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Hey, this isn't so much of an ask as it is a reminder: leave feedback for authors and stop demanding updates from them. Honestly, I just had to talk my friend out of deleting her ao3 account bc she thought no one liked her stuff anymore even though she got a few hundred hits. People leave her comments only demanding new chapters. STOP DOING THAT. Comment, like/leave kudos, reblog things, message authors and tell them you liked their stuff. It literally takes five seconds to say something nice.

As a fic writer, i can confirm that pressuring makes it harder to update and makes writers wanna delete instead. Important info!


Why Did Indiana Jones And The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Suck?

Well, we’ve all been wondering, and since I’m writing something kinda in the subgenre, here’s my take. It boils down to verisimilitude and escalation.

1. All the past movies started out with a sequence that was grounded and down to earth, before escalating into something more fantastical. Raiders started out with Indy in a temple full of booby traps. ToD with a gunfight in a swanky nightclub. Last Crusade with a chase through a circus train. Pretty much sequences that could happen in any movie, and then only gradually are we eased into the more outre stuff.

How does KotCS begin?

A. Russian operatives, at the height of the Cold War, drive onto a US military base and massacre American troops, all for the sake of getting their hands on a shiny bauble. Does that sound like something that could’ve happened in our reality? Without triggering a nuclear war?

B. There’s some strange magnetic artifact that makes metal float in the air and fly around corners.

C. Cate Blanchett is a psychic or something?

D. Indy survives a nuclear explosion.

All that stuff is pretty much as ridiculous as the end of the movie, where Indy and friends flee a spaceship as it takes off. Hell, it’s more ridiculous than the endings of the older movies. So right off the bat, we’re in sci-fi territory and thus the movie isn’t taking place in ‘our world.’

2. Similarly, there’s no escalation of the supernatural element. In the past movies, everything seemed to be set in ‘our world,’  with only a teensy bit of paranormal activity and then only at the very end. It’s actually a little reminiscent of magic in Conan–something strange and special and exceedingly rare. Indy found the Ark of the Covenant, but it only did something at the climax. Same with the Holy Grail–that he didn’t even find until the end. ToD had voodoo dolls and zombies, but they were being used by the bad guys, so there was still some mystery to it.

KotCS, we have the skull. Indy almost immediately gets his hands on it. It’s obviously paranormal. It’s strangely magnetic, it gives people psychic visions, it controls ants (?), it controls angry natives (???)–and what’s worse, it gets tossed around like a pigskin. The Grail, the Ark, even the Sankara Stones, they commanded awe and respect. The Crystal Skull seems more like just a key card or something. Important, but not something really special. You get the feeling that if Indy had ended the adventure with it, it’d be doing time as a paperweight instead of being in Warehouse 13.

3. The supernatural element itself is lame. Previously, all the ‘magic’ in the world was in rarefied air. It was stuff people actually believed in, whether Jewish, Christian, or Hindu. I firmly believe that if the artifact in Indy 4 had been the Golden Fleece or something, with Zeus implied to be a real deity, people would’ve been almost as disappointed. It just makes the magic less special when apparently it’s everywhere. But it’s especially disappointing to go into a whole ‘nother genre and group our artifact with Shirley MacClaine and healing crystals. We’ve gone from two thousand years of culture and religion to kitsch from the seventies.

4. Indy is indestructible. Just like with the escalation from a grounded ‘our world’ to magic, the old movies reinforced their verisimilitude by having Indy get beat up and injured from all his adventures. In KotCS, a much older Indy seems more physically fit than ever, and is easily able to beat up men half his age who completely outnumber him. Here’s Indy at the end of Raiders.

Holy shit, look at that huge gash on his forehead! That isn’t even at the end of an action scene, he’s just that beat up.

Indy at the end of Crystal Skull.

That guy’s been in a fight? Let alone an action movie? He looks exactly like he did at the start of the movie.

It’s another ‘our world’ versus ‘fantasy world’ thing. And it actually leads into my next point.

5. Spielberg and Lucas just weren’t serious about this. A lot of people want to blame Lucas for KotCS, and he certainly has lost the touch he once had (not to take away from his prodigious accomplishments earlier in his career). But Spielberg was the one who let him get away with it and I feel also went into this whole thing despite not really wanting to do it or even being able to do it. I know I’m not blowing anyone’s mind here, but Spielberg lost his taste for gruesome but fun violence and apparently became such a gun-control advocate he can’t even depict his characters effectively using guns to defend themselves against dinosaurs or such. Which is, you know, only a problem if you insist about making movies about people with guns. 

