stuff out. and she did. i also gave her some fun facts about the comic world she appreciated. leaque ― spoiled nutmeg: 1-0. fuck you, ma’am

this isn’t the first time i’ve seen this sort of gatekeeping caused by hilariously wrong societal views and “rules”, but it’s the one closest to me because i experienced it so actively. i experienced it from my family too when it came to other aspects of that long-winded “some games are meant for boys and not girls” rhetoric that resulted in me trying out things much later in life (ie video games), but they were never assholes about my books. the amount of girls with similar experiences to katie is a much larger number than some of you may realize. it’s insane to think about, but this gatekeeping culture, ranging from family to your local asshole who wants to protect his little boys’ club, exists. it simply exists. this bandwagon of ridiculousness has to stop at some point

Today has been a lesson in intense birding. 

So to clear my head today, I went to the park early in the morning. Around dawn and around dusk are the best times to spot wildlife. Plus, the last time I was at Blendon Woods I walked past this patch of wild mustard JUST as the sun was rising- bright pink and orange sky with deep blue shadows marbled into it, bright yellow plants swaying in the breeze, deep shadows of trees in the background. It would have been a GREAT photograph. I got my camera out, lined up my shot… aaaaand… left the SD card in the computer at home. 

That was in October, so I’ve been itching to go back and try again. 

So anyway. 

I get out of my car and walk about twenty feet before I hear ‘gobblegobblegobble.’ 

I ain’t a city boy, okay? I know what a turkey sounds like. 

Turn to my left and there’s a couple turkeys hanging out over by the ranger’s station. Cool! They’ve got their feathers up, so they’re upset about something. I decide to go in the other direction. 

Start going down the hill into the woods. I hear that gobbling again, but it’s a little far off. I keep going. 

About twenty feet into the path, I see two turkeys. One male, one female. They’re a good thirty feet away. I get a couple photos of them from there. He’s all puffed up so he probably knows I’m there. I decide to let them keep going to avoid pissing him off any further. 

They go a good ten feet off the path and I figure I’m good to go. 

I start walking again. 

That’s when I hear the gobbling come from behind me. And I’m like… oh shit- the entire flock has found me. And for those of you who don’t know… a flock of turkeys ends up being like 30 of them. 

I have a platoon of wild turkeys converging on me slowly. 

Oh no. 

I have aggressed them.

The turkey that I’d been taking photos of suddenly hops back onto the path and starts chasing me.

If you’ve never seen a turkey run, they are fast motherfuckers. And you’re reminded that they descended from dinosaurs. So I have the great great great great (etc) grandson of velociraptor mongolienesis chasing after me for getting too into his personal space bubble. 

I don’t know how bad a turkey can bite. I am not adventurous enough to find out. I do not want to explain to the doctor that I pissed off Thanksgiving dinner. 

I get about a quarter of a mile down the path and I no longer hear turkeys. 

I have reached a space of relative safety. 

But listen- this is not a big park. And turkeys… there are a lot of turkeys. Every time I turn a corner, there’s at least three turkeys pecking at stuff on the ground. And even if they don’t give a crap about me,  I am now SCARED OF TURKEYS. 

Get down the path and there’s a handful of them suddenly behind me. 

Keep going forward to get away from them, there’s another six twenty feet down the path. 

I am blocked in. I am frozen. The only thing I can do is stand very still and hope that they walk past me. But every tiny little movement I make catches their attention and they all lift their heads up to see what made the noise before making that awful, awful sound. 

Some joggers come up the path and all their heads turn to see what’s going on over there. 

The turkeys part like the Red Sea to make room for the joggers. 

I was never in any danger. 

As I leave the park, gobbling can be heard in the distance. 

I really want a turkey burger. 


Cas: We argue about insiginficant stuff relatively often, though usually Dean just gets grumpy with me and doesn’t tell me what his problem is. We had a serious argument about my faith recently.

Dean: Often we disagree about Cas’ horrible sense for interior decorating.

Cas: You can’t set fire to all my angel statues just because you don’t like them!!

Dean: Watch me!

