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Things I want for potc 6
  • Elizabeth being busy doing pirate king stuff
  • Someone calling Henry the Pirate Prince
  • Someone unironicly calling Will the Pirate Queen and he just goes along with it
  • Henry having an infant little sister
  • Elizabeth resolving, “I may have put most of my focus on guarding my husband’s heart, well it’s inside him now so it’s back out in the field for me bitches”
  • Elizabeth fight scenes, have her fist fight Davy Jones I don’t care
  • Have Elizabeth make a grand speech about how she’s always made sure to get what she wants, even if means every bone in her body breaks or if her arms become lopped off, she’s gotten what she wanted and will keep getting what she wants, and now she wants Jones’ head on a silver platter.
  • Really I just want an Elizabeth centric movie.

Combat Medic Waifu <3

A quick few hours sketch practice with reference help from Kyrie. Her girls make me fall in love, do check her out!

I want to take a break from drawing doods and I haven’t been drawing any girlies in forever. Although Im mostly a mercy main I almost never draw her much. X’D But hell yeah the new skin and hairstyle is so hellaaaaaaa prettehhhhh. Although im slightly sad I din manage to get her in game skin. D:  

P.S: Edited her a bit cux I realised I overlooked some flaws while rushing her out. :P

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I was a queen, and you took away my crown; a wife, and you killed my husband; a mother, and you deprived me of my children. My blood alone remains: take it, but do not make me suffer long.

historical make me choose @liverpoolrules asked: marie antoinette or elisabeth of austria

little amnesiac!barry things
  1. Barry to Iris: “You work for a superhero?  No way that is the coolest thing.” 
  2. B: *twenty minutes later* “I am a superhero??”
  3. B: “What’s my favorite flavor of ice cream?”
  4. B: “If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three items would you bring?”  I: “Books, freshly made coffee, you.”  “Awwww.”  “Entrusting you to bring an emergency radio, Swiss army knife, and tent.”  “Of course.”
  5. B: “Hey uh – sweetums?”  I: “Sweetums?”  “Dollface?  Snookums?” “Dear god honey–” “Oh!  There we go.  Hey honey I think our turtle escaped.”
  6. B: *giggling uncontrollably* “McSnurtle?”
  7. I: “You can sleep in here, you know.” B, hanging out on couch, hands folded over stomach like he’s on a psychiatrist’s couch: “I know.  But I’m not – I mean I am –”  “Come here.”  “yes ma’am”
  8. B: “Ohhh wow Iris look!  Look!” I, yawning: “Babe it’s four in the morning.” “I found a Pikachu.”
  9. B, watching Discovery Channel: “Did you know there are real life zombies?  See, these ants–” “Honey?” “…I’m going full nerd again on you, aren’t I?”
  10. B: “I like this shirt.” I, amused: “You bought that shirt.” “I have good tastes.”
  11. B: “Psst.  What’s your favorite cookie flavor?”  I: “Did you make cookies?” “Do you like chocolate chip?” “Does anyone not?” B, beams.
  12. B, prodding own chest: “Why am I so freckly.”
  13. B, singing in shower: “I’m engaged to the most beautiful woman in the woooorld.”
  14. I: “Do you wanna go bowling?” B, shoving feet in shoes: “Have I ever in my entire life said no to that?”
  15. I, sneaking up behind Barry and tickling him. B, trips over own feet: “Iris??” I: “I wanted to see if you were still ticklish. *resumes*”
  16. B, holding up shirt, scrunched nose: “I do not like this shirt.” I: “You bought that shirt.” “I had terrible tastes.” “I don’t know, I thought you looked pretty cute in it.”
  17. B, wearing same shirt ten minutes later: “I like this shirt.”
  18. B, hugging I: “You smell amazing.”
  19. B, biting into a Starburst: “Hm.” *biting into a different Starburst* “Hm.” *biting into a different–* Cisco: “Um, excuse you, those are mine?” B: *biting into a different Starburst* “Okay, spoil me – what’s my favorite flavor?”
  20. B, belly-down on couch, hiding head under pillow: “What kind of animal am I?” I, eating popcorn, arm resting on the pillow on his head: “You love this stuff.” *horror movie continues* *B scoots closer and hugs her belly* I: “You don’t have to watch it with me.” “Uh uh.  I am your husband-to-be.  I will stay at your side until the bitter end.”  “My hero.”
  21. I, amused: “You can’t dance.” B, tap-dancing around the apartment: “Everyone can dance!”
  22. B, watching Cisco playing with his lit drones in the dark: “OOH!” I, leaning head on his shoulder: “Nerd.” “You’re seeing this, right?  CISCO, MAKE IT DO A *elaborate hand gestures, followed by gleeful whooping on both sides*” I: *cuddles closer*
  23. B: *slips on an honest to god banana peel* I, rushing over: “Honey??” “I take it I’m not James Bond in another life?”
Yesterday on Plotdale...