If Indy were more of an ‘old gunslinger’ like Clint in Unforgiven, it’d be at least somewhat believable that he can come out on top in ‘our world.’ If he pulled a lot of clever tricks and outwitted his opponents, that would be even better. But just saying he can outfight everyone no matter how old he is, and only using his fists while they have automatic weapons, is just throwing your hands up in the air and saying this movie takes place in Narnia.

(Also, not to get political, but isn’t it pretty hypocritical to say it’s fine for Indy to kill people by setting them on fire, feeding them to ants, even blowing them up with rocket launchers, but handguns are a step too far? Are we supposed to believe that murdering someone with a blowdart is somehow morally superior to using a Colt .45?)

Major throwback to last year in the days leading up to O levels. Anyways to all of yall facing Os in less than a month, GOOD LUCK! I’d like to share what I’ve learnt from my O level experience, some last minute tips/reminders (I am very much a nag orz)

It’s about 2-3 weeks to the exam, so…

general rule: CLARIFY ALL CONCEPTUAL DOUBTS NOW. Ask friends, ask teachers, ask anyone! (I’m here too!)

STOP WRITING LENGTHY NOTES. (Unless you’re at your last chapter or so) You should use the time instead to do your TYS, or some alternatives to quickly finish going over content:

  • Write your notes on your textbook (What I did for SS), use highlighters and whatnot
  • Make flashcards for the most important info, it could be something you’d like to refer to while waiting to enter the exam hall* for sense of security or sth (*DO NOT CRAM NOR DO/DISCUSS STUFF. IT WILL MAKE YOU PANIC AND YOU WON’T WANT THAT)
  • Spontaneous mindmapping. Read and understand the topic/highlight/whatever works for you, then grab blank sheets of paper. Write the topic title in the middle and branch out whatever you can recall (good for Geog, good for Science), do it quickly without referring to anything, don’t worry about messiness and all. Afterwords grab another colour ink and your textbook and fill in what you’ve missed out and correct any errors
  • Topical TYS

Do your TYS. DO IT. I did not get As for the subjects I did only one TYS paper for. If you really don’t think you can finish all 10 years make sure you’ve done at least the past 4-5 years, IF YOUR SYLLABUS IS NEW BE CAREFUL

Go over your old papers/assignments. List down the issues, find where your marks get lost, take note of it!

Take about 10 minutes to take note of the secondary schools you’ll pass by on your way to school. In the event of emergencies (train breakdown, etc.) if you really cannot make it to your school in time for your paper you should be able to take it at the nearest school.

Weight your commitment to certain subjects if you have to (eg. if you have 3 sciences and don’t feel confident about one, focus more on the others or sth). Ultimately you cannot use all your subjects for L1R5 / L1R4 etc.

Some subject specific tips/reminders:

  • English - Perfect your editing. That 10 marks is really important. Expose yourself to the different types of situational writing (letter? brochure? speech?) literally pretend you are making that speech, writing to your aunt etc. BE GENUINE.
  • A/E Math - Practice a little everyday, try a couple of challenging sums but otherwise being extremely clear about the “standard” questions (especially for A math) is fairly substantial
  • Sciences - You gotta do your MCQ TYS, a lot of questions in the MCQ paper are repeated/very similar. Keywords are extremely important in your paper 2 answers. Bio: Many terms to spell!
  • Social Studies - Essay: You will be told not to spot. But remember that if you are really desperate you can forgo one chapter. At the end of the day it is how well you explain with your solid examples for that one set of questions you choose. SBQ: Practice! Expose yourself to decontextualised (non textbook case studies) SBQs, different types of questions (especially those evaluative stuff like “Are you surprised by this source?” etc.)
  • Geography - Try the questions in your textbook (All About Geography) as they are nicely arranged in topics for you. Practice drawing diagrams (formations of whatever, plate movement etc.) and remember they need to have titles, legends etc. Also, memorise specific examples (with stats, dates, facts and figures and all) for your 8 mark questions, you could try practicing how to integrate these examples into different explanations for different but similar questions
  • Literature - Pretend to be a fangirl about your set text if you aren’t. REMEMBER QUOTES. Essays and PBQ are marked similarly (How well you explain things/organise your thoughts, how well you use your quotes etc.) so choose wisely. Prose VS Poem: Every word in the poem is there for a reason, you gotta follow the progression of stuff in the prose. Sometimes it’s not the difficulty of understanding either, but the difficulty of the questions.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH (Physical, emotional, spiritual) please drink lots of water and think positive. Don’t overwork yourself. Encourage each other alright! You can do it. Believe in yourself and your 10 years of compulsory schooling. GO ACE THE PAPERS!!!