Cas: I’d like to see you try when I brick up my fireplace.

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analyse who's your daddy please. i need it.

“im about to analyze it to death be ready fools” that is the best and most exciting thing i’ve ever seen you write

i feel like “let’s never have kids” implies a “together” and i’m feeling emotionally overwhelmed about how casually they say things like this now :“)

just wanted to acknowledge all of these messages bc they made me lol :’) ok goodness. this video. wow. there’s a lot here. i’m just gonna focus on the shit that made me do immense double takes and actually go (similar to the third anon) ‘wth how are they saying this stuff so casually?? ?? what?’ there was a lot of that during this vid. i’m v shook.

first and foremost wtf @ their seeming indifference towards making sexual innuendos that involve each other. wtf @ their subtly destroying heteronormativity by lookin’ at the dad’s hot pink dildo and being relatively cool with it? apart from a bit of a chuckle from dan, they barely reacted? and wtf @ dan saying ‘we’re not kink roleplaying … YET’ like it was nbd? that would’ve literally given everyone a heart attack not even a year ago. similarly at the close of the video he says “if you want to see more father-son simulator, if that’s the kind of weird phan roleplay you’re into” and i actually squeaked???? ? when’s the last time either of them have even said the word “phan,” as a reference to their ship name, out loud, let alone on one of their main channels? but more than that, there wasn’t any of the usual attempt at hard-core shaming the audience for being into that sort of fantasy or for presuming that he and phil could ever be in a sexual situation together. for lack of a better way to phrase it, dan didn’t ‘no homo’ the idea of him sexually roleplaying w phil beyond the use of the word ‘weird’–and that was directly aimed at the kink, not the idea of sexual roleplay w phil generally?? if anything he just seemed amused by it. he didn’t call anyone pervs for thinking about it, he went out of his way to say it in the first place,,,, i can’t emphasize enough how much of a progression that is? ??? ?? i don’t really know why i am surprised since they’ve clearly relaxed their boundaries with us ever since the latter half of last year, but like. i’m surprised. it was noteworthy. i’m so happy about it. 

on a similar yet totally unrelated note, dan saying “philly doesn’t understand wasd,” towards the start of the vid is such an incredible example of how good they are at gradually normalizing certain things w their audience until they become completely unremarkable. the use of ‘philly’ as a nickname esp on dapg has escalated a lot in the past few months but really they’ve been seeding it for like nearly two years now. at this point it’s just soooo normal that most people don’t pick up on it? but it’s another example of something that even a year ago would’ve caused a lot of people to hyperventilate and pass out. today, however, i’ve seen literally zero posts or comments on the video about it. they’re so, so good at this–at slowly doing things that initially cause an uproar and then very rapidly become a normal thing bc of frequency. (another example, at least for me, is dan’s wavy hair lately. he’s been wearing it wavy so much that i honestly didn’t even notice till like 7 mins in that it wasn’t straightened. and then when i rewatched an old dapg vid just now i couldn’t believe how straight his hair usually was in the past!!! hope he sticks with the soft n’ wavy/thin gold earring rebrand idea for 2017 bc he looks amazing) 

obvi the biggest thing in this video though (let’s not even try to pretend otherwise) was all of the discussion of parenting and, specifically, co-parenting. together. having children. together. as a unit. wow. i honestly don’t really know how to adequately communicate how excited this makes me? ?? ? similarly to the sexual innuendo stuff, it’s crazy how far they’ve come in a relatively short span of time. they’re at the point where they can make comments like ‘maybe it will teach us how to be real parents,’ and ‘you’re an even worse dad than me,’ and ‘let’s never be parents’ (let. US. never. be. parents. [together].) to their audience without a second thought. and before all u doubters come crawlin’ out of ur anti caves to tell me that they could be talking about being parents individually with other partners …. … no?  i really don’t think they were. not the least bc it would hardly make sense for them to say things like ‘wow let us never be parents in our future separate lives with other partners ha!’ but also bc right after two of the biggest co-parenting comments (‘let’s never be parents’ and then my personal fav: ‘in hindsight, are we good parents?’) they start talking about the sims. phil even says ‘i can’t believe dil and dab have survived OUR parenting.’ it’s jst so demonstrative of the fact that they are thinking about parenting TOGETHER and i honestly couldn’t believe how open they were about that. which brings me to the moment towards the end when dan says “so in hindsight are we good parents?” i screenshotted the look that phil gave dan after and rb’ed a gif of it because … wth. it’s so fleeting. but it felt so important? there’s something so different about the way phil looks at dan right after saying ‘no. we’re terrible,’ almost as though he wants to check to see how dan reacts or as though he is just caught up in the softness of the idea of them having children at all. he gives this little breathy laugh and their eye contact there is so soft and so cute and so noteworthy bc it feels like something we weren’t really even meant to see. it feels like phil displaying his inner feelings a bit more than he normally would feel comfortable with. it was such a telling little moment for me (fully aware that i sound a bit crazy but like,,, whatever). 

