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Hipster Dave just for the sake of it.

+) Bros, I luv yall and I’m really happy that people appreciate my work, but please ask beforehand and CREDIT ME if you’re planning on using my art!

(also, that rule applies to every single artist out there, not just me.)


Then & Now

mollymerula  asked:

if you're still looking for things to draw, maybe an FMA draw if you want!!

Welp, since it’s you asking for FMA, the first thing I though was, of course, Miles, BUT HAVE I TOLD YOU BEFORE ABOUT THE ONE PIECE VERSION OF MILES BECAUSE

they are the fucking SAME welp except for their hair because inazuma pls wtf is this

I mean when I watched FMA Brotherhood for the fist time I knew there was something in Miles that bothered me for some reason and some time ago I just saw Inazuma’s face again and I was like WELP MILES HI AGAIN I DIDN’T KNOW YOU GOT A NEW JOB.

@little-lunatica replied to your post: .

What is it with papyrus that you don’t think you’re like lmao just tell us- list us what you have in common with sans and then do the same with papyrus and I SWEAR, I SWEAR IT’LL ANSWER ITLSELF

i–i–okay you know what, first of all, first of all, EVERYTHING about papyrus is a compliment?? i’m not good at giving myself compliments? and he is?? THERE IS ONE THING WE DON’T HAVE IN COMMON okay okay, just, hold on,


  • short and fat
  • depressed
  • asexual - NOBODY send me a garbage anon, he’s asexual, toby fox told me so himself behind a dumpster next to costco
  • has one (1) little brother who inspires Protective Older Sibling Mode
  • LOVES to sleep and eat, oh my god
  • does not like to clean; room is garbage
  • does NOT constantly give self compliments
  • humor as a coping mechanism
  • very very bad at looking after children
  • does not like breaking promises
  • likes puns (admittedly this is only bc of undertale)

see how many things that is? so many!! all the things!!


  • ketchup is disgusting, dude, what the fuck is wrong with you

wow. what a short list. now watch this


  • wants handplates gaster to choose mercy; believes he WILL choose mercy for the first time ever, holy shit,
  • i admittedly care very deeply about a lot of things but i mean so does alphys!! okay????
  • my comics are the equivalent of the sad cardboard sentry station
  • asexual!! guess what he’s asexual too. all the skeletons are asexual. there’s nothing any of you can do about it. but does it really count if they are both asexual, NO IT DOES NOT, CHECKMATE
  • cool room. won’t even play around. it’s true and real. OH but BUT that can’t count either because sans ALSO has rainbow lights aorund his door! HA
  • technically i guess i used to be the friend who would literally scream out loud if someone lobbed a bad pun at me BUT since then i have changed my ways
  • admittedly not good at sleeping. i mean i like to do it but im bad at it
  • don’t like dogs. like i say undertale made me a dog person and it’s true but also irl my mom’s little dog still drives me batshit insane,
  • this isn’t working. i can’t say mean things about papyrus but i’m bad at saying nice things about myself,
  • i’ll give a half a point to both liking puzzles bc i only like SOME puzzles but i got to level 999 on tetris once so i can’t pretend not to have this in common with him
  • we both like pasta! yes. i love ramen noodles. my favorite food for many years until i discovered baked potato soup
  • oh yeah i gotta add that i CAN’T COOK. that’s why i loved ramen so much. i literally set my stove on fire by boiling water once. full undyne and papyrus.
  • i guess technically we’re both kind of insecure but that depends HEAVILY on your own interpretation of him
  • we both have a flowey fanclub badge
  • okay okay i guess i’m nice to people i like but ONLY people i like so this only counts as half a point!!! papyrus is pure! he is loving and compassionate and encouraging! i am the living embodiment of salt! papyrus has faith in everyone he meets! he has a kind word for everyone no matter how dire the circumstances or what they did before then! i think people are terrible! i am never nice to strangers! EVER!!! i would straight up murder a motherfucker who crossed me in some of the ways papyrus would forgive!!!!!!

i know that’s a long list but THIS PROVES NOTHING this next one will be WAY longer!!!! prepare to be entirely BLOWN OUT OF THE WATER!


  • no self confidence!! bad at saying nice things about myself!!
  • not nice!!!!!!! NOT NICE!!!!! NOT PURE
  • NOT physically fit i could NEVER jog 100 laps
  • ummmm
  • i know there’s, give me, a second,
  • OH yk what orange would look SUPER BAD with my hair, okay
  • AND i don’t like being read to
  • ummmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • ummmmmmmMMMMMMMMMM
  • uuuhh
  • ???

  • ….
  • listen,

*almost fails a test for the third time in a row* it’s the aesthetic


endless list of favorite ships

Harry Potter & Hermione Granger | Harry Potter

“The scar on his forehead burned so badly, that he clapped his hand to it. 

“What’s up?” said Hermione, looking alarmed. 

“Scar”, Harry mumbled, “But it’s nothing… it happens all the time now.”

None of the others had noticed a thing.



Happy 50th Birthday, Dana Katherine Scully! (February 23rd, 1964)

“Time passes in moments… moments which, rushing past, define the path of a life, just as surely as they lead towards its end. How rarely do we stop to examine that path, to see the reasons why all things happen, to consider whether the path we take in life is our own making, or simply one into which we drift with eyes closed. But what if we could stop, pause to take stock of each precious moment before it passes? Might we then see the endless forks in the road that have shaped a life? And, seeing those choices, choose another path?”