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do you have any tips for managing on your own in a new school where you know nobody? like not looking like you're lonely etc. I'm really bad at making friends and it doesn't seem like there's anybody here with similar interests/personality as me. Aslo the teachers have already started to show concern for me when I'm alone which I find uncomfortable. I have very good friends outside of school so I just want to be left alone tbh.

make yourself busy so that you’re not just there by yourself doing nothing. if you like art, bring a sketchbook to school and draw stuff (its a good conversation starter too, perhaps someone else shares that similar interest, you never know). bring a good book, or work on assignments (if you’re done with everything, work on something you might have due in a like a week to avoid procrastinating it later, or start on your homework) 

i’m the same as you most of the time, i like being left alone doing my own thing in school. from experience, no one really bothers you if you’re doing/reading something, so hopefully some of these help :,)

Ghost 101

Pairing: Ghost!Reader x Dean 

Summary: The reader comes to find herself standing over her own dead body. Despite the obvious problem of her death she has to find a way to communicate with the brothers. 

Warnings: Death, mentions of past torture (nothing graphic), lots of sarcasm, angst, language, mild season 12 spoilers. 

Word Count: 1,053 

A/N: Ah yes the author’s note. This is the part where I write a bunch of stuff that nobody reads but it always makes me feel better. Everybody watch out snarky me has entered the building. Which explains this piece. I don’t know where it came from I was just sitting there staring off into space then bam! Twenty minutes later I had this. It’s full of terrible sarcasm and doesn’t really have an end or a beginning but hey I tried. Anyways I hope y'all sort of like it and feedback is always appreciated. 

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“Well this is different.” You found yourself looking down at your empty sightless eyes.

“Y/N?” You heard Dean’s voice and spun around.

“I’m over here.” You yelled back.

“Shit! Y/N!” Dean turned the corner and started running towards you.

“Its about damn time. Look I know this looks weird but let me-” As you were speaking Dean ran right through you. “Woah, dude what the fuck?” You spun around only to find that Dean had collapsed to his knees. He was shaking your body. “Man this ghost shit sucks.” You muttered.  

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Idk maybe this is weird but can you do a drabble with Alistair getting scared by rats? I'm laughing at that image maybe Julius or some one saves the day. Thanks

Okay, this isn’t a sick drabble, but I did get a request for this, and it was very fun to do. I quite like doing some non-sickfic stuff if people want. Anyway, have a drabble of Alistair humiliating himself.

Toby tugged Julius and Alistair down a gloomy alleyway, a little tipsy after a night out with them, wanting to pee. The alley was narrow and dingy, with bin bags piled up on either side. It smelled bad and there was graffiti scribbled all over the walls. Alistair pulled a face.

“Just hurry up and piss, Toby. It’s fucking disgusting down here.”

“Yeah yeah, I’m doing it. Just make sure nobody comes down and sees me,” he said, moving into a corner and fiddling with his trousers. Alistair and Julius turned away tactfully.

When Toby moved forward, his feet nudged and jostled some of the rubbish bags. The movement caused a fat brown rat to come dashing out into the middle of the alley. It sat down right by Alistair and Julius, casually cleaning its face and ears, clearly used to people by now. Alistair was frozen for a moment, staring at it - and then he gave a piercing scream.

Toby jumped, looking back over his shoulder. “What the fuck?”

Alistair stumbled backwards, trying to duck behind Julius, holding onto him so tightly that he almost knocked it over.

“Ahh! Get rid of it!”

“What? What’s happened?” Toby asked, anxious now.

“There’s a big fucking rat here! Toby, hurry up, for fuck sake!”

“A rat?” Toby laughed, doing up his trousers. “That’s all? You big fucking baby, Al!”

Alistair didn’t even think to correct Toby about his name. “Get rid of it, Jules!” he demanded.

Julius smiled, as sweet and polite as ever. He didn’t tease his boyfriend at all, he simply moved forward and waved his hands at the rat.

“Come on, shoo,” he said, and the rat darted off behind the rubbish bags. Alistair heaved a sigh of relief, looking at Julius as if he’d just wrestled a bear rather than scared off a small rodent. Toby laughed heartily, leaning on Alistair heavily.

“Any other savage animals like that that frighten you, Alistair?” he teased. “Maybe hamsters? Or guinea pigs? Yeah, they’re terrifying.”

