stuff nobody needs

Would anyone be interested in Yuri on Ice acrylic charms or stickers?

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in me making some skater themed acrylic charms or stickers in the style I answer my asks in (but better quality and effort etc) - I’m not sure if I have enough people who would be interested in order for it to be worthwhile.

I would probably do a design for a few of the skaters and maybe some popular ships depending on the response I get? Most likely under 5 dollars to purchase - ish??? Let me know what you think! :3


Have some headcanons

The Little Fai

  • an artist
  • can extract pigment from… strange things
  • multitasker, charming weirdo, everyone likes him
  • has a pet beetle, they sleep together

The Little Kurogane:

  • a tailor (like his father)
  • to be honest, not a very good tailor (still learning)
  • Tomoyo, one of his colleague, is faaar more talented than him
  • but Kurogane doesn’t give up! he’s full of self motivation and patience, he’s got a GREAT fashion sense
  • and massive crush on Fai
I’m going to do an experiment!

Nobody is home but me. All. Weekend. Just me! Nobody to ask me to do stuff, nobody to need parenting, nobody to point out stuff that needs cleaning or errands that need doing. All byyyyyyyyy myyyyyyseeeeelllllf!

So I am going to find out just how many shots of wine there are in a wine bottle.

“But Bliss,” asks Convenient Strawman Blisstopian, “Why?”

Well, CSB - why not? Better, this: Because I don’t know, and I want to find out.

“But Bliss,” Convenient Strawman Blisstopian presses, “Can’t you just find out the volume of the wine in the bottle, the volume a standard shot glass holds, and do the math?”

I could, CSB. I could. But the abstract, the mathemagical, the theoretical is always firmed up with demonstrative confirmation! See:

A 750mL wine bottle holds approximately 25 ounces of wine.

A shot glass comes in a variety of sizes, usually 1oz, 1.5oz, or 2oz. My shot glass has no marking on it to say what size it is. However, Google does conversions, and tells me that a teaspoon (and I do have a teaspoon measure) holds 0.166667 fluid ounce. I grabbed two of my shot glasses - a clear one and a blue glass one with New York stuff all over it - and measured teaspoons of water into them. The clear one took 5 teaspoons, which calculates 5*0.166667 = .833335, or roughly 4/5 of an ounce. The blue one took 8 teaspoons, which calculates 8*0.166667 = 1.333336 or roughly 1 1/3 ounce.

…the hell? Already the math is weirding, and as much as I love bar/repeating numbers in theory (hah, geddit?), they’re a pain in my ass in practice.

But, looking at this and rounding a little, we can figure that using the smaller, clear shot glass, I’ll get 31 shots of wine out of the bottle, whereas if I use the bigger one, I’ll get around 19 shots.

“So there you have it!” points out Convenient Strawman Blisstopian, “You’ve figured it out!”

Ostensibly, yes. But how can I be sure? Like, reeeeeeallllly sure? I have to try it and see! Like the owl trying to get to the center of the tootsie roll pop!*

“Okay, so you do it.. and then what?” Convenient Strawman Blisstopian carries on, skeptically. “Like, why are you even posting about this?”

Because I’m going to reblog this post of myself, ticking up one, every time I have a shot of wine from the small clear shot glass, until it’s done. And because:

So…. let’s begin! ::drains first shot of wine::


*I hereby promise to not put the shot glass in my mouth and crunch down to get to the delicious center