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trying something new - g.d

(rated mature) i was alone in my apartment with literally nothing to do. i could call my boyfriend to hang out, but he told me he would be going to a neighboring city with his twin brother so i let him enjoy their time together. i didn’t feel like reading or watching any movies, so i went to tumblr and scrolled through a bunch of random stuffs i’ve taken interest at.
i was looking through random blogs when a particular pink themed one caught my eye, so i clicked on the profile. the three newest posts were fairly innocent, but as i dug deeper, i saw things i’ve never seen before. me and my boyfriend, we were adventurous in bed. i have to admit that fact. but we’ve never really tried stuffs like this. now looking at it, what me and my boyfriend were doing was super innocent compared to this. the tumblr blog was about dd/lg relationship. which is daddy and little girl. i’ve honestly thought that this was just a kink, but people actually have a lifestyle, and there’s even a community for it.
the owner made the dynamics of their relationship so pure, but there’s a sensuality in it that i’m intrigued by. i passed by a post with a video as the post. i didn’t clicked on it yet, but the thumbnail showed a girl, hopefully legal, and an much older looking guy putting his hand around her throat. her face was red, but somehow she looked sated in it.
i played the roughly 5 minutes video because tumblr doesn’t allow videos to be more than 5 minutes and it started with the girl laying on her bed with a bunch of stuffed animals circling her. i assumed she was sick because she’s just laying there. then the video transitions as the man in the thumbnail approaches her and she immediately jumps upwards, putting her arms around his neck to kiss him. however she stopped when the man put his left hand on her right cheek. she became timid all of a sudden. i find myself scooting closer to my laptop.
“what did i say to you about touching yourself when i’m not around?” the man starts. the girl slightly trembles, but her composure gives the impression that she wanted it. “i am not allowed to touch myself,” she replies. my eyebrows twitch in amusement. “that’s right. what does daddy call bad girls?” a noticeable swallow noise comes to my ears. probably from the girl. “daddy calls bad girls his slutty princess.” i paused the video immediately, embarrassed with the fact that i’m enjoying this new discovery. i was turned on.
i felt moved to click on the video again to watch it. the video changes again and the girl is now on the man’s lap, his hand guiding her hand to touch herself. as a few seconds pass, he lets go of her hand and she’s doing all the wicked deed by herself, but she’s begging for it.
“who is daddy’s favorite whore?” he cooes beside her ear. “you, daddy!” she whimpered faintly. a crazy thought just appeared on my head. i wanna call my boyfriend daddy as well. and i want him to call me humiliating names and degrade me.
the girl’s moans intensifies as he says crude things to her. he chokes her with his hand and she asks for more. he gags her with his dick but she can’t stop taking it farther inside her throat. my hand makes it’s way to my panties, and i start to rub myself through the already damp fabric. i feel bad, but my body feels electric as i imagine my boyfriend doing the things the man had done to the girl in the video. i slip my fingers inside of me after taking off everything except for my bra.
i tease my clit with soft, light circles and i made myself moan. i’m not the loudest in bed, but my boyfriend loves it when i make sudden gasps and when i spasm as i’m under his control. my breath hitches in my throat as i feel my high coming, like a tidal wave washing through out my system. it was coming, and it was coming hard. i felt my insides clench under my fingers.
i usually can’t come without my boyfriend, but for the first time ever, i have made my legs wet. i put my hand on my mouth, surprised and scared because i’ve never made myself……. come with liquid at the same time. i was confused. did i peed myself?
“fuck fuck fuck,” i chant as i try to take the sheets off the matress. “leave it, princess.” a familiar voice pierces the sex smelling room and i grab the bedsheets to cover my naked self. “fuck, grayson?” i asked to the stranger. but i knew it was him. he was the only person who knows the code to my apartment. “had fun touching yourself, you slut?” my eyes widen at the new profound side of grayson i’ve never experienced before.
the feeling of watching someone getting called names and the feeling when you’re the one who is getting called is totally different. you really do feel small and humiliated. but i can’t say that it doesn’t make me excited. “what were you doing, touching what’s mine?” grayson leans on the door frame and i could feel myself getting weaker by the second. my boyfriend is buff, and the summer sunshine has made his skin bronzer, which made his muscles look bigger than ever. he had the manliest hands and fingers i’ve ever seen, and now its gesturing me to come towards his direction. i was ashamed with how naked i was. i wanted to test how he would react if i stayed still. so i did.
“why the fuck are you not moving?” all of a sudden he is already beside me, one hand pinning both of mine above my head. he looked into my eyes for a few seconds and the next second he’s smiling because of my expression. “you’re such a cute kitten,” he compliments me but i felt like that was just a bait to make me feel like i’m in a safe situation. but i knew better. “not only your face is cute though. you’ve got cute hair,” he speaks as his other hand combs through my hair.
“cute ass,” he lets go of my pinned hands and puts it around his neck. i comply and rest them there. i’m sitting on top of his lap now, and i could feel his rock hard cock against my ass. he makes figure eights against my butt skin before slapping it playfully. “cute tits,” he pinches my right nipple knowing i’m more sensitive on that side than my left. he loves paying attention to that whenever we fuck. “grayson, please” i wail as i bit my lip.
he was torturing me with all this coy attitude, and i’m not sure if i hate it or if i love it and want him to play around more with me. “shut the fuck up and let me talk.” i felt myself getting smaller every second. we’ve dated for a year, but he has never raised his voice like this before. i shut my mouth and let him continue.
“you know what i love most about you, though?” i shake my head, still afraid he’ll tell me to shut up again. he snakes his hand to my inner thigh and move dangerously close to my private part. “i love how sensitive you are…,” he traces the outer part of my pussy and i jolt on his lap. he laughs, the kind of laugh that has a little bit of weight in it and it eases me a little bit.
“make the noises you made before, baby,” he teases me, biting my lower lip. i lean myself on him, rubbing my naked chest against his clothed one. i peck him on the lips but he doesn’t respond. i pout against his lips and he smiles again. i know who grayson is deep inside, and he’s soft all over. “stop trying to be cute,” he grunts and i giggle. “you made me mad because you couldn’t wait for me.” i tug his shirt demanding it to be taken off. he did, and i decided to kiss all over his chest to make him laugh even more. “i’m sorry gray, i’ll wait for you next time okay.” he smiles and kiss my cheek, then my nose. “i love you, princess.”

