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GMW + Labels
  • Riley & Lucas in Ski Lodge: *seem to think slapping a bf/gf label on their friendship will make them talk more about important stuff with each other instead of other people even though that's not really how they are together, they just think about it a bunch*
  • Lucas regarding the bf/gf label, one year earlier: "Those are just words, Riley."
  • Show: *reuses the "those are just words" line in I Do AND SHT/TRW like it's an important point or something*
  • Also Show: *did a whole bit in GM Money about how labels don't change what something just IS*
  • Riley & Lucas, post Ski Lodge: *have ONE "important talk" in GM Bear (wherein they actually kinda talk past each other if you pay attention) and then proceed to never have another one for the whole rest of the season, not even when she has a huge emotional blowout fight with her mom, plus he straight up peaces out on on her in SHT/TRW AND he's absolutely useless to her when she asks his advice in SDLM*
  • Me: Gosh, it's almost like slapping a label on something doesn't magically make it better or change it into something it's not. 🤔