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After watching the leaked episode I'm more convinced than ever that Dany is going to get pregnant but that also makes me wonder how will she fight against the NK. Can she ride a dragon while pregnant? It's definitely going to bring a lot of tension/angst to her story arc. She finally gets the one thing she thought she would never have but it comes at the worse possible time. What are your thoughts about that? How will it impact her relationship with Jon? How will their people react to the news?

I agree with you that a Dany pregnancy plot is almost a certainty at this point. Them mentioning twice in one episode that she can’t have children, and in that same episode asking the audience to think about Jon’s future and legacy, is basically a confirmation. 

I do think that when we find this out, it won’t be an episode 1 reveal. It’s too important. So maybe she will do some fighting on Drogon. But even that seems unlikely to me because just from a storytelling standpoint I would be very surprised for episode 1 to have a battle sequence. 

Soooo I tend to agree that a pregnancy might sideline Dany next season. When people asked me about this a few months ago I always asserted that she wouldn’t be pregnant until almost the end because there wouldn’t be time skips. This season we already had time skips within episodes. It has really surprised me. So I actually do expect some small time skip from the finale this season to episode 1 of season 8–at least for the duration of the voyage North. We know that voyage will last at least one month so if Dany gets pregnant early on then we can count on her being aware of that pregnancy by around episode 2. So you’re probably right. She won’t battle the NK herself. 

And this is going to be a cause of major angst and tension for her because Dany has always been someone who likes to be at the head of her army, who likes to interact with and walk among her people. And now that her dragons are big enough, she rides into battle herself instead of commanding people from the sidelines. I think it will be very difficult for Dany to have to sit around at Winterfell or somewhere similar while other people–especially Jon–fight for her. 

This will cause some of the tension for their relationship, because they will have to be apart and Dany will likely resent that he will want her to stay behind for the safety of their child.

In terms of how other people will react, it’s a given that Jon will be overjoyed I’m sure. He’s a sweetie and a perfect cinnamon roll. He will love Dany and therefore extra love any child they have. I think everyone on “team Dragonstone” + Davos will also be pleased. 

But I think the Northerners will be less happy. Again, this is something I’ve recently changed my stance on. I used to think that the Northerners would be so grateful for Dany’s aid and Jon’s return that they would be willing to accept her. But now I think that’s going to take more time and convincing based on how the Northern lords are responding to Jon still being away from Winterfell. They aren’t very patient and they aren’t very understanding. They’re ridiculous. If I’m honest I think it’s kind of silly writing. We are supposed to believe that the Northerners already believe in the WW and the NK without having to lay eyes on them themselves. If that’s the case, I think it’s laughable that they feel they can criticize Jon for doing everything he can to save them from that threat. 

So as much as I hate it, I think part of the conflict and tension in season 8 will be the North being a bit against Dany and Jon–especially if/when Jon’s heritage is revealed. The baby could help in that it represents an heir and a secure future but apparently everything Jon has done still isn’t enough for his people. 

I don’t think an all-out civil war will occur, though. I just feel strongly that there will be some unnecessary angst and conflict that will only strengthen the bond between Jon and Dany as he is pressed to defend her to his people. But what he said on the boat will be true–his people will come to see her for what she is: a good woman and a good queen. 

As for the other Starks, don’t even ask me about Bran. He won’t react. He’ll make that weird face and say some cryptic vaguely threatening stuff. 

Arya will be initially wary but her faith in Jon is as strong as ever. Seeing that Jon trusts and loves Dany will remove any doubt she might have had. 

I think Sansa will be the hardest person to win over. Not because of anything silly like jealousy. The ship wars are restricted to the dark hell of tumblr. There isn’t going to be a Sansa/Dany/Jon love triangle. I would bet money on that haha. But we know that she is cautious and defensive and I think politically we could describe her as isolationist. She isn’t going to want Jon spending more time in the South and she isn’t going to want to have to give over her safety and sovereignty to anyone. It won’t be a personal issue with Dany in particular, just overall caution and suspicion. But if Dany is pregnant, this is going to force her to stay somewhere safe–like Winterfell–which will give her an opportunity to get to know the Starks. And over time I feel confident that the similarities between the two women would allow Sansa and Dany to get along quite well :)

Why do I wear makeup?