My mother often tells me “not to forget” things as if I forgot them because I wanted to. I know it’s supposed to be helpful, but she sounds condescending while saying that. I am often late to appointments and she keeps telling me to “hurry up” as if her constant pestering was going to magically give me super speed or something, and it doesn’t matter  to her how hard I am trying. I cannot even express how incredibly angry this shit makes me feel, because it’s basically her telling me that my best is not good enough. I tried explaining her but it didn’t work, so I suck it up every time, but I feel like I am about to snap at her at any moment, and I really don’t want that to happen. I am not medicated by the way. Any suggestions on how I could cope with those feelings?

Ugh, I hate when people do this kind of thing. I have a bunch of different things to say and I hope some of them are helpful for you.

Obviously you know your mom is trying to help or support you or whatever, and that’s why you don’t want to yell at her. That’s good, it’s an important start. Hold onto that!

You said you tried explaining to her how this stuff makes you feel, but it didn’t help. What about approaching it from another angle? “Mom, I know you’re worried that I might forget something important. Can you help me think of new ways to help me remember besides just telling me not to forget?” “Mom, I know it bothers you that I’m late for appointments a lot, and it bothers me too. I wonder if there are some steps we could take that might help me be on time more often, instead of just saying to hurry up?” What you’re doing here is involving her in your process and opening up the discussion somewhat. It sounds a bit like she wants to be involved and wants to help, but she doesn’t have anything actually concrete to do to help you. If you can give her alternatives that might help her help you better.

As for the feelings themselves, here’s what I do when I get really upset about something and know that it’s really important that I not explode.

  1. I take a deep breath and clamp my mouth SHUT. Now is NOT the time to talk.
  2. I shoot daggers with my eyes because that is fun.
  3. I make myself breathe slowly because that helps keep me calm.
  4. I think about ways to address the problem or situation or person or whatever.

Good luck!


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You know, as a trans guy it's hard to find cis guys i can relate to, you know? like, most aren't comfortable with femininity or don't really get it. I can relate to you. You're super polite and know about this stuff. And you don't pretend to understand something you've never gone through, instead you acknowledge you'll never fully get it and try to help out how you can, and that makes me very happy. Thanks. :)

Aww!!! That’s wonderful! Soo happy that I can be someone you can relate to! Yeah, I think it’s important to understand that I was brought up in a society that instilled me with a lot internalized bias, and I try every day to learn about the struggles others have to go through, and try to break myself of these internalized things! The best I can do is offer as much support as possible, because, like you said, I can never truly comprehend everything you have to go through. I’m so glad I’m making this an accessible space for you. Hope I can keep learning and growing!

I want to address something that has been bugging me recently for some reason. 

Basically a lot of times I’ve heard people talk about how it’d be great if Spider-Man had a girlfriend who was a scientist or how Gwen (take your pick of which version) was great because she was a scientist.

Specifically they talk about stuff like that in the context of how Peter has so much in common with Gwen/hypothetical scientist girlfriend who has no personality traits beyond being a scientist.

And almost as frequently from these same people I hear the charge that such girlfriends/Gwen had more in common with Peter precisely because MJ isn’t into science. Indeed Peter and MJ don’t seem to have any  thing in common which is unrealistic and unbelievable.