Alistair scowled, his face red. Nobody ever guessed that an animal lover like Alistair would be so deathly afraid of rats, and he generally tried to hide it. Toby would never let him live this down.

“Oh, fuck off.”

i hate it but i want to be back where it was easy. i just mean i used to eat things without worrying. dessert coming first didn’t make me feel guilty, i didn’t have to say “we’re being bad tonight” and mean more than being unhealthy. when someone hurt you by accident they’d just say sorry instead of defending themselves why you deserved to get hit. stuff was easier. if you didn’t like her you just weren’t her friend. if you loved her you got married on the playground and nobody made fun of it. when you said “i’m tired” the teacher suggested naptime, not “get over it”. 

i know i’m an adult. i know it’s silly. i know i have plenty of things like mac and cheese and dino socks and a credit card i can use to buy pizza. but i also just want to sleep and wake up and start over. go back to where it went wrong and tell myself. it’s okay about the dessert and when they call you fat cover your ears. when he hits you, hit back, and get out of there. when she hurts you, stop talking to her, even if you’re worried you won’t have friends after. yeah, you like her, and people will hate you for it. kiss her anyway. be tired. but get out of bed, my love. take advantage of all of it. can i be my own guardian angel? go back in time and untangle all of it?

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Why do you want to fight Nicholas Sparks? And how would you challenge him (thrown glove, e-vite, etc)?

Thrown glove, definitely. This has to be PERSONAL, even though my problem with him is really everything he represents.

I have talked before about how his brand of dreck has basically killed the romcom, but I don’t think I’ve talked about why I hate his brand of dreck, so gather around, chickadees, for “How do I hate thee, Nicholas Sparks? Let me count the ways.”

1. Tragedy porn. Look, honestly, I liked “A Walk to Remember.” Mostly because of “Only Hope” and Shane West’s face, but I liked it (if I watched it today, even divorced from the whole of Sparks’s canon, I would hate it, but that’s a separate issue). But as time went on and I watched a couple more of his movies and then heard about the others, it’s just … look. I know that we make stories to make people feel a certain way. We want to elicit an emotional response. And that’s a good thing, you know? And I know I rail about darkness and sadness a lot, but I’m not even saying that stories should only try to elicit good emotions. That feels shallow.

But with Nicholas Sparks and other tear-jerker-type stories (see: reasons I never got into Grey’s Anatomy, reasons I’m more likely to read straight-up darkfic than what people call “sads”), the emotional manipulation is incredibly blatant and formulaic and … I don’t know, is “cheap” the word I want? I don’t see the point in a story that says “Here’s a thing you love. Fate is going to take that thing you love from you. The main character is going to lift their chin like Scarlett O’Hara and say ‘tomorrow is another day!’“ I don’t feel like it’s something the creator is sharing with me, I feel like it’s something they’re trying to do to me, and I don’t take kindly to that.

2. White Cis Hets Touching Foreheads.

3. His whole brand is marketed to women, books and movies both, they’re chick flicks, date movies, stuff For the Women, but he sure is a dude. Not that men aren’t allowed to write romances, but it’s just that slimy feeling of “a wise man making money off all those silly weepy romantic women” rather than “a wise man showing that it’s okay for both women and men to cry over a love story where tragic things happen.” Like. Nora Roberts sure doesn’t have this kind of franchise. And I can’t say I enjoy reading Nora Roberts, but one could excise the sex from her books and make movies and market them to women, but somehow nobody got to be a romantic-book-adaptation juggernaut until Sparks. Partly because he’s a man and partly because

4. Happiness Isn’t Art. There seems to be this implication that because things end badly, because they’re sad, because they make you cry, it’s okay that they’re romantic. The sadness makes sure that they’re art. And fuck that, honestly? Tearjerkers are fine, whatever, they can (and should, I don’t want to stop people writing for the genres that appeal to them) exist in the world even if I don’t want to consume them, but nobody in this world gets to tell me that the unhappiness elevates them higher than the romcom. That it’s better than Nora Roberts not because he’s a man but because the sadness makes it somehow more worthy.

5. Look at that face. Tell me you don’t want to punch that smug face.

6. Sometimes you just read a book or watch a movie and know that the person behind the story is ideologically opposed to you in pretty much every possible way.

Just to sum up, I guess … I’m a person who loves reading and writing love stories. I always have been, since I was a little kid. If there’s tragedy and difficulty along the way, sure, I’m willing to go along with that, but when there’s someone who consistently says “no, this is only worthy if I take happiness away from you, because happiness isn’t art, because romance is only worth of attention if tragedy interrupts it,” then I get ready for a fight. And since he’s very much the trend leader there, I am pretty much ready to meet him in the pit at all times.