So, I worked with little kids for many years, and they often asked me variations on ‘Why are your lips different colors on different days?’ ‘Why do you put stuff on your eyes?’ I always told them the same thing: “I like to put colors on my face for fun, to go with my clothes!”

Other people my age sometimes ask, “Why do you wear so much makeup?” I tell them, “It just makes me feel more awake when I look more awake, and besides, I did theatre for so many years that I just got used to seeing myself with makeup on.”

A few weeks ago, a friend said something to me along the lines of, “I know you enjoy using makeup and that’s a form of self-expression for you.” It was such a positive way to say it that it startled me, and weirdly, made me feel like I didn’t need to defend why I like to use makeup. Instead, for the first time, I told the truth.

“Actually,” I said, “I sort of feel like makeup is my apology to society for not being conventionally attractive. Like, ‘look guys, I’m trying.’” I’d never actually admitted it before, but for me, I don’t think of makeup as something I do for fun or to express myself, it’s a way to try to make myself look like I’m at least putting in an effort to fit the standards of femininity. It doesn’t bring me joy, but it makes me feel more secure, like I have a small amount of control over the way I look.

As someone who has a LOT of physical flaws and a weird body type, I sometimes secretly feel like I have to ‘perform’ femininity in a more elaborate and over-the-top way than someone who is more naturally attractive. I’m not fishing for compliments or asking to be reassured otherwise, I just feel this way deep down despite knowing it’s not rational– like I don’t really “count” as a woman because that word, at least to me, implies a certain degree of ‘prettiness.’ When some girls wear an oversized t-shirt and no makeup, they look cute and natural. I look like a mugshot on the news of someone who ran over her boyfriend with a ride-on lawnmower while high on bath salts. 

It is kind of freeing to admit that I actually do use makeup to hide my insecurities instead of pretending it’s a purely artistic choice. (Also, I’m not especially great at makeup. And I use really cheap brands. So if it was an artistic hobby, it would be a pretty sad one.) That said, I do love to do special effects- zombie makeup, animal characters, things like that.

So I guess my question is, for other people who like to use makeup, am I the only one out there who feels this way? Is there a distinction for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

s2e11 was good but i REALLY wanna know what was going on at Camp Campbell while all this was going down. where did they get the plane???? and the fucking katana and all their fancy headwear??

maybe there’s some kinda history camp or something, and all the campers went on a little feild trip to a nearby history museum. maybe they were on a guided tour or something, and the Problematic Trio™ got bored and ditched their group while nobody was paying attention. and then they decided to fuck shit up and steal some stuff along the way

or maybe there’s some kinda movie or filming camp and the sword and headwear were all provided props, the plane could’ve belonged to mr. campbell, or maybe they built it (i feel like neil probably could make a small plane, we already know he’s a talented engineer), and they were trying to put together a most likely terrible movie, but obviously something went wrong- perhaps an unscripted scheme of the Trio™’s, or maybe they realized a bit too late that nikki can’t fly a plane very well

i dunno, but it would be cool to know what other people think!!

Hey guys

So I’ve seen many of these before. I’ve reblogged many posts such as this. Ive tried helping others by rebooting their stories. But now I need help. I don’t usually ask for help, not until I’m in a not so great situation and really need your help.

I’m currently stuck in an emotional abusive situation with my ex. Only a small amount of people know this and now you do as well. They have locked me out of the apt for hours just so they could have a date over, used the wrong pronouns on purpose to try and make me come out fully before I’m ready, stole money from me, let others use my stuff without asking, have made me believe I’m the worst person on this planet and it’s my fault. There’s a bit more to it than that but I’d really rather not go into detail. Also if you know my ex please for the love of everything do not let them know of this. The more hidden I have it the easier it is to escape this hell.

I didn’t realize some of these actions or the words they have used were not normal. After two years I had I guess gotten used to it. It has gotten to the point that I had two friends talk me out of suicide. I thought if I just disappeared it would make other people’s lives easier.

