stuff i do after exams

Me:*has promotion exams and CXC English and Math exams which are a BIG DEAL where I live*
*does a shitty motivation poster for my under appreciated son*



Come back to us, Kamui!

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Awww thank you so much! Likewise ❤️❤️❤️ 

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Scribble: Ryou [AU]

Some peeps were curious with Ryou in the AU but I still haven’t drawn them. Sorry! But I did manage to find this scrapped drawing in my files.

Interpret this scene as you wish and you get a free cookie from me. 😉


Currently accepting requests for ideas and prompts for Alice Mare, Kagerou Project and 1bitheart.

I’m planning on collecting prompts and stuff so I have something to do after the exams which is the end of the month, which means I won’t be answering them right away.

I’ll answer in doodles or maybe drawings/fics/drabbles if I like the idea a lot so please feel free to drop an idea over at the ask box~

Plz reblog by the way, it’s VERY much appreciated.

*casually sneaks in and settles in the Tolkien fandom*