stuff i drew for people

You know, reading @whitefire321′s post gave me another opportunity to draw background Camilla and here she is

so i had asked stuff over anon since this is a side blog ah… aahaha uwu 

But hey i diddly dang sketched it all up and stuff and like haven’t done homework but what ever hope you like it?? ;; @kaxpha

i love the AU so much it like gives me all the angst i need tbh uwu 

When I was a kid I believed that Chalk Zone was a real place so I liked to draw and erase things that I thought would be cool or useful for the people who lived there. I drew a lot of food and tools and beds and everyday stuff like that because I didn’t think people drew them very often and I wanted to make sure they had them. One time I even got all my friends together to draw an amusement park on the whole chalkboard during indoor recess. 

Someone asked me who my fave haikyuu is but since I don’t have an answer to that I just drew the bokuro again


Wasn’t tagged or anything but this looked kinda fun. (As usual, sorta broke format here and drew stuff.) Also, I skipped the last section (things people may not know about me) because I prefer to maintain an air of mystery.*

*Read: I couldn’t think of anything. 


For JayDick week, Day 2: Flowers and the language of flowers.

Since Damian’s family seems pretty into anything that increases how much of a snob you are, I decided some tutor would have decided to teach him flower codes of the world. 

And Jason is, as usual, an asshole with a poetic soul.


Based on a true story also late valentine’s post ftw