I mean, like- on the topic of specialness- Voltron Legendary Defender is basically just big, established fanfic of Defender Of The Universe / GoLion.

VLD is basically just “hey, remember Voltron? Check out my fanfic, I redesigned everybody.”

“There’s an entire faction of rebel galra who are cool space ninjas, because I said so, and Keith’s an alien, his mom was one of the ninjas.” 

“What if Sven stays a paladin the entire time, also he’s Japanese like GoLion and has a metal arm he got from this time he was a space gladiator. I guess that leaves Allura with a lot of time on her hands, so you know what? The Castle of Lions is a spaceship now. The entire castle. Also Allura is magical and has super strength.”

“It has space mermaids!”

“I gave the team a pet cow!”

“Zarkon is an ex-paladin and there’s some huge mysterious history! Also Alfor was a paladin too!”

“I decided the Lions are alive and sentient!”

“The space mice killed a dude one time!”

“This is my OC, Sendak, he’s like Yurak but better and he has a Giant Metal Death Claw.”

And we all loved it.

So, like… it is okay to be special and wild with your writing. It is not inherently bad writing to elaborate on things. Play stuff up. Because it’s definitely possible to overdo it but almost nobody talks about how incredibly easy it is to fall short- create something vague and forgettable with only bland, reasonable worldbuilding because you were terrified of making anything Too Cool.

Polyamorous issues nobody takes into account
  1. Giving weird relationship advice. I start all my sentences with “understanding that most people are monogamous.” 
  2. Being the friend who doesn’t get what other people think is wrong with something. “So your upset because he looks at other women?” “Yes.” “He’s not cheating on you though. Right?” “Of course not! But he finds them attractive.” “So?”
  3. Find polyam pride stuff. Nobody makes it man.
  4. Headcannoning characters as your sexuality offends people. I get it you don’t want Jack Harkness to be polyamorous. But humor me.
  5. People who don’t get that its part of the LGBT+ greater community. We’re in this community too guys! Being against us is homophobic/heterosexist like it would be with any other queer group.
  6. Explaining that I’m not not polyam if I’m only dating one person. Bi people aren’t straight when dating someone of the opposite sex, I’m not monogamous when I’m dating only one person.
  7. Feeling like you have to “admit it” to crushes. I wish I didn’t feel like I have to warn people about this.
  8. Strong anti-cheating culture. I don’t support cheating either but when somebody says “you have to be with one person at a time or your a piece of shit” I feel bad about myself.
  9. The whole “if gays marry what’s next? polygamy?” umm idk i think that would be nice
  10. Finding other polyam people. We’re rare even among the queer community.

…this is the most cutesy thing I’ve done in a while but maybe that’s just me HA dun mind me or all the Redbubble spam lately.


My mantra was in full force this week; ya dream girl had shit to do. Like, truck-loads of shit. Yearbook stuff is a pain in the ass sometimes and so much hard work, but I’m starting to realize that nobody is asking me to work hard. I decide to work hard because I want to. It’s my passion and what I care about, and one of the ways I put my small stamp on the world. And I’m going to make sure I do my work proudly. I still have so much to do and have to study with finals coming up next week, but I’m figuring it out. sigh. // Busy is a blessing.

idk man it just makes me so so so sad when you’re watching a cutiepie talk about their passion like when they light up and start bubbling over with words and then all of a sudden they stop themselves and say stuff like “sorry, i know this is boring” or “sorry i just got excited”

like you know somewhere in their life someone they respected told them “shut up nobody cares” and ever since they can’t talk about their favorite things without apologizing every 5 seconds

Talk about the Twitter post about sexism

Since we apparantly still live in the 1950′s sexism seems to still be a gigantic issue in video games. One problem I have with this is the people who speak up about it like it can just be ignored and blocked, that’s why that exists. But when you get told that literally every single game, something has to be wrong. 

I don’t understand how people can categorize it as trolling or just being toxic, because it is legit harassment towards someone based on gender and that shit seems to be more acceptable than toxic people. 

I had a game where these guys were going against each other, insulting each others playstyle and they threw their arguments aside just to fully focus their attack on me and being a girl.

