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I couldn’t resist drawing something.
Ink is such an amazing creation (in all his versions lol).

I have a soft spot for the MamaCQ version though.

Happy birthday Ink, thank you for watching out for all the AUs!

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Adjacent stands at the farmer’s market AU with Klaroline trying to out do each other please :) Love your fan fics btw

Hello, lovely anon, Sorry it took me so long to come up with this… But I hope you enjoy this… :)


Caroline Forbes was the bane of his existence, a thorn in his side, a pain in his bloody arse and the one who would always have his heart. Klaus Mikaelson grunted angrily when he saw her already set with her stall ready. She was absolutely stunning in her sunshine yellow top and blue jeans with her hair bundled messily on top her head. A few golden tresses kissed her cheeks. He felt a bit jealous of those tresses.

For years growing up in the same neighborhood with adjacent family farms they had, had this silent competition between them.

Even as kids they always did stuff to outdo each other. When she would ride her bike he would also bring out his own and a silent race that who would go faster would ensue between them.

When Thomas had first kissed her in eighth grade he had ended up sleeping with some random girl from his art class the same day.

When he had worked his arse off to get A grade in the Essay contest she had participated in both Essay and debate competitions and had gotten an A++ in the essay and a first prize in the debate. Then had bragged about it the neighborhood lunch.

When she had decided she would take Maths major in high school he had went onto take Advanced Math classes even though he hated Math more than anything else and had ended up failing it miserably.

When time had come for them to choose a college they had both decided that they wouldn’t go to one. They would rather stay home and run the family farm. For him at the time, four years ago, it had been about showing her that he could also do the right thing by his family but he had later realized that it had actually been the right decision.

And even though their fathers were bosom friends, Klaus and Caroline never saw eye to eye.

He wasn’t late rather Miss Always On Time was freaking early. He knew she had shown up early at the Farmer’s Market so she could out-sell him like last season. This season would be his. They even competed at the Farmer’s Market that who would sell more vegetables and fruits.

Hee would at no cost let Forbes win. He set the crates he had been holding, down and she sauntered over to his side.

“Always so tardy. You know early bird catches the first worm, they teach that in middle school.” her tone haughty as she crossed her arms over her chest with a smug smile.

“I’m not late. You came early Forbes. Always so over efficient. I’m not here to catch worms by the way.” he replied and winked at her.

Then opened the folded table and Caroline swiftly moved away to avoid being hit by its edge. She hated the way he addressed her like she was a pesky kid. Too bad he had lousy manners and was well endowed in looks only with his translucent blue eyes and those dimples in a ruggedly handsome face. Dimples which her friend Sally said made a woman’s knickers wetter than monsoon rain.

She hated that she had always felt that Sally was right but she would rather drown herself in acid than admit it. Shoving back that annoying flicker of attraction for him she bit out, “You moron. You could’ve hurt me with that.”

“But I didn’t. Did I?” he asked and tried his damndest to ignore her scent which was a little floral and a little tangy today. It was something different everytime and it always left him turned on

“Nice. Real mature of you. Anyway this year like the last two years I’m gonna win.”

“You only won the last two times because you got your pet Tyler to help you. He and his group of frat boys bought stuff from you just so you couldn’t lose to me. But he isn’t here this season. I heard you two broke up.” Klaus answered with a self-satisfied smile of his own. Upon hearing about her break up Klaus had felt so happy. He hated Tyler so much, that buffoon didn’t deserve her.

“Could you be anymore insensitive and say that with a bigger smile.”

“I really could but I don’t have time to discuss your love life.”

“At least I have a love life.” she sneered.

Klaus placed a sheet over the table and looked back at her. Those loose tresses fluttered over face with the light breeze. He had the urge to pull her closer and taste those pink lips. His desires always in a turmoil when close to her.

Two ladies approached him and asked about apples. He set a few fruit baskets on the table and replied, “And I have customers.”

The women began flirting with him. It irritated the heck out of Caroline. She left in a huff and went to her own stall that was set adjacent to his.


By midday Caroline had already sold a variety of fruits but she saw Klaus was outselling her. For the third time he had blocked one of her customers. She sat the water bottle down she had been drinking from and stormed to his side.

“You cheat. Stop stealing my customers.”