I have been trying to sell my stuff but have either had no luck or have made maybe just a few bucks. I just need enough to be able to leave this place, hopefully get out of Texas. I have an idea of where I’d like to go that’s safe but I’m still researching it. If you guys could reblog this or hopefully donate even a dollar it would help a lot. I can even do a small drawing to make up for donations. If you want to help here’s my PayPal link.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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i dont know whether youre the one to ask about this but my boyfriend is constantly interrupting me whenever im speaking and he says stuff that is slightly offensive to me and other people. hes also trying to move too fast physically with me and although he respects me hes always making sexual jokes and trying to make advances. weve only been dating a month and he dropped the L bomb on me. im worried?????

Yeah…. That’s a little much.
He needs to not make advances if you’re not comfortable with it, especially this early in.
He also shouldn’t be saying anything offensive to you, forcing things on people and being rude to them isn’t even close to how a relationship should work.
Respect is a big part of a relationship.
Sit down and have a talk with him about that. Tell him it makes you uncomfortable and that the things he says are offensive sometimes and that he needs to stop and be respectful.
If he doesn’t if honestly break up with him. No one should be in a relationship like that.
You can message me if you want to get more into it. (@melthewriterchick)
Much love
-Mel (the Slytherin)

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Hi, Im strartting 12 grade soon and this is the first year I will be out as trans to everyone (ftm). Do you have any advice? Im worrid sine I have to share a room with girls (my school is a bording school). I know almost every one will be cool about it but Im not sure how to dill with dysporia and all of that. also - it's a very small HS, but I will only talk directly to my home room class so, do you have any advie on how to spread the word without making it wired? thanks!

Kai says:

The way I came out to classmates and other students was via Facebook. You could do it with other forms of social media if you’re connected to a large amount of people at school on it (instagram or snapchat come to mind). I just made a post, and I don’t remember the exact stuff I posted, but it was along these lines:

“Hey everyone,

I know you know me as _old name_, but I am now going by the name _____ and he/him pronouns. Please do not call me _old name__ or use she/her pronouns to refer to me anymore. If you have any questions, feel free to message me politely.

_new name_”

feel free to edit if you use other pronouns or want to word it any other way or want to add something, this is just an example.

If your school has a policy protecting LGBT+ students or trans students specifically, or proctecting students from discrimination based on sex or gender or sexuality, etc. I would look into it and bring it up if anyone challenges you (ie administration or teachers)

If your school has a GSA / LGBT+ club / diversity club or equivalent, I would recommend email or talk to the teacher advisor or even other students in there (particularly if there are other trans students). They may be able to help you navigate this situation and provide support and advice, or even put you in touch with others or help facilitate conversations. If there were previous students who were trans at your particular school, it would be helpful to be able to contact them and see if they came out at school / how it was handled by the administration and other students.

If your school has counselors you trust, you can send them a short email explaining that you’re a trans guy and planning to come out.

If your school has administrators you trust / are LGBT+ friendly, again you could send an email letting them know to avoid confusion.

Sometimes school nurses can also provide support, I know the one(s) at my school were really friendly and chill about me popping in and asking for menstrual products, and they never misgendered or deadnamed me once I came out.

At my school, I emailed all my teachers once I found out my schedule asking them to call me my preferred name and pronouns. This also is a really easy way to come out to classmates indirectly if the teachers start to use your name and pronouns in class - this way it comes up as a casual change and students will likely catch on and go with what your teacher says.

If you have a homeroom teacher / advisor at school, you can come out to them and then have them email teachers for you (I had my advisor email teachers to ask them to call me my legal name and she/her pronouns for parent-teacher conferences as my parents were not supportive of me as a trans person)

If your parents are supportive, this makes the process much smoother as they can also contact administration, etc. for you and will be able to support you and communicate with the school on your behalf.

If your parents are not supportive, it’s still possible to come out etc., though you may want to come out to peers/other students first and tell them NOT to tell your parents, etc. and then slowly come out to teachers you know will respect you and respect your privacy.

