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Headcanon that Maggie figured out Kara is Supergirl and instead of telling them she knows, being the little shit she is, hardcore starts messing with the danvers sisters. She starts buying all kind of Super stuff for Kara cuz she 'thinks kara has a crush on supergirl' or some shit like that. honestly i just need an awkward rambling mess of puppy danvers and a really smug Maggie. then maybe Lena catches on and her Maggie bond over what to buy Kara next because come on Kara youre not sneaky

Can you imagine though?

Cause Maggie would lay it on so thick!

“Heard your girlfriend saved the day again little Danvers!”

Kara awkwardly pushes her glasses up her nose

“What?! No! I mean, she’s not my girlfriend! We’re just like friends - just really good friends!”

“‘Good friends’ yeah, sure, that’s exactly what I used to say about all my girlfriends.”

“Maggie …” Alex warns.

“What? I just think that Kara needs to come to terms with her crush on a certain someone. It isn’t healthy to repress all that.”

“Crush?!” Kara gulps glancing at Lena. “I don’t have a crush on anybody.”

“Kara, it’s completely fine! Who doesn’t have a crush on Supergirl?” Lena smiles, patting her arm.


“Oh come on! The hair, the arms, the ‘save the world’ personality -who wouldn’t have a crush?”

“I’m Supergirl!” Kara blurts.

Maggie laughs and Lena smirks.

“Yeah, we kinda figured that one out, little Danvers.”


“If it helps any, you did say you flew to my office on a bus.” Lena offers.

“Oh. Well, did you mean what you said?”

“About what?”

“Having a crush on Supergirl.”

“Kind of hard not too.”

“Would you want to go on a date with Supergirl?”

“No… But I’d love to go on a date with Kara Danvers.”

They’re so caught up in each other’s gaze that they don’t notice Alex sidle up to Maggie and hand over the keys to her Ducati.

“One time around the block, that’s it.”

“We agreed on a whole afternoon with the loser’s bike.”

“Yeah but that was when I thought I was going to win.”

Maggie pouts.

“Don’t push it, Sawyer!”

You know how Taehyung’s sort of taken the tiger as “his symbol” lately? Like he posts it in the vlive chat to announce its him? And he buys stuff with tigers on it now, e.g. the red tie in the last pic I reblogged?

And do you remember how, years ago, BTS went to Australia, and during an interview they had to each pick an animal they identified with? And Jimin told Taehyung he was like a tiger?

Well, what if Tae is partly sentimental about tigers cuz of Jimin?

…Fuck, I got vmin on the brain 25/8.

Millenials are ruining movies cuz of Netflix and illegal streaming and generally being interested in stuff other than movies

Never mind that movie tickets have gone up, and not just that but they charge you even more for a shitty 3D experience that makes me feel like they impaired my vision and then gave me glasses to fix it…back to exactly what it was before.

And that RPX bullshit.

Like 13 dollars for a movie ticket I mean come on, I could buy so many cheeseburgers with that.

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ahhhHHHHHHHH i'm frustrated i was so close to being able to buy some of your stuff off redbubble but then i went to the ophthalmologist and my vision's???? really???? bad???? like "bruh ur gonna be completely blind when ur twenty six and thank ur family cuz this shit's hereditary" so all of my saved money has to go to my eyeball stuff for a while smh bUT MY BIRTHDAY IS CLOSE AND DARE I SAY MY PARENTS WILL LET ME PURCHASE SOME GR9 STUFF OF YOURS THEN???? I REALLY HOPE SO UR ART IS BEAUTIFUL ILY


Zak imagine- Bragging

Imagine being pregnant with Zak’s daughter.. and him bragging about over and over again.

*Meeting fans*

Aaron: Yeah investigating is hard sometimes but like there are different contributing factors and–

Zak: *Cuts  Aaron* Yea Cuz especially when you have your girl waiting on ya. and then with a little girl on the way.. and then the stress of  becoming a father.. it drives u nuts.

Fan: Awwwww!! Thats soo sweet!