also. bonus. phil noting the size of the garden then immediately wondering how much it costs … .. .. …. seems like someone’s mind is conditioned towards house hunting. just a thought. 

Yay for understanding Managers

Let me start off by saying I absolutely love everyone I work with. All the managers are rad, I’ve made solid friendships with two of my coworkers already, and another one of them is like a carbon copy of my younger brother who I haven’t seen in a really long time cuz of my moving to like the other side of the country. But anyways.
Everyone there is really understanding.
So this is around the time we put Halloween costumes out. One of my managers, We’ll call Bee, asked for help going through a HUGE box in the back of costumes and Halloween accessories.
Well, in the midst of us going through, we found some racially insensitive costumes pointed at Native Americans. (You probably already know what these are). Anyways, I told Bee I’m not exactly comfortable putting these out on the floor. And she agreed. So told me to weed all of them out and place them in a box so they can be shipped back to headquarters cuz she didn’t even want them in the store. (Her husband is our truck driver and he agreed to get them out fast. They left a bad taste in all of our mouths.)

This store is in the south, so older white costumers have a tendency to be racist. I was shelving social sciences books and they’re right in the same isle as our history books, and this old white fuck was looking at our civil war books, turned to me, and smiled and said, “I’m surprised THEM PEOPLE haven’t come in to burn these books yet” (his racist ass comment was inspired by an event a few days ago where some young kids destroyed a civil war monument down here after the Charlottesville march, and rightly so, the monument was dumb and racist as shit) but I was so mad I put the stuff I had down, told Bee what happened, and she let me go outside for a cig before I decked some old man cuz (in her words) “you can’t just say some racist shit to us cuz we’re also white. That’s dumb as shit and not okay”.

Bee also lets me vent. Things have been incredibly hard for me the past few months, having to support myself and my boyfriend because he can’t work cuz of a medical condition, and us moving to the other side of the country, so I’m basically almost all by myself working minimum and long hours. Apparently the managers had gotten concerned because they noticed a glazed look on me lately and they just wanted to check up on me. I started to cry instantly. She let me unload on her for like almost 30 minutes and offered to help me in any way she can to make work easier, and even suggested that we hang out outside of work because we have similar life experiences (abuse) and she totally gets it.

One of my other managers, Mindy, is also super understanding. A guy comes in to our store sometimes who’s rap sheet has a table of contents, and unfortunately, some of his crimes include sexual abuse to small children and women. Apparently he’s racking up a ton of store credit in some of our stores, but not buying anything. Corporate is trying to figure out his game, and trying to catch him doing something illegal so we can actually put him in jail, but we figure it has something to do with him coming in on busy days to sell us stuff so he can watch all the children in our store. But the first day he came in, I was relatively new, and they had given me the low down that morning on him, not expecting him to come in. Well his order was processed, and he came up to my counter to redeem. I was shaking violently, and almost ready to puke. I am a surviving victim of horrible sexual based trauma, so it made me very very sick to have him approach and talk to me. I kept calling manager Bee over to “help” me on little things, hoping she’d pick up on my cues, but she didn’t. I finished checking him out, and he walked away, but stayed in the store. I ran into the office and explained why I was asking for help on things, and quietly explained I was super not okay cuz of my trauma, and she actually yelled at me to get away from her. So I walked away in shock and almost started crying. Manager Mindy came in and walked over to me and Bee explained what happened and Mindy told me I was more than welcome to essentially hide in the back until he left. So I did. Once he had left, they radioed for me to come back to the front and into the office. Both Bee and Mindy were there. Bee kept apologizing profusely and she started to cry and said she was really really sorry for yelling at me but she was also the victim of the same abuse as a young girl and yelling at me was the only way she could handle it in that moment or else she would’ve started sobbing. Mindy said the same thing and that she had a super abusive boyfriend so she understands as well. He’s come in several more times since this point and every time he comes in, they let me know so I can go to the back before he leaves. It’s important for managers to be understanding as to make the work environment more enjoyable. I love my job man.

