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Imagine if Harry and Draco were fighting side by side at the battle of hogwarts and before the fight starts Draco looks over at Harry and Harry looks over at Draco, and Draco just says “scared potter” with a small smile on his face and Harry will smile back and say “you wish”

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so many people have asked for this, so here’s my opinion on the whole “but tronnor can’t be real bc troye doesn’t love connor as much as connor loves troye”.

first: everyone needs to understand that different people express love in different ways- they have different love languages.

connor is very open and likes to express his feelings in the form of words on social media, like tweeting love quotes, his personal thoughts atm, reblogging love related things etc. look through connor’s twitter and tumblr and you’ll see a lot of signs that he loves and misses someone (when they’re apart). yes, we all established that. 

troye is more reserved about his feelings on social media. you barely see him tweet his feelings, it’s usually just updates about his day or his current music vibe. it appears troye must be an emotionless robot then?? no. troye expresses his feelings in his music. his lyrics are a good reflection on his current emotions, and based off what he’s given us we can gather some basics.

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