It’s pathetic and sad having to block people on twitter because they say stuff like “please no feminism” and “wow this overreaction”

It’s just so sad to see, I literally have no words. I have no issues dealing with these people, I would move on and do whatever the fuck I was doing but knowing that girls everywhere suffer thanks to this behaviour, it literally makes me so uncomfortable and that this seems to never get punished- it’s… so disgusting. Nobody speaks up because exactly these reactions come back.

“are you sure you weren’t just playing bad?” buddy this guy was a tracer only main who said he couldn’t tank so he went torb instead and died in under 2 seconds, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the issue. 

fucking cut my fingers off and wake me up when this shit is over and girls don’t have to be scared in video games anymore or don’t have to be scared to speak up. 

fucking hell.

This was going to be a comic, but then I went overboard with the art because I was having too much fun, so you get a one shot instead. 

Older Married Domestic Klance Fluff                          Rated: G

A Hairy Situation

“Keith! It’s happening!” Lance groaned.

“What’s happaping?” Keith mumbled with his toothbrush in his mouth.

“My youth is leaving and taking my hair with it,” Lance replied dramatically as he parted the hair along his growing forehead.

Keith spit unceremoniously and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Oh, your hair? That’s been happening for a while now. You should see the back.”

“What?!?!” Lance patted the back of his head and frowned. It was indeed getting thinner.

“You’re just noticing now?” Keith asked incredulously, failing to see what the big deal was. Getting older was a fact of life for those lucky enough to do so. Plus, family history wasn’t doing Lance any favours. A fact that Keith liked to remember every time Lance commented on his “mullet” when they were younger.

“Maybe I have been in denial, Keith. Maybe I only faced the cold facts of reality because I was looking for grays after I noticed yours.”

“What?!?!” Keith ran his fingers through his still thick, still mostly black locks and peered deeply into the mirror. Maybe he wasn’t ready to reach his silver back years, just yet.

Keith noticed a few strands of silver, mostly at his temples, but they were hardly noticeable. Lance was being petty.

“You’re just jealous,” Keith teased as he turned to Lance.

Lance pouted.

Keith sighed and ran his hands down Lance’s arm, squeezing his muscles as he made his way to his hands in a gesture of comfort.

“You grow a pretty great beard though,” Keith complimented. “I can’t believe that only took you a week. I’ve been growing mine forever.”

“I only grew it, hoping you’d tell me to shave it, so I could tell you to shave yours,” Lance retorted.  

Keith rolled his eyes and huffed, causing his bangs to fluff and settle.

“Well, I think you look handsome, beard or no beard, hair or no hair. I love you and always will. Even when we are old and you are as bald as Pipo,” Keith smiled endearingly.

Though Lance wasn’t sure what he thought about being as bald as Pipo was, he smiled, his ‘you think so’ smile and pulled Keith into his arms. He kissed him softly on the lips.

“It’s kinda like kissing a bear, but better than prickles,” Keith commented.

“A bear, eh?” Lance chuckled and moved around him so he could scoop Keith into a bear hug and rub his chin into the crook of Keith’s neck. He ran his fingers over Keith’s ribs for good measure.

Keith yelped and fake struggled, both of them knowing he could escape if he really wanted too. The tickling turned into play fighting and for a few moments, two grown men, wrestled like puppies, on the bathroom floor.

Their rough-housing was interrupted by a knock on the bathroom door and the small voice of a small girl.

“Daddys, what are you doing in there. I have to pee.”

Jacksepticeye egos Experiment AU preview



(Brilliant title there, Spiffany. Well done.)

Inspired by this post I made yesterday:

(This won’t really make any sense if you haven’t read that post.)

Yes, I’m actually going to write a fanfiction based on this idea! I said I wasn’t, but I think through making the files and writing out the whole backstory stuff, I actually feel like I have some good ideas to make a story around it! It will probably take me forever to finish this, as I procrastinate like nobody’s business (who knows if I’ll finish this at all) but, hey, I’m gonna give it a go. I wrote this little part of a chapter just now, so I thought I’d stick it up here as a preview of things to come! Enjoy!


The Skype chat loaded and Robin’s face appeared on the screen.

“Hey Jack!” Robin said with a smile.

“Hey…” Jack replied, trying to sound like nothing was wrong, “What’s up?”

“I just got the files for your new video,” Robin said, “I didn’t know you were moving!”

“Yeah it’s…it’s kinda of a last minute thing. I didn’t know this was happening either…I made that vlog literally a few minutes ago.”