Hey guys I don’t want to be criptic or anything but something really scary has been happening to me recently.

I was on this one website about a month ago when something popped up on the screen, I was going to close it but I read it first and it said “Amanda just sent you a message, she wants to meet up! (2 miles away)”.

I was a little weirded out by this. I didn’t know anyone named Amanda, much less an Amanda that would like to meet me somewhere.

I had almost forgotten about the whole situation a few days after when I decided to visit that same website again. But on the very same second the website finished loading, the message popped up again, saying the same chilling words: “Amanda just sent you a message, she wants to meet up! (2 miles away)”.

I didn’t dare hit the chat button. I closed the website and turned off my location just to be safe. I couldn’t get over how persistant this “Amanda” person was, messaging me for the second time now so we could meet up. What was it about? Why meet me of all people? It was difficult that night but after awhile I finally got some sleep.

A few weeks later my family and I were headed on a long awaited vacation to Europe to see some relatives. When we were finally settled I booted up the website again, feeling confident that the days of Amanda’s messages were over, but when I logged in the first thing I saw was “Amanda just sent you a message, she wants to meet up! (2 miles away)”.

2 miles away. Still only 2 miles.

Whoever Amanda is they have been stalking and following me, going so far as to travel over seas to find me and DEMANDING a meeting with me.

I’m not used to this kind of stuff so if any if you guys know what I should do please let me know, I’m kind of freaking out a little.

Hey y’all it’s @chongoblog‘s birthday today, and if I had the time I would have tried to put together something much more special but unfortunately it just didn’t work out, so I’m gonna say some stuff and hopefully this will suffice.

I’ve known Ryan for what is honestly a pretty relatively short time still and he has become one of the best friends I’ve ever had. In that time I’ve known him as someone who is kind, helpful, intensely patient, creative, hilarious, and much more.

The things that he has done for me and the things that he has helped me achieve are all so vastly important to me and without this guy I would not be nearly as happy as I am today. It’s still so surreal to me that him and I actually have done things like… releasing a full-length album? On iTunes? Together? That kind of stuff has been my dream for as long as I can remember and knowing Ryan has led to dreams like that becoming a reality.

Every song, every let’s play, every podcast, web show, idea, and conversation have all come together over these years into an experience and a friendship that I wouldn’t trade for the world. 

Thanks for being my friend, Rin, you’re the best and I hope that your day today is as wonderful as you are.

Vriska has done a lot of horrible stuff in the relatively brief time she’s been in the story already, but I really can relate to some of these more personal moments. This actually is the kind of shit I worry about. 

Am I being a good friend? Should I say I think of this person as a friend? Would that be too sappy? Not sappy enough? Do they think of me as a friend, or are they just too polite to tell me to go away? Maybe this kind of thing comes naturally to some people, but for me it’s a bizarre thing to try and navigate.

MC in Wonderland Part II

I’m queueing some more hcs that I’m finishing this Sunday before I officially go into hiatus tomorrow, so you might see them popping up on your dash throughout the next 2 weeks (they’re already in various stages of writing, I just have to tie up the loose ends).

Here’s part two of the (wild) Alice AU as promised. Enjoy!