I rewrote yesterday’s scenes in terms of Plot (cause I can’t stop the snark)


[Robert in the pub on the phone] 
ROBERT: Don’t mess me around Bex, we have to meet to discuss our plot. It’s very important. […] Yes, we have to meet at the scene of the incident. It’s very important that we continue to cause the audience a maximum amount of pain. Be there…half past…or else. 

[The pub with Robert, Aaron and Charity with a baby…just as a reminder of where this is all going]
ROBERT: Aaron, I can’t go with you to counseling right now. I have a plot…I mean work crisis I have to attend to.
AARON: (Clearly should know work crisis is code for plot) Are you sure? I really need you there Robert, because the writers have taken away my entire support system so that you’re all I have left.
ROBERT: Sounds about right. Now I’ll just go take care of this plot thing and meet you there. *cheek kiss* - for the fans 

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anonymous asked:

does your husband like ML too? Do you feel comfortable showing him your fandom stuff? I feel weird about telling my SO about all mine...

Originally posted by wandering-horizons

For the most part, we’re part of different fandoms, so he’s not into ML.  But we’ve been together a REALLY long time and we’re both huge geeks, so he totally gets it.  He’s glad that I’ve been able to make new friends and connect with people over a common interest, and that others are enjoying my art. 

(With that said, I’m really shy about showing him all the kissy drawings I’ve done, huhuhuhu)  XD

For the last few years, I’ve been making extra money petsitting (taking care of people’s animals when they’re out of town). Both of these stories are kind of old but mostly because I know better now.

The first one was a woman with a dog and a cat. She needed me to come by twice a day for a week to feed the animals and walk the dog, plus stuff like cleaning the catbox, watering plants, and collecting the mail. When I was getting the details of the job from her, I asked where she kept her cleaning supplies, in case the dog had an accident in the house.

She told me that I wouldn’t need them, because the dog never had accidents.

I said I believed her, but I’d like to know just in case.

She said that it didn’t matter, because I wouldn’t use them, because her dog had never had an accident in the house.

This went on for an embarrassingly long time until she finally told me her cleaning stuff was in a hall closet. I thanked her, confirmed the dates, and left without checking it because I didn’t want to risk making her more upset.

Well, the second day I come in the dog had made a huge mess all over the dining room floor. I have to clean it up, so I go to the hall closet and there is no cleaning stuff. I look in the other closet. I look under the sink. I look in the laundry room. If she owns any cleaning supplies they are extremely well hidden, so I clean it as well as I can with dish soap and paper towels.

The next time I bring my own cleaning stuff so I can actually do something, and the dog’s made another mess. I clean them both up, feed and walk the dog, and try to figure out what to do about this. I end up having to come and walk the dog three times a day instead of twice, which sucks because I only charged for twice a day but it’s better than having to clean up dog mess every morning.

The second one were a husband and wife who wanted me to actually stay at their house, overnights and all. They had four dogs who needed a lot of attention (one was blind) and agreed to pay extra for it, so I was willing to do it.

