stuff people drew for me!

You know, reading @whitefire321′s post gave me another opportunity to draw background Camilla and here she is

Thought you might love this.
I actually found it from Zachary Sterling’s Instagram.



Based on a true story also late valentine’s post ftw


So the other day I said my wall needed an update, and here it is, though all the horizontal stuff had to go onto the closet

Most of this is stuff people drew for me or because of me, and you guys, I see it all and I save it all for just this purpose

A thank you for all of this goes out to: @ritzy-biscuit, @mcgeeky25, @neuroticnygma, @eliuee, @gloved-assailant, @jonathan-cranes-mistress-of-fear, @pantherflint, @roll-n-riddle, @fetacheeseandsoup, @waiting4codot, @thatpersonrightbehindyou, @secfk

Anyone who isn’t on the wall who has made me something, I’m sorry but it wasn’t high enough resolution to print and sorry babe but I can’t print aesthetics

cowco17  asked:

You know how it feels to just enter in this fandom, say that i will never ship tomtord aND THEN ENTER IN THIS HELL BECAUSE OF YOU, YOUR FRIEND AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL ART

‘daww you’re welcome


by 水野 環

one of the pieces of art advice that’s stuck with me the most was actually something i read a while back, i don’t remember where, or the exact wording, but the sum of it was, “even if you feel like you haven’t improved a lot, what would kid!you think about your art and style? they’d probably be pretty impressed, and you might even be their favorite artist”

and like, that stuck with me, because when you phrase it like that, yeah! kid!me would be pretty dang impressed to think that someday they’d be able to draw like this! they’d have a style! learn how to use different art tools and programs! be able to draw more than stick people!! 

so whenever i’m feeling really down on myself i think about what 10 year old me would say about my current art, even with all its flaws, and i realize maybe i’ve come farther than i thought

another monster AU doodle

I’m drawing outlines of the introduction post and I really want to give a lot of details on what monster they are and what’s within their capability(regardless of if said detail will play a role in this AU), but I am also kinda afraid it will bore you guys so much that you won’t read it. I mean, when I ramble, I RAMBLE ON. so…. what do you guys think?

predictable but the sailor shirts are my fav gears….

So who do I have to bribe to make this an official alternate in Hyrule Warriors.

Ugh this was supposed to be a quick doodle but I ended up wasting hours on this. There’s no shading on them cause goddamn am I slow as fuck. On the plus side, drawing Ghirahim and Fi over and over is helping me to draw legs slightly better.