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GMW + Labels
  • Riley & Lucas in Ski Lodge: *seem to think slapping a bf/gf label on their friendship will make them talk more about important stuff with each other instead of other people even though that's not really how they are together, they just think about it a bunch*
  • Lucas regarding the bf/gf label, one year earlier: "Those are just words, Riley."
  • Show: *reuses the "those are just words" line in I Do AND SHT/TRW like it's an important point or something*
  • Also Show: *did a whole bit in GM Money about how labels don't change what something just IS*
  • Riley & Lucas, post Ski Lodge: *have ONE "important talk" in GM Bear (wherein they actually kinda talk past each other if you pay attention) and then proceed to never have another one for the whole rest of the season, not even when she has a huge emotional blowout fight with her mom, plus he straight up peaces out on on her in SHT/TRW AND he's absolutely useless to her when she asks his advice in SDLM*
  • Me: Gosh, it's almost like slapping a label on something doesn't magically make it better or change it into something it's not. 🤔


By: Caitlin

What’s the first thing you notice about someone? Their beautiful personality? Witty humour? Intelligence? Although it would be wonderful if this were the case let’s face it, in this consumerist & image dominated society we live in a person’s image & look is the first thing we take note of. I will not shy down to this fact; I myself am guilty of such acts, as are we all.

This imagery-centered society we live in tends to dominate our lives, particularly teenagers. We are expected/ we expect ourselves to attempt to meet certain ‘standards’ to impress people. This kind of mindset alone can only bring misery to us. We are expected to think that because we don’t look a certain way or dress a certain way that we aren’t “cool” enough, or that we won’t have any friends.

It makes me incredibly sad in some ways; I mean we could use the fact that we live in a visual culture to our advantage, yet it often ends up on the unlucky end for most. So, I believe we need to adapt or die. Not literally, but you get the picture? You need to learn how to best to accept yourself & be okay with being you. Now, you may think “Wow, well that ain’t gonna work because I’m not pretty enough or skinny enough, or blah blah” but don’t speak too soon, because I’m going to talk to you a little on how to nourish yourself on the inside, so much so that it begins to glow from within yourself. 

You know those people you meet, that aren’t particularly attractive but they just glow, like everyone wants to be friends with them & they just overflow this really sweet vibe? I think everyone should aim for that.

First off we need to stop hating ourselves. We are taught to point out our flaws & be embarrassed by them when we need to be embracing & accepting them. You may have massive thighs; you know what you do, you buy clothes that suit & embrace your thighs & make you look & feel like Beyoncé. Maybe you have a massive vagina? Go out & show those people how fucking great your vagina is. You have a big mouth? Show off that massive good lookin’ smile of yours at every possible chance. As soon as we learn to accept things that may be seen as flaws to others & to us, we learn to accept ourselves as a whole more. Accepting your flaws also means people can’t us it against you, which is a really fantastic thing to have on hand.

Then we need to work on the inside stuff. Instead of investing your time doing pointless things on the internet, watching shitty tv shows or even giving your precious time away to shitty people, go do something that nourishes you as a person. I don’t mean go to some self belief seminar, but like do something that makes you super happy, do something that involves what you’re good at, learn new skills, read a nice book, meet really cool people who are going to build you up. In my personal opinion, this is the really important stuff in life.

As teenagers we are often so easily caught up in the habit of being incredibly self-absorbed, materialistic & consumerists. & in general that isn’t healthy. We create these images of what we ‘should” be & we believe if we fulfill these things we will then be happy. No, let me tell you now, if you wake up one day looking like Cara Delevingne & with the wardrobe of Alexa Chung you’re not going to fill that deep hole of emptiness inside you. You can’t just stuff materialistic things in an attempt to cover up whatever you’ve got going on in there. I mean we’re all at different stages, for some people the thing might be parent’s divorcing, whilst for another their bird might have died. Now just a side note we can’t judge people’s sadness levels to what they’ve got going on. I mean yeah it sucks if your bird dies, like maybe that person had no other friends & it was their first ever pet? Yeah so just don’t go there. But back to my point, you need to fill these holes with good things as I suggested above. Because my friend I can promise you, these things may make you feel better for a short period of time but it’s not a permanent resolution.

I’m currently sitting here thinking what a terrible piece of writing this is & hoping that you may have gotten something out of this. I wish you all the best in your endeavors to find contentment in all your being & your life & if you ever need a talk remember that the reef team is always up for a chat!

Much love. X

Photographer: Jade


I’ve been trying to come up with the best way to describe how I take notes, but since it’s not really a formal system I’ll just give you some of the main things I do that have made a difference in my life. Let me know if you have any questions!

I used to struggle a lot with my notes, because I mostly take History and Sociology classes, and they tend to be written in a very confusing prosaic style but still have important information that needs to be pulled out. I used to underline everything, and then I experimented with color coding, but that took too long and was never very helpful for me, so now I just use pretty bright colors to keep myself interested, box important terms or events, and circle important dates.