[Part I]

Part II - Crazy Party Wonderland

  • You notice the water level receding as you went further downstream
  • You’re finally able to let go of the log you were holding on to and wander into a forest of sorts
  • But were dripping wet and it was cold
  • No, not “wet“ in the fun way. Get your mind out of the gutter
  • Hearing voices from beyond the bushes, you go towards it
  • You find several distressed-looking birds who were grumbling and squeezing water from their feathers.
  • Wait, no. Weren’t those people in animal suits? You never know.

Yoosung / Dodo bird

  • “Excuse me…are… are you guys okay?“
  • The guy in the white birb suit turns, and it’s… Yoosung?!?
  • “Oh? Yeah, we’re fine, it’s just that it suddenly flooded, and it didn’t even rain! Can you believe it?“
  • “Yeah, and now we’re soaked! Oh dear, and I still need to meet my sister’s fiancee!“ another person in a pink flaming-o suit piped in (Sarah?!?)
  • You laugh nervously because they were talking to the cause of the flood, a.k.a. YOU.
  • “Ahahaha. I wonder what caused it too. But this is Wonderland, so stuff like this happens once in awhile, right? “
  • “Uhuh. Miss, excuse me if it’s rude, but it’s the first time I saw you around here. What’s your name?“
  • “Me? It’s MC. And you are….? Oh, wait, let me guess… you’re a dove, right?“
  • “Nope. We’re relatives though. I’m Dodo Dodgson. Nice to meet you, MC!“
  • No, MC. DON’T LAUGH. Pfft.
  • However, the flaming-o throws a tantrum and stomps around
  • “Ugh, stop talking already! I have a dinner to attend!”
  • Ugh, still a b*tch even in birb form
  • Yoosung rubs his chin thoughtfully, seemingly deep in thought
  • “I guess we’d get dry faster if we race in a circle.“
  • “Race in a circle? How would you determine the winner?“ a vulture who looks like Dr. Lee asks
  • “Well, you can stop anytime you want, but because it’s a circle with no determined start and finish, everybody wins when they stop! But… the prize… maybe MC can give us prizes?“
  • “Me??? I don’t know, I don’t really have anything in my pockets.“
  • “Check your pockets?“
  • You follow Yoosung’s advice and check them, and true enough, you find hair clips, a lipstick, a round glass, and space candy (konpeito)
  • You were quite sure they weren’t there before, but… how?
  • “Will these do?“
  • “They’re perfect!“
  • So you join them in the race until your clothes dry, and awarded the prizes to everyone.
  • Yoosung was the last to stop, and you gave him the clips.
  • He looks so grateful to you, especially when you put them on him
  • “Th-thank you, MC! I love them!“
  • Cute, blushing mess
  • Precious baby aaaaaaa
  • However, because you gave everything away, you didn’t have a prize for yourself
  • Yoosung points this out and you shrug, saying that it’s fine.
  • Not on his watch though. There has to be something!
  • “Well, if you insist, then I’d like to have the directions to the Queen’s castle. Do you know how to get there?“
  • “Y-you can’t go there as easily, but you would need an invitation from the duchess, MC. Oh, but I can accompany you to her house if you want!“
  • You readily agree, talking about this and that on the way there.

  • Not long after, you see the mansion, but Yoosung declines to accompany you any further because of the duchess’s cat.
  • “But why? Aren’t you good friends?“
  • “How… how can you say that, MC? He tried to eat me three times! Three!“ he cries, running away before you register that he meant “eat“ literally.
  • It wasn’t as far anyway, so you walk the rest of the way.

