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Husband is discussing the workout/food plan he will be doing for the next 30 days.

Riveting stuff y'all.

I know exactly when to nod my head, agree, question about a particular exercise, etc.


THIS IS AN IMPORTANT WARNING. Now I don’t know how useful this is to anybody else … I don’t know if this is an actual thing going around or just my ex being a vindictive asshole again.

But just in case it IS a hack that is going around, or starting its rounds, I am letting you all know. Because I don’t want anybody else to go through what I did.

If I didn’t have a computer tech husband to save my ass, I would have lost EVERYTHING on my computer. If I didn’t trust him enough to have an admin account on my computer (He has it to do maintenance stuff that I don’t know how to do lol), I would have lost everything.

SO it started with somebody called SZ adding me on Skype. They seemed like a badly coded botched Spambot and I blocked them and didn’t think anything of it. I get a lot of friends adding me on Skype both from DeviantART and Tumblr, and never turn away fans of my work who want to talk to me and get to know me. I never thought harm could come of adding a random spambot because you can always just remove them.

Until I went to bed and got back up again.

My main account was changed to “SZ” with this account logo: 

Shown next to it is my old icon, and the new icon being that pirate thing.

The password was changed and I was completely unable to get in. At all. 

My husband had a side account, and he was able to get into that, and use that to change my password back on my main account, so that I was able to get back in to my computer. Long story short, even his password was changed, BUUUT we had a fingerprint reader

All things considered, nothing was messed with. My logins are all safe, nothing was logged out, nothing was gone. I have nothing important. No financial information, nothing that would make me a target. My Paypal is constantly empty and isn’t connected to any banks or credit cards. I use Paypal, and the PayPal Prepaid card. Both of which are prepaid and usually empty.

It was a very big scare.

Now on to the warning.

Even if Spam Bots are funny, don’t add random people, ever. They might not be a harmless amusing spambot to mess with and block… they might be a hacker out to get you, like SZ was! Be careful, guys!

I’ve completely left Skype. If you want to add me on Discord, message me and I’ll tell you my Discord name.

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you and your husband's relationship seems like such goals, aww!!! 💖💖 and as a pretty young fangirl, it's cool to see adults in the fandom, since my age is the pretty average one. It's really nice to see someone with a lot of love and passion for something, who also like functions and is an adult and stuff!! that's not something I see a lot, and it's cool! (Also, girlllllll, your writing, oh my goooddd) But anyways, I love your blog sm, and thanks for doing what you do! Have a great day! 💖💖💖

Mmm yes…functioning as an adult…sure…yeah that sounds like me…

I mean, I pay taxes and have an IRA and savings account.  I am also massively in debt because of credit cards and student loans so I cry myself to sleep every night and save those tears to bathe in the next morning because it’s cheaper than water…but hey!  I’m an adult!


I was a queen, and you took away my crown; a wife, and you killed my husband; a mother, and you deprived me of my children. My blood alone remains: take it, but do not make me suffer long.

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When you have a combative confused patient and the attending wants to avoid all psychotropic medications

Dementia is a devastating disease.  I agree that we should avoid psychotropic drugs because sometimes they can make the confusion worse.    

However, when a patient is agitated and de-escalation is not working, and the wife is crying because this is a rough picture to watch, in addition, she got hit by her husband- and I get hit and my tech gets kicked.  Enough is enough- you are creating torture for everyone.  I do not come to work to get physically abused by a confused patient because they don’t understand that I am cleaning them up.    I literally had a battle of wits with an attending and she ended up staying in the room for a couple hours.

I have gotten hurt before by a confused restrained patient that wouldn’t let go of my arm and all I was doing was fixing a trach collar that moved to the side and he was desaturating.  He was very strong and his fingernails were never cut because he was a nursing home patient.  I ended up having three bruises on my arm.  Luckily, this was completely healable, but that’s not the point.  A more dramatic case of not controlling the situation with an aggressive patient is in my class, there is a student who works in psych ER where a patient stabbed his coworker in the eye with a pencil.  He no longer can work as a nurse.  I think we as nurses do a great job not talking about workplace violence that we experience.  I think this reason contributes to a nurse’s burnout (sounds like a great DNP project for someone).

I hope doctors read this.  When direct care provider tells you that a patient is aggressive, you have a duty to protect not only that patient but that staff that is carrying out your orders.  

Who is your bae? - Allah is my bae. *heart heart icon*

Hey, what’s up with some Muslim sisters these days? Putting up photos of Allah is my bae stuff?