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Make a follow? Your easily the hottest chick I've cum across on here....would really love to talk to the owner of that beautiful ass you posted

1) no
2) I know your dick used to be your icon cause I saw it for 2 seconds
3) you said the word cum which made me gag when I already gagged from your ugly, bent dick
4) your blog is literally stuff you get off to and you’re open about it
5) why would I want to talk to you??????

Before you wonder "How can I be so sure its not just ME?"

Hey guys. Owner of this blog here. Most of the stuff I put on here is copied from  other sites, but I am writing this myself.

Before you ask yourself “is the way my abuser is treating me REALLY not my fault?! what if i really DID fuck this relationship up?!”… Check this out.

Here are some examples of what your abuser might try to say to make you believe that YOU “made” him/her mistreat, neglect and ultimately abandon you:

*After hyper-idealizing you, making you the center of their world, telling you that you could stand to be more clingy, that they want to be around you all the time and THEN pulling away, withdrawing, leaving you emotionally reeling*

“I need some space and you’re NOT giving it to me” (Funny, they never needed space before, nor did they ever want it, they were around ALL of the time. Now all of a sudden they’ve got a billion things to be doing, and you’re not a part of ANY of it)

“I can’t be responsible for you or your feelings any longer, and I don’t have to be”

“God DAMN, all you do is nag and bitch - why do you think I would want to spend any amount of time with you at all?” *in response to you BEGGING and pleading with them to treat you right, love you like they did in the beginning, etc. Shortly after this, they will say they “don’t have time for this shit” and have “other things” to be doing. If it is in the evening time, they will conveniently be “tired” and will act as if you’ve called them selfish and evil for wanting to go to sleep when you never said anything of the sort.

