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That scene in the cave with Reyes is one of my favorite things on this planet. I think about it a lot.

The way Ryder agrees without hesitation and responds with “the worst” when told he has bad taste in men.

Truth is, he really does. Alec never approved of any of his dates and often tried to keep him away from the wrong people to zero success because Sara would always help him sneak out and cover for him.

When they were younger and staying on the Citadel, they were no strangers to trouble themselves. Sara might have been the fast thinker, but Scott was always the fast talker. Easily joking and flirting his way to getting them out of trouble. Didn’t hurt that he was pretty as well.

What people often failed to understand though was he liked bad boys. He was drawn to them just as they were drawn to him, to his perceived innocence hidden behind a pretty face. They always underestimated him.

He didn’t have his sister at the moment, and he was used to working with a partner in crime. Somebody that always had a plan. Reyes seems like he always had a plan…he thinks this could be the start of something beautiful. Dating the King of Kadara opens up so many fun possibilities.

"Look!  Fireflies!"  (a Walking Dead drabble, Caryl + Judith).

Post Season 7.  Season 8 wishful thinking, lol. 

Daryl and Carol share a peaceful moment at the Hilltop with the littlest Grimes before the oncoming War. 

Sorry about this one, lol.  100 words really wasn’t enough, but I made do. 

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This whole shoplifting fandom thing is cracking me the fuck up. Yes, you are poor, and you need clothes and makeup to survive. TOTALLY.

I get it if you legitimately cannot pay for food and need something to get you by (bread, fruit, etc), but Naked eyeshadow palettes and fuzzy bras are not things you need to survive, and you’re only hurting the employees at the store.

I remember when I worked at Spencer’s Gifts, both the locations I worked at had insanely high shrink rates. A shrink rate is basically how much product is being stolen. Nobody needs stuff from that store to survive. 

I have a very distinct memory from my first location, when we got an expensive, new type of speaker in stock. The District Manager said to us: “If even one of these gets stolen, whoever was working when it was taken is getting fired, no ifs, ands, or buts.

These are the people that the shoplifting fandom are stealing from. People who might actually be fired on the spot if a certain product goes missing.

thelioninmybed replied to your post “I saw this post here about how you shouldn’t try to suck out the…”

came here to tell you EXACTLY that

you came here to tell me that viable means of seduction do not include using one’s mouth to remove spiderpoison from another person’s leg wound? to be fair, it worked for them, if in a roundabout way

gearsoflove  asked:

I could write a whole page about how much I love your theories about Chara and Undertale in general, how well-written and interesting they are, how it's lovely to see a person do so much research in order to help the fandom understand a character more, etc. But I think it's enough to say that you're by far the best and my most favourite Undertale blog. Also, a question for you, I roleplay Chara on another site, so if it's not a problem, could you maybe give me some tips on their personality?

(undertale spoilers)

imagine a bunch of exclamation marks. miles and miles of exclamation marks. that’s how i’m feeling right now! i can’t thank you enough for your kind words!

alright, let me tell you about chara’s personality from my perspective. more info about my points can be found in my chara posts masterlist.

chara has the potential to be extremely manipulative. they manipulated asriel (to go along with the plan), the humans (to attack chasriel), and the player (to try other routes and eventually do the pacifist ending). when chara has a goal, absolutely nothing will stand in their way. their goal matters more than ANYTHING to them. that includes the people who are closest to them – that’s why chara was capable of putting asriel and the other monsters in so much danger. they sometimes delight in the pain of others. flowey himself said about chara:

but if the narrachara theory is to be believed, they also have a wonderful sense of humour and love jokes. they enjoy being around dogs… but they also have no problem with seeing them die for the sake of their plan! because NOTHING and NOBODY matters more than the plan. they tend to make a “creepy face” when very focused on their plan.

chara can’t stand wasting time when they’ve got something to do. they ignore people’s monologues and they even tell monster kid to turn around when they start talking to them and immediately initiate a battle. chara gets angry when they lose – this can be seen in sans’ reaction to chara’s face if they get killed.

after losing to sans once:

after losing to sans twice:

but even worse, chara can’t stand to be deceived. if sans is spared (from chara’s perspective, likely an effort to save time because sans takes forever) and proceeds to dunk chara, they’ll have a far stronger reaction.

so although chara can seem expressionless and cold at times (they don’t emote at all after sans’ prank when they “first meet”) when focused on their plan, they’re also capable of widely varying facial expressions, from strange faces, to angry glares, to laughing so hard that tears run down their face.

