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For @abloodneed, one of the most amazing, beautiful men alive. Thank you for always being you.

There were certain things that Magnus feared. The loss of a loved one—his mind flashed to quick strides, dark hair and hazel eyes—, the loss of a friend—his breath caught at the image of dark eyes, dark hair streaked with grey, twin horns, and skin grown cold—, and the loss of his children—the downworlders he’d taken underneath his wings. His fingers dug into the oak coffee table, scouring the wood as his mind supplied him with images of everyone of them that he’d lost. Drawing in breath was hard, like he was suffocating, a direct contradiction to the cool breeze wafting into the outdoor patio of the mundane bar he’d decided to visit. Sometimes, he just needed that time to himself, amongst the mundanes that entertained him with how they scurried about in their daily lives, unaware of the world that existed in the shadows.

He did just that at the moment, watching them go about their lives when suddenly, everything… froze. From the waiter who had been heading to his table, to the lovers celebrating their recent engagement. Even the late night dog walker and her dog were frozen in place, her with a hand halfway up her hair, and the dog with his tongue half pulled into his mouth. As he took in the the sight, everyone frozen as far as he could he could see, and as he heard those footsteps, calm and unhurried, that oozing mass of power that would cower a lesser man, have them scurrying away or bending their heads in submission, Magnus came face to face with his biggest fear.

“Drinking alone,” a voice he’d heard only once in his life and had hoped he would never hear again wafted out to him, moments before the owner of the voice slid into the seat across from him. White suit—expensive as expected, stretched over a tall lanky form. “Now that doesn’t suit you Magnus,” he drawled as he casually shrugged off the jacket, undid the diamond studded cufflinks so he could roll up his sleeves and show off his forearms. Long lean fingers reached up to run through hair that was kept in place by the crown of barbed wire on his head. He waved his hands and men—shapeshifting demons, Magnus was sure—who’d accompanied him all gave them a wide berth.

“And how would you know what suits or doesn’t suit me,” Magnus tossed back as he reached for his glass of bourbon. “You don’t know me.”

The man grinned, teeth sharp in the moonlight. “Now, now Magnus. Why would you say that? Is that how you speak to your father?”

Magnus raised a brow and took a sip of his bourbon, eyes hard as he stared back at Asmodeus.

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Happy #SyndullaSunday with an eversoslightly different photo!


everyone deserves a happy ending by brightsee

Betty pulls her back into her arms, settling into the couch and just clinging to each other. “I got you,” she whispers into Veronica’s dark hair, dropping a kiss to the crown of her forehead. The memory and echo of countless times before this of when both have whispered the words to each other, a solid reassurance and promise that no matter what happened neither would have to face it alone.

They spend the night huddled together on the couch, sharing a bottle of wine and take out. Veronica puts on the office and they talk about their day. Betty is grateful to have such a strong woman in her life and she feels closer to Veronica than she ever has. This was the breakthrough they needed, both seemingly walking on eggshells regarding the accident, but now it was all out there.

Sometime later, Betty on the verge of falling asleep, she hears Veronica whisper, half asleep herself, “I love you, B.”

Betty mumbles something out that sounds like “love you too” but she can’t be sure. Veronica just places a kiss to her hair and settles back against Betty. She knows, without a doubt, this is where she wants to be.

Starco Week 3 - Bad Boy x Princess

Ok, so I didn’t really know what to do (didn’t have time to do an audio thing because I wasn’t able to plan for it) SOOOOO I decided I’d write a fic :p
So here it is! @starcoweek3 (based on the au by @fullertoons)

This ended up having some drama into it, so uh, yea, watch out. SORRY FOR BEING A DAY LATE!!

My first fic, so RIP my career

Thanks for reading!

The Date

“Uuugh” the young princess thought, patiently impatient to her date’s antics. “He better have a good reason for this!” Her thoughts harrumphed in a loud silence.

“Hey Princess~”, the lax, still maturing, voice called out from behind Star. The princess whipped around, trying to hide the daggers in her stare, but failing.“Oh I’m sorry, were you waiting for me long? I’m soooo sorry~.” Marco said sarcastically, with a devilish grin. The leather-jacketed boy walked up to Star, closer than the girl had anticipated. “N-no, I just got here!” Star stammered back shyly, blushing slightly.

