stuff i buy cuz i like it

today i heard 2 kids talking about buying fake IDs after school and so i started eavesdropping cuz u know thats big kid stuff and then one was like “yeah but is all this really worth it like im pretty sure the fake IDs cost more than the fish we r gonna buy”

to buy fish at petco u have to be 18 or older

they were going to get fakes to buy fish

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Headcanon that Maggie figured out Kara is Supergirl and instead of telling them she knows, being the little shit she is, hardcore starts messing with the danvers sisters. She starts buying all kind of Super stuff for Kara cuz she 'thinks kara has a crush on supergirl' or some shit like that. honestly i just need an awkward rambling mess of puppy danvers and a really smug Maggie. then maybe Lena catches on and her Maggie bond over what to buy Kara next because come on Kara youre not sneaky

Can you imagine though?

Cause Maggie would lay it on so thick!

“Heard your girlfriend saved the day again little Danvers!”

Kara awkwardly pushes her glasses up her nose

“What?! No! I mean, she’s not my girlfriend! We’re just like friends - just really good friends!”

“‘Good friends’ yeah, sure, that’s exactly what I used to say about all my girlfriends.”

“Maggie …” Alex warns.

“What? I just think that Kara needs to come to terms with her crush on a certain someone. It isn’t healthy to repress all that.”

“Crush?!” Kara gulps glancing at Lena. “I don’t have a crush on anybody.”

“Kara, it’s completely fine! Who doesn’t have a crush on Supergirl?” Lena smiles, patting her arm.


“Oh come on! The hair, the arms, the ‘save the world’ personality -who wouldn’t have a crush?”

“I’m Supergirl!” Kara blurts.

Maggie laughs and Lena smirks.

“Yeah, we kinda figured that one out, little Danvers.”


“If it helps any, you did say you flew to my office on a bus.” Lena offers.

“Oh. Well, did you mean what you said?”

“About what?”

“Having a crush on Supergirl.”

“Kind of hard not too.”

“Would you want to go on a date with Supergirl?”

“No… But I’d love to go on a date with Kara Danvers.”

They’re so caught up in each other’s gaze that they don’t notice Alex sidle up to Maggie and hand over the keys to her Ducati.

“One time around the block, that’s it.”

“We agreed on a whole afternoon with the loser’s bike.”

“Yeah but that was when I thought I was going to win.”

Maggie pouts.

“Don’t push it, Sawyer!”

Guys!! Imagine Keith adapting to Lance’s love for beauty products.

Like Keith isn’t super into facials, makeup or anything involving beautifying oneself but just imagine Lance blabbing about it all the time because he’s super into it and Keith listening to his boyfriend talk about these things he’s into because he just loves hearing Lance talk about things he loves!!

Imagine him asking questions about it and Lance being super excited to teach Keith about the world of beauty products.

Imagine Keith doing facials with Lance and Lance explaining the dos and don'ts of facials while Keith smiles like a dork.

Imagine Keith asking Allura for help on beauty products to buy and Allura being like “I didn’t know you liked this stuff.” And Keith being like “It’s not my thing but Lance likes them so I want to get him something”

Imagine Keith getting Lance little gifts and Lance being like !!! because his boyfriend actually listens to his blabber and he just kinda cries cuz he has the best bf ever.

On the other hand, imagine Lance getting into things Keith likes!!

Imagine Lance watching conspiracy documents with his dork of a boyfriend and being super confused but happy to spend time with Keith

Imagine Lance asking Keith about Mothman and the Moon Landing and Keith excitedly rambling about it and pulling up a laptop to give Lance a two hour lecture on why Kothman is real and the Moon Landing was fake and Lance just being like “Ohmygosh my boyfriend is so cute”

Imagine Lance researching conspiracies and sending them to Keith to get his opinion on it.

Imagine Hunk going “Wow Lance, when did you get into conspiracy theories and cryptids and Lance going “Tbh I don’t understand them at all but Keith loves them and I love him so”

Imagine Lance making Keith a Mothman plushy and Keith crying for three hours straight, he loves it and it’s now their son.

