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Poor Yurio can’t catch a break, even over long distance video calls (Viktor you act oblivious but we all know otherwise)


Daryl Dixon’s puppy headbutt | Carol 5.01 “No Sanctuary” // Rick 7.08 “Hearts Still Beating”

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Goryeo’s Best Dressed: 13th Prince, Baek Ah

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Hey- I love you GBBO thingy (LIKE properly adore it) but can you imagine one year Enjolras has secretly been practicing since he was eliminated first for like the seventh year running and he practices and watches loads of videos until shock horror he wins and everyone goes into melt down...?

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It’s not as though Enjolras doesn’t have a competitive streak - he does - he’s just never felt all that much passion towards baking. Each year he’d usually make something awful, submit it without care, and be eliminated. Shrugging and enjoying watching the rest of the competition from the sidelines.

That is until the mid-year competition where he submits something so awful even Chetta can’t bring herself to touch it. That wasn’t what bothered him though- the icing on the cake was that Grantaire had leaned over, grabbed the misshapen, burnt, husk of the (cookie? cupcake? It was hard to tell) and declared loudly. “Man, I feel so sorry for your future husband.”.

Fore some reason the comment just would not leave Enjolras. It was as though he had to prove to him that he would make an excellent husband one day if he chose to get married. If baking was such an important trait of husbandry to Grantaire than Enjolras vowed to prove him wrong. He would make a great husband thank you very much. (“No, Courfeyrac this has nothing to do with feelings, this is a matter of principle!”)

Enjolras did what he knew best- studied his enemy and knew it well. Before he even stepped foot in his kitchen again he had read every baking cookbook his local library had on offer (This was also partly because he didn’t want to waste food that he had ruined). Combeferre was none too pleased when Enjolras returned a few with coffee stains. From there, putting it into practice was a piece of cake.

By the time the end of year Great Bahorel Bake Off rolled around he absolutely floored everybody in the first round. 

“It’s a Christmas Miracle!” Courfeyrac declared with tears in his eyes, despite it being January. “I can finally eat something you’ve made!”

He successfully made it through each consecutive round, until all that remained were him, Grantaire, Cosette and Marius. Grantaire had miraculously not sabotaged himself this year (”No, Courfeyrac, this has nothing to do with feelings. It’s just- the competition- it- shut up, Courfeyrac.”).

For the first time in seven years and 14 competitions Marius and Cosette were eliminated before the finals. The pressure was on. Everybody was on the edge of their seats to see what final treat Enjolras and Grantaire were going to put forth. 

“Enjolras, what did you make?”

“A wedding cake.”

“Umm. Okay? Why?”

“Because Grantaire is going to eat his words.”

Grantaire did in fact, have to swallow his pride after Enjolras won and admit he was wong- Enjolras would make a fine husband someday. Someday was far away though, presently, all Enjolras was concerned about was whether he’d make a great boyfriend. He said yes to Grantaire’s date with only two words.

“You’re cooking.”

Can you believe I had never drawn these four all together before

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