Vanderwood / Duchess

  • You were about to go up the porch steps when a hand touches your shoulder and you find no body attached to it.
  • RUN MC
  • A familiar, disembodied voice laughs, and the rest of the body appears before you to reveal… Saeyoung.
  • “Ahahaha, you should’ve seen your expression, MC! You looked so scared, I thought your eyeballs would pop from their sockets!“
  • “I’m also happy that some things never change even in Wonderland, Cheshire. I need an invitation from the duchess to see the queen; will you help me?“
  • “Oh, um… that…“
  • The door flies open and Vanderwood comes out wearing a huge purple headdress and a black gown with leopard print linings.
  • “Get back here, you lazy ca—- I’m sorry miss, but we don’t take visitors today. Come back in, hmmm…. Maybe never,“ he turns to shut the door, but you keep him from closing it by wedging your foot between the door and the frame
  • “Please, I just need an invitation to the queen’s castle! Won’t you help me? I promise to let you lock up Se– Cheshire so he can finish his job for the agency!“
  • Saeyoung in the background : “MC, HOW COULD YOU?!? I THOUGHT WE LOVED EACH OTHER????“
  • Vanderwood opens the door a little wider and steps back a bit
  • “You should’ve said so earlier. Wait here,“ he says, disappearing inside for a few minutes as you wait with Saeyoung outside
  • He returns after a while, and shoves a sealed envelope at you and pushes a screaming Echo girl at you.
  • “Her cup D’s don’t interest me if her brain doesn’t work, so take her with you. Cheshire will lead you to the castle, but don’t forget your end of the bargain, MC“
  • He shuts the door in your face and you stare for a few minutes, dumbfounded at how easily he gave you the invitation

  • Echo girl comes with you willingly, but you and Saeyoung suffer under her never-ending rants about Vanderwood’s cold treatment and how she was going to tell her father about it
  • You were getting ready to push her down the hill when it suddenly went quiet
  • Looking behind you, you find Echo girls clothes lying on the ground and a small, pink pig oinking furiously in her place
  • Saeyoung licks his lips and rubs his palms together
  • “Mmm, I could certainly use some roast pig now,“ he says, reaching out for the pig
  • She runs away into a clump of bushes before he has a chance to catch her
  • You pull Saeyoung by his tail as he attempts to go after her, and you are surprised when he moans and slumps on the ground, covering his crotch
  • “It-it’s a sensitive spot, don’t pull it!“
  • He’s full-on blushing, and you can’t resist glomping him and hugging him for a few minutes

Jumin / Mad Hatter ・Zen / March Hare・Jaehee / Dormouse

  • Continuing your journey, you come across a signboard pointing to an establishment called “The Mad Teahouse“
  • “‘The Mad Teahouse’? This looks like a nice cafe. Cheshire, can we go see?“
  • “Do you play Japanese mahjong, MC?“
  • “No, why?“
  • “Nothing in particular. After you, milady. But keep to the shadows and make no noise or you won’t be able to get out until you play strip mahjong.“
  • Yikes, that didn’t bode well.
  • But you were curious, so you went in anyway
  • “The Mad Teahouse“ wasn’t as you imagined it
  • Upon entering, you see pachinko slot machines, roulette tables, a pool table – it was a casino, but it was void of customers, save for the mahjong table with three occupants at the far end of the room.
  • “Tenhai, I win — again,“ Jumin exclaims triumphantly, laying out his tiles.
  • He was dressed in an immaculate, navy three-piece suit with a black victorian puffed tie instead of the ones he usually wore. He also had a black top hat on, the hat panel adorned with a purple satin sash, and antique-looking bronze aviator goggles
  • “Dammit Hatter! this is the third to the last piece of clothing I have on! Stop winning every match!“ Zen grumbles, revealing his tiles and removing his shirt and exposing his sculpted muscles
  • Were those rabbit ears and tail real, or were those fake?
  • Either way, you thought he still looked good in them~(❤ω❤)
  • “It’s not my fault you play so badly,“ he replies, calmly taking a sip of his tea.
  • “No more cat projects, Mr. Hatter,“ Jaehee sleepily murmurs from her pile of tiles.
  • She was dressed as she usually was, but her blazer was haphazardly thrown over the chair and her hair was mussed.
  • She also had huge mouse ears the same color as her hair, and you couldn’t stop a giggle from escaping because you thought the ears were cute
  • “Who goes there?“ Jumin inquired,squinting to see who it was from where he was sitting
  • Saeyoung was signalling for you not to answer, but you were already in a trance due to Jumin’s sexy voice.
  • “It’s me, MC.“
  • “We can’t see you, MC. Come into the light so we can have a better look“
  • “MC, no,“ Saeyoung whispers from your right, clutching onto your sleeve
  • But it was only Jumin, Jaehee, and Zen, so what could be wrong with showing yourself?
  • You were about to step foot into the lighted area when Saeyoung threw a doll and red ribbons shot out of nowhere to tie it up
  • “RUN!!!“
  • “After them!!!“ Jumin commanded, and the ribbons elongated, chasing after the two of you
  • You snapped out of your trance as Saeyoung pulled you along, using his claws to shred the ribbons that came close to you
  • Jumin almost catches you, but you step out just in time and the ribbons go back inside

