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its 5 in the morning have a really low quality jpeg of some 20yo giogio

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can you do some dianetti parenting headcanons? with some about how parent teacher interviews about the enigma would go? *charles boyle voice* YOURE THE BEST JAKE (and by jake i mean michelle)


  • As an infant, The Enigma is very well protected by her moms. Every morning, Rosa bikes the entire family to work at the Nine Nine on her motorcycle. Gina sits behind Rosa and holds onto her waist for dear life, whilst The Enigma sits in the baby holder thing Rosa wears on her front so that she’s securely attached to her chest. Everyone wonders why they don’t just take Gina’s car, but The Enigma is always incredibly happy and in a perfect mood all day ONLY if they ride to work on Rosa’s bike
  • The exact opposite happens when they take Gina’s car to work, which at first causes a lot of problems for Gina, Rosa, and everyone else at the precinct (but everyone’s too scared of the couple to tell them to get a sitter)
  • One day, when Gina’s too sick to go in to work, Rosa takes The Enigma with her in case Gina spreads her germs to their baby. Of course, Rosa rides The Enigma to work on her bike, and she’s never had a more peaceful day. From then on, they travel to work exclusively via Rosa’s bike
  • Once they arrive at the precinct, Rosa hands The Enigma off to Gina who carries her hands free in the baby holder. Obviously Gina has The Enigma held in front rather than at the back so she can keep an eye on her whilst she uses her phone
  • and like occasionally do work, but mostly Gina’s using her phone, although she’s mostly ever on social media only when The Enigma is napping. Other times, she plays with the bubbly infant, feeds her baby food (rejecting all the weird stuff Charles makes, unless she’s really in a pinch like that one time she forgot to prepare food because Beyoncé dropped another surprise album, but surprisingly The Enigma loves Charles’s cooking), and she even teaches her how to play Kwazy Cupcakes
  • The Enigma excels at Kwazy Cupcakes and Gina declares her a genius. She reports this to Rosa who rolls her eyes but thinks Gina looks so stupidly cute as she’s all excited over this. And The Enigma looks pretty darn cute playing phone games, so what the hell
  • Gina plants kisses on The Enigma’s head at least ten times throughout the average day at work, because her baby is so cute and her little baby head smells so good
  • Rosa also thinks that The Enigma has a really soft head that’s so addictive but she limits herself to one head kiss a day unless she’s really stressed out about a particular case. Gina’s heart flutters on the rare occasion that Rosa walks resolutely over to her desk to give The Enigma (as well as Gina) a kiss, before walking away again and getting back to work like nothing’s happened
  • Once lunch time rolls around, Rosa takes The Enigma from Gina to give her a break from having to hold her for such long hours. They tend to have most of their lunches in the break room, because taking The Enigma out is a hassle. Only problem is how it makes Everyone want to have lunch in the break room too so they can play with The Enigma
  • Of course, because The Enigma can get too overwhelmed when there’s too many people cooing over her to the point of tears (a blessing in disguise to Gina and Rosa), they put a two person limit for the number of people allowed to be in the break room at once with their baby (besides them, of course)
  • Jake and Amy are allowed to spend time with The Enigma the most out of everyone at the precinct. They’re really good with her, which is a great thing because Rosa and Gina get to eat lunch in peace whenever Jake and Amy are there. Sure, they get grossed out at the Looks Jake gives Amy as she plays Peek-A-Boo with The Enigma, and it’s crazy that they aren’t married yet nor do they have kids because they’re Already There
  • They frequently threaten Jake to marry Amy and have a kid of their own already so they stop stealing their baby, or they’ll poke holes in all their condoms and jump start the process for them
  • Terry’s allowed to be in the break room during lunch but not as often because he tends to get very emotional around The Enigma, she reminds him so much of his babies because of how tiny she is and he cries once in a while when he talks about how his babies used to be as small too
  • Charles is only allowed in when he makes something deemed not Gross by Gina and Rosa, although The Enigma will eat anything Uncle Charles cooks. But Gina always says that The Enigma is a baby who doesn’t know any better about the weird crap she puts in her mouth, and as her loving mother she will not let her child get subject to something she’ll regret in the future
  • Hitchcock and Scully are never allowed in, in fact they are forced to keep a distance of at least five feet from The Enigma at all times
  • Holt doesn’t try to get into the break room at all, but he cares very much about The Enigma and has secretly started a college fund for her
  • Babylon becomes their private lactation room when Gina still breast-fed The Enigma, and also their diaper changing room. They always keep all their baby supplies there, and take turns to change diapers because they’re cool and fair like that
  • They even end up buying a cot for The Enigma specially to place in Babylon, so that she can nap on her own, and Gina and Rosa keep baby monitors on them during those naps in case she wakes up
  • Sometimes during the day Gina can tell that Rosa’s really stressing over a case and she takes a trip over to her desk so that The Enigma can say hi and kiss her other mommy. It never fails to make Rosa smile, so Gina walks over to Rosa’s desk a few times every day
  • Other times, when Rosa has no open cases and it’s a quiet day at the precinct, Rosa walks over and parks herself in the chair beside Gina’s desk and offers to hold The Enigma. They play together if The Enigma’s awake, and chat quietly if The Enigma’s napping. Sometimes, Rosa plays with The Enigma on her own when Gina has Work to do for once, but she can never resist looking over at Rosa genuinely happy with a giggling baby in her arms
  • Once, the precinct comes under attack when a criminal gets loose and points a gun at Gina and The Enigma, threatening to shoot them unless everyone puts their guns down. Gina’s incredibly scared because Rosa left an hour ago to arrest a perp and she’s not here to protect her. Dozens of cops and highly trained officers in her midst and she only truly trusts Rosa Diaz with her life
  • Gina’s right to put her trust in Rosa, though, because she returns without making a sound and disarms the assailant, slamming him to the ground so hard he actually gets a concussion. Rosa chews out the cop responsible for the unstable criminal getting loose so harshly they cry and end up transferring precincts
  • After neutralizing the threat, Rosa rushes to Gina and The Enigma to make sure they’re alright, at which Gina can’t help but cry because she had been so incredibly terrified, and had only stayed so strong for that long to keep The Enigma safe
  • Rosa promises that she will never let anyone come even close to hurting any of them, and that night they all sleep in the same bed, The Enigma tucked safely between Gina and Rosa