Regarding the people you are sharing rooms with, if you have not already been assigned a roommate, I would contact whoever is in charge of this and specifically ask for a LGBT+ friendly roommate, or LGBT+ roommate. If you feel comfortable, you can explain that you’re trans, but otherwise feel free to keep it vague. I can help you draft an email about this, as I have done this before - just send another ask back “for mod Kai”

I hope this helps, and good luck!! Feel free to send more asks for clarification / additional help

i’ve come to really really vehemently despise thinking about games in a purely statistical / analytical sense. like seeing people min max in competitive games. there’s a way that some people talk about games that just really fucking sucks. like people talking about tier lists for characters in games in a really cynical way. this is rambling and doesn’t make much sense but i was just idly watching some video of a dude reviewing replays of other peoples hots matches and it just was so irritating to me

and there’s this overwatch channel i’d been following since the game first came out and listening to them talk about hero balance and which characters are ‘viable’ is so fucking grating sometimes. 

i like to talk about balance stuff like that sometimes with friends because i find it interesting but some people push it to a point that it sucks the fun out of whatever they’re playing and it sucks 

Royven au

Based on a convo I had with @bloodyalphonse

So ok, you know that hawk riza au I’ve been doing stuff for where riza is just a hawk but no one realizes this? Well what about an au where Roy is actually just a Raven Berthold taught how to make fire. Like, not even fire alchemy, just straight up light a match.
And the thing is, he’s still just a bird, so he flies around like a maniac setting things on fire, including himself. After Berthold dies Riza is kinda forced to take care of his pet and to make sure he doesn’t kill anyone or himself on accident. She and like three other people are the only ones that realize he’s just a fucking bird and not a person.
The others being pinako, maes, and Olivier, who is still extremely confused and furious as to how a bird is her rival for furher. Seriously. He’s not even trying to become furher. He’s a bird.
Just picture it:
–He doesn’t even apply for the military. They just show up to riza’s door one day and are just like, “We want your bird.”
–Riza responds, “WHY?!?!?!?!”
–she ends up going with him because he’s still her bird and she doesn’t want people to kill him
–Maes steals the kishe from riza this time
–roy steals his glasses and hides them as a result because corvids hold nasty grudges
–still ends up liking hughes after enough treats
–He’s still made a state alchemist even though all he can do is light matches
–some how still becomes the hero of ishval despite accidentally setting himself on fire ten times while there
–”how the hell is my bird a higher rank than me”
–Still is sent with riza to go recruit the elric brothers
–When riza shows up and finds out what happened, she just wants to leave quietly and not report them.
– the Roy decides to fly around the room with “his” pocket watch, smack into something, and sit in Ed’s lap and caw at him for a few minutes before Riza can grab him and leave
–this somehow inspires ed to become a state alchemist and a year later he comes to take the test claiming that Roy told him to become one
–”HOW????” Is Riza’s response.
–pretty much everyone is able to understand what he’s saying except her it seems
–he rides around on Riza’s shoulder
–and black hayate
–keeps trying to bring her food when she’s sick
–Ravens can learn how to speak a little, so he learns how to say everyone’s names
–he calls ed pipsqueak
–Likes nuzzeling Riza
–Imagine sad Roy at Maes’ funeral just sitting on the head stone.
–He suddenly says “it’s raining” Riza never taught him to say that. He insists that it’s raining despite her saying otherwise.
–When framing maria ross Riza has to be very careful with roy
–”Roy this is very important” she tells him, holding his face to look directly at her, “You cannot set maria on fire. Only the dummy, got it?” “CAW” “*sobs* why did I think this was good idea”
–He ends up playing with the bracelet around the fake maria’s wrist at the crime scene
–Bird Roy managing to kill lust completely on accident
–also healing havoc completely on accident
–Riza is in complete denial that day even happened
–imagine the scene with bradley cornering Roy and separating him from his subordinates
–Roy isn’t listening to his back story at all, he’s flying around the room, playing with shiny objects, and trying to drink the fuhrer’s tea
–”Mustang you are being very childish about this” is all he has to say.
–Riza begs to stay by his side. Mostly because she is 100% certain he will burn down central completely on accident.
–Bradley gives him a new handler instead
–Roy does not like this handler and proceeds to steal one of his fingers
–Ed applauds him for this
–Ravens can learn how to pick locks and use tools
–he sometimes takes riza’s money and buys random things with it
–one time he bought a whole flower cart
Roy: Caw! *starts placing each individual flower on her shoulder
Riza: *sighs in exasperation* what am I going to do with you
–The homunculi still plan to use him as one of their sacrifices
–Riza tries to explain to them multiple times that he’s a bird and can’t actually do alchemy
–they do not believe him and force him to open the gate anyway
–On his door is just a match stick
–when he comes out of the gate, he is blind like before, but now he can actually transmute and speak in full sentences
–This freaks riza out when he asks if she’s ok
–”The fuck did they do to my bird?!”
–Riza is pissed and kills father herself as a result
–no one fucks with her pets and gets away with it
–Roy somehow manages to become fuhrer one day
–Riza is not sure how this happened as she nor he never announced his candidacy, and she actively told people not to put him in office
–Olivier is ready to murder someone over this
–He he still some how has a fruitful reign as fuhrer, establishing peace between nations and helping to get the ishvalan people back to their now rebuilt home land
–Riza is still pretty sure this is all one big joke on her and everyone was in on it all along
–once, someone glued a fake mustache to his face
–he liked it. Alot. Riza, not so much.
–it was three weeks before it fell off on its own
–One day riza gets him a duckling to let him take care of
–he names it maes
–He takes good care of it, but freaks out when he tries to swim because baby ravens can’t swim
–Riza has to help him chill by petting him and such whenever he sees the little guy swimming around
–He tries to teach maes how to speak. that does not work.
–he successfully teaches him how to light things on fire though.
–At the ripe old age of 58, Royven passes away the way of Alex the parrot, his last words being “you be good. see you tomorrow. I love you.”
–Riza never gets another bird after that.
–Even though Olivier hated him, She respected Riza. After he’s gone she admits to her “he was good bird.”

