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         life’s cruelest kindness
         —  or perhaps
         its kindest         cruelty.

         all I know is
                                it hurts,

         but it’s     the kind of hurt
         that you don’t
                         want to stop—

         which is    good,   since
         it can’t be    “ stopped. ”

         it wouldn’t be love
         if it could.


Goryeo’s Best Dressed: 13th Prince, Baek Ah


(Sorry for the rant, but damn)

For a really, really long time I was okay with otherkin. It’s an interesting concept, and there’s a lot of religions that make their followers feel spiritually connected to different aspects of the world, animals included. Fictionkin have always been kind of cringey, but for the most part, they never hurt anyone. And then it happened. Almost half of my art gallery (both professional and personal) was reposted overnight to some kind of kin therapy mood board, and I was losing money fast. Things spread and suddenly my drawings were on poster maker sites where people were buying crappily edited copies for almost twice what I pay for a custom, original piece. Art I had spent months to make for paying customers, stolen and claimed as someone else’s. Since then, the reposting has been solved for the most part, but I still get people tagging my stuff/commenting on sites elsewhere that they’re kin with my characters, characters in my commissions, my fanart, etc. Nothing hits you harder as someone who makes art than people both stealing your stuff, and additionally claiming that they ARE your characters. You know, the concepts I’ve been developing for more that six years as something to help cope with my father’s suicide. Yeah, that’s totally you. Keep telling yourself that looking at my shitty Naruto drawings from sixth grade are like looking in a mirror. It really makes me feel bitter about wasting my time on all those pictures.

The ones I linked are the ones I still get shit on almost daily on Deviantart, with, FurAffinity, Amino, and a few other places. This happened not only to me, but to several much harder working friends who’s main source of income is their art. Nothing pisses me off more in the art community.

Fuck otherkin who do shit like that.

chocolatequeennk  asked:

One word prompt: Chocolate

Title: Frustrated Inspiration (part 1/3)

Rating: Teen

Relationship; Ten x Rose

Notes: OK, so this is the first of my prompt fills for my Milestone Fic Giveaway (from a couple of months ago). Sorry it’s taken me so long to get to them! Nancy, I know this is probably not quite what you were expecting (and there’s a wee bit more than there was supposed to be, ahem, sorry!) but I hope you like it anyway! Thanks so much for all your support!

Just a few housekeeping things- the fi is c a LOT longer than I intended so I’ve decided this will also double as my @timepetalsprompts fic for the week, for the ficlet prompt ‘frustration’. There are actually two more chapters of about the same or shorter length, so if people (especially you, Nancy!) are interested, I’ll post them. :) The silliness ran away with me here, so I’ll understand either way.

Oh, and to those who are worried, there are no illicit drugs in this fic! It’s all very innocent. LOL.

And now, I present to you….Frustrated Inspiration! Now complete! Parts 2 and 3 available on all sites below!

Also on A03 and Teaspoon.

Tumblr Ch 2

Tumblr Ch 3

“It’s what?”

“Inspiration!” the tall, green guard assured her.

Rose stared. “But it’s chocolate.”

“Ah, it certainly looks like chocolate, it smells like chocolate and even tastes like chocolate, but I assure you, Dearest Lady of the Fluffy Very Shrunken Tunic, that it is indeed edible Inspiration, and it is my most humble honour to guard it.”

“Fluffy shrunken…oh, my jumper.” She waved her hand dismissively. “Right, never mind that- what’s in it, then? This inspiration?”

“Alas, that is a secret known only to the Inspirators Most High, the Guardians of Gabble, the Lords of the Lingo, the Counts of Creativity. It is made in secret on the first night of the month of Opening and distributed throughout the land in secret, O She Of the Fluffy Pink Quite Small Tunic ,Whose Fluffiness is Unsurpassed Through the Ages.”

She sighed. “You been sniffin’ this stuff on the job, then?”

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anonymous asked:

So rob just tweeted about designing a shirt for chuck that will be sold to fans and i wanted to know if you would be interested?? Your art is lovely and i was just curious if you had any interest in entering.


i have been tagged and messaged about this so so so much since creation stands announced it the other night!! i would LOVE TO

i held a poll on twitter asking on which style i should do it in, and a large majority said comic/cartoon style!


i DO plan on making a design for this, but i wanna know: what elements would you guys like to see in the design? feel free to reply with some ideas! i literally have too many ideas for chuck pieces that i wanna see what you guys think so i can narrow it down a little!! (good hilarious and punny God-related catchphrases are also welcome!)