I’m SO SORRY I KNOW BABY THE ENIGMA WASNT SUPPOSED TO BE THE FOCUS BUT IM stopping here because this is unbelievably long already, hmu if you want more HCs of Gina and Rosa as parents because I have so so many thoughts and this is just the tip of the iceberg folks


Quick question to all you Vultures out there - my mom found this on her walk this morning and brought it home (she was pretty grossed out by my hobby at first and now look at her #soproud) and I was wondering if there’s anything I should do to keep the hair on/from slipping. (or is that a lost cause I should stick it in a maceration bucket?) I figured I could salt it down but wanted to ask around the community!


Today’s run was mediocre. More of a walk, really. But it felt like I was jogging in a sauna and I had to listen to my body.

Question: Does anyone’s hand every swell up when they are outside doing stuff? I’m not sure if I am having a very minor allergic reaction or if this is fairly normal. Either way, I don’t plan to do anything about it. lol

Finally evolved my Cleffa. I now have all of the first 81 Pokémon registered in my Pokédex.

Also. Hit my step goal before 9am because I decided to keep walking after my morning 5k!

here’s some bad writing habits I have

idk I’ve been up since like 5:30 this morning because I forgot to turn my alarm off and posted this thread on my twitter and thought I’d share it here too so maybe we could all come together and share the stuff we’re bad at so we know we’re not alone and can always improve or something

so here we go: Duch’s bad writing habits

  • abandoning WIPs without making it clear what I was doing or where I was going with it so it’s almost impossible to pick up again.
  • not plotting out stories in advance. I’ve only plotted one fic in my life. just one. all my others are either internalized for weeks or I just come up with them as I go. this is A Bad.
    • (that’s why I favor one-shots, by the way)
  • when I find a turn of phrase I really like, it’s so hard to stop using it. I’ve mistakenly used the same analogy like four times in one fic because I just loved it So Much.
  • sometimes I pay way too much attention to numbers. like, I fully support creating for validation, but when it starts to fuck with your sense of worth as a writer, that’s A Bad.
  • if the transitions between major scenes in my fics seem weak it’s probably because I wrote them literally 90 seconds before posting the fic. I have such a bad habit of hopping from key scene to key scene without giving a single shit as to how I got there.
    • me: it’s okay if we skip around. we’ll get to those scenes later.
    • brain: or never
    • me: what
    • brain: what
  • using the interwebs to find a good quote or fact check something you’re writing and ending up watching videos of baby platypuses while your fic rots away
  • I’m way too greedy with my scene changes (like the *** or -0- that indicates we’ve moved to a totally new place and time) and it’s definitely made me lazy.
  • I do not proofread nearly as much as I need to considering the amount of typos I make on a day-to-day basis.
    • in this same vein, I’m really bad at editing finished work. like once a fic is done I want to Be Done instead of going back and making it better. I get super snotty about this and convince myself it couldn’t have been better. this is a lie and A Bad. you can always always improve.
  • since I know my biggest strength is dialogue, I lean on that heavily to get me through fics. Instead of, you know, practicing and improving on other stuff that I’m not as good at.
  • I’m soooooooo easily discouraged like I once read a fic that was so good I genuinely contemplated if I should even keep writing. this is A Bad because good work, in any medium, should inspire and encourage us.
    • Creativity isn’t a competition. Forgetting that is another bad habit I have.
  • I really haven’t been writing for a super long time (my first fic is like barely two years old) but I get frustrated and expect too much too quick. I wanna be at the level my friends (who are older and have been writing longer) are at but I just haven’t put the time in yet.

anyway yeah bad habit shaming. feel free to reblog and add yours or list them in the tags because I guarantee someone else does the same thing and we can all get better because like community and stuff

I’m very tired goodnight ✨

I really hope that if I do get married one day I have the courage to wear a red dress/sari (even for the morning or whatever) and not a white dress because I want to decolonise the hell out of my eventual wedding I want a mendhi night and my cousins smearing that weird yellow stuff on my skin so that I GLOW and I don’t want to wear white because when you’re Muslim white is associated with death the only struggle will be separating out which Indian traditions have significance in Hinduism and not including those but I’m having an Indian wedding one day i.A.

