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Updated version of Violet’s refrence sheet!

Small things have been changed but not much she looks slightly bit more like a vamp pony with her new eyes now! Added a bit more white to her body and wings and reduced her bandages, OH AND LOOK A NEW CUTIEMARK HOLY MOLY

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Hey pipes first of all I want to say that your a wonderful artist, I love every single one of your drawning. About your Lotr anon, he was kinda right. Please take a second to read why (keyword : I) think is right. First i'm european, i'm not an historian but an history nerd. So from the history book POV your anon was right, but we all know that history book was usually write by old dudes so there's maybe some fact they choose to ignore. But if you take look at the religious and social (1/2)

climat in the middle-age, you will that was a very dark times, they fear god, stranger, whatever the bible cannot explain. Now we can realistically think that they were maybe POC diplomats, merchant or maybe travelers. But not as much as we think and maybe only int the largest and the most culturally open city. So about Lotr if you take this point plus the fact that Tolkien use part of the arthurian mythos, you can easily understand why there’s no POC in Lotr. Is it right? No Is it realistic? 2 

Is it realistic ? Yes i think it is. So this is my POV and I just want to share it with you, maybe i’m wrong. Maybe some archeologist/historian will prove me wrong. And will be happy to know that my little corner of the world was more
open minded and diverse than I think it was.

This is the last thing i’m gonna answer about this ‘cause i seriously have to draw lol 

No, it’s still not realistic that in the entire lotr universe that there’s no POC. 

If you wanna use that argument that certain parts of middle earth are representative of the lighter European countries, fine but they go all over the place, so no it’s not realistic because the entirety of the world is not white. 

And we kinda got off topic here, and that’s my fault.
We are again, talking about a fantasy world, you can still represent that British influence and have brown people there. 
It’s plain and simple and comes down to that they have creative license, and they could have diversified things up but chose not to.  
The first Lotr movie was made in 2001, I just looked up the story about this lady and apparently this all went down in 2010.
It is now 2017 and POC are still fighting to get major roles in films and tv, this was literally just a lady wanting to be in the background of a movie and they said no.

They said no to a fantasty world having dark people

So I repeat for the final time;

It is unrealistic to have no real POC characters, and trying to use history back that up by saying they’re probably just weren’t that many POC around isn’t going to fly. 

I appreciate you being civil, but I’m tired of hearing this argument to keep POC out of movies like this. 


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Which one of you guys sat under a tree for so long that you managed to ignore the fact that the world is dying