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wanna know how much i love the Vault-Tec guy?

i didn’t just “give him a job” in Sanctuary, i built him his own little pub.


To come away with Champions league football is a credit to every single player and member of staff at this fantastic football club and I promise you next season we’ll play football the right way, we’ll improve our squad and we’ll bring some trophies home [x]

Why isn’t Doncamatic everybody’s fave? :(

apparently australia has the biggest houses in the world on average lmao someone wanna show me what australia they’re talking abt because this dump is not measuring up

So in Project RYUU chapter 4, Satsuki and Ryuuko have a duel over the Bakuzan; when Satsuki decides against ‘taming’ the stubborn half-dragon and resolves to slay her adversary instead, she shouts these lines:

“I am Kiryuuin Satsuki, first princess of the eternal kingdom of Honnouji, and heir to the Radiant Dynasty’s throne! You think that once aware of it, I could allow a power such as yours to go unchecked? Do you imbeciles think this is a game?!

Something worth noting in this declaration is Satsuki’s description of herself as the first princess (in terms of birth order) despite her revealing in chapter 1 that she understands the second princess to have long since perished. After she plays her ryuuteki (flute) for the condemned ‘Ryuu’ outside her prison cell, she reflects that she wishes she could have played it for her baby sister at least once, but she internally chides herself for a premature expression of sentimentality as she realizes the reason she bothered playing the song at all:

The Second Princess would have been about your age, wouldn’t she? Foolish… she berated herself. Now was much too soon to let herself stop and indulge in sentimentality. Her father and sister could smile from the After, once she’d completed her task. 

Returning to chapter 4, Satsuki’s choice to refer to herself as the first princess instead of merely the princess is a small way of respecting the life of her lost sister – as far as she knows, she had a sister whose time came far too soon, and the loss of that sister is one of Satsuki’s driving forces in her quest.

Following Kill la Kill canon, of course, you can pretty easily guess at the identity of the second princess, and can probably predict her “demise” had something to do with nefarious experiments by Queen Ragyou; you also have a good idea of what Satsuki’s ultimate mission probably is.

So as Satsuki declares her resolve, she invokes a subtle acknowledgment of the younger sister she fights to avenge… ironically, doing so in part to steel herself to unwittingly slaughter that very sister, after beating the tar out of her in the previous few minutes of their duel.



Sherlock's Mind Palace

Righto! As people know, I am ShyMod on FYeahPopCultureWitchcraft. We’ve been getting a bunch of requests for Sherlock inspired stuff, so I thought I would write a post on Sherlock’s Mind Palace. Why? BECAUSE IT’S A THING AND YOU CAN USE IT TOO.

Now, this won’t give you Sherlock-like intelligence, but it can do quite a few many things. And most of you probably use it already.

The true name of the technique is the ‘Method of Loci’. Fab, right? That’s more of a verb term though- the act of using the mind palace to store and retrieve information. What about the actual place itself? The noun?

Well! The 'mind palace’ is many different things. I call it the headspace, or an internal pocket realm (seeing as if you open it, spirits can hang out in it). Most people have one. If you’ve ever just looked inward and imagined yourself wandering around in your head- that’s it, that’s your headspace. As said in Sherlock, some people have shacks on the beach, some people have cottages, he has a palace. Some have libraries- I was actually taught to use a library, but it wasn’t what my space was meant to be. 

Let me elaborate a bit on that- people try to change their headspace, but, that doesn’t always work. You can never 'really’ change it- the base is always gonna be there. (At least, in my opinion.) So here’s mine.

I have an ocean. A big, giant, beautiful ocean. There are currents of emotion that change and shift and move. Thoughts are little fish that swim by, and things I remember are pieces of coral. It’s quite lovely. but, uh, a bit useless. Why? Well, the thought fish just swim away. And I forget really easily. The coral? I can’t remember where I planted it. shit. >_< So I forget that too. Quite a few of my coral memories have been bleached due to traumatic events… I can’t remember most of my childhood. it’s just… a big, white area of dead coral. *sighs*

Eventually I got fed up with this- I decided I needed some sort of monitoring station to catalogue stuff for me. So I built an underwater terrarium, basically XD It’s a metal dome, actually, with lots of speakers against the back wall, and the front hemisphere is all glass. In the middle of it, there’s a mainframe computer. That’s where I catalogue thought fish and coral memories. It’s a LOT easier to handle. Sometimes the computer searches do turn up empty (especially when I’m taking exams FUUUUU) but! My memory has increased! I can remember more, and I have been doing better. 

So now!!! Onto yours, dear reader!! Let’s find your mind palace, shall we? Just focus inwards. It’s not gonna be too hard. Meditate if you want- I don’t. Going there is as natural as breathing. You can literally close your eyes and imagine it. boom, there it is. Walk around it. See what your memories are- are they flowers in a garden? Books on a shelf? Embroidered tapestries? Whatever. Just look around. Get to know the place a little better. Is it huge and massive, like Sherlock’s palace, or my ocean? Or is it quite small- a neat little cottage with a garden? They’re all special and unique and amazing and so cool to learn about!!

So really, wander around! That place is special, and YOURS. With proper warding, it can also be the safest place to practice astral tricks. Add a fencing room- mess around with swords. Teach yourself to shapeshift. Get a full length mirror and learn to use astral glamours. Magic!! 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post, and that you get excellent use out of your mind palaces, whatever form they may take!

Something that I can’t get over is that they had a huge fight. Like they were both yelling, their faces were red, veins were popping out of necks and they both started with the hand gesturing. It was an all out fight. But it was a healthy one.

 At no point did either of them go for a low blow. Neither of them hit on an insecurity or tried to intentionally strike a nerve. Robert refused to let Aaron walk out and avoid the argument. He even physically stopped Aaron from leaving but it never got violent. It was just a couple having a fight. 

It was intense and they were both really angry but it never crossed a line the way they probably would have when their relationship was in a different place. 


So I built a place. Looking at these pictures it seems tiny, but this took what feels like forever to build because of all the different colors of wool and my loosey-goosey free range way of gathering it.

It’s a community center! For my single player world! HOORAY FOR IMAGINARY PEOPLE! :D This is one step forward in my plan to make this world more of a world, with some real sense of place and community and culture and story, rather just these strange unconnected buildings here and there. I like worlds my imagination can play with. Weave stories around. I’m building it up.

There is going to be one more room in this thing, a project planning room that will have lists of ongoing projects, future projects, that sort of thing. It will help keep my brain uncluttered and be good for reminding my brother (who has a house in the village) of all the stuff I’ve tasked him on. :P Might also have a map room or something sometime. I dunno. It could be expanded indefinitely. But I might make a separate building for that. Hmm, hmm.