  • “Now, do you know why it’s called the ‘Mad Tea House’?“ he asks, bent over and out of breath
  • “I do, but damn, I should’ve kept quiet until Zen stripped down completely.“
  • You were almost forced to play strip mahjong and all you could think of was Zen in all his naked glory???
  • Yep, you definitely had your priorities in order.
  • You thought Saeyoung only had a bad case of side stitches (that abdominal pain you get after exercising/running), but looking closer, you see blood dripping from the gaps on his fingers
  • “Cheshire? Cheshire!!!“
  • “I’m… sorry, MC. One of them got to me,“ he chuckles, but you could see how pale he’s getting
  • He collapses eventually, and you do everything you could just to staunch the bleeding
  • You were helpless and crying, and was considering going back inside to ask for help
  • But would they come to your aid? Or would they still force you to play?
  • Just as you were about to take the risk, you hear footsteps from behind you
  • “Red…The queen wants her white roses painted red…“
  • “Saeran!!! Oh, thank goodness you’re he—“
  • You stop in your tracks as you see that he was accompanied by several card soldiers
  • “You weren’t able to find me, MC. I found you first,“ he smiles, his eyes glinting dangerously

Rika / Queen of Hearts・V / King of Hearts

  • You were presented before the court
  • They treated you roughly, dragging you and forcing you to kneel before the queen and her subjects
  • But at least you got help for Saeyoung

  • “I’ll do whatever you want, I’ll willingly come with you or whatever, please, just help him,“ you plead in between tears
  • Saeran snaps his fingers and the guards surround you, waiting for his orders
  • “Take the girl to the queen and treat the cat,“ he says, and turns around, disappearing

  • “Rabbit, who is this, and why is she here?“ you hear the queen ask, and you look up to find a pair of familiar green eyes looking down at you — Rika
  • She looked almost the same as the first time you personally met her at the Mint Eye headquarters except, this time, she was actually the queen and not a crazy cult leader
  • Saeran bows before addressing the question
  • “My queen, this is the alleged foreigner who flooded the green valleys and convened with the hatter and his cohort of rebels“
  • “What?!? The flood, I can account for, but I never had a meeting with them! They even tried to capture me!“
  • “Silence! Did I ask you to speak,  girl?“ she rises from her throne, walking in your direction
  • Handing her scepter to Saeran, she crouches down and holds you by the hair so that you are forced to look up at her
  • “I could order to have your head cut off right now, you insolent pest. But since you’re a feisty little thing, should I play with you first?“
  • She lets go of you and addresses her subjects
  • “What do you think? Should we play with her for a bit before severing her head? Hmm, I think I fancy a game of croquet right now. What do you think?“
  • “Off with her head!“ one of her subjects yells overhead
  • She smiles, her red, painted lips glistening in the light
  • “You heard what they said dear, off with your head,“ she says in a singsong voice
  • But just as the guards start to drag you away, the door bursts open and V walks in, but dressed as the king of Hearts this time
  • “Enough! I’ve let you corrupt my land long enough, my queen. I think it’s time I atone for my sins,“ he declares, unsheathing his blade.
  • No, don’t even go there. I know what you’re thinking, stop
  • “My king! Surely, you don’t mean…?“ you notice a fearful hint in her voice and she backs away as he advances to her
  • “Rabbit, break the scepter and take the girl back into the portal with you.“
  • “But your highness….“ Saeran hesitates, clutching the scepter to his chest
  • “NOW!!!“ he orders, and Saeran hurries to obey him
  • A portal opens as the scepter breaks, and Saeran pulls you up
  • The queen tries to make a run for it, but V anticipates her move and has the guards hold her
  • “V, come with us!!!“
  • He smiles, the corners of his eyes crinkling as he does so
  • “I’d love to, MC, but that would disrupt the balance. As two enters the portal, so shall two come out from it.“
  • “But V…!“
  • “I’m really sorry, MC. Tell Jumin… that I’m sorry and that I’m always watching over him. Farewell… and be safe.“
  • “I promise,“ you say, tears fogging your sight as you look at him a final time, before letting Saeran take you into the portal.