Anonymous said:

What is the name of the Swaingel Cat?

i almost wanna be That Person and name him Luckie lmao

but since you mentioned it, Swaingel Cat will be making his first book appearance!!

Here’s an unpopular opinion: I really don’t like having marvel and star wars merch in disney stores. I know they’re disney properties now, but I can get a lot of that stuff elsewhere. Like, I can go into any comic shop and find marvel or SW. If I’m going into a disney store I’m probably looking for stuff related to their originals.


Best version yet.

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any good resources on how to understand discrimination and how to be a better force for the positive. I am a person trying to be better and though I am not the terrible person I once was, I still think I am part of the problem.

Good on you for realizing that you still have work to do. For the most part, the process of becoming part of the solution is just that–a process, and those early steps are so important.

Which is to say–and I think it’s really important to say this–there is no win condition. This isn’t an exchange, or penance, or a repair manual. It’s an ongoing journey, and if you do it right, it will always be an ongoing journey. The goal isn’t to find perfect; it’s to be a better person tomorrow than you are today; and better still the day after that. To understand more, and harm less, and do good where you can.

(I recognize that invoking Chris Sims may be a controversial move here–and will repeat that I am heavily biased–but I think this article, where he examines the process of (repeatedly) recognizing and working to change ways in which he has been part of the problem is an unusually useful and frank discussion of that process.)

Most reasonably aware people spend our lives in a series of incremental realizations that we have been fucking up in one way or another, actively or passively. The primary difference–at least to me–is between the people who embrace those realizations and strive to do better, and the people who don’t. Thank you for being part of the first group. <3

In terms of concrete resources and actions:

I get dozens of questions like this–from friends and strangers–in any given year. On one hand: that’s awesome. On the other hand: it’s still essentially unpaid work, and often it feels like being asked to provide tools to someone who has wider access than I do.

I talked recently on Twitter about how education–self and others–is one of the best ways to be an effective ally. That’s because this stuff takes a lot of time and a lot of energy, and it derails other work. So: That’s your first project. Educate yourself. Find people whose journeys have paralleled the one you want to take. Find people who are pointed to as good allies, and ask them how they do it, and where they started.

Do some research. Google things like “social privilege,” “feminism 101,” “intersectional feminism,” “justice reform.” (And remember that a lot of those are themselves waypoints on someone’s longer journey: learn the difference between middle-class white Feminism and Womanism and why it matters. Learn how activism can itself be a tool for marginalization.) Read. Listen. Don’t talk, no matter how badly you might want to at first. Listen.

You will encounter a lot of anger. Don’t dismiss it. Oppression is worth being angry about; and anger is important and valuable. Remember that you are here to learn and listen: you don’t get to set the tone of the conversation. 

Follow breadcrumb-trails of reblogs and conversations on social media, and dig deeper. Look for writers with experiences and identities outside of yours. Accept that they are the experts in their own identities and experiences. Accept that some of what they say might make you uncomfortable. That’s okay. That’s good. Comfort is the enemy of change. Comfort is passivity. Comfort is “I’ve got mine.” Discomfort is how we learn; it’s our first and foremost impetus to enact change. See above, re: those incremental realizations.

Which brings me to another point: As you’re learning, think about the conversations you have, and with whom. Talk about what you’re learning. Make it a group project–find other people in similar positions, and start a book club. Start a “let’s get our shit together” club: team Let’s Learn Some Stuff and Be Better People.

Based on the questions I get–here and elsewhere–there are a lot of you (of us, really: again, just about everyone goes through this process in some direction or other). Educate each other; question each other. Engage as a group, and plan, and support each other as you go. Support matters: even at its best, the work you’re doing is difficult, often painful. It will sometimes leave you feeling raw and hurt, and it’s easy to turn that into penance or punishment, to burn yourself up and out. Don’t.

You may find it useful to learn some social theory somewhere along this path. You’ll pick up a lot just by listening, but that lexicon is a useful tool to refine for your own kit as well. Take classes. Dig up syllabi and work your way down reading lists. Follow the trails of the people who’ve been there before you. This is not new territory: you are walking a well-worn road, pilgrim.

Here are a few articles I particularly like, and which I think make good jumping-off points for discussion and thought. Many of these are aimed at specific intersections; most can–to some extent–be generalized beyond:

There are, of course, many more; but I need to get back to work. I encourage folks to reblog this with their own recommendations; and you, anon, to do some digging of your own. Good luck, and welcome. Here’s your keyboard. Here’s your badge. Go learn.