*In response to you wanting them to love you the way they did in the beginning* “Yeah, I felt that way about you at one point, and I DO still love you, but you became so psychotically jealous and insane and obsessive that I began to resent you”

“I can’t treat you the way I did before because you bring out the worst in me”

You will come to them with a real concern such as “you’ve been neglecting me emotionally and ignoring me and it makes me sad” and they will become highly defensive and aggressive and start an argument (and THEN claim that all you want to do is argue with them). You can be as rational, calm and gentle with coming to them about this very real problem, it does not matter how you word it, how you say it, etc.. they will rage or make excuses. They will always find a way to make it your fault.

The catch-all defense of a sociopath/psychopath/narcissist/abuser is that you are ‘too needy’ (when they groomed you to be so) 'too jealous’ (when they say and do subtle things to make you feel jealous and insecure) 'too obsessive’ (when they essentially started the relationship by obsessing over YOU).

Don’t even entertain the thought “how do I know it’s not me?!” because trust me, you didn’t become jealous/needy/clingy/insecure/neurotic out of nowhere. It was and IS all manufactured by your abuser. Even if you ARE a jealous person normally and naturally, it was still manufactured. They groomed you to be that way. The sooner you realize this, the better off you will be.

Another thing your abuser might do - is never speak about themselves or share their days with you. They will leave you to do all of the talking. They will have you confide in them and will stay silent so as to let you unload on them. They will barely ever talk about themselves (even if you prod them) unless its to drop some subtle hints that you aren’t really the center of their life as they once made you believe you were. Then, later on, they will call you self centered.

reblogs vs. reposts

i’m making this post because there are more newbies to studyblr/tumblr in general than i thought. i’ve gotten a lot of questions about reposting and reblogging, so here’s a post differentiating the two. 

[also, i just found out a lot of my stuff is all over weheartit. i’m not too happy about it, but at least i put my tumblr url on there… idk.] 

reblogs are simply sharing posts to your blog. some general info: 

  • the arrows button on the bottom of posts turns green when you successfully reblog
  • you aren’t stealing when you reblog
  • it’s a compliment to the owner of the content
  • good tumblr etiquette
  • the equivalent of saying, “hey, i love what you made! i want it on my blog!”

reposts are the thing tumblr/artists hate. some general info: 

  • this IS STEALING
  • there is no button for reposts
  • it means you save a picture to your computer, then post it as yours without the owner’s permission 
  • it’s hurtful to the owner of the content
  • bad tumblr etiquette
  • the equivalent of saying, “look at what i made! even though it isn’t mine! i’m sharing it so people will think i made it!”

for existing tumblrs: 

  • i know when starting out, people will do this because they aren’t aware it’s stealing. if you see someone reposting another user’s content, do not go yelling at them. they most likely don’t know what they’re doing, so politely message them and tell them that reposting isn’t right and tell them to take the stolen content down. 
  • if they have been contacted and don’t answer/don’t care/have an excuse, then tell the owner of the material (if you haven’t talked to them yet/they haven’t see it) and report the reposter. 

for new studyblrs/new people to tumblr: 

  • weheartit is all stolen material. don’t post those to your own blog. 
  • if you see the source is weheartit, avoid reblogging it in general.
  • “reblogs” are when you see a post on your dash and you want it to be on your blog. you don’t save the picture and post it yourself. you simply click the reblog button and it’ll be on your blog with the original owner’s source on it. 
  • please do reblog.
  • please do NOT repost. 
  • you risk being blocked by other users if you repost.
  • you also risk your credibility as a blogger if you repost.
  • do not repost.

bottom line: reblogging is sharing from the source; reposting is stealing from the source and posting as your own. you don’t want anyone stealing your credit, so be considerate and avoid doing the same.

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This is an unpopular opinion blog we come here to write bullshit or crazy things is fun but I think the admin of this page should be a bit careful with the opinions on Harry coke use this is a serious accusation is not a joke this subject is getting out of control and without probes is really defamatory. Why is so important to know if an artist use drugs or not? Please calm down and don’t forget famous or not we’re only humans and don’t deserve our reputation be ruined by gossip and assumptions

The original owner of this blog had been posting stuff like that ever since she made this blog, and ever since I joined, I have as well. We posted it about every guy. If I could go back and not post anything like this, I would have but I can’t change it now. Sorry. I’ll probably end the conversation after I post all the opinions in the inbox. - H.