Just imagine space boyfriends engaging in each other’s interest even if they don’t understand anything about it and supporting each other

So good, so pure

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so are you taking mtl request? if so, could you do one for which members would spoil their s/o. Not necessarily paying for dates (cuz I think in, general, Korea culture guys still pay for stuff for that), but like buying gifts on a whim for their s/o or they saw their s/o just looking at a jacket and decided to get it for them. We already know that Taehyung would spoil his s/o, what about they other members? thank you & sorry if you're not taking request. (<3 your blog)

I think after Tae, the member who would spoil their s/o the most is Jin! that capricorn venus of his is all about traditional romance and providing for others. plus, i recently found that his venus sextile pluto can indicate someone who amasses a lot of money or is born into wealth (cough son of a CEO cough) so he’d definitely do anything to support his partner and give them an amazing lifestyle

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I was gonna give u like $20 but there's a hurricane coming and I had to buy dog food and stuff so I got like $4 I can give ya, would that b offensive cause it's only like $4 or is it cool?

dawg, keep your money. you need it more than i do. im just a dude goin on a trip, my life is not at risk. plus the fact that it was going to dog food warms my heart cuz i very much value dogs over all other creatures.

thank you for the thought, tho, that’s very nice.

Another anon’s submission

Earlier today I relayed an anon’s experience from TorCon’s meet & greets along with a sweet tidbit from the photo-ops. This encouraged another fan to share their experience from Jared’s M&G and from the autos as well. So, here’s what I was told!

Jared’s M&G:

At the end of the m&g someone asked him about the infamous “bad idea” video. He laughed and said he couldn’t tell us. (Actually first he clarified which city they were in then he said he couldn’t. But not technically relevant.) He said that he and Jensen keep a lot of secrets for each other which they will have to take to their grave. (Maybe not exact wording but really close.) And that maybe they’ll leave a time capsule or something and have the contents release on Twitter. (I honestly think he even used the plural, “we’ll leave/make a time capsule.”)

It certainly strengthened my tinhat but made me a little sad that it sounds like they never intend to come out.

As another little tidbit I found interesting, when someone asked him if he ever surprised someone with a gift with his financial success he mentioned buying a car for his parents, a guitar for his friend, and Jensen a watch cuz for whatever reason he wouldn’t buy it himself. He gave it to him and said “I love you, happy season..” I think he said 12 but maybe 13. I know friends can buy each other stuff and say I love you but still, a sweet story.

Jensen’s autos:

Also, I can’t 100% confirm this because I didn’t directly hear him say it. But I was hovering outside the area where Jensen was signing autos Sunday night. He was getting close to done and waiting for a few last stragglers. I heard him say something and the volunteer answer with the number of people left in Jared’s line. Basically like he was asking when Jared would be done. I think there may have even been a joke about Jared talking a lot but honestly I was tired and my brain might be editing for what I wanted to hear so keep that in mind. (When I told this to my partner who usually thinks I’m just seeing what I want they responded, “Didn’t they get enough of each other during the day?” Lol nope!) I don’t know if this is technically tinhat related there might be other reasons but it seemed like Jensen was eager to get back to Jared after autos.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share your experience, darling anon! It’s really fun to hear the story of what Jared said in his meet and greet and notice how two different people notice different details in the same big picture. What a rare treat it is to have two hats at the M&G’s, hearing their stories! That auto bit is so very sweet, too. They’re inseparable, although I think we all knew that by now. :)

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Zak imagine- Bragging

Imagine being pregnant with Zak’s daughter.. and him bragging about over and over again.

*Meeting fans*

Aaron: Yeah investigating is hard sometimes but like there are different contributing factors and–

Zak: *Cuts  Aaron* Yea Cuz especially when you have your girl waiting on ya. and then with a little girl on the way.. and then the stress of  becoming a father.. it drives u nuts.

Fan: Awwwww!! Thats soo sweet!

Zak: Uh– Yeah it is.. Just im the luckiest guy in the world…

Aaron: *scoffs*



Fan: So DJ Inferno where can I buy your tracks??

billy: My tracks are  free!! Heres the link: *inserts link here*

Zak: *Cuts in again* but! You can buy my tracks here!!! Im collecting money for my daughter’s nursery! Yea, im gonna be a dad!!

Fan: OMG Zak!!! Congrats!! Im gonna buy your stuff right now!!!!!!!!!!!

Zak: Thanks!!


