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what people assume the life of a fictive and their system is like: lol it is so cool!! to purposefully create or pretend to create someone who’s my favorite fictional character, all they do now is spit out Funny rp shenanigans and say catchphrases

in actuality: i am afraid to say anything, at any moment, because if I think I sound “OOC” I’ll doubt my validity of existence and quickly spiral into hating myself and denying being who I am

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🎊🎊🎊 ??

|| For every 🎊 I get I’ll recommend a blog! || accepting

1) Let’s see, let’s see –def gotta say @soulfled! Jess! What an awesome writer! And honestly what a doll too, super kind and sweet and imaginative. Even though I only RP with her Lyra, I still read what she does with Chell and her other characters, and across the board she’s awesome! Chell is kinda a hard character to nail down, considering they don’t ever talk in the games, and most of what’s known comes through filtered lenses or background bits, and yet Jess captures her so well!

2) @quantcm because Lawrence is rad as fuck and I can’t imagine my dash without them and they’re amazing portrayal of Rosalind Lutece. She was one of my favorite parts of Bioshock Infinite, and her backstory is so interesting and her character is so enticing and mysterious, that reading and writing with Lawrence is always a joy! It’s honestly a treat to write with people who really capture quick wit and intelligence, like right here <3

3) @yourneighbourjerry Dude! We’ve written for years! And yet I never get tired of threading with you, from way back when I had Lyanna –jeez. What a rollercoaster, huh? We used to RP together back when we still used gifs, four or five years ago! You’ve honestly been a constant on my dash since I started Lyanna, and I wouldn’t want it anyway. I’m so glad we can keep finding ways to thread with one another and go back and forth, and hopefully it doesn’t end any time soon because I love you and your Jerry! 

the boy with the wet hair

Once upon a time there was a little boy who loved the sea. He and his mother lived in a wooden hut up the road from a fishing village overlooking the peaceful bay. He spent all day swimming and diving and fishing and picking oysters off the grey, slippery rocks. He was in and out of the sea so often that he was known around the village as the boy with the wet hair. He dreamed of being a fisherman or a sailor and couldn’t imagine a happier life.

One warm autumn afternoon, while swimming he saw a large fish tail flap by him. The tail was exceptionally long, silvery in colour and cast long ripples as it made its way around the coral. He grew excited and grabbed it only to find a pale, pointed face turn towards him.

It was a mermaid! She smiled at him and they immediately became best friends.

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