And there you go. I made it sad. Hoped you liked this au!

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aaaaaa i didnt know your deh blog had reset and im just !!!! your art makes me so happy and you being so nice makes me so happy and i just!!??! am smiling! and i hope you like your art stuff as much as we all like it!!!!

oh !! gjfhkdfgfhgd (lays facedown on floor) im glad i can make you happy..

i am still struggling at liking my art and understanding why so many people like it, but it makes me happy to know it makes other people happy at least..

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Are you still leaving the Inuyasha fandom?

oh boy… I think I need to clarify to you guys cause I’m getting a lot of worries from people. I hate to hear you guys saying goodbye and farewell and all so I’ll be straight and explain to my friends about this “i’m leaving” business. 

I’m not LITERALLY leaving the fandom. I’m merely taking a BREAK.

I love this fandom, it’s like a home to me and I cherish all you guys and I feel so fortunate to have people like you in this community. You guys make me so very happy and want to create more and more inuyasha stuff– and its just the bomb that you guys LOVE it. You guys love my work and you guys comment on it and say something– or even get me involved with some juicy ideas of inuyasha or other characters. I’m soooooo blessed– that’s the only way I could describe the way you guys make me feel about it. 

So- I will continue to draw inuyasha stuff and take on a few requests of inuyasha– but I also want to continue other projects. As some may know I have an original story that I plan to work on and hopefully soon publish because it’s doing great too. I also want to expand my drawing skills by doing more fanart for other various animes/shows that I love. I hope you all understand and wish me luck for my new adventures away from Inuyasha XDXD

I believe I’ll “take a break” Once I start selling the artbook. I want to put a lot of drawings in it so you guys have something to stare at forever– especially when your names will be in the mention area~~


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I wish game theory stopped stealing other people's ideas then presenting them as their own.

okay I mean……… that’s not what I hear? It’s usually just ‘wahhh Matpat is making a theory about a gaaaaame againnnnnn’ like anyone gives a fuck. Him making stuff about FNAF is no less toxic or any more annoying than some person on dA making the 205434th fnaf inflation picture.

Do you really think Scott Cawthorn or Toby Fox give a fuck? They got their money, they couldn’t care less what some guy on youtube says about their game. They don’t HAVE to listen. There’s the option Not To. Believe it or not.

I agree that sometimes he’s….. ????? but like just leave him alone there sure are worse people out there to complain about. The guy researches his stuff well, and even if his theories are whack, he teaches people about stuff they would probably not usually think about looking up. (I did not know the proper pliral of octopus before he mentioned it, for one.)