*Infront of your friends who dont know you’re pregnant (cuz their nosey) *

Friend: So whats up!!?? Haven’t seen you in a while!!

Zak: Yeah, Just busy with the baby, like setting up the nursery, buying stuff,  and yea you know..

Friend: Y/N’s pregnant!?!?

Zak: Yup im a proud to-be daddy!!

You: *face palms*


*group chat with GAC, excluding Zak*

Aaron: This is getting outta hand dude

You: What??

billy: Zak!!! He brags about your daughter all the time!!!!!

Aaron: yea.. im gonna kill him

You: I agree!! He told some of my fake friends too!

billy: Fake friends

You: I dont like em.

Aaron: What do we do bout him.. if he brags again imma kill him.

You: Calm down !! lockdown’s tonight right, he’ll forget all about it!

billy: YES THANK YOU!!

Aaron: this convo is over

You: Delete is guys before “HE” sees it. Good luck with the lockdown!!

Aaron: Thanks!!

billy: Love ya!!!!



Zak: *To the camera* Ok so it lockdown time here at *insert fave location’s name* And thats Aaron-

Aaron: Heyy!!

Zak: and Thats Jay and billy at nerve centre!

Jay: *waves*

billy: ‘Sup!!

Zak: So– This lockdown is dedicated to my love.. this is her fave location.. and this is also for My little angel who’s gonna be here soon. No im not talking about Gracie.. Im gonna be a dad!!!!

Aaron: *face palms*

billy: Oh boy…….

Zak: And with that– ITS LOCKDOWN TIME!!!!! Aaron u excited cuz I am!!

Aaron: yay…. To the camera.. Y/N take a good last look at him cuz u wont see him again

billy: *over the walkie talkie* I’ll help…

Zak: You say something guys?

Aaron: Nope.

Zak: OK Lights out!!!!

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I was waiting on line to buy stuff after my shift and a lady cut in front of me because "customers should come first". Like bitch I'm not getting paid to stand here I am a customer now. Luckily, my manager saw and checked me out at her register since the manager is the usually the backup register if things get busy cuz most shifts only have one cashier. The lady got to wait in line at the other register. Sucks to suck

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I don't wanna be rude, but how can someone sit around and ask people to buy them shit? Your wishlist is full of materialistic stuff. I'm starting to question you

That’s cuz the stuff I needed, like my heating pad, humidifier, facial cleanser, etc have already been gifted to me :)))

People get things for people whose content and work they enjoy. I’m not forcing anyone to do anything for me, sugar. I don’t care if you question me, I don’t know you because you’re on anon.

Anyway, I love wishlist culture and if I see your wishlist, I’ll reblog it!

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Rfa clothes shopping with MC? Headcanons plz

i’m also trying to make a schedule for my stuff so hopefully this blog will be more active after my scheduling???


  • if you’re looking for stuff to buy for work, jaehee is your girl. 10/10 she knows what to get and she strikes a great balance between professional and slightly sexy or anything at all depending on what kind of look you’re going for
  • if you pick out something that tsukiyama shuu ridiculous she’ll give you The Look™ and pick out something similar but less ridiculous
  • anything asides from professional clothes jaehee typically just gets discounted clothes from like big supermarkets
  • you gotta take her to buy nicer clothes and help her pick out stuff. she has stuff she likes but she’d need encouragement before actually getting it
  • super mega pure when you guys are shopping together cuz she rarely buys cute clothes??? also you look so stunning in cute clothes??? 100% you guys end up dressing each other up


  • lmao i want to think that he’s very picky with clothes, yours and his
  • he spends more time picking clothes than you do because e v e r y t h i n g is flawed “why can’t they be as perfect as me?!”
  • when you tell him he looks fine, he gets so giddy he kisses you right then and there (talk about major ego boost)
  • when his shopping spree ends he NEEDS to take you shopping too because he wants to dress you up (he’s into the couple look) he cheers and everything 1000%
  • in turn though if you put on something sexy then well ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • this man child needs help with buying clothes. sons, listen, he’s the type that never buys clothes until they’re so worn out they look like a homeless man’s
  • doesn’t really care about what he wears unless he’s going to somewhere important or college
  • probs feels a little uncomfortable in the woman section when you’re shopping because the shoppers always think you guys might be related or something. when you hear that you should give him a kiss and totes brag about how lucky you are to have your boyfriend shopping with you
  • a cute lil blush on him whenever you show him the stuff you tried on. stutters when he’s trying to give comments
  • he’s also very honest with his opinions (even though he struggles to tell you you don’t look good in the clothes you’ve put on)


