stuff kailen made


Okay, so I have a couple of pairs of shoes that didn’t get to customers for various reasons (mainly sizing mix-ups), but they have never been worn and have nothing wrong with them. I’d like to give them new homes, so I’m willing to part with them for a $20 discount (so $25 plus shipping):

  • Top left: love poetry flats, box says size 5, but I think they’re more like 7s.
  • Top right: Avengers flats ft. Iron Man & Captain America, size 9
  • Bottom: love poetry flats, size 9

Also, if none of those catch your interest, I have a couple of blank canvases you could commission for a slight discount as well ($40): flats size 7 and 8 (though the latter runs about a half size big). If those don’t fit your needs, you can always commission a new pair, too ($45).

If you’re interested in any of these shoes or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!