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Can you please do a Cas x Reader fic where Cas has been away on angel business for a while and comes back to the bunker late on evening when the reader is the only one awake and they have missed each other so much that they get right at it in the library, on the first soft surface avaliable and it happens to be Dean's leather jacket and Dean notices next morning? *naughty smile*

I am adding this to my list. I love stories involving poor Dean’s stuff

Good morning moonshines!

Today’s agenda:
• Check out a shop I love buying clothes at, I need a couple more dresses coz it’s hot as F and I need more summer stuff.
• Tarot Class @ 3:00!
• Client Readings tonight.

How are all of you doing? I hope you’re all doing well!

Things from today that were good and I feel like a contributing member to society again or smth:

* woke up before 12 PM (these days I’ve been awake at the crack of noon)
* did not overdose on pills (sounds like…horrifying, but sometimes I take stuff in the morning and I overestimate how much I actually want to put in my body but I was able to Be Reasonable)
* brought a reasonable amount of stuff to the family room to do my work there - didn’t take too much, didn’t take not enough, I have realistic expectations of what I can do today
* basically yeah

my nayme is Deen
in al the lande
no grayter dood
than bruthr Sam
and wen he falls
but is not ded

i hold his face
i lik his hed

[ oops there’s a sam version

❀ flowery asks ❀

azalea : what’s one word that describes you ?
baby’s breath : what did you want to be when you were a kid ?
begonia : are you a messy or clean person ?
bleeding heart : has your heart ever been broken ?
bluebell : do you drink tea or coffee ?
buttercup : what are five things that make you apologetically happy ?
calla : what’s your favorite book ?
carnation : what are your five most played songs ?
chrysanthemum : what are you afraid of ?
daffodil : what’s your astrological sign ?
dahlia : what’s your favorite band ?
daisy : which ‘friends’ character do you relate to the most ?
dandelion : are you an extrovert or an introvert ?
geranium : how has your day been ?
hydrangea : what’s your dream job ?
iris : who’s your celebrity crush ?
lavender : what’s one of the best gifts you’ve ever received ?
lily : what’s something you’ve achieved that you’re really proud of ?
marigold : what would you like to do more of, but don’t ?
moonflower : who inspires you ?
morning glory : are you an early bird or a night owl ?
orchid : what’s the last movie you saw ?
pansy : do you believe in love at first sight ?
peony : what does your url mean ?
periwinkle : what are you thankful for ?
petunia : where were you ten years ago ?
poinsettia : where would you like to be in ten years ?
poppy : what’s your online persona ?
primrose : if you could share one message with the world, what would it be ?
rose : who’s the last person you spent quality time with ?
snapdragon : what are your goals ?
sunflower : what’s your favorite quote ?
tulip : if you had three wishes, what would you wish for ?
violet : what’s one thing most people don’t know about you ?
zinnia : do you believe in magic ?


Ok so this is the story of how my bisexuality literally punched me in the face

I was in seventh grade at my locker and for as long as we had had lockers mine had been one over from Christina and next to me was Justin, now I had always been oddly resentful of Christina for being super pretty and nice and all around amazing and I didn’t exactly know why cause I got all happy when she talked to me and stuff.

So one morning I’m doing my usual thing getting my books out of my locker when next to me Justin suddenly ducks and next thing I know there is a fist colliding with my face it didn’t hurt ( I’m a black belt I get punched in sparring for fun so it was mostly just a surprise) I just kindof backed up in a bit of shock not knowing what was going on. Then Christina comes hurrying forward grabs my face gently and is all worried about me checking to see if I’m ok and I’m standing there in shock because Christina has really pretty eyes and she’s so much prettier than that cute guy a few rows down and her hands are SO SOFT

so I stand there opening and closing my mouth for a second then finally nod and she proceeds to continue to apologize and then check on me in every class.


I like the idea of long distance relationship seungchuchu. Based on this one text post that I can’t seem to find orz…

Sade Smols

I always scoffed at the local legend about the tiny people who lived in our town. That’s what the adults talked about when we were growing up - the little helpers who lived in the cracks and crevices of homes who scared away bugs and cleaned up crumbs. I never saw one. No one I knew did. But still, people talked about them as if they were there, like modern fairies.

This morning, I woke up to one sitting on my pillow, deftly cleaning a puddle of drool off my pillowcase.

He seemed as startled as I was.

“It’s okay,” he assured me.

I was surprised how loud and clear his voice was, as he was only four inches tall.

“I’m Sade Smols,” he said. “I’ve been cleaning here for the last six months.”

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