The problem was that the husband collected guns. Historical guns mostly, like pistols from the Civil War or whatever, which is pretty cool except I’m very uncomfortable around guns and these guns weren’t in a safe or anything, they were displayed around the house. I mentioned that I wasn’t comfortable around them and they told me that they always put the guns in a safe when they went out of town so there shouldn’t be any out when I was there.

Anyway, they didn’t. There were maybe one or two empty displays but practically all of the guns were still out: hanging on the wall, in a case on a table, propped up in the corner of the fucking bedroom. I got zero sleep the first night because, as it turns out, it’s hard to rest with a fucking rifle staring at you from directly beside the bed. I ended up sleeping at home and coming in real early for the rest of that job (thankfully just a weekend). I know it was dishonest since I said I’d stay overnight but I honestly did not care. The dogs were fine, the mail was brought in, it made no difference.

Tl;dr: When hiring a petsitter, tell them where your cleaning stuff is, or if you don’t have any then let them know so they can bring their own and not have to clean your carpet with dish soap. Also, put away your guns.

The 12x20 promo…

Dean: “If he did something wrong but he thought it was for the right reasons, I got it. But last night, when I looked at him, I did NOT recognize the guy staring back at me.”

Oh my goodness, observe Dean’s whole demeanor (and his UNDERSTANDING of Cas’ normal “I-must-keep-you-safe-by-doing-the-wrong-thing” behaviour) vs Sam’s quiet despair. Dean’s visibly and vocally anxious/frustrated/angry that the baby’s powers are influencing Cas. Once again, Dean - not Sam - knows Cas well enough to surefire conclude that Cas isn’t himself – that this ‘Super Mario Power-Up’ Cas “isn’t the man I fell in love with! The baby isn’t even born yet and Cas is slipping away from me! We have to act fast!”

Dean must make Cas “see straight”. He needs to get him back.

  • *in a cab; on the way to the christening*
  • Molly: *happily* Oh isn't this exciting? I bet she looks lovely. And John and Mary are wonderful parents...
  • Sherlock: *on his phone* Mmm.
  • Molly: *sighs* Oh, her name is just beautiful *giggles* I always wanted to name my daughter Persephone.
  • Sherlock: *glances at her*
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes* Hey, I was eleven at the time and really into all that mythology stuff.
  • Sherlock: *still typing* There are worse names for a child than Persephone Holmes.
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: *raises an eyebrow* Why would it be Holmes?
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* I always assumed you'd take your husband's name.
  • Molly: *scoffs* Yeah, well, I'm not going to marry Mycroft!
  • Sherlock: *confused* We've been sleeping together and you think-
  • Molly: *giggles* No, I mean, I just thought you weren't the marrying kind.
  • Sherlock: *sighs* Sex, Molly. I don't do that with just anyone.
  • Molly: *raises an eyebrow* You love me?
  • Sherlock: Obviously.
  • Molly: *smirks* I'm sorry? I didn't catch that.
  • Sherlock: *smiles* I love you.
  • Molly: *takes his hand* I love you too.
  • Sherlock: *coughs* So you'll...marry me, then?
  • Molly: *kisses his cheek* Of course I will.
The one where you just can’t do it anymore.

A/N This is the first part of the Divorce Series. I hope you enjoy it. I’m really looking forward to writing these series. Let me know if you liked it or what do you want to see happen. Should continue writing it? ENJOY!

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“I Told You My Dad Is A Spaceman.” *Chris Beck x Reader*

Originally posted by buchanstan

Requested by @juliagolia87 : Chris takes his child to the Air & Space museum and corrects the tour guide throughout. Making his son and his friend laugh and have the best time there. 
Pairings: Chris Beck x Reader
Warnings: Nothing. A lot of fluff
Word Count: 1,367

“Hey, whoa, steady buddy.” Chris chuckles as he takes the jug of milk from his son’s little hands, “you’re making a mess that mummy will have to clear up.” He screws the cap back on the milk and hands a spoon to his son, who is just grinning from ear to ear as he scoops the Fruit-Loops into his mouth.

