stuff i buy cuz i like it

Millenials are ruining movies cuz of Netflix and illegal streaming and generally being interested in stuff other than movies

Never mind that movie tickets have gone up, and not just that but they charge you even more for a shitty 3D experience that makes me feel like they impaired my vision and then gave me glasses to fix it…back to exactly what it was before.

And that RPX bullshit.

Like 13 dollars for a movie ticket I mean come on, I could buy so many cheeseburgers with that.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of Shepard being seen as a legend, of posters having photos of them and people joining up to be “just like Shepard!” But you know what I love even more?
Someone coming wearing a “Shepard” t shirt or buying magazines that praise how cool Shepard is and when the crew see them absolutely pissing themselves laughing. I love shepards LI buying a Shepard VI and joking about replacing them. Or the whole crew buying clothes with shepards face on them or with slogans saying stuff like “I’m with Shepard” Or buying mini Shepard dolls and making them fight or kiss each other while real Shepard softly screams in the back ground
Also Shepard having to go out in bad disguises to not get recognised and have mission requests or fans constantly interrupting them
I just love Shepard being famous and the crew not getting it cuz “this Shepard? They spilt juice on their visor this morning you can’t be serious!”

playing the mystic messenger valentines thingading is reminding me how much I love jumin, and how much I do NOT love the way the actual romance with him is presented

cuz it’s all “my husband buys me all the best shit and our wedding was ridiculous he bought me all these diamond encrusted paper weights to prove his love” but the materialistic stuff isn’t what I like about him at all????

all I want is dry-ass funny-ass “I don’t get fanmail I get checks” jumin who takes blurry selfies with his cat and I feel like as soon as you actually romance the guy those parts of him disappear. it’s a dumb thing.

i got way too high with my weird new roommate and couldn’t handle it then my mum called and screamed at me for being bad at communicating then she started crying cuz it turns out that my dad got readmitted into the hospital because there’s something worng and he had to get a feeding tube and stuff so now i’m still too high and i don’t know what to do so i think im gonna buy like five big macs


cuz my birthday’s on the 27th, here’s my amazon wishlist? if you wanna buy me something message me off anon so i can give you my address

and while you don’t have to if you want it to be a surprise, if i know what you’re getting me i can remove it from the list so someone doesnt buy me the same thing

i finally found a valentines dinosaur. it didnt need to be nearly that difficult

aand… zygarde box. cuz it looks like the anniversary boxes. but it doesn’t seem to be related to that.

also i keep finding yokai watch stuff in bargain bins. i mean… i’ll buy the shit up (tho i already had most of the things), but it doesn’t make me very hopeful for more goodies in the future. the non-discount stuff was just more watches and s1 medals :/

i wish yokai got as big as pokemans did here sigh

my great big wonderful adventure with PlayStation. ugh.

I’m a big fan of oldschool games. and since I’m low on cash, I usually wait with buying stuff until the price went down.

so, when I finally decided ‘yes. I want a playstation’ a few years ago, I went look for a PS3 that was compatible for PS2 games too.

and I found one, online. and ordered it.
But it was a foreign one. and I didn’t know it wouldn’t play any european PS2 games cuz of that :)

so. big tears were cried, since I just wasted like a 100 bucks. ordered a european PS2 and forgot the plan of ever using the PS3, planning to sell it…..some day..

but then, years after date, I find that PS3 games don’t have the problem of european restriction.

great! it’s been 2 years, but I can finally get a game and play it!

So I went to get FF13. I insert it. the graphics are BEAUTIFUL

5 minutes in. suddenly, black screen….

a problem called yellow light of death.

well, that figures, it’s been dusting away for some time… I want to get the game out. but it won’t eject without power :) it’s still in there :) the youtube tricks are not helping :) PS2 doesn’t have this problem :)

so I’m thinking ‘ah, I’ll just go and buy a PS4 if this one doesn’t work.’

but surprise, surprise!!

