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“I don’t know whether I was right or wrong, I guess I’ll never know…
But I made it.
And I guess I should be thankful for that…”

Strelok art doll; 40cm tall, various polyester fabrics, genuine leather, felt, metal elements and a true labour of love <3

+I’ve messed up the paint job twice but now he cool; I’m especially happy with the way the scars on his face turned out
+more natural-looking irises (painting darked eyed characters is more difficult than I’ve suspected…)
+painted nails (after sewing his boots my hands look like No Man’s Land, but Strelok is allright in that department :v)
+fully functional backpack, pouches, hood
+removable gasmask, vest, backpack, belt, boots, bracelet & a small chatelaine for good luck^^
+8 articulation points
+genuine leather elements (them boots…)

Thanks to the s.t.a.l.k.e.r. community, followers and friends for cheering me on with this project; consider yourselves godmothers and godfathers of this lovely Zone Boy! :D



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The new update introduces a new system for Multi Lives–the daily room!

The daily room changes based on the day of the week, introducing a rate up for featured item drops!

The schedule (in JST):

  • Sun/Mon: Training Tickets
  • Tues: Powerful Drops
  • Wed: Cool Drops
  • Thurs: Pure Drops
  • Fri: Happy Drops
  • Sat: Coins

You can easily toggle between regular rooms and the daily rooms in Lives with the button under your status on the top right–it even tells you the rate up for the day!

(This will be updated to the Live and Multi Live page.)