  • what do you nee- no, what do you want? he’ll buy it for you. look at that one cute dress from that designer store?? he’s ushering you to go try it on and see if you like it. honestly, what is too much with this man?? ask and you shall receive. even if you don’t ask, you’ll receive??
  • always, always wants the best for you. he spoils you so much it’s unreal. expensive lingerie? customised shoes? diamond embedded dresses?? you got it all
  • bring him “commoner clother” shopping. teach him the ways of the bargaining and good deals. it’ll be fun
  • is extra happy when you accompany him to get his suit tailored. will ask you for input and will genuinely listen to your suggestions. unless you bring in weird bright coloured suits or something, that’s where he draws the line
  • pays a lot of attention to the type of ties and belts he buys now because ayyy  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • rich enough to buy you designer clothes but also fun enough to bring you to obscure places to buy cute clothes
  • overhype when you come out of the fitting room because he wants you to feel good about yourself
  • takes a lot pictures, without you knowing, when you show him the clothes you’re trying on
  • clothes shopping? more like costume shopping and fooling around tbh
  • he’s the type that picks and trys ugly clothes on purpose because why the hell not right? favourite thing to do is to pick clothes that clashes with his hair and glasses 

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RFA plus V and Saeren reacting to an mc who refuses to let the, spend money on her. Doesn't want them to buy stuff for her cuz she's broke and she feels like she's in debt now

A/N: oh god i know these feels 50000% like dont buy me things i feel terrible ~Admin 404


           -He’s a broke college kid so it’s not like he has a ton of money

           -So whenever he offers to pay for you, you feel T E R R I B L E


           -But?? He just wants to feel like a man!! And a man buys things for his girl!!!

           -He doesn’t like making you feel bad though, so he tries his hardest not to buy things

           - won’t admit it but is lowkey relieved because??? he didnt have money to begin with

           -buT STILL MC! Can he at least buy you a candy bar, jfc ;A;


           -He wants to buy you flowers all the time!!!

           -And dinner!!!!

           -You’re his princess, he wants to be your prince and smother you with gifts

           -He may only be an actor, but he’s not extremely broke


           -He doesn’t like hand outs or help from people who are extremely rich

           -So he gets why you don’t enjoy people buying things for you

           -He’s still so sad though!!! He buys things for you anyway, and if you feel like you’re in debt, you can pay him back by giving him affection <3


           -She’s so used to working for whatever she wants in life

           -So she’s the same way

           -Doesn’t like when people buy things for her, she feels as though she needs to pay them back

           - is that ringing a bell, mc

           -“Jaehee! I bought you a coffee, here you go!” “Oh, MC, here, let me give you some cash for that” “No please it’s fine”

           -“MC! I saw this DVD I thought you’d like, so I bought it!” “Jaehee!! How much was it?? Here, let me get my wallet and pay you back” “MC it’s a gift it’s fine”

           -Literally the two of you practically pay for your own gifts because y'all!! Are!!! So!!! Stubborn!!!


           -Mr. Trustfund Kid doesn’t take “no” as an answer

           -He was blessed by his wealth so LET! HIM! SHARE! WITH! YOU!

           -Just wants to spoil you!!! Why do you have the need to pay him back!!

           -This isn’t business for once MC, please accept my gifts

           -He’ll still buy you things despite your protests

           -You wanna pay him back? Give him attention

           -He bought you a new sweater? You wanna pay him back? 75 kisses, get to it

           -Honestly thinks you’re so cute when you pout over his gifts, sometimes you buys you things just to see it


           -He’s had issues accepting help growing up as well

           -He’d rather get things on his own, so he understands your discomfort

           -But! You deserve the world! So he’s buying you things anyway!