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The funniest part of the opening comes from Andrew's still at the end. Without it he would have had equal billing in the opening as The magic cafe owner

They literally made the entire second opening and then at last second realized ‘wait we forgot andrew’ and literally someone just scribbled a shot of him and threw it in there tbh


The last two years of my life have been very interesting. Nothing particularly bad has happened and I’m very very thankful for that, but a lot of good stuff has happened. One of those things was me finally going onto the internet, and taking part in stuff. It started on November 26th, 2012. I joined the Final Fantasy Forums at 14 years old, not having a clue what I was doing. I stayed there until October of last year, but during that time I did learn a lot. I made some friends, had some laughs, and became a better person overall. The biggest thing I learned during my time there was: GFX. Some members there really took me under their wing and taught me about Photoshop and how to do certain things. I’ll never be able to thank them enough for that (even though these graphics aren’t the best :P). Eventually though, tempers and attitudes got the better of that community, and I wanted out. Everyone started acting holier than thou, and that’s not my style.

However before I left FFF, I joined two other websites. Two which I am still a very active member of to this day. In June 2013 I joined a forum called YTtalk (again as a 15 year old goober having no idea what he was doing), and the other website, well that was Tumblr. Took me a while to really find my place on both websites, but once I did, I had the time of my life. Words can’t do justice, to how much I value YTtalk and Tumblr. I’ve come a long way since June 2013, on both websites. Here we are, and right now: I’m over 500 followers on Tumblr, and I’m a staff member on YTtalk. Two places I never thought I’d be. Sure, it seems insignificant, but after being told over and over that you’ll never be able to accomplish this or that, or that you’ll never be this or that, you start to believe it. May 2014 changed that, and made me much more confident. The owner of YTtalk gave me a chance, and I can’t thank him enough for that.

Again, I know this stuff seems so insignificant, but it means the world to me. The littlest things. People saying they love my blog? What? That’s insane. People thanking me for moving their thread on the forum? Did I really do that? It’s still just unreal to me. I can’t believe how far I’ve come from being that goofy 14 year old kid.

So, here’s my follow forever. It’s huge, but I couldn’t help it. <3 I love all of you guys so much, Tumblr wouldn’t be the same without you guys. :) So thank you guys, for everything. :D Rock on.

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The creepiest thing I have experienced on Youtube?

That one channel that has 40 videos and every single one of them are mine. Every. Single. One.

OBS: The username is blurred because I do not want this person to be harassed by a flood of people. It could for all I know be just a kid who does not know any better, and I have already made sure that this person knows the I am not flattered.

And if anyone would happen to figure out who this is; I beg of you, DO NOT HARASS THEM. Simply down vote the videos or kindly ask them to remove them. But if I find out that the name of a follower of mine who has cyber bullied somebody “in my name”, I will not hesitate to block them on all my social media sites.

But if any of you see something like this anywhere else, know that I do NOT have backup channels, and the only public sites I have are my official Tumblr, Youtube and DeviantArt (all with the username TheNamelessDoll). Anything else are NOT mine.

And yes, this is a re-upload. Somebody decided to publicly share the name of this channel, and I ain´t having none of that. I clearly stated that I do not want to send my followers their way, and ignoring that wish is extremely disrespectful towards me. This is me sharing my experiences with you guys, not a witch hunt!

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Ocarina : (go check her blog out if you’re into anything Zelda/Bioware/video game related stuff/ and other things! She’s really cool!)

Piano : (me)

Intro/Lost Woods is credited to Mark of Two with his arrangement ‘Memories Under the Moon’ ( )

Inspired by the 25th anniversary medley.

This is by no means professionnal. It is purely made for fun and our mutual love for the Legend of Zelda music. By no means do we take credit for any of the music/songs. All songs belong to their respective copyright owners.

I'm so done with the stupidity of some people tbh.

The amount of dumb on this site is sickening. Why the fuck is no one fucking reading the terms of use before joining tumblr?

It’s fucking general knowledge that you can’t do however you please with any of the stuff you find on the internet without the permission of the owner.  WHO is fucking spreading shit like “THE INTERNET IS FREE”. It ISN’T.

It is NOT ok to google stuff you like and probably find it on the blog of the actual owner, save it and repost it on your own blog.

It is NOT ok to post and edit stuff without the permission of the owner.