“Oh…” Robin said, “What’s going on? Do you need help?”

“No, no, it’s fine!” Jack said quickly, “I’ve got it all sorted out. Everything’s fine!”

Robin raise an eyebrow skeptically.

“Alright…if you-“


The two men jumped in their seats at the noise. Jack turned to the door.

You can’t leave those idiots alone for five minutes…

Anti said in Jack’s mind.

Fuck…what have they done?! Jack thought, his heart rate speeding up.

“Um…what the hell was that?!” Robin said, bringing Jack out of his thoughts.

“I’m sure it was nothing!” Jack stammered, his mind racing. Whatever the clones were doing, they’d end up alerting the neighbours, and then their position would be given away. He had to stop them. He had to-


“Fuck!” Jack cried, standing up.

“Jack, what’s going on?!” Robin demanded, leaning close to the screen to try and see what was happening. Jack turned back to the computer.

“I…I need to go. Give me a sec…”

“Jack!” Robin said, “Jack, stop! What’s-“

Jack ignored his cries and ran down the stairs to the living room. He could hear shouting and banging, which only made him quicken his pace.

He opened the door and everything went silent.

The room was dark. As Jack’s eyes adjusted to the lack of light, he could see the lampshade was on the floor and the lightbulb was smashed. Jackaboy Man and Marvin were floating in the air, looks of terror on their faces. Chase and Schneeple was stood to the side, frozen in the fight they’d been having moments earlier; Schneeple had Chase’s nerf gun in his hand and was holding it away from Chase. The sofa and the chair in the room were turned upside down and the shelf stacked with figurines and plushes was face down on the floor, figures and plushes scattered all over the floor. No one spoke for a moment.
“Jack…” Schneeple said, but trailed off. Jack didn’t speak. He honestly didn’t know what to say. Suddenly, he felt a deep anger start bubbling inside him.
Go on…Anti said, Look what they’ve done to you. You let them into your house, your property, and this is how they repay you! Go on…make them pay…
Jack shut his eyes. He hated feeling angry. It was the worst emotion of them all. He tried to avoid it at all costs, but Anti was doing a pretty good job at making him feel a deep seated rage that made him want to tear each and every one of the clones apart. He shut his eyes tighter as the logical part of his mind took over. They had never had an experience like this before. They had never had to worry about a bunch of breakable objects in the room they were able to play in in the lab. They’d never had the experience of being completely free, with no one to tell them what to do. Of course they were going to lose their minds! It was just natural!

“No…” Jack said quietly in response to Anti, feeling the anger wash away.
“No…?” Chase replied, overhearing him.
“What? Oh no, it doesn’t matter!” Jack said.
“Jack, I’m sorry!” Schneeple said quickly, taking a step forward, “Everyone lost it! Zhey were fighting and screaming and I vas trying to stop them but-“
“It’s ok! It’s ok!” Jack interrupted, putting his hands on Schneeple’s shoulders, “It’s fine!”
“Your’e…not angry with us?” Marvin said, still hovering in the air.
“Of course not!” Jack said, walking into the center of the room, “I understand why you did this, I really do! Besides…” he walked over to the TV (which was lucky not broken) and turned it on, “I’m not like them.” Everyone flinched at the mention of the scientists. Jack pulled out his PS4 and turned it on, and the TV screen flashed to life, showing the PS4 menu.
“What are you doing?” Marvin asked, floating down slightly but still remaining in the air.
“Are you punishing us?!” Jackaboy said quickly, panic in his voice.
“Of course I’m not!” Jack said with a chuckle, “Were you listening to anything I just said?!” As he spoke, he shifted through his PS4 games, looking for one specific one. Finally, at the bottom of the pile, he found it.
“Take a seat!” he said as he put the game into the console. Schneeple and Chase threw themselves into the sofa and chair (after turning them the right way up) and Jackaboy and Marvin floated down and sat cross-legged on the floor in between them. Jack handed the controller to Schneeple as the game he’d just put in appeared on the PS4 menu.