Zak: Uh– Yeah it is.. Just im the luckiest guy in the world…

Aaron: *scoffs*



Fan: So DJ Inferno where can I buy your tracks??

billy: My tracks are  free!! Heres the link: *inserts link here*

Zak: *Cuts in again* but! You can buy my tracks here!!! Im collecting money for my daughter’s nursery! Yea, im gonna be a dad!!

Fan: OMG Zak!!! Congrats!! Im gonna buy your stuff right now!!!!!!!!!!!

Zak: Thanks!!


*Infront of your friends who dont know you’re pregnant (cuz their nosey) *

Friend: So whats up!!?? Haven’t seen you in a while!!

Zak: Yeah, Just busy with the baby, like setting up the nursery, buying stuff,  and yea you know..

Friend: Y/N’s pregnant!?!?

Zak: Yup im a proud to-be daddy!!

You: *face palms*


*group chat with GAC, excluding Zak*

Aaron: This is getting outta hand dude

You: What??

billy: Zak!!! He brags about your daughter all the time!!!!!

Aaron: yea.. im gonna kill him

You: I agree!! He told some of my fake friends too!

billy: Fake friends

You: I dont like em.

Aaron: What do we do bout him.. if he brags again imma kill him.

You: Calm down !! lockdown’s tonight right, he’ll forget all about it!

billy: YES THANK YOU!!

Aaron: this convo is over

You: Delete is guys before “HE” sees it. Good luck with the lockdown!!

Aaron: Thanks!!

billy: Love ya!!!!



Zak: *To the camera* Ok so it lockdown time here at *insert fave location’s name* And thats Aaron-

Aaron: Heyy!!

Zak: and Thats Jay and billy at nerve centre!

Jay: *waves*

billy: ‘Sup!!

Zak: So– This lockdown is dedicated to my love.. this is her fave location.. and this is also for My little angel who’s gonna be here soon. No im not talking about Gracie.. Im gonna be a dad!!!!

Aaron: *face palms*

billy: Oh boy…….

Zak: And with that– ITS LOCKDOWN TIME!!!!! Aaron u excited cuz I am!!

Aaron: yay…. To the camera.. Y/N take a good last look at him cuz u wont see him again

billy: *over the walkie talkie* I’ll help…

Zak: You say something guys?

Aaron: Nope.

Zak: OK Lights out!!!!

Hey hot take but I’m really getting sick of overwatch’s event/skin system. I like the game enough to care about the skins but not enough to power grind for skins because you’re basically forced to go super hard on the game and grind boxes until you get the stuff you want or you pay money, which already sucks but is extra annoying cuz you can’t just buy gold, you gotta buy RNG boxes
Even worst is that I don’t know if I will ever get a chance at these skins again; sure stuff like holloween and Christmas skins will be back next year, but if you didn’t get the uprising skins who knows if you’ll ever get those ever again?
It feels like a tactic that I’d see out of a free to play game desperate for whales but this is a 40-60 dollar game so it’s pretty BS, but it’s a popular game and people like thr skins it’s never gonna change and I don’t like it

omg me and kristi were @ goodwill a town away and this woman cut me off going into the dressing room and we laughed so hard about it and she was like “wait i have to pee so bad stop making me laugh” so on the way home i stopped @ a gas station cuz she said she had to pee right, so i went in too and bought a soda and tried to buy lottery tickets but i didnt have cash so i couldnt so we get back in the car and shes like Cara i didnt pee, and im like Why mate, and she was like There was shit all over the floor, and i was like Stuff? and she was like No human shit

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RFA plus V and Saeren reacting to an mc who refuses to let the, spend money on her. Doesn't want them to buy stuff for her cuz she's broke and she feels like she's in debt now

A/N: oh god i know these feels 50000% like dont buy me things i feel terrible ~Admin 404


           -He’s a broke college kid so it’s not like he has a ton of money

           -So whenever he offers to pay for you, you feel T E R R I B L E


           -But?? He just wants to feel like a man!! And a man buys things for his girl!!!

           -He doesn’t like making you feel bad though, so he tries his hardest not to buy things

           - won’t admit it but is lowkey relieved because??? he didnt have money to begin with

           -buT STILL MC! Can he at least buy you a candy bar, jfc ;A;


           -He wants to buy you flowers all the time!!!

           -And dinner!!!!