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

1) Divide your reading in advance. You might notice all those tabs sticking out of the edge of my textbook, they’re to mark off how much I have to read each day. Take the number of pages you have to read, divide by the number of days you have to read (minus one if you can swing it to give yourself a cushion), and then read that much every day. I like to use post its to mark it off so I don’t have to worry that I’m remember incorrectly and to help me visualize it. I don’t stick strictly to the page number, instead, I tend to divide it up by natural stopping point, like if there’s a section break or something. So, it’s okay if I read a few more pages one day and a couple fewer the next. Looking at the work ahead of time is so much easier than sitting down the night before something’s due to see how much you have to read. Plus, I find it keeps my anxiety in check.

2) Underline important information only, and look for sentences that summarize what may have been said previously. Whenever I want to underline something, I read ahead just a few lines to make sure I understand the full point, and to see if the author says it in a more concise way at the end of the paragraph. I use squiggly lines to make the really important stuff stand out. Resist the urge to underline stuff you find particularly interesting, instead write “cool” or something in the margin so your eye will jump right to it but you won’t get distracted when looking for key information. 

3) Paraphrase! If the author doesn’t provide you with a concise summary of information, write it yourself in the margin. I find I’m much more likely to go back to what I wrote anyway, since I know it’ll make sense to me. I tend to do my summaries in a very colloquial way, so it’s not daunting to read, and I really have to translate and synthesize the information rather than just repeating what the author said in their own words.

4) Connect big picture information. Often my readings will give lots of details while trying to get to the main point. This information is valuable to fully understanding what’s going on, but can get in the way of the big picture. Breaking the paragraphs down into key information and then tracking how it all fits together is essential for me. I underline important concepts or sentences, and then number and draw arrows. Often I star a key point/topic and then number when I come across supporting points or results (pictured above). I also draw arrows connecting a flow of events or to follow the author’s thought process. Again, this forces me to synthesize as I read. I find this is also often how professors see the information and structure their classes accordingly, so when they ask how something happened it’s already mapped out in my notes and I can find the answer quickly. 

5) In class use a different color (I like to do a grey or a different shade of the color I took my individual notes in). This way you can differentiate between your thoughts and your professor’s thoughts, or key facts and supporting details.

I hope this makes sense. Depending on the class, I don’t usually take notes into a notebook, although if I see a structure for how all the information in a chapter fits together I might map it into a notebook (third picture) and take my class notes on top of it so it’s easier to conceptualize as a whole. Overall, I find it essential to take the information from the reading and force it into a different shape. All too often people’s notes are just lists of information that paraphrase the book, and it can be really difficult to pull out the main structure of the information or argument that way.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Show Business: Marketing for Those That Hate Marketing

A lot of indies don’t want to market their games and I tend to agree with them. Marketing is a bad word and a shitty thing. It has been selling us stuff our whole lives. When I see a billboard yelling at me to try the new CrunchMeatwich 5000 for just $2.99, I clench up. Most of us do when we’re sold something. It’s an uncomfortable spot that we don’t want to put anyone else in. “Hey, try this it’s free! TRY IT!!!” makes us feel like we’re not artists but instead, hucksters. It’s a distraction from what’s important: our work.

I’m right there with you. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to “do marketing”. This isn’t french fries, paper towels or cleaning products; it’s art! It’s whatever you want to express for whatever goals you have for your work of art. The real problem is how we’re looking at what the rest of artistic mediums do for “marketing” and thinking that’s the only way.

Movies are the number one influencer of videogame marketing and videogames in general. Trailers, stills, websites and the rest. Two titanic entertainment industries that separate making the damn thing and telling people about it in just about the same way. Movies might even be worse…

When a studio takes on a film, it’s usually tasked with doing all the marketing. I think it’s been this way for a long long time and this carries through in videogames. It’s absurd that an incredible movie with an amazing director doesn’t have creative control over the trailer; essentially a film. They worked hard crafting 120 minutes of film, surely they might have a vision for the 2 minutes that tells people about it…

That’s not to say there haven’t been great trailers executed by directors… But as you watch, think on the last movie trailer you watched that felt honest and indicative of the film’s flavor like these do below. It seems (unsurprisingly so) that Stanley Kubrick had a heavy influence on his trailers:

Official Trailer for The Shining

Official Trailer for Dr. Strangelove

Official Trailer for A Clockwork Orange

But clearly, he wasn’t involved in this one: A Clockwork Orange 40th Anniversary Edition Trailer

And that’s not even that bad of a trailer by anyone’s standards. But clearly it’s dishonest, after seeing the three directed by Kubrick himself. Your trailer, your screenshots, your website your… whatever, is an extension of your core work. Treat it as such. If it’s not working, try again.