The other thing is… you do realise that… game Theory isn’t JUST Matpat? ‘The Science of’ is a part of the channel, and HE was fine before he joined GT, so did that.. .change all of a sudden? ‘Digressing and Sidequesting’ isn’t Matpat, he’s fine too.

The only part of the channel that I can think of as being kinda…. ehhh off the bat is Gaijin Goomba, and that’s just cause he’s a white guy (if I get that right) with some real funky ideas about culture. (ot gonna say anything bc I am not….. japanese but like). Still, they’re teaching people and if anyone is interested, they can do their own research so like


hey cmon we get such a kick out of making fun of how a number of anti-endogenic folks (esp people we see doing the most grumping about the concept of exotrauma, extra fun) are straight-up conspiracy theorists re: the Illuminati, Project MONARCH, greek letter/color/gem/[insert other hypercomplex, somehow international system of meaning/roles] programming, etc.

what’s this shit doing on this side of tumblr, like yooo @headmatesfaq

also, hey, reminder: Illuminati conspiracy theories are antisemitic as fuck! literally just the blood libel and “globalist (Jewish) bankers” and “Jewish people control Hollywood/the media/etc.” bullshit under an extremely thin veneer of “no we’re not talking about Judaism, it just so happens that our ‘lists of Illuminati symbols!!’ always include Jewish symbols, that ‘Satanic-Illuminati holidays’ often emphasize Jewish holidays, etc.!”

- Ace

i have seen games with so much worse content (worse in the meaning, disturbing, shocking, etc) like the yakuza idea doesnt even come close to the games on this list  (general gore and horror warning) 

but here’s the thing, The game is already banned on twitch, and the game will most likely will be banned in other countries. He has said more than once he wants to avoid this

but seeing as all the stuff he has planned, it doesnt look like he’s trying to make his game available to everyone at all. It’s like he WANTS it to be banned 

if the game gets to a point where things are censored, fine im sure people can live with that, but there is a line that just gets to a point of no return if its crossed

i know he wants to explore game mechanics that people are too afraid to do, but hows this idea sound, Maybe they didnt want to do it for a fucking reason

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Would you be interested in analyzing Recess if you decide to do other shows?

If I’m able to, then sure. I enjoyed Recess growing up, and there are a lot of interesting characters and stories to talk about. It depends on what my funds end up looking like and if it’s something multiple supporters would want to see.

Which makes me think that it might be a good idea to reblog the info post about this stuff again. Since I have so many new followers.

If you have xkit and want to block the post so it doesn’t interrupt your reading, that’s fine. I just wanna keep people informed on my plans for this blog.

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what do you do as a particle accelerator operator?

Mostly just sit around hoping we don’t get a random inspection lol

But in all honesty my job as an operator is to be the one to press all the buttons and to fly and direct particle beams at targets. I will do this either for my own experiments, but more often than not it’s for neighboring universities who want to run experiments in our lab. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to be credited in their papers for our work. 

Other things I do as an operator include:

- Making sure the radiation levels are under control during the experiment

- Knowing how to handle any alarm that may go off (and there are a LOT of alarms)

- Knowing how to prep a beam and how to start up and shut down the facility

- Basic knowledge of how all of the parts work and knowing how to use all of the equipment

And tons of other stuff… Basically I just run experiments for people and hold down the fort in case something goes wrong

Overall It’s pretty cool

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I don't believe the Bible is sexist. However, do you think some pastors or preachers give sexist sermons, even unintentionally?

In regards to my last ask on sermons and sexism, I’m not referring to leadership roles to women. I’m talking about how some speak ill of some women in the Bible, or make unfounded speculations of them. Or how some say similar things about modern day women. Does any of this make sense?

I’m sure plenty of pastors give sexist sermons, either intentionally or on accident.

I think a lot of cultural stuff gets wrapped up into how different churches and pastors read the text and I think that happens a lot with sexist rhetoric. The Bible isn’t sexist and it doesn’t elevate one gender over the other… however, it does make distinctions. The problem arises when people make generalizations about the distinctions and then import their own value judgments on those distinctions. 

So “women tend towards this kind behavior/perspective” becomes “women are lesser because they tend toward this kind of behavior/perspective.” The Bible places no value differential upon those distinctives… but unfortunately people often do. 