           -You’re his princess, he wants to be your prince and smother you with gifts

           -He may only be an actor, but he’s not extremely broke


           -He doesn’t like hand outs or help from people who are extremely rich

           -So he gets why you don’t enjoy people buying things for you

           -He’s still so sad though!!! He buys things for you anyway, and if you feel like you’re in debt, you can pay him back by giving him affection <3


           -She’s so used to working for whatever she wants in life

           -So she’s the same way

           -Doesn’t like when people buy things for her, she feels as though she needs to pay them back

           - is that ringing a bell, mc

           -“Jaehee! I bought you a coffee, here you go!” “Oh, MC, here, let me give you some cash for that” “No please it’s fine”

           -“MC! I saw this DVD I thought you’d like, so I bought it!” “Jaehee!! How much was it?? Here, let me get my wallet and pay you back” “MC it’s a gift it’s fine”

           -Literally the two of you practically pay for your own gifts because y'all!! Are!!! So!!! Stubborn!!!


           -Mr. Trustfund Kid doesn’t take “no” as an answer

           -He was blessed by his wealth so LET! HIM! SHARE! WITH! YOU!

           -Just wants to spoil you!!! Why do you have the need to pay him back!!

           -This isn’t business for once MC, please accept my gifts

           -He’ll still buy you things despite your protests

           -You wanna pay him back? Give him attention

           -He bought you a new sweater? You wanna pay him back? 75 kisses, get to it

           -Honestly thinks you’re so cute when you pout over his gifts, sometimes you buys you things just to see it


           -He’s had issues accepting help growing up as well

           -He’d rather get things on his own, so he understands your discomfort

           -But! You deserve the world! So he’s buying you things anyway!

           -Plays dumb when you talk about being in debt to him

           -“What are you talking about? I didn’t get you anything. Did you buy a new jacket today? It looks nice. I DIDN’T BUY YOU ANYTHING????? IDK WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT”

           -Pay him back by making him food!!! HE LOVES IT JUST FEED HIM

           -Usually buys you little things that he can just slip into your everyday life so you don’t even notice he’s bought you something


           -Why can’t he spoil you ;A;

           -He’ll listen and try to understand that you hate feeling like you owe people something just because they spent money on you

           -“But does that include gifts?” yes, sweetheart, that includes gifts


           -He finds a way around it though!!!!!

           -D I Y P R O J E C T S

           -He makes you gifts from time to time!! They were made by him and not bought, does that make you feel better, MC??


           -Grew up without much so he worked to get what he has

           -Completely understands how you feel, hates having people get things for him

           -Also HATES the feeling of being in debt

           -Every now and then, however, he’ll buy you a gift and tell you to suck it up

           -“I don’t care. I got it. Can’t take it back. Just take it! You don’t have to pay me back! Stop! Trying! To! Hand! It! Back! To! Me!”

           -You accept it because??? He doesn’t do it often and this is his way of telling you he was thinking of you

           -The two of you have a gift war sometimes when it gets out of hand, though, because neither of you want to be in debt to the other

Would you… Would you guys like… watch a video where I just… talk about stuff? Kinda like what JaidenAnimation does but instead of anecdotes, it’ll be something different. I don’t know what kinda different but… different. I guess.

‘Cuz if that’s the case, I can make my sorry ass buy a mic and just… record stuff. Idk. I wanted to practice voice acting a lot (I can do a sick Peridot voice, imo >:3) and I just figured doing stuff like that can be good exercise.

So… ya gonna watch that crap or should I just leave ya guys alone with… speedpaints and stuff?????

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Heeyheyhai yoyoyayyo you know soul eater too! It's kinda hard to find ppl who watched it. Anyway, I wanted to ask if you already had read the manga? Because the anime and the manga are different(due to stuff they needed to change the anime to end it quickly ;^;). The manga have a lot of more story, and I actually liked the end, knowing that some ppl dislike the manga end. But anyway², I already said but I love your art and u r cool me buddy! (♦ ^w^)b

Heck yeah I love that anime! It was the one that really got me into anime, so it will always have a place in my heart XD And yup I read the manga too (but online instead of buying it cuz I’m a cheapskate)!

