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Okay, let’s start with how extremely adorable Jughead is. Like, he cares so much about the drive-in and as we found out, the place was literally his home. Like, someone protect my son please. And he tried so hard to save it, talking to the mayor, talking to Fred and handing out flyers and stuff. Forget Archie and that love triangle, this is the important story here.