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Interstellar medium - gas and dust that fill space. 

 "Do I have a thing? Am I just a waste of space?“ 

Inspired by Necessary by always_a_slut_for_ho which i read on my way home and lance w an experimented eye is getting to me 😭

so listen how about this headcanon I got that Serizawa has read a billion stories because did you even see that bookshelf in his room and it was the only way for him to explore the world and Reigen picks up on this so to get Seri more confident at talking to strangers and out loud in general he gets Seri to come over to his place and read him stories and Reigen hasn’t had time to read in years so he ends up getting really into them and then it’s just like

a thing they do

so anyway

trying to organize the 20+ sources I’ve acquired for my research paper over the past few hours like 

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Hello! I'm seeing a lot of ppl becoming unsure of Olicity reuniting in this season after watching 521, even the people who were sure before. Do YOU still think Olicity will reunite in season 5? I mean... there is only TWO episodes left with A LOT of stuff happening in them. Will they have time? Is reuniting Olicity part of the season 5 plan?

In order: Yes. Yes. Yes. 

it's ok
  • it’s okay to fail a test as long as you did your best, you studied hard, and you learned something.
  • it’s okay to prioritize yourself. to feel the need to be your number one priority.
  • it’s okay to have those smol freckles on your nose or those smol flabs on your tummy or that ball of fat on your chest. that’s biology.
  • it’s okay to be so confused over something. over left and right. over calculus. over everything. it does not mean you’re dumb.
  • it’s okay to accept you’re struggling with a new language that you’re trying to learn. it’s not your first language, im proud of your progress.
  • it’s okay to be soft even when people think you’re just doing it to be cute. you’ve always been cute and being soft is being strong.
  • it’s okay to cry. if you feel the need to, just do it. crying helps me cleanse my sad soul. it might help you, too.
  • it’s okay to use another sheet of watercolor paper. it does not mean you suck or you’re wasting too much money. it means you have so many ideas you’re excited to show.
  • it’s okay to eat. it’s a necessity and it makes you extra healthy! eating gives you the energy to survive life.
  • it’s okay to wear that outfit. as long as you’re feeling cute. you’re alright and you’ll rock it.
  • it’s okay to drink. drink water, drink alcohol. doesn’t matter if you want to hydrate or you want to forget. just try not to intoxicate your body too often
  • it’s okay to struggle with art and writing. we all do, trust me. sometimes, it just won’t get you but that’s alright. it’s all part of the process. we’re all going through this.
  • it’s okay to feel pretty. if you think you look pretty on pink hair that’s alright. but i want you to know that you’ve always been pretty.
  • it’s okay to not be okay. really, don’t hate yourself for being so anxious over everything. it’s going to be okay one day.

Hey, I just drew an invisible human in an invisible airplane with a black hole as the background
You guys be proud of me as I’m proud of this creation from the most creative part of my brain. (Left or right idk)
Done in: split of a second.
Poor human inside… I bet he had so many reasons to life…
It is a gore?
We all know what black holes doing after all …


“Fure Fure-e-e-e driving (part 3)” with Nichan, Nibansenji, Forgeru, Kamakiri and Kisaragi Riku driving to “Love Cheer” MV shooting

Niban: Forgeru, you’re like 162 cm tall?
Forgeru: It’s 8!!!!
Nichan: It’s 149!
Forgeru: I’m 168 cm!

my drug is attention
and i am an addict
—  art is dead, bo burnham

“There was another short silence which perhaps allowed Mr Norrell time to reflect upon the inappropriateness of quarrelling with the man who had saved his life only yesterday.” - Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell ch. 46

(If the series had lines from the book)

Can I ask you guys what might be a weird/dumb question?

Theoretically speaking, if I was to publish one of my stories on either Amazon or Google Play, which would you guys prefer? Or should I just stick to tumblr?

Obviously I would change all the names, and probably even the name of the story, but would this even be something you guys would be interested in?