Is this a new trend? I’ve seen it all over facebook and twitter, and it needs to stop.

Allah is not your crush. Allah is not your boyfriend. Allah is not your husband. He is your Lord. Do not call Allah of something He has not named Himself.

He gave us beautiful names of which He has mentioned in the Qur’an, of which He said to call upon Him (with these beautiful names) and yet here you come and you call Him of something that is so inappropriate.

Allah loves you, yes, He loves his slaves but this love is not a love for a lover! His love is more than that, this lover love is so minute to be compared to His Love for His slaves. 

Indeed, to call Allah of something He has not named himself or to that is such a lowly level (that you know in your inner souls) intended for His creations is inappropriate. 

Would you call Allah your Love, your baby, your Hun, your babe, your whatever endearment calling you have in your mind intended for your lover? If no, then why call Him bae? Is bae so different from all these?

Sister, if you have been hurt, you have been rejected, you are finding marriage so hard for you and you are trying to comfort yourself by putting in your mind that Allah loves you and wants the best for you… that is absolutely fine! but to go overboard and make yourself feel that He is your lover, that it is okay to have no man because you have Allah as your lover is not right!

We find from the stories of the Sahabiyyat Radiyallahu Anhum what we can call the most tragic and heart wrenching stories, losing a husband, losing a father, losing all her sons, all these sacrifices yet did you ever hear one of these great women call Allah as their lover just to comfort themselves!? No, by Allah, no one ever did.

Wallah, sisters I know well what you are going through, who didn’t go through heart breaks, failures and rejections in life, but to put such inappropriate thought in your mind is just not right.

Stop doing this, if you need comfort then go read Qur’an, read the seerah of the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam or read the stories of these great women and men that Allah Azza Wa Jall has chosen to be the companions of the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam.

Did you even know what bae means in other languages? Perhaps in Danish? In Danish it means poop, so are you saying Allah is your poop? Astagfirullah. Fear Allah sisters. Be careful of things you post.

Do not just jump in into a trend just because you want to fit in, wallah, a Muslim sister doesn’t need to fit in the society, because she is a Queen, maybe not in this dunya, but Allah prepared a palace for her to abide therein forever in Jannah… So tell me, why would a Queen in Jannah try to fit in a world so lowly like this of dunya?

Let this be a reminder for the mindful.

May Allah keep every sister steadfast in her deen. Amin.


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So nice that he’s willing to offer his professional opinion of your husband’s teeth for free. Did he have some good news for you? Does it involve pliers?

So I had a CT scan, and lots of other stuff done, and they “couldn’t find anything immediately wrong” on film, which he very quickly assured me, didn’t mean there wasn’t a problem.

He thinks the pain coming from one particular tooth (the one making me want to rip my face off) is a filling I might be allergic to which is causing the tooth to self destruct, so before he takes the whole tooth out he wants to see if he can fix the filling and pack it with something I wont be allergic to and just try to save me from any more surgery. So that’s what I will be doing next week to try and get me out of pain. (We need to wait for some testing to come back before he feels happy putting things into my jaw)

He’s also willing to extract my root canal teeth because in his own words “there’s no way they should hurt like that”, but first he wants to send me to an orthodontist, to evaluate my bite because my jaw muscles are a mess, and it’s because my teeth have been ground so far down by the previous dentist none of them touch, so I’m performing gymnastics just to be able to chew and eat. And braces would help with that.

We also discovered that I also have a cluster of excess of nerve bundles, all on the lower left side of my jaw, which is why I can get drilled on the right side of my face and not flinch, but the left side never goes numb. Which is why no matter what they are doing, they are not able to get me numb for procedures.

Which is why the root canals on the left side of my face all feel like they are failing, despite appearing fine on film and upon re-opening. It’s my face recovering from the trauma of being fully “live” while having the roots stripped out. When I described my root canal experiences he sat with his eyes closed gripping his head in his hands. He also doesn’t think with my inflammation issues I am a candidate for root canal or implants, he thinks my body will reject them based purely on the fact that my root canal teeth just won’t heal, like my jaw is trying to push them out.

He also thinks one of those nerve bundles might have got hit by a needle when they were trying to get me numb—based on some residual bruising I have inside my mouth. So now my nerves are all freaking out and healing from being quite literally stabbed multiple times, which explains why NONE of my pain killers are working either.