PS3 games are not compatible for PS4 :)))

so. I need. a different device. for each freaking. GAME.

end of story: PlayStation can go gently cares a tree :))))))))

I was gonna buy an iPod mini cuz I wanted something I can push all my games (Avengers Acdemy, injustice, fire emblem etc) and I asked my stepdad if he could take me so I could go but it tomorrow, instead he offers to buy it for me and even outs in extra $20 so I get tomorrow! He’s so nice!! He said its cuz I help with the dogs, get good grades and deal with my mom! He’s so sweet I was 100% ready to buy it myself god I’m so blessed to have him in my life. When’s he’s nice like this it makes me wish I was a better kid and wouldn’t give him such a hard time and give him stuff that he wants

rolling-blunder  asked:

For the make me admit stuff ask, #s 6, 24, 50, 69, 89, & 92 :)

//Wah I can’t believe someone actually asked me stuff thank you v much (ღ•͈ᴗ•͈ღ) \
6. What are you excited for?
My birthday (mostly because I get money with which I can buy anime merch ww)
24. What do you want right this second?
A month’s worth of sleep cuz I’m v tired
50. Ever used an bow and arrow?
Yeah like twice but I had close to no idea what I was doing and barely hit the target
69. Ever took dance lessons?
For like half a year or so I have but I’m super clumsy&I was really bad at it so I gave up
89. Which are better black or green olives?
I hate olives altogether so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
92. Do you want to get married?
I don’t really see the purpose in marriage but if I really love someone and they want to get married I’d do it

no offense but how do yall not binge eat whenever you get the oppurtunity i dont get it also
M doesnt take me seriously nor does he care about his life so i told him that i cant afford to be around that if im dealing w my own emotional issues yknow? but he doesnt give a shit about his life nor does he thibk im serious when i say that im not gonna humor it/that i’ll pretend that his drug abuse isnt there UGH
im getting proactiv im so excited i usually buy my own shitty acne stuff w my own money n cuz im pore its not good shit but my parents like lowkey said that my acne is an obvious issue of mine (i have baaaad acne like fuck yall who have one zit and complain i have clusters all up both sides of my faces >:( ) so they offered to pay for proactiv so im excited to see how that works

also fyi im taking a semster currently off of college bc i was burning out (its a whole story….) also i have a new therapist who’s actually giving me direction in life instead of someone who literally sends me pinterest links (that. actually. happened.)
also im meditating (like for real) and doing yoga at the Y and im gonna get a job soon so !
i get all fucked up sometimes bc im not surrounded by the people i had back in college but its definitely good bc even tho i love them so much theyre partiers and i cant emotionally deal with that at a functioning level
at least i get to spend more time w my homefriends im so glad bc i missed and love them

So we know Genos draws (at least he draws stick figures of Saitama doing things) but I’ll just say as a head cannon that Genos draws other things. But what if like Saitama found his doodles and stuff. Maybe while cleaning up a bit to help out around the house while Genos is at the doc.

Doesn’t say anything just goes out and buys pretty magnets just for the purpose of putting those drawings on the fridge.

Genos comes home, sees them nicely framed and displayed. He sniffles a little cuz he remembers his family and his mom or someone doing that.

He goes to Saitama and just hugs him from behind while the man is reading a manga.

Saitama just smiles, pats Genos’ hands, and head resting on his shoulder.

“Welcome home Genos.”

At least take time to read this.

Well, starting with that English is not my maternal language I seriously apologize If I write something wrong in here:

I’m not here to just ask for money to buy some new console/computer/telephone, I’m an 18 years old girl who lives in Venezuela (Latin American) and I know that i’m not the only one from this country who has been making commissions in tumblr or others pages because the situation that we all live here is just TERRIBLE, thanks to this f*cking communist government, you can’t just go to the store and buy basic stuff like: milk, eggs, flour, sugar, toothpaste, shampoo, FUCKING TOILET PAPER, because WE DON’T HAVE(due to a severe shortage cuz no $$$ ) , and you must make an 6-8 hours QUEUE just to see if there are enough for everyone. An egg carton (24) cost 2.000Bsf, and the basic salary is 13.000Bsf WE JUST SPENT THE 15% IN FUCKING EGGS, we can’t pay almost ANYTHING. Just look at this picture (isn’t too hard of understand even if you don’t speak spanish) 


I’m sorry, we are living here something very worst, and this is just a small part, weekly a lot of people is killed because they doesn’t wanted to be stolen by thugs, if you resist the robbery they just shoot you.

Well I’m pretty new at this stuff but this is what I made:

1# Pixel art drawing, pretty simple, one palette of colours and totally flat, with no background or just one colour 3$ and +3$ per character.

2# A sketch, more detailed, one palette of colours too but this one with shadows, with no background or just one colour 5$ and + 4$ per character.

3# A moreserious  draw, pretty detailed, colours and shadows, with no background ore just one colour 7$ and + 5$ per character.

As you can see i’m REALLY bad at background so i don’t want to mess up the draw.

★ Paypal Only. 