“I am not stealing them.”

“You were.”

“I wasn’t.”


“Bill. Look they are fighting again. I think I angered God when I wished I wanted us to be family. I wanted our kids to fall in love and marry and instead they became enemies.” Mikael sighed as he saw Klaus block the tomato Caroline threw at him.

“Oooh. That’s my girl. Your son needs a good rap on his ears. He is wasting precious time he needs to ask her out already. You know I bet this is the year it finally happens.” Bill responded and chuckled when he saw Klaus threw a large lettuce leaf at her.

“You must be turning blind. Look they are still fighting.” Mikael observed.

“Maybe they need a bit of a nudge.” Caroline’s father Bill rubbed his chin.


“You swine. You immoral asshole. How dare you tell that customer that my tomatoes are tasteless and overpriced.” the fight had now accelerated. They had begun luring customers from each other by telling them how the other was selling low quality stuff.

“My tomatoes are fresh, juicy and delicious.” she yelled through barely controlled fury as she crossed her arms over her chest.

Klaus gave her a very suggestive once over and smirked.

“I wouldn’t know. I never sampled them.”

Fire flashed in her gaze angering her even more.

“You’re disgusting.”

“What did I say?”

“You know fairly well what you meant to say. My tomatoes are fine in fact it’s your …. your carrot that’s flabby and shrivelled.” Caroline smiled haughtily. An attractive woman who was lurking around Klaus’s stall making moony eyes at him earlier gave him a wide berth and left in a rush.

“Wait a second. My carrot..”

“I’ve seen it.”

“Come on. We were ten at the time and the water of the pond was freezing.”

“Really? Is that the story you are going with?” Caroline chuckled.

“Yes. Because that’s what happ..”

Just then Caroline’s cell phone rang. She gestured at Klaus to hold on and stepped aside to take the call.

“Daddy. Where are you? I thought you were coming here today?” she asked her father on the phone.

“Sweets. I was going to but we have a huge problem.”

“What? Is everything okay? Are you okay? Do you have chest pain?” concerned she immediately asked about her father’s health.

“Oh no. Nothing like that. I am healthy as a horse. Our truck the one that was carrying the produce to the city market got into an accident. Thankfully the driver is okay but we lost all of it. And we’ve taken the advance from them. You would really have to sell all of the stuff at the market because we need money to refund them.”

“Oh god. But thank god the driver is fine. What about the money we had in the bank?”

“Ahh.” Bill had forgotten that his daughter might ask about their savings. He hadn’t thought this through he cursed himself. Then quickly improvised. “I had to loan it to a friend.”

“Okay Daddy. You take care of yourself. I’ll do my best.” she replied and gave out a sigh. She rubbed her forehead feeling tired all at once. Caroline was anxious now. How will they come up with so much money? Unless she sold everything she won’t be able to make enough. She walked back to her stall worried and stressed.

Klaus saw her walk back. Caroline Forbes never walked away from a fight especially one with him so when she didn’t come to him directly to finish off where she had left he was a bit surprised. She seemed sad and lost in thought. The sassy smile on her face was now replaced with distress and he didn’t like it.

He went to her. “Is everything okay?”

She jolted out of her troubled thoughts, “Uh. Yeah. Everything is fine.”

“Caroline you don’t look fine.”

She gave him a blank stare, “Klaus I am fine.” she tried to walk around him to pick up a new crate but he blocked her path.

“What’s wrong? And do not say everything is fine. I’m not stupid I can see it isn’t.”

When she just looked away he spat, “Do you hate me that much that you won’t even share what’s bothering you? Our fathers are best friends. We are neighbors. I’m not…”

“I don’t hate you, Klaus. I’m just a little upset. I’ll be fine in a bit. ”

“No you do hate me. You would rather ask Rebekah to help you with sixth grade art class but not me even though I was better than her. You would take Jesse your ex-boyfriend’s help with fixing your bike, who by the way cheated on you in eighth grade but not me. You would ask Tyler to help you find a new car but you won’t ask me even though my friend happens to deal in cars.” It always gutted him when she would go to freaking everybody with her problems and not come to him. True they both were extremely competitive towards each other but he had always respected her, heck she was the only one for him. So it tormented him when she never looked at him they way he was always looking at her.