It is NOT fucking ok.

I am so sick of having to watch out for what I reblog. I am here because I want to relax. I don’t want to have to do research on whether gifs are made from an editable fancam or a fucking repost or pictures from fansites which do not allow editing! I am so sick of people disregarding rules.

And If you want to look for stuff which you would like to have on your blog, then go to the fucking top of your screen and do your research in this fucking search box:

And fucking REBLOG it from the owner. IS IT REALLY THAT HARD? I think reposting takes way longer than that!

Anyway, I will never deal with your shit ever again. The first thing I do when i see a repost is logging into my email account and fucking reporting your ass to the tumblr staff.


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Their products make me so angry. I used to work for the place that was partly ' design firm' ,fckh8 product house who screened all the fckh8 products and bought all the merch with other remains of the office ran what could loosely be called 'customer service' for fckh8. They had 4 different customer service people in the span of a year, two of which left the country short after, I think that tells you something. Anyway- (part 1)

it makes me angry because they get most of their product from china (wrist bands, later on some stuff like pins and glasses.) So something that costs cents to make they’re up charging to $4-$15. Not to mention their first round of trying to say they donated to charity (with the original fckh8 stuff) the owner Luke didn’t donate shit until he had to PROVE that he actually had. I doubt anything will happen with their racism material unless provoked;or if they do it won’t be a sliver of what they made off the product.

Although we’d advise people following the blog to not take anonymous contributions as infallible (no offense to the submitted intended), It’s no leap to assume their manufacturing costs are minimal (outsourced to cheap labour hubs) and their profit margins are very high, and that should really be considered.

FCKH8 have always been very vocal about the fact they’re donating, but haven’t really gone out of their way to publish info on following through with donating. They’ve managed it this time only after so much focus on their business practices.


for the Darcy/Steve Month Promptathon

Darcy/Steve, Halloween (AU or not)  (from Anonymous)- I showed up to this haunted house alone because I thought I wouldn’t be scared, but now I am and I might be holding your hand.


Darcy Lewis was NOT a fraidy cat.  Horror movies cracked her up. She loved haunted houses, laughing her ass off at lame attempts to frighten her.  Even well-designed horrors only impressed her with their craftsmanship.  She reviewed the houses she visited, both lame (the majority) and good ones. She earned a reputation for it after she’d visited her hundredth and posted them on her blog, @HorrorHouseHeckler.  In the biz, she was the haunted house reviewing equivalent of YouTube’s Honest Trailers.

She admired the artistry and engineering of a well-crafted bit, like one she saw in London where the actors and set designers pulled off a credible Bloody Mary scene. In it, each visitor went to a darkened stone room alone, called out that name to a candle-lit mirror, and turned three times. After the third turn, the mirror seemed to dissolve and disgorge one pissed-off Mary Tudor who was ready to take her kingdom back one victim at a time… starting (rather ungratefully, in Darcy’s opinion) with the poor fool who summoned her.  People fainted during that scene on a daily basis.  Darcy laughed so hard that she about peed. She recognized the lighting and machinery used, and applauded the awesome effects. It pissed the actor and house owners off, but they pulled her aside afterwards to consult on what clued her in and made it so funny to her.  It wasn’t the first or last time things had gone that way.  She had an eye for the tricks behind illusions. She had thousands of blog followers, a number that inevitably surged each October. Her site had scads of rebuttals from house creators, and many notes thanking her for pointing out ways to improve.  It was fun stuff, a cool hobby.

So, as her first week in New York fell in October, Darcy rubbed her hands together in anticipation while approaching a new haunted house.  “The World’s Most Terrifying House of Horror” was set up in a glamorous older City mansion. Props to them for finding a great location and getting it for their use! It was gloomy enough, and the age of the place added atmosphere.  They had a web site filled with breathless testimonials and dire health warnings.  It looked like they had help from some serious theater techs and professional engineers and marketers, so it ought to be a fun haunt. As she got closer and heard ambient noise and spooky sound effects, she was more impressed.  Someone had spent a LOT of money on this set up.

The ticket seller’s thick brows shot up.  “Just one? You’re entering alone?”

Darcy grinned and nodded. “Bring it on!”

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