Chris pours himself a mug of coffee, grinning as he watches the small boy hum to himself and eats his colourful cereal. His life had changed, obviously, for the better but it still surprises him daily by how much everything had changed. Only five years ago he was up in Space, saving his dumbass best friend and now here he is, watching his son eat his breakfast. He had met you long before NASA and loved you ever since.

When he arrived home you had a little reunion, resulting in the birth of, Buzz Buchanan Beck. Chris got to name him, he was allowed to name the little star if it was a boy, although you were adamant it was a girl; you were very wrong. Four years later you got your own back, a little girl on the way and you were able to name her, Luna Aries Beck, after your favourite Harry Potter character. (Chris still says when you aren’t around, that Luna is named after the lunar eclipses.) Buzz is just turning six and Luna is only a little over a year old, they both take after Chris, it’s like living with three of him; it’s tiring.

“I thought you two would be gone by now,” you chuckle as you walk into the kitchen, a sulky Luna clinging to your blouse. Luna was a daddy’s girl and she always knew when he was leaving, she’d be pouty and silent till he got back.

Chris shrugged, “Buzz wanted to make his own breakfast,” he nods to the mess of cereal around the bowl and you sighed. “Look at this little pouty face,” he takes Luna from you, gently holding under her armpits, her bottom lip trembles as he stares into her blue eyes. “Not gonna smile for me? You get to spend the WHOLE day with Mummy, how exciting is that?” Instead of answering, not that she can withhold a steady conversation, she lifts her little hand and pats his cheek lightly still pouting.

“Face it, Chris; she doesn’t want you to leave.” You smile, “she reminds me of the day you left me,” you sighed dramatically and he rolled his eyes. “You two need to go, you still need to pick up Sam from his house and beat the traffic to the Museum,” you take Luna back and he kisses her soft cheek, pouting at the fact she still hadn’t smiled. “Go, you big nerd.” Flicking the NASA baseball cap he wears, every day, all day.

“Rude, Mrs Beck,” He kisses your lips softly before helping Buzz off of the stool and into his own NASA jacket, you sighed lightly. “Don’t miss us, Spacemen, too much,” Chris calls before shutting the front door.

You looked at Luna with a gentle sigh, she looks up at you. “Your dad and brother are nerds, you know that?” You asked, she cracked smiles at that, “Please, don’t grow up to like space, anything but that. I need just one other that has no idea what all the constellations are.” You plead softly before putting her in the Disney high chair.


If there was one thing that Chris, almost, loves more than you and his kids its Space. He had experienced it for himself, he loved every minute of being up there with his team and he wouldn’t have changed anything- well. you know, maybe Watney not almost dying. The fact he has able to share this love, this passion and knowledge with his kid, it’s incredible. You knew Chris was secretly hoping that his son would love Astrology, like him when he was a boy. So, when the day came that Buzz expressed his love for it, well, Chris was ecstatic. 

As an early Birthday treat, Chris decided to take Buzz to the Air & Space Museum, they had a little section about his Mission to Mars. Buzz insisted on his best friend tagging along; it gave Chris a chance to brag a little more, not that he’d admit to bragging.

His smile widened when both kid’ faces light up upon entering. They’re holding each other hand, a buddy system thing they learnt from school, and instantly run off in the direction of a big picture; the solar system. Chris has a hard time keeping up with the boys, trying to point out little facts that might interest them but they’ve already run off to another section by the time he’s halfway through.

“Guys, you can’t keep running off,” he scolds lightly when he finally catches up to them. They’re at the back of a small crowd of tourists, listening to a guide. His eyes catch… his own, he frowns but glances up, Ares III Mission. “Huh, you’ll like this one.” He nudges Buzz with a grin, who is intently listening and peeking through the crowd to see the screens.