She looked at him. Some unrecognized emotion swirling in his beautiful eyes. She swallowed once and then replied, “Our produce truck got into an accident. We have to sell all of this,” she gestured towards the crates, “Or we won’t be able to refund the people at the city market.”

Klaus went over to his stall and started bringing his vegetables and fruits on her’s.

“Klaus what are you doing?” she asked going after him.

“You are going to sell all of this and give them the money back. Mikaelsons won’t be selling this season.”

“But I can’t take this. This is yours.”

He put down a basket and faced her, “You said you didn’t hate me.”

“I don’t.”

“Good. Then this is all yours.” then he pushed his table and placed it right next to hers turning it into one large stall.

“Wait. Stop.” Caroline went to stand in front of him.

“Even if you don’t sell. There are still many other vegetable stalls.”

“Yeah but people know Mikaelsons and Forbes are the only two farms with the best quality. If I take my stall out they’ll only buy it from you.”

Caroline was profoundly touched by his gesture.“Why are you doing this?” she asked. They were standing very close now. His eyes fixed on hers.

“Answer this first. Why didn’t you ever come to me when you needed help? We might have been rivals but we were friends too.” her scent was teasing him. He tucked her hair behind her ear.

“I don’t know.” she couldn’t look away.

“Why?” he persisted and leaned closer.

“I didn’t want you to think that I was weak. I just… it didn’t matter what others thought about me but it mattered… it matters what you think.”

“You know what I think when I look at you.”

She shook her head and he proceeded, “I think that Caroline Forbes is the strongest, most beautiful and annoyingly perfect woman I could ever know. I think if she didn’t hate me and wanted me I would spend an eternity loving her like no other. And I think I am an idiot for telling how I feel about you like this but I have to before someone else comes into your life and I have to suffer through it.”

Klaus waited for her to break his heart. He knew he would never be so lucky as to have her as his own.

She moved even closer. Their noses brushed lightly, “But you pushed me off of a swing when we were four.”

“Haven’t you heard he pulls her pigtails because he has a crush on her.” he lightly tugged her strands.

She laughed, “You would have been my first kiss if I hadn’t seen that bitch Genevieve kiss you. I got angry and kissed this other guy.”

“Thomas. And I didn’t kiss her. She kissed me. And then when I heard you and Thomas were an item I slept with this random chick…”

“Amanda.” Caroline supplied.

“Wow.” they both laughed. Klaus then grabbed her face and kissed her laughing mouth. She wound her arms around his neck. Pulling back he rested his forehead on hers. “So you were jealous of Amanda?”


“Why?” he needed her to say it.

“Because she stole you from me. Even though we weren’t together. Even though we were supposed to be just friends you were more to me. You were supposed to be my first.”

“I may not have been your first Caroline. But I intend to be your last. However long it takes.” he kissed her again.


Bill and Mikael saw their children embracing. Then they began selling the fruit and vegetables items together. Klaus then pulled her closer, whispered something in her ear and kissed her again. She smacked him and said something about patience since there were people around them.

“So should we tell them that the produce truck is fine and it was your surprisingly successful idea so you could fix them up together.” Mikael asked.

“No. I think we should wait until they get married. It would be a great story for their wedding day.” Bill remarked and his friend shook his head.



for the anon who waned my headcanons for how the neighbors where like at elementary school age !!!

Eduardo was very quiet and shy as a child. he’d usually sit by himself and if he was sitting with others, he wouldn’t say much or anything at all. he wouldn’t pay attention much in class because he was such a big daydreamer.  nobody really payed attention to him until they noticed his creativity and paintings.  he’d usually finger paint / paint instead of ding the class activity and all the other students where really entertained and impressed by his art.  This started to make him more confident and out going (well until Edd made fun of him during the art contest). Teachers and adults say he’s very cretive and driven but they want him to take that drive and focus on actual class work more.

Jon was very sweet and gentle.  He mostly did stuff by himself though, because when other kids would reach out to him sometimes he wouldn’t respond, so the other kids thought that he was icing them out and would leave.  but he actual really loved hanging out with others.  When somebody was able to play with him they would have alot of fun, mostly doing activities like swinging or blowing bubbles. He didn’t talk that much, he fumbled up words alot.  He would respond in one word responses and if you didn’t get the answer at first he would just repeat the word until you got the idea. He really likes to go around places and find things, he has a collection of lil items he’d find around the school / town.  Teachers say he’s a joy to have in class but has lots of trouble doing the class work.