           -Plays dumb when you talk about being in debt to him

           -“What are you talking about? I didn’t get you anything. Did you buy a new jacket today? It looks nice. I DIDN’T BUY YOU ANYTHING????? IDK WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT”

           -Pay him back by making him food!!! HE LOVES IT JUST FEED HIM

           -Usually buys you little things that he can just slip into your everyday life so you don’t even notice he’s bought you something


           -Why can’t he spoil you ;A;

           -He’ll listen and try to understand that you hate feeling like you owe people something just because they spent money on you

           -“But does that include gifts?” yes, sweetheart, that includes gifts


           -He finds a way around it though!!!!!

           -D I Y P R O J E C T S

           -He makes you gifts from time to time!! They were made by him and not bought, does that make you feel better, MC??


           -Grew up without much so he worked to get what he has

           -Completely understands how you feel, hates having people get things for him

           -Also HATES the feeling of being in debt

           -Every now and then, however, he’ll buy you a gift and tell you to suck it up

           -“I don’t care. I got it. Can’t take it back. Just take it! You don’t have to pay me back! Stop! Trying! To! Hand! It! Back! To! Me!”

           -You accept it because??? He doesn’t do it often and this is his way of telling you he was thinking of you

           -The two of you have a gift war sometimes when it gets out of hand, though, because neither of you want to be in debt to the other

uh more Afterdeath headcanon:

  • Geno tends to get sick alot and Reaper is overly concerned all the time cuz Geno already has alot of caliphs problems
  • Geno doesn’t like wearing pants in his and Reaper’s house.
  • Reaper is very strongly pineapple on pizza and Geno is very strongly “i honestly dont really like pizza all that much but i do like pineapples”
  • Reaper is the type to roll off something while sleeping. he usually doesn’t wake up (unless the scent of carpet gets to him) and sometimes Geno will just lightly kick him and he’ll be mildly surprise but be all chill about it
  • Reaper likes cooking but he isnt too good at it. i mean, at least he hasn’t burned down the house yet.
  • Reaper also likes sewing alot. he can patch up clothes and junk but he also really likes sewing on random things on clothes. and you can always tell if Reaper added like extra sleeve or something to a shirt cuz its always in very unflattering fabric that doesnt go with any part of the outfit.
  • speaking of sewing, Reaper has probably turned a number of snuggies into things that go around your entire body
  • “Why didnt you just buy a robe?” “… i mean….”
  • Reaper sometimes forgets to cross t’s so they look like l’s and sometimes he’ll read stuff to himself, see the uncrossed t, mentally pronounces it as an l, and still thinks “yeah this is perfect.”
  • sometimes both of them talk in text speak to eachother
  • “i saw this stupid thing online” “lol”
  • “brb i gotta go to the bathroom” “k”
  • its really common for them to fall asleep on eachother. let them sleep. they deserve it.

feel free to add your own lol

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ahhhHHHHHHHH i'm frustrated i was so close to being able to buy some of your stuff off redbubble but then i went to the ophthalmologist and my vision's???? really???? bad???? like "bruh ur gonna be completely blind when ur twenty six and thank ur family cuz this shit's hereditary" so all of my saved money has to go to my eyeball stuff for a while smh bUT MY BIRTHDAY IS CLOSE AND DARE I SAY MY PARENTS WILL LET ME PURCHASE SOME GR9 STUFF OF YOURS THEN???? I REALLY HOPE SO UR ART IS BEAUTIFUL ILY


Millenials are ruining movies cuz of Netflix and illegal streaming and generally being interested in stuff other than movies

Never mind that movie tickets have gone up, and not just that but they charge you even more for a shitty 3D experience that makes me feel like they impaired my vision and then gave me glasses to fix it…back to exactly what it was before.

And that RPX bullshit.

Like 13 dollars for a movie ticket I mean come on, I could buy so many cheeseburgers with that.

You know how Taehyung’s sort of taken the tiger as “his symbol” lately? Like he posts it in the vlive chat to announce its him? And he buys stuff with tigers on it now, e.g. the red tie in the last pic I reblogged?

And do you remember how, years ago, BTS went to Australia, and during an interview they had to each pick an animal they identified with? And Jimin told Taehyung he was like a tiger?

Well, what if Tae is partly sentimental about tigers cuz of Jimin?