“Under…tale…” Chase read slowly, rolling each word over in his mouth, “What kind of name is that?”
“It’ll make sense when you start playing,” Jack said, taking a seat next to Schneeple.
“I…don’t understand…” Jackaboy said, turning to face Jack, “What is this? What are you doing?”
“This is a video game.” Jack replied with a smile, “ And I’m trying to keep you guys entertained in less…destructive ways.”
“Vhat do I do vith zhis?” Schneeple asked, staring down at the controller blankly.
“Press the X button,” Jack replied.
Schneeale stared at the controller for a good minute longer, trying to work out which button Jack was talking about, before finding the button and pressing it.
And he’s supposed to be the smart one…Anti snarled.
Give him a chance, Jack thought back, He’s never had to do anything like this before.
He can perform complicated heart surgery on a complete stranger with no medical training whatsoever, but he can’t work a PS4 controller? How does that make any sense?!
Jack ignored this comment and focused on the screen as the menu music started to play. Jack couldn’t help but smile as he saw Marvin and Jackaboy start dancing to the music. Even Chase was bobbing his head to the beat.
“Catchy.” Chase said, a smile forming on his face.
“Oh, it gets a hell of a lot better than this!” Jack said, grinning wider. He held his hand out for the controller and Schneeple placed it in his hand.
“Now, watch closely,” Jack said, getting the controller right in his hands and pressing X to start the game, “I’m going to teach you how to save lives.”

Summary: Jughead Jones, facing the reality of having nowhere to stay anymore when the Drive-In gets shut down, finds temporary shelter at the Blue & Gold office. But what happens when an upset Betty Cooper catches him on the act?

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(Sooooo, I’m watching Riverdale and my feels about Bughead are over the moon!! And now that we learnt some bits and pieces about his life and that he doesn’t have a house anymore (my heart is broken, I just love Jughead) I had no other choice but to write this, hope you all like guys!!!)

Jughead knew the routine by now. Scrunched down and trying to make his trademark combat boots as soundless as possible, the raven haired boy cautiously popped his head from the corner he was hiding, icy blue eyes scanning the empty corridor in from of him. A quarter to nine, the great clock over the entrance of Riverdale High informed him and he slightly frowned, biting anxiously on his down lip and drumming his slender fingers on the tiled wall next to him in anticipation. Radio commercials along with the icky sound of track soles stepping on wet floor could be heard faintly inside the now lifeless school building, a tell-tale sign that his misery for the day will soon be over and Jughead could be nothing but relieved about it. He was tired and even more so mentally tired, with all the small town drama and its joke of residents as well as his spiraling thoughts about his novel and the newfound reality he had to adjust to, that being his current situation of well, yeah, being homeless, plus the here and there thoughts about a certain girl next door, a girl he knew all his life and a girl he always knew belonged to his best friend, that lately seemed to invade his mind an awful more lot. Yeah, Jughead needed a place to lie down, even if that was the dusty floor of the Blue & Gold.

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i’m literally going to defend ‘bandwagon’ and new hockey fans until the day i die. every hockey fan has to start somewhere. every hockey fan gets pulled into hockey one way or another, and if it’s because of a popular team or a popular player or a successful team or a successful player then so be it. 

you can’t make all of this noise about wanting more hockey fans and wanting hockey to get bigger and then go “well you have to do X and Y and be able to list off these three things and not be a fan of this team to count” like that’s not how it works. you can make efforts to (politely, not condescendingly!) explain more about the rules and teams to new fans (if they want! don’t force it on them, lord. some people just are casual fans, and that’s fine too.)

i’ve been dealing with gatekeeping regarding hockey my entire life , and i’m so tired of it, and i’m going to do everything i can to make sure that nobody else has to deal with it. 

if a person likes a team because they’re popular or successful or because of a certain player, let them. sometimes these people turn into multi team fans who pay super close attention to stats and standings and rumors and stuff. and sometimes they don’t, and that’s okay too. 

I’d really love to see more people talking about the relationship between Lance and Coran. I mean, 

  1. When they first met they were both doing bad martial arts impression of how they would take each other down
  2. They both claim to have nicknames which they obviously made up themselves (the Tailor and the Coranic, come on) 
  3. Coran offered to record Lance making a siren noise and broadcast it because Lance wanted to feel like a space policeman?!?! 
  4. They had such a sweet bonding moment in Fall of the Castle of Lions, when they were talking about how much they missed their homes
  5. Shortly after which Lance almost died protecting Coran

There’s probably more stuff that I’m not remembering right now, but I’d really like to see more people exploring these two adorable goofs being dorky bffs

some hidden vocals from jk’s cover of we don’t talk anymore

I kind of love how Robbie Rotten dresses up in various women’s clothing items for his disguises and stuff, but nobody ever says anything about it. Even after they realise it’s him, they’re not like “HAHAHAHA, you’re wearing a dress” which might be typical for kids their age, instead they’re just like “calm down, have some sports candy, stop being a jerk.”