Mark was such a nerdy kid. Every time you saw him he’d be reading. He’s the type of kid that would read the entire Harry Potter series in one week (if harry potter was out by this time that is lmao). Most of them time he’d shut other kids out though because he just wanted to be left alone, he just wanted to read but he was also kinda intimidated by the idea of friendship.  He never really liked to run around or play most of the games the other kids wanted to play. During recess he’d sit inside by himself and read.  One day the teacher made him go out though, and he was pretty nervous and just sat in a corner and read. Somebody came up to him and asked what he was reading and he just quietly replied. anyway they actually ended up having a good time and Mark went on and on about the book, and that was just kinda his way of making friends.  Teachers say he’s very good in class and gives excellent work, but they want him to be more outgoing with the other kids.

Neda: I don’t want to be in jury house with Sabrina.
Jon: I don’t want to be in this house without you.

louis gets grown ass men to throw temper tantrums over him. iconic

When people call Big Hero 6 a “kid’s film” and dismiss it I just

So, to anyone actually saying that:

fathers day is a weird concept wrt my dad because like… hes just not… a dad… hes a man who lives in my house and hes a good husband and i like him fine as a person but dadwise? no……. i mean its only been in the last few years that less than 80% of the times he talks to me are saying i did something wrong… so of course i do that automatic forgiveness thing and hes been around a lot lately so i bothered to get him a gift and card for possibly the first time ever (cant remember) but god dude. when i graduated high school my parents got mad at me like ‘tons of other kids said stuff like thanking their parents for support why did you only reference your friends’ and i was like ‘because i didnt feel supported beyond basic needs lol’… my dad has never done anything for me hes just a guy i have some interests in common with

Sometimes I'm blown away by Molly Weasley

I started listening to HPatGoF again, after having read it countless times before (shout out to everyone else whose fave HP book it is!). At first I was amazed at how kind and considerate she was to write a letter to the Dursleys and send it to them through muggle post. She didn’t have to do that. She could have had Harry deliver it to them after receiving it by Owl Post, but she knew they wouldn’t be comfortable with that. She went out of her way to the muggle village to buy stamps that she had to use muggle money for and probably spend extra money they didn’t have, just to make the Dursleys more comfortable. Talk about beyond considerate. On top of that she had sent Harry all sorts of meat pies because of Dudley’s diet, AND a birthday cake! Then I was thinking about how her WHOLE family went to the Quidditch World Cup, an event she probably would have enjoyed because it happens in their home country so rarely, and she stayed home. She didn’t just stay home to hang out, but to do the shopping and prepare all of the supplies for not only her own 4 children still at Hogwarts, but Harry and Hermione as well! Selfless. And let’s think about the shopping. Imagine her going into Diagon Alley to buy the regular supplies for her kids PLUS dress robes for 3 of her boys, which wouldn’t have been cheap. Then she also picked up Harry and Hermione’s supplies. Imagine her scrimping to get her kids the things they need and the moment when she got money from Harry’s vault, seeing the mounds of galleons in there, knowing how little she has for her own children’s supplies. I just see her giving herself a moment to feel defeated looking at all his coins, then taking a deep breath, grabbing what she needs for his stuff, then moving on with her day, still feeling proud of Arthur and all that he does for their family. Then she had to drag all of the supplies for 6 students home with her. Supportive. Hardworking. Then Ron tells Harry that his mom had washed all of Harry’s clothes and gotten his stuff together for him, which she did for the other kids too. Tireless. She offers Amos Diggory toast through the fire while he delivers a message for Arthur. She knits Harry a sweater every Christmas. She sends him and Hermione (even if hers was tiny bc Molly was mad) an Easter Egg full of sweets and treats. She even shows up to be Harry’s family right before the last event in the TriWizard Tournament. She is without a doubt the most under-appreciated, fantastic, and necessary character in the series. She is the mother Harry didn’t have, the antithesis of Petunia Dursley, and I love her to no end. She deserves so much love and kindness. I don’t think Harry would have survived without her. God bless Molly Weasley.

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