So why do we default to the old concepts of “marketing” and “marketing teams” to tell people about our work? Those are old and weird and they don’t work for us anyhow. If a game is made with an indie spirit, that will shine through if the same soul is put into everything surrounding the game itself. If you make a trailer with dubstep because you saw a talk about dubstep’s effect on game sales, well, you’ve sold your soul and you’ve made the mistake of “marketing” your game.

Most recently I released Threes with Asher. We searched for a single sentence for 8 straight months that would describe Threes. We went through hundreds of name ideas. I sat up in bed many nights thinking what would make sense for our “trailer”. The “tagline”, the trailer, the screenshots, the pull quotes and the website all needed to be tiny. We didn’t know that until a couple months before release. Just as I remade the art for the game dozens of times, the extensions of the game itself had just as much energy poured into them.

For the duration of your works development, search long and hard for what makes it special. That beating core of phosphorous hidden inside that makes your eyes widen when you finally see it. It’s never not taken me the whole time and it’s never not felt amazing when after dozens of concepts and false-starts I finally Get It and everything is in its right place. The rest is the easy part. Making the trailer, the website and the screenshots. It’s The Discovery that takes months.

It feels great because we’ve managed to make our game that much richer outside of the space it resides in. It feels honest. When you get it, and you put in the work, it’s the opposite feeling of “marketing”.

A lot of folks in the community know me for my graphic design approach, but this applies to everyone. Whether your game is about an interpersonal relationship, classism or desserts, the same search for the soul of your work applies. It’ll look, feel and taste different than anyone else’s work and that’s the whole point. Your game should be an extension of you and let that same expression extend out into how you show it, or maybe how you don’t.

You don’t have to be Stanley Kubrick, you just have to be honest and brave. Below is an incredibly honest, soul-bearing trailer, undoubtedly directed by Tommy Wisseau. It seems to give away all the major plot points of the movie, and yet it hides just enough of the beautifully bad yet quiet moments littered throughout that make it worth watching. Oblivious or not, Tommy made this trailer with the same passion and vigor that is imbued in The Room itself.

Use your limits. You had them when you made your game. Maybe they’re different when it comes to a trailer, but they’re still there to guide you. Making a videogame is incredibly technical and involves some of the core skills involved in creating trailers, websites and screenshots. Plus, we live in the internet. It’s not all directly applicable, but the execution of these things should be much less trouble then, say… for a novelist.

I’m not saying this is easy stuff. I’m not even saying we even have the kind of time required. But if you’re letting yourself off the hook because you “don’t know how” or hate “marketing” you’ve missed a step in the process of bearing your soul through your artworks.

Stop selling your game. Show it.

ignorethenormal  asked:

How does one get lots of followers?

i feel like answering this honestly for once so here you go

When i started my blog in 2009 i didn’t really understand tumblr at first and like pretty much everyone ever i wanted a lot of followers. At the time I’d reblog whatever I thought was pretty and post stuff from weheartit (don’t do that) but basically I got my first 1000 or so followers by following every single blog I could find. I ended up following i think about 5000 people and lots of them followed me back. I don’t think it works that way anymore really and if it does it’s not worth it, they won’t care for the stuff you post anyway.

I think it depends on what you want your blog to be. Right from the beginning strictly reblogging other people’s posts wasn’t what I wanted to do and while I did start out posting stuff from weheartit which you should never ever ever do (I don’t care who you are don’t do it), after a few people on anon explaining to me why sourcing photography is important I switched to flickr and then later added content from behance as well, and I’m still doing that today.

If you’re into the just reblogging stuff thing instead of finding your own content then I can’t really tell you how it works. It just depends. I have a personal blog where all I do is reblog stuff and lots of it is kinda educational/social justice-y but there’s funny stuff and cute stuff and sometimes naked people and just idk stuff and photography/art I like and it works.