Listening to the guide drone on, and on, and on about his mission was actually pretty boring. Especially when the guy was getting the facts all wrong, “Actually, it was 549sols, so around 554 Earth days.” Chris called out, he had done this three times already, and the guy looked at him irritably.

“How does your dad know so much about this?” Sam whisper asked Buzz.     

“I said he was a Spaceman, he was there, I think.” Buzz shrugged and looked at his dad, Chris full attention on the guide and all the facts he was getting wrong, not wanting to miss any and call this idiot out.

The guide rolls his eyes. “So, NASA, devise a plan to send the Hermes back for Mark-“

“Wrong, again.” Beck interrupts abruptly, Buzz and Sam, giggling from beside him. “They were originally going to bring us back if it wasn’t for Henderson and Rich Purnell, we wouldn’t have had the plans to go get Watney back. Once we voted, NASA didn’t have a say,” He shrugs from under his cap.

“And who are you?” The guide, named, Dylan, snapped.

Chris nods to his NASA I.D that’s up, just under, Major Rick Martinez. He takes his cap off and awkwardly waves to the guide who is in full shock, confusion and embarrassment mode. He looked down at his son, who is laughing.

Chris spends the next twenty minutes answering questions from the small group, a few pictures too. Eyes keep going back to his son, who looks to be having the best time at watching people get excited over his dad. Buzz pulls Sam to the screens, reading through the team’s profiles.

“I told you my dad is a Spaceman,” Buzz says matter-of-factly.

*Back Home*

“Have a good time?” You asked as Buzz came running in and jumping on the sofa, he nodded, already pulling out the stuff Chris brought him from the gift shop. “Go get your sister; she’ll want to see all this too.” You grinned as Buzz got up, already calling Luna’s name.

Chris sighed. “I heckled a tour guide today,” he tells you brashly but you nod. “How do you know?”

“People were posting photos on Twitter, plus someone got a video. Watney has been texting me, he says ‘Your husband, defending our honour… hot!’ then a bunch of heart-eye emojis.” Chris snorts with laughter, shaking his head but releasing a tired sigh. His spirit lifted when he sees Luna being helped walk in with Buzz.

As you sit on the floor listening to Buzz talk about his day, how Chris explained the solar system and listening to his Q&A about the Ares III mission, Chis laid down on the sofa with Luna on his chest. Petting her hair softly, humming the Star Wars theme, drifting between being awake and asleep; dreaming of the day that Luna will tag along to those museums.

(If you have any Chris Beck requests, send them in, I’d love to write more of him. Maybe even a series when I finished my Lance Tucker one. - Rosalee)

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I’m so baffled right now.

Someone recently bought something from me and asked how long the item gonna reach their place and if I offer express shipping. I said no and it might take 1-2 weeks to reach their place.

They were shocked and asked where the hell I live. I told them the answer and that they should’ve known that if they check my store FAQ carefully. I ended up getting lectured that my reply was ‘curt’ and that they’re a busy person and have 5 children with a husband working for Disney and I’m just ??????

Mother’s Day (Tony Stark x reader)

It was easily the favorite part of your day; waking up each morning and reaching out to feel the warmth of Tony next to you, waiting for him to wake with you and pull you in closer so that you could spend your last few moments of peacefulness together before the hectic day could begin.  Some mornings he would wake first, not allowing you the same gentle awakening that you would; his strong arms would wrap around your waist almost desperately, pulling you in so tightly against him that you would open your eyes at the sensation of your breath being squeezed from your lungs.  These were the mornings when a nightmare would be his welcome into the day, happening the most often after a particularly terrible mission or if he had come to bed too late in his exhaustion.  But thankfully, more often than not, his first moments of daylight were gentle ones, and the two of you would take the time to just be.  Any given day could absorb him in the lab, or Steve would have planned a particularly evil workout session for you, or the worst times being when a mission was called.  The two of you agreed to never leave without a proper goodbye, because there was never a guarantee to return home, so when you rolled over this morning to find nothing more than cold sheets against your hand, you panicked in your half-awakened state.

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