despite all this, they’re capable of at least seeming loving. perhaps they even are genuinely loving as long as they’re not focused on a goal. their hatred and their drive (their determination) is really like a curse for chara. 

here’s some random awful stuff chara seems to have said:

glad dummy:


(for the burgerpants thing: i know this is an amusing line, but it’s implied that chara told him to go to hell)


snowdrake’s mother:


i associate these negative responses outside the genocide route with chara because they seem so similar to the stuff that chara actually says in the genocide route. i don’t believe genocide route chara is really much different to pre-death chara. i feel that the chara who tried to force asriel to kill against his will and the chara met by the player at the end of the genocide route are actually extremely similar. i just feel that that’s how chara behaves when they’re extremely set on a goal. if kindness and patience isn’t necessary, then it goes out the window.

chara seems to have some sort of fascination with the idea of hell, from using the word (or being implied to) a few times to referring to themself as a demon. 

chara is implied to be able to feel with their stolen soul (after the first genocide route, at the very least):

a few lines later:

chara also doesn’t agree with the player’s desire to recreate the world only to waste time destroying it again when they already knew what would happen. to chara, it is a waste of time. and chara hates wasting time.

if chara’s slaughter of flowey is any indication, they are especially sensitive to what they consider betrayal. asriel is the reason chara’s original plan failed which is probably why they’re notably cruel to him. chara’s reaction to sans’ “mercy” also seems to echo this sentiment. chara cannot stand betrayal, regardless of what they have actually done to others themself.

but when they can’t do murderous things, they sit back and have fun. pacifist kind of dialogue happens. chara is a three-dimensional character with their own likes and dislikes. they have a very dark side, but they also have a more light-hearted side.

so basically:

  • great sense of humour!
  • but also a very dark sense of humour
  • hates wasting time
  • if there’s a plan and chara is capable of making strides towards its completion, they will turn very serious and disregard the safety of others and anything else that isn’t the plan
  • references hell a lot?
  • also capable of many different kinds of expressions, even while serious and driven by a goal (not stoic ALL the time)
  • for some reason they really seem to dislike snowdrake’s family???
  • sensitive to betrayal
I’m going to do an experiment!

Nobody is home but me. All. Weekend. Just me! Nobody to ask me to do stuff, nobody to need parenting, nobody to point out stuff that needs cleaning or errands that need doing. All byyyyyyyyy myyyyyyseeeeelllllf!

So I am going to find out just how many shots of wine there are in a wine bottle.

“But Bliss,” asks Convenient Strawman Blisstopian, “Why?”

Well, CSB - why not? Better, this: Because I don’t know, and I want to find out.

“But Bliss,” Convenient Strawman Blisstopian presses, “Can’t you just find out the volume of the wine in the bottle, the volume a standard shot glass holds, and do the math?”

I could, CSB. I could. But the abstract, the mathemagical, the theoretical is always firmed up with demonstrative confirmation! See:

A 750mL wine bottle holds approximately 25 ounces of wine.

A shot glass comes in a variety of sizes, usually 1oz, 1.5oz, or 2oz. My shot glass has no marking on it to say what size it is. However, Google does conversions, and tells me that a teaspoon (and I do have a teaspoon measure) holds 0.166667 fluid ounce. I grabbed two of my shot glasses - a clear one and a blue glass one with New York stuff all over it - and measured teaspoons of water into them. The clear one took 5 teaspoons, which calculates 5*0.166667 = .833335, or roughly 4/5 of an ounce. The blue one took 8 teaspoons, which calculates 8*0.166667 = 1.333336 or roughly 1 1/3 ounce.

…the hell? Already the math is weirding, and as much as I love bar/repeating numbers in theory (hah, geddit?), they’re a pain in my ass in practice.

But, looking at this and rounding a little, we can figure that using the smaller, clear shot glass, I’ll get 31 shots of wine out of the bottle, whereas if I use the bigger one, I’ll get around 19 shots.

“So there you have it!” points out Convenient Strawman Blisstopian, “You’ve figured it out!”

Ostensibly, yes. But how can I be sure? Like, reeeeeeallllly sure? I have to try it and see! Like the owl trying to get to the center of the tootsie roll pop!*

“Okay, so you do it.. and then what?” Convenient Strawman Blisstopian carries on, skeptically. “Like, why are you even posting about this?”

Because I’m going to reblog this post of myself, ticking up one, every time I have a shot of wine from the small clear shot glass, until it’s done. And because:

So…. let’s begin! ::drains first shot of wine::


*I hereby promise to not put the shot glass in my mouth and crunch down to get to the delicious center