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Heard about K-Ikonics pulling a boycott because of a myriad of other reasons. What jumped at me, though, is their outrage over the Japanese releases and 'focus' on Japanese/Overseas market. Is it really so wrong for Ikon to focus on Japan? It's where they get more appreciation and PROFIT. Isn't it only logical for YG to put your artist where they thrive? And for other I-fans who were whining about the 'lack' of K-release, what's wrong with the Japanese releases? It's still by Ikon.

Yeah. It’s really shitty and selfish. And it’s only gonna make them do MORE japanese releases when they realize that the Korean stuff isn’t selling. They are (or were) number 1 on oricon with their New Kids japan album. Guess what’s gonna happen when the higher ups see the numbers DROPPING in SK but still going to the top in Japan? This isn’t rocket science but apparently it is…I guess people don’t get it but where they see the profit it where they are gonna go. You can’t really boycott a group and expect them to release MORE stuff. 

YG Ent: “oh people aren’t buying anything SK related”
Also YG ENT: “Guess we better sell MORE stuff”

when in actuality it works like

YG Ent: “Sales for SK stuff have gone down but business is booming in Japan so keep releasing Japanese stuff while the business is good so we can keep some money flowing in. We’ll worry abut SK eventually”

and it worked OH SO WELL for inner circle right? Hint: it actually didn’t. Luckily they came back naturally and organically and started doing better. Not to mention, iKon was slated to come back later this year so why are people upset? Let them do their japan stuff and get their money there and after that’s done they’ll comeback. They JUST wrapped up promo in SK  pretty recently obviously they are gonna leave for a bit. That’s what a “goodbye stage” is

“Welcome,” she said. “Welcome, and thank you for agreeing to be a volunteer with Multnomah County Libraries. We are so grateful for you and your commitment to our community. For the next hour, we’re going to go over some important information that you need to know as a volunteer, no matter what role you play.”

I expected that we were going to learn about things like policies for canceling our shifts, or maybe where to find first aid kits. We probably did talk about those things. But the part that I remember most vividly is the first thing she talked about.

“We’re going to start with the Library Bill of Rights from the American Library Association,” she said, and she projected the text of the document onto the screen. “Everyone who works for libraries, including volunteers, helps to support and uphold the Library Bill of Rights.”

This was new to me. I’d been a regular patron at my local public library for years, graduating from Dr. Seuss to The Babysitters Club series to, most recently, my fixation on books about neo-paganism and queer sex. No one had mentioned this whole Bill of Rights thing. It was a short document with just a few bullet points.

“Libraries support free access to information,” Bess explained. “One of our core values is intellectual freedom. This impacts all of you because when you’re volunteering for the library, we expect you to support the rights of library users to find and read whatever they want, even if you don’t agree with what they’re looking for.”

She continued, “For example, let’s say that a small child came up to you and asked where to find the Stephen King books. You might think those books are too scary for someone that age, or that he shouldn’t be reading that kind of stuff. But that doesn’t matter. No matter what, we help people find the information they want, and we don’t censor their interests. Does that make sense?”

Heads around the room nodded, and I leaned back into the wall, letting her words sink in. It was absolutely, positively the most radical, punk rock thing I had ever heard in my life.

I can read whatever I want. No one can stop me.

I can help other people read what they want. And no one can stop them.

“This is core,” Bess added, “to a functioning democracy. We believe that fighting censorship and providing free, unrestricted access is key to helping citizens participate in the world. And, most importantly, we keep everyone’s information strictly confidential. So, even if you know what books your neighbor is checking out or what they’re looking at on the computer, you don’t share that with anyone.”

As someone who kept carefully guarded notebooks full of very personal thoughts, I was especially excited by the library’s emphasis on privacy. All of this sounded great. I wanted more. I wanted in. I wanted to be a crazy, wild, counterculture librarian-witch who would help anyone read anything from The Anarchist’s Cookbook to Mein Kampf. I would be a bold freedom fighter in the face of censorship. I would defend unfiltered Internet access and anatomically correct picture books. Maybe I was only in the eighth grade, but I was ready to stand up to anyone who tried to threaten the ideal of intellectual freedom. Fuck blink-182. Libraries were the real punk rock.