I feel like the kids of LazyTown would easily accept someone deviating from gender norms, and that makes me happy.

Jimin As Your Boyfriend

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Oh boy let’s go right in the heart of the feels

-When you first meet him he’s probably really shy because let’s be honest this mochi is adorable

-He sees you and it’s either intense eye contact or he keeps giggling and looking away smooooth

-Hold up though

-Once y'all are friends he can be caring and a solid rock to lean on anytime to be honest
-But the flirting and the teasing ohmygosh

-Loves skinship too and his hugs are probably the softest thing in the world since he literally is the fluffiest mochi ever ohmygoshmyheartiwantahug

-Of course he is perfect best friend material. Keeps secrets. Is willing to drop everything and come to soothe you. Just his laugh will help you tbh but when that fails he brings ice cream and movies

-Literally he will hit you when he laughs too and it’s kinda sorta annoying but also the thing that makes you laugh too


-One of two ways. Accidentally like he thinks you’re asleep and you’re cuddled next to him and he says it but then you’re like “uh Jimin I’m awake” then he’s a blushing mess. 

OR. He takes you to the dance studio saying it’s urgent and he has little notes along the way and flowers at the end and he asks to for a dance and confesses in your ear holy crap I die (tbh I only see him accidentally doing it lolol)


-We all know nobody can let this squish go. He is too precious for the world and even on tour I see him finding time to text you or call and all that stuff that makes my heart flutter flutter

-Clingy. Clingyclingyclingy. Also very protective. He can go from squish to jealous in .5 seconds. If he sees you let’s say arguing with Jungkook over a game and Jungkook thinks it’s ok to tickle you to win. His eyes would immediately darken with rage. He will probably take it calmly by getting in the middle and tickling you instead. But you can tell he’s jealous by his tight grip the next time you talk to Jungkook. So all in all he’s protective af


-Probably the cutest thing ever. Probably just a peck cus some y'all nasty and want tongue and no take it slow. One night you’re cuddling and you probably squish his cheeks and he does the same to yours and you are giggling then he just grins and pecks your lips. His giggle gives me life sorry side note. Tbh his lips are probably so soft omfg like pillows and you immediately stop giggling before he kisses your cheek sweetly. The feels wow I am a sad single human being

-Neck Kisses. Holy wow. So much neck kisses. He usually nuzzles into your neck too. He just loves your neck idk why. Sometimes his hair tickles and you try to push him away but he tightens his grip on you in which he would giggle I’m sorry what is with me and his giggle. So soft wow he would love pecking your neck. Along with hickies but shshshshshshshh

-Dates are probably to the mall and parks or at home or the dance studio. All the simple stuff where it can just be you two talking ya know. 

-Him teaching you a dance. You guys having a slow dance. Dancing with him. Swaying in the kitchen. I could see him backhugging you then swaying while nuzzling into your neck wowowowow

-Backhugs. That’s it.

-Him laying on your stomach or chest cus let’s be honest he probably loves your chest

- He loves loves loves loves when you play with his hair. He always runs his hand through his own but when you do it it’s like puppy mode is on and he sighs softly and often falls asleep while you do it

-Baking. Making pancakes in the morning. Cliché flour fights. Maybe you burn down the kitchen maybe not.

-Boyfriend material af™

-Him constantly taking pictures of you

-Competition to see who sends the ugliest selfies is a daily thing tbh and you’ll get a memekook bombarding his picture
-Morning voice hoooooooomygosh I cri

-Late night talks and you guys talk about your dreams and what you guys will be like in the future. If you have anything you’re sad about a vice versa he will gladly listen and listen to you fully

-He always calls you jagiya and so sweetly too like you can hear him across the house slash dorm just doing his cute waddle to you saying “jagiyaaaaaaa” so soft and wow my heart

-You always being in best friend mode when he feels bad and insecure. You immediately smack some sense not literally into his brain. Like no you are a pure angel Park Jimin your voice, your personality, body, face, dance, everything.

-All over he is such a sweet boyfriend and so caring. You don’t mind it being silent but you have him by your side so you are at peace. Best friends when you need to be but y'all in love.

WOW~ this has been in my drafts for SOSOSOS long but here it is I feel these are repetitive but ya know we know our boys pretty well