★  Email me at: (same at PP)

★  Please be VERY specific and detailed what you want, uses as many images and references and poses you need to explain. (and you can put in the mail is you want to see the sketch before I start)

★ I will accept everything, except:

- Animals (pretty bad drawing them)

- Furries (^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ but ears and tails are okay)

- Gore (my style is pretty cute and I love gore just…pretty bad making it)

- Mecha (don’t like robots too much, srry)



Won’t start ‘til receive the money, I know sometimes is hard to put your faith in a strange person, but i’m taking this REALLY seriously, it’s my future and i won’t just play with it.

★  GIVE ME TIME, I’m a college student, YOU ALL KNOW HOW THAT FEELS.

*Sigh* Well I know i’m not the best at drawing because here in tumblr are just so many talented people and I want to reach that point someday, but, I needed to make this to at least try to improve my future, try to leave this country cuz is gonna get worst by passing the time, you don’t need to buy if you don’t want, just share and i will be really gratefully (:

Thanks 4 all!

k. this blog will no longer post any updates on emoj-chan!

CUZ I QUIT! -flips table- …… not buying it? okay. i was joking. obv

im just making another blog for emoj-chan since i just wanted this blog to be where i chillax. like posting random stuff while giving 0 shit about it. 

i wont be answering anymore questions that’s relevant to emoj-chan in this blog. but .probably MIGHT reblog the full game here MAYYYYBE. 


will post stuff there soon. ;3c and that’s also where we’re gonna have a little discussion on that survey….

Tokyo Trip: Shopping Aftermath

I finally got home, and I slept for like 12+ hours last night LOL . Anyway, I did a few last minute shopping before going to the airport, though I only bought a few stuff tbh.

Now, my study area looks like this after buying stuff:

LOL it’s all filled Naruto + Yamamoto Sayaka posters. Somehow, I feel like I’ll get to study better now that I have these haha. All my personal photos + letter were moved to my table instead.

So yeah, I’ll just post whatever I bought in Tokyo. It’s mostly Naruto and really few AKB48 goods cuz MUST NOT SPEND TOO MUCH CASH. You should look at my sister’s haul. She bought so much figures of Haikyuu and KnB (Akashi, Tanaka, Nishinoya) and a bunch of Uta no Prince-Sama goods too. I think her pile is twice as large as mine lmao. She told me she’s going to make a “shrine” of them lol.

First up are the posters I have. This one here was from K-books..? I kinda forgot lol. They were even selling a Naruhina poster for like 6000+ yen since it’s really rare. Ain’t no way I’d spend my money on that tho hahaha.

These posters of the movie were being distributed for free around Ikebukuro. They sure are promoing Boruto to the max hahaha.

The placemat from the Boruto: Naruto the Restaurant. The staff said that we could actually get them after eating, but my mom quickly shoved it in her bag before we even ordered LOL.

Got these postcards at Don Quixote! They were really cheap so I’m bought 4 of them. I should’ve bought more orz. Lucky that I got the Sasuke VS Naruto set.

Postcards from Jump World. I kinda regretted not buying the Team Konohamaru set though.

More stuff under the cut!

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signs in the checkout stand

Aries: goes into the store wanting to get only cereal but comes out to the stand with more that they can afford BECAUSE LOOK AT ALL THE PRETTY JUNK FOOD ON DISPLAY

Taurus: has magical abilities to stand in like for hours if they need to, and will utterly destroy anyone that tries to cut in line


Cancer: the cashier, they dropped my sausages on purpose..what are they trying to say, HUH?? they just THREW my stuff in that bag, what did i ever do to YOU?

Leo: buys only dark chocolate–THAT’LL SHOW THEM HOW SOPHISTICATED I AM

Virgo: filth, FILTH EVERYWHERE, they’re getting their dirty money hands on my food gah stop touching them pls wear gloves i cant stand to watch my food dirtied by their hands

Libra: shows up with multiple colors/flavors of everything because they can’t decide which one they wanted more–so why not get all?

Scorpio: blocks the pathway with their 50 shopping carts because 1 isn't enough

Sagittarius: the one who always gets convinced into buying the buy 2 get 1 free candy-bar special at the counter


Aquarius: -slams a stack of discount coupons onto the counter-

Picies: still in line hours later because they keep letting everyone cut infront of them

anonymous asked:

Hajimama!!! I'm super happy~ yesterday I went with my friends to Anime-expo L.A. n I expended ALL MY MONEY in Levi Erwin all can find stuff some in Hanji Mikasa and Jean, I was saving cuz my pc it's brokend n now I can't buy a new one Oh! And I bought ALL vols of SNK n I had only 5.50dlls for a meal but the old man of the manga store gives me a muffin, I've to save againg but it was totally wort it I had a blast!! PS I'm death tired~ Love you mama

Wow that sounds like a really great day!