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just found out my crush(for like 8 months) has a girlfriend and i had been pursuing him for the past three months. i feel like crap :(

Awww I’m sorry b:( This sounds kinda bad, but just wait it out, they could break up. That being said though, don’t get in between them or try to break them up, and don’t talk bad about their relationship.

Ask me about relationship stuff!!

I would love to talk about religion on Gilmore Girls. Obviously we don’t get a lot more info other than the Gilmores have a priest and Mrs. Kim is a seventh-day Adventist, but I have theories about everyone’s religions views.

Lorelai: I think she would be a believer, but nothing specific. I think if you asked her she’d be like “sure, I think there’s some being out there that oversees all this, but I sure don’t know much about ‘em.” She’d identify as religious, but not enough for it to affect her life.

Richard and Emily: Both would identify as Christian and probably go to church on some sort of semi-regular basis and while I think they do believe, I figure the church going is more of a networking thing.

Rory: I think she would describe herself as an atheist.

Jess: Agnostic.

Luke: Christian, but one of those “I’m at one with God when I’m in nature” types.

Dean: I figure his family has probably always gone to church and he’s just gone along with it. I bet he identifies as a Christian, but more because it’s how he was raised and he just hasn’t really thought about it much.

Logan: I feel like Logan would be torn. I feel like he would want to be an atheist, but he’d have doubts. Like he would describe himself as an atheist, but when he’s doing life and death brigade stuff and gets scared he prays.

Paris: We know she is Jewish, but I think as far as religion goes she would identify as atheist.

Lane: Agnostic.

Sookie: I would have pegged her for religious, but the things she says in the show implies she isn’t.

Jason: doesn’t believe but goes to church on holidays strictly for the sole purpose of networking.

Christopher: Agnostic.

Max: Christian.

I hope nobody finds this offensive, I know some people are uncomfortable talking about religion.
I just find it a really interesting thing to ponder. If anyone else has any ideas about this topic, please reblog and share your thoughts, reply and share your thoughts, message me with them, whatever.