…Fuck, I got vmin on the brain 25/8.

tldr: nasty lady who may or may not have been d/Deaf yelled at my coworker scared other customers and pissed off everyone working in the store…
I work at a consignment shop so we have separate counters for purchases/consignments. Customer came in like 3ish hrs before closing and was apparently being difficult before I had to deal with her…I was at the back counter (aaall the way at the far back of the store) trying to finish up a consignment and this customer comes and puts a huge pile of clothes on the counter and starts talking to me about prices and my opinion on purses…so I said “I’m sorry ma'am this isn’t a register I can’t check you out here. You need to bring these up front” and she just keeps talking? So I tried again and she goes “I’m deaf” in a nasty tone of voice and points to her hearing aid so I immediately was like oh my bad and started signing as best I could (I have a decent vocabulary but I taught myself online so I kinda do SEE as I speak with bad grammar?? Kindof?? :///) telling her “sorry I didn’t know u were deaf but u can’t buy these here” and she’s like “I know I was taking a breather” (tf does that even mean???) so then my coworker comes back to help this lady so I can finish helping the consigner. This lady starts yelling at my coworker who is trying to speak to her and she points to me and goes “tell her I’m deaf! She doesnt understand! [turns back to coworker] she telling you I’m deaf do you know what that means?” AND LEANS ACROSS THE COUNTER TO GET IN HER FACE!! And my coworker was like??? Ye?? I got it? Ur deaf??? So I got the lady’s attention and sign/spoke “she understands. Do you lip read?” And the lady keeps raging and not paying attention when my coworker spoke so I got her attention and again sign/spoke “do u lip read” and she goes “I don’t like it when ppl ask if I can lip read” so I was like ok that’s fair and sign/spoke “oh sorry do u want me to sign? Do u want help?” And the lady ignored me meanwhile the consigner is standing there looking shocked so I asked my coworker if she wanted to switch (hint: she did lmao) anyway kept trying to help this lady as she kept handing me stuff. She said she wanted to try things on so I spoke asking her name so I could start her a fitting room (she didn’t say anything so I signed “what your name” and she SPOKE back “name” so I signed “yes, your name” and she just stared at me so I was like ?? How do I sign this?? And literally just signed “need name your clothes room” and prayed to god she understood 😅) but she didn’t tel me her name she just kept muttering to herself and then handed me 2 bags and was like “these ones” so I signed “you want buy both?” And she just started asking me prices?? So I was like ooookay and just pointed to prices on tags cuz idk how to sign numbers over 20 that rnt multiples of 10…anyway that went on for a while and I dumped her stuff in a dressing room my coworker had apparently already started and then gave up the whole situation cuz it was obvious this lady wasn’t gunna cooperate lmao
BUT! I came back in after my shift p near closing to buy some stuff I had on hold and THE LADY WAS STILL!!! THERE!!! that’s almost 3 hrs of hogging a fitting room…like what in the hell?? And she had apparently kept yelling at ppl and being difficult the WHOLE. TIME.
Yeah but the fact that she never once signed back to me and was not looking at me or my coworkers faces when we spoke or tried to keep her attention and she didn’t try to take out any communication device or anything makes me think she was either not deaf and just trying to get sympathy or something?? or was there to purposely cause issues. Like we were doing our best to communicate….how r we supposed to help u if we don’t know if we should sign or speak?

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Regardless of whether it's legal or not, keeping quiet about getting payed for that sort of thing just seems... Shady?? I dunno something rubs me wrong about the thought.

yeah it is thats why i dont like it, and also because its illegal so like they shouldnt be doin it in the first place B^/

like accepting money for running ads is fine ppl r thinkin im criticizing someone for needing th money, im not, its the rly skeevy act of not disclosing that you’re being paid to reblog or post that stuff. cuz its lying, by pretending youre just casually reblogging these fashion posts bc theyre Neat Clothes that people should Totally Buy!

one of the teachers offered to buy one of my pieces from last year as a gift for my current art teacher…and i was like “Yea!” cuz i don’t have any money, and I wanna see if i can handle this art stuff

but like, she kept makin a big deal about how I get to decide the price and it should be based on how many hours went into it…and i wish she would’ve just told me she was only gonna go up to $50. 

Cuz it’s 6 feet long, parts of it are hand sewn and took me over 20 hours. Like, subtracting the materials i had to put into the piece, I’d only be paying myself $2 an hour? so i told her no. 

idk if i made the right choice tho?