Aww thanks a ton!! (*^∀゚)ъ I’ll keep drawing as much as possible! Seeing @omgaflyingpig‘s experiments made me wonder if I should have a go at animation too somepoint… hmm… *plotting intensifies*

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You were a great theory blog before this book, but now you are THE BEST. You called so much stuff. Mor and Elriel! And prob other stuff too but those are the things I'm concerned with. Lol!!

THANKS NONNIE!! I think if she hadn’t gotten the spin off deal, this book would have ended much differently. Cuz Maas has an established style for the most part (at least to me) and this book, while I enjoyed most of it, was….rushed at parts. And the moments that had been built up and foreshadowed for the last two books were SERIOUSLY underwhelming (like chapter 76…what was the point? That was built up immensely and the. Just flatlined). And I think it had a lot to do with needing to set up readers to want to buy spin off books, and to be able to keep the story going. So there was stuff that I think was supposed to be way different than it was. And. Yeah. I think more of what we all predicted would have been way better if she had just had to focus in Feyre and Rhys and their story. Although I’m not complaining. I love Nesta and Elain as characters and I’m liking free and away from the Spring Court Lucien. He lost some of his edge. But I’m going with living with Tamlin made him cranky. LOL

okay so a friend of mine showed me that stim toys masterpost and this is what i would like to buy: the squeezy ball, a fidget cube, a hand spinner and the hamburger squishy!!! it would be like 7€ which is like super cool. ive already bought some stuff off this website before and it took like, 4 months for the stuff to arrive but ig i can wait? like, its not so urgent

Just gonna update on life. No biggie.

Named him “Sam” ‘cuz, apparently, I like naming cats after LOTR characters. He’s real smol and cute… He’s just such a- HNNNGGG. Attention seeker? Like, dude. Can ya shut up for a second???

Enough about my personal life! Let’s talk art and YouTube… stuff.

YouTube is my passion since I discovered it can be a job and I want to improve on it. It’s awesome that I can upload speedpaints and art stuff. But I still want to make more.

After some convincing from my Goat Mum, I have decided to buy a mic. I haven’t yet atm ‘cuz I’m so busy this week TT^TT BUTT, tomorrow, I will so…

Expect to hear my awkwardSANSational voice real soon??? I guess???

Idk. Just wanna talk. And do and make so much more for you guys :3


I’m taking a break from Hamilton animatics, btw. Idk why but I haven’t got the energy to make ‘em recently? But I am currently working on a real easy and exciting one.

It’s not Hamilton. But can you take any guesses?? Owo

I’m not sayin’ anything. Just that this one’s a bit… chilly…

Anyways! That’s all I have to say. And I’m posting this ‘cuz I’ll be very engrossed making this thing and there’s stuff I’m doing this week. I’m just a busy dood. But thanks for sticking around!

Hope ya guys have a nice dae! X3

The raffle is still going on btw.

Ah. THAT’s a big question. I use a lot of things, BUT I am going to assume you are referring to the things I’ve been using in my most recent posts. So below is sort of all the things I’ve been using the most recently:

I super like a dark and thin pencil line when I sketch (not a big fan of inking over my penciling), so I use the 2B grade 0.3 pencil lead in combo with an Pilot AirBlanc 0.3 Mechanical Pencil

For erasing I use my grand eraser trio!  A Uni Boxy Eraser, the best eraser EVER I buys these in bulk I definitely recommend getting one. And two Tombow Mono Zero Erasers, one in a 2.3 mm circle and one in 2.5x5 mm rectangle. I use these for the nitty gritty deets and erasing guidelines without ruining the pencilling.

I love coloring with watercolors and my fave set which has lasted me a good 2 years is the 24 Color Palette Sakura Koi Watercolor Field Box Set. I’ve tried Winsor and Newton’s but they’re so expensive for such a limited palette. W&N’s Cotman Sketcher’s pocket box set of 12 colors doesnt even come with black, BLACK. what. hell. On Amazon it’s like $17, while the Sakura Koi 24 set is about $21. TWICE the colors for $4 more, and the Koi comes with a removable palette and two sponges. >:l ‘Course if you like W&N, that’s cool, I just prefer Koi a milllion times better.