If your blog is just stuff you reblog I’d say make sure your theme fits. That’s so important, like seriously important. Don’t make it too colorful unless you know what you’re doing, if you’re here for the followers don’t have autoplay on your theme, if you want people to be interested in your blog when they’re on it for the first time don’t have a theme with 12353462 columns (maybe that’s just personal preference but those are the worst in my opinion)

What I did is I always went on blogs I liked and kind of just paid attention to what they made their blog look like. I always based the theme I used on other people’s themes until I figured it out myself. Maybe see who made the theme your favorite blog uses and look at the other themes that person has released.

Don’t be a dick to people. Don’t be a dick to people. Don’t. Seriously. Unless they deserve it. Otherwise, no. And talk to as many people as you can. Message them, say hi. Introduce yourself. I’ve made so many friends on here and it’s so worth it. They help with people finding your blog, too. But that’s not what you should make friends here for. And don’t ask everyone to “have a look at your blog” unless they state somewhere that they’re okay with it.

I don’t really think there’s much else you can do besides corresponding with people and making sure your blog looks good. Sometimes you just have to be lucky. Oh and please don’t be one of those people that remove sources/captions when they reblog something. That’s so disrespectful I don’t even.

If you post content you find on websites such as flickr/deviantart/behance/500px and don’t reblog other people’s posts from your dashboard much, always always always a l w a y s make sure your posts are sourced right. I’m so tired of people putting their urls in the click-through/the source link. I don’t care that you found the photo, it’s not yours. Nobody cares. Stop.

Let’s say you want to strictly post landscape photography, or design, or art, or portraits, anything that falls under a category in the featured tags. There are editors like myself for those and we are willing to feature your stuff if you come to us with links. Personally, I’m always happy to have people submit their posts to me, especially when they’re not very well-known blogs. Let’s be honest, we’re all too lazy to find them ourselves so you’re making our “work” a lot easier like that. Just don’t over-do it. If the person you send something to doesn’t respond/lets you know they’re not interested, don’t be rude.

I don’t know. I think it’s way more important for you to just enjoy the blogging experience instead of worrying about followers and all that. Make friends, find out what you want your blog to be like. Everything else will come to you. This isn’t really supposed to be serious. Unless you post your own work or you’re trying to make money off your blog. But that’s a different story, I can’t really help with that. Blah.


Dear mutuals and followers, it came to my attention that there is this user with the url bapgraphy who will delete captions and credits from ALL the posts she reblogs (if they have captions and credits that is). So if you happen to follow her, please DON’T reblog from her but try to reblog from the original source.

I tried to message her privately asking her not to remove the captions next time she reblogs posts because 1) it’s not nice to edit the original posts, and 2) especially when they contain translation or fam cam credits because we all know it is polite to credit people’s hard work. Yet she chose to ignore and unfollowed me. A friend of mine, daaehyun message her too and her reply:

I understand that removing the captions is considered impolite to some people, but it’s not a universal opinion. The captions section is open for editing to *all* bloggers; basically meaning that it isn’t only the gif-makers (and that includes me) who can edit the captions and/or remove them entirely.
The captions section is, in fact, a part of every blogger/reblogger’s choice and if it wasn’t, then that section would be locked just like the artwork section. That is is the reason that some gif-makers put their signatures in a corner of their work. Furthermore, the top corner of every post reveals the original source of the very artwork that has been reflagged, and thus it is already credited.
I respect that you have an opinion, but I do not share the same view as you and can’t follow your request. I can, however, unfollow you — if it’s a severe problem to you. But I will continue to reblog as I do now until Tumblr makes a rule out of the captions section and/or locks it entirely. Until then, every blogger is free to choose whether the captions should be allowed on their blog or not.
I hope that you will respect my point of view as I do yours. Thanks.”

Our point is not about the original source being reflagged or not, what we are trying to tell her is that by removing the captions when reblogging, she is also removing the credits.

Oh btw, she post gifs too, WITH CAPTIONS AND PROPER CREDITS. So it is quite obvious she knows the importance of crediting something that does not belong to her. Then why can’t she do the same for all posts that belong to other people by not removing the credits? So please, everyone, do NOT reblog stuff from her but click on the original source and reblog from them instead :) This is to make sure you don’t reblog something that is being tampered with as well as to support the owners’ hard work. Thank you!!