He was very much “why are you not screaming from pain right now” and I was very “I am too tired to scream, just help me, please help me”. He promised me he’d find a way or find someone else who could.

I cried.

Several times.

Because someone believes me.

And they think they might know what to do. Also they made me a cup of tea when I started crying and held my hand.

They seem like good people who care. So I’m hopeful.

I’m still in a LOT of pain, but I’m really hopeful.

My Yuri!!! On Ice HCs

Okay, this show is just so beautiful. It takes two people and shows a developmental healthy relationship, between two men nonetheless, and it’s just groundbreaking~!

Anyways here are my lovely head canons for Yuuri and Viktor as they get their own place~.

(( Warning: Cute fluffy, domestic stuff coming your way! ))

Yuuri and Viktor cooking together:

- Viktor would be in the kitchen, and Yuuri comes in like, “Hey do you need any help?” Then the cute “wife and husband” acts ensue. (Yuuri wears a cute poodle apron when he cooks)

- Yuuri is trying to be serious when he’s helping, and all Viktor wants to do is mess around now that his “cute little piggy” is helping him. (slaps on Yuuri’s butt happen occasionally.)

- Be careful going there on Tuesdays. That’s Pasta Tuesday for them.

- If you wanna get caught in a pasta sauce fight between them, then that’s fine.

- It starts with Viktor putting the sauce on Yuuri’s nose and it escalates from there.

- The sauce gets E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. (“How did we get pasta sauce on the ceiling…?”)

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I really like today.  :)
  • I got my car inspected at a place called Friendly’s Car Car–and the name was quite accurate!  Super speedy inspection–I finished less than a chapter of my book–and super nice people.  I’ll definitely be going back.
  • Purchased all kinds of healthy snacks and stuff for dinner tonight at Trader Joe’s–more friendly people there!
  • Prepped a bunch of small containers of sliced vegetables, yogurt, fruit, and nuts/granola/pumpkin seeds because not only have I really enjoyed having them at work for lunches but I came home from book club last night to find the husband eating my pre-prepared yogurt and all the toppings that I keep separate but stacked on top (to prevent sogginess).  He’s been wanting to eat healthier and I know he’ll do it if snacks are grab-n-go ready and it’s not like it’s difficult for me to just prepare more so he can have some.  :)  I ordered a few more of these containers because they’re the perfect size for sliced fruit/veggies!
  • Just dropped off some books in my neighbors’ little library and left a thank you note for the ones I borrowed in their mailbox!  I took Walter with me and he enjoyed the extra mid-day walk!
  • On our way home, my elderly neighbor (who I always wave at but have never really chatted to) told me that I had a “beautiful dog.”  So, I asked him if he had any pets and it led to a whole conversation and I brought Walter up the drive so he could pet him and when I left he said, “I’m going to have to tell my wife I got to pet a dog today and talk to a nice neighbor–you did a good deed today, young lady!” I’m pretty sure it was nicer for me, but how sweet of him! <3
  • I’ve gotten a lot done on my project, as well, and I’m going to have time for both a bike ride and the gym with my gym friends today!

I’m a person that wanted a large family, but after my first pregnancy I found out I have about a 50/50 chance of a pregnancy giving me life threatening complications that would kill me and the fetus, leaving my husband and son behind. I live in Indiana, where Pence has made it nearly impossible to save my life in the event that happens.

Given that republicans seem set on passing laws that kill women like me, instead of doing something that actually decreases abortion like preventing pregnancy in the first place, I ended up having to make the decision to get a tubal litigation.

I have a friend who is lucky enough to live in a place with abortion access, and that is the ONLY reason she has been able to have a family. Her pregnancies have a 50/50 chance of her child developing severe deformities that would also put her life medically in danger - in fact, she had to make the choice to abort her first child. Her and her husband both have a recessive gene that causes this condition - it’s entirely a chance based on what sperm and egg come together. Her choice let her end her child’s suffering, and hold her baby before he was buried. If she had been forced to carry him, likely he would’ve been too deformed to hold when her body finally let him go - that is, if it didn’t kill her first. She has since gone on to have two wonderful children - because she has the ability to test and abort pregnancies where the child wouldn’t live.

This is who abortion laws hurt. When you ban abortion you do not stop abortions - you just stop safe ones, and the ability for the procedure to be used when it is medically necessary. If a woman does not want her body to be taken over, she won’t let it, and she will find a way to stop it. You didn’t save anyone. You just killed people.