  • “MC! MC, are you alright?!?“
  • Your eyes fly open to see both brothers looking worriedly at you
  • “Cheshire… and White Rabbit? I… made it home?“
  • “See, Saeyoung? I told you she hit her head or something. I’m going to call an ambulance.“
  • “No, no, don’t call one! I’m fine, guys, really. Did V… make it?“
  • Both of them exchange surprised glances and Saeyoung gently strokes your hair.
  • “MC, have you forgotten? V’s been gone for three years now.“
  • “Oh. It must have been a dream then.“
  • “I don’t know what you were dreaming about, but it must’ve been weird. No, wait, don’t tell me. Can you sit up, noona?“
  • “I can. What happened anyway?“
  • “We don’t know either, but Saeran heard a loud sound and found you passed out in the kitchen. MC, were you trying to sneak out some of my chips again?“
  • “Of course not!“ you shout indignantly, but the force of your tone gives you a headache and you lie back down in Saeyoung’s lap.
  • “Wait there, I’m going to get you some ice for that,“ Saeran stands and makes his way to the kitchen, but you notice the bushy white tail peeking from under his shirt.
  • “Sae—“
  • “Shh,“ Saeyoung winks and gives you one of his mischievous cheshire smiles.

We know very little about Kafka’s early attempts at writing or how he became interested in literature, but he often retrospectively described childhood/teenage incidents in his diaries, like this entry from 1911:

Once I had a novel in mind, with two brothers fighting each other, one of whom went to America while the other one remained in a European prison. I only now and then began to write a few lines, for it tired me out instantly. So once I was writing down something about my prison on a Sunday afternoon when we were visiting my grandparents…It is certainly possible that I did it mostly out of vanity, and by moving the paper around on the tablecloth, tapping with my pencil, looking around under the lamp, wanted to tempt someone in the group to take what I had written from me, look at it, and admire me. 

It was chiefly the corridor of the prison that was described in the few lines, above all its silence and coldness; a sympathetic word was also said about the brother who was left behind, because he was the good brother. Perhaps I had a momentary feeling of the worthlessness of my description, yet before that afternoon I had never paid much attention to such feelings when among relatives I was used to (my anxiety was so great that being used to them was enough to make me halfway happy), I sat at the round table in the familiar room and could not forget that I was young and called to great things out of this present serenity. 

An uncle who liked to make fun of people finally took the page that I was holding only weakly, took a quick look at it, handed it back to me without even laughing, and only said to the others who were following him with their eyes, “the usual stuff”; to me he said nothing. 

Even though I remained seated and bent as before over the now useless page of mine, with one thrust I had in fact been banished from the group, my uncle’s judgement repeated in me with almost real significance and even within the family feeling I got an insight into the cold space of our world which I had to warm with a fire that I first wanted to seek out.

This would only be his first painful encounter with being a writer in an unsupportive family.

anonymous asked:

I escaped twice from being kidnapped, in the 80s when I was little & when I was a teenager. All done by women. I was in a bus & this woman next to me started spraying something that made me dizzy. Then I saw her signalling 2 men at the front & they kept looking at me. I remembered what my teacher told me about what happened to her relative. A woman made her dizzy by spraying some stuff & kidnapped her & sold her to the brothel. So I got up & shouted at the driver to stop the bus. I was lucky.

Oh damn, that’s wild. Glad you got away. Where did this happen and what ever happened to the woman?