As for what I use to color, I have quite a bit. I have my Kuretake Waterbrush Arsenal! and my most recent purchase, the Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brushes

Kuretake is great because it comes in a lot of sizes. I have the Small (green cap), Medium (*blue cap), Large (*red cap), Flat (purple cap), Zig H2O Broad (indigo cap) and Zig H2O Detailer (yellow cap) (??? this one is a recent buy it seems just like the reg Small brush to me tho).

*quick not though I switched the medium and large caps. the colors just make more sense this way to me lol

Then we have my Pentel brushes, which just come (from what I know) in Small, Medium, and Large. I’ve been using these the most. I bought these like three months ago so I could try them out, and honestly, they’re AWESOME. They all have fine points that have kept really well so far, so they are great for deets yo. 

Finally, the sketchbook. It’s not a drawing utensil, yea, but I’m really picky when it comes to paper to draw on, so I consider it just as important! I have a lot of sketchbooks but very few with paper that take watercolor very well. But when I came to San Francisco I finally got to go to a Blick’s! (they don’t have them where I’m from sad face :( ) and I took a chance with this little thing I saw that’s actually meant to be a travel diary or journal or something. It’s Semikolon’s Petite Voyage Linen Travel Diary and it is honestly, thee. THEE. BEST SKETCHBOOK IVE EVER HAD. and here’s why;

  1. It has a light tint on the paper that is easy on the eyes.
  2. It comes with a wittle pencil; easy access drawing utensil, and when that’s finished just put in another pencil or pen in the pencil loop!
  3. Has a pocket within the back cover
  4. Has an elastic band to keep closed
  5. Has a sturdy linen bound book cover
  6. Comes with two bookmark ribbons
  7. Has 304 pages to rawr on! (152 sheets)
  8. Comes in a small size (that’s easy to carry around and put in your purse or a big pocket, really great for observation rawring!
  9. Comes in, literally, all the colors of the friggin Rainbow! I bought another Ciel blue along with four others to make a nice CMYK color scheme. 
  10. and best part; the thin paper takes watercolor EXTREMELY WELL. like so well it should be illegal. it-it’s so beautiful Q^Q

But some people may find them kind of kind of pricey (like $16 at Blick’s) but it’s WORTH it. I can’t find them on Blick’s online store at all! And they’re a little more expensive on Amazon cuz it’s a European brand. If I like something, I buy it in BULK. Too many times my favorite brands of art stuffs they stop producing :( so i went all out with these, especially since they’re imported. 

(and just a quick peek into my pencil cases for things I use on and off)

SO yea, these are all the things I’ve been using in my most recent posts. Sorry this was so loonnngggg it turned into more of a review and personal recomendations post, more so than I had intended lol but im giving my honest opinion in case anybody is looking into trying some new art stuffsz! hope it kind of helps!

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i just moved all of my stuff and my roommates stuff into temporary housing and its super embarrassing cuz i have SO MUCH shit. and i feel like the instinct is to be like damn can you maybe live more minimally u materialistic bitch. but in actuality, my roommates and i are broke as fuck. we cant afford to throw shit away and buy more later when we need it. even with stupid stuff like clotheshangers, that adds up if you buy all that from scratch every year. we save what we can cuz we cant afford not to. thats why i have so much shit…


First Comicpalooza I’ve attended and I loved it! So many venders that sold a ton of stuff that I liked, vr games that were an experience to play and seeing a lot of cosplayers. Basically all the merch I got was Overwatch related, mostly Hanzo this time cuz he’s my favorite character(cant play him for shit though). So happy to see @dilfosaur and buy her Hanzo merch, she even signed my Gabe print! I would have gotten some dc pin up girls prints that I really liked but I already met my spending limit :( Next year, ill bring more and hopefully stay a few more days to enjoy the fill experience

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You should REALLY put the fact you post NSFW content in your about........ I had a sex gif and stuff about buying sex toys on my dash with no warning, and I can't blacklist tags cuz I use mobile... it utterly surprised me and kinda threw me off hardcore. oAo"

TBH just unfollow me.
Because my blog is so all over the place that I’ll go months without reblogging a single nsfw to posting a bunch in a day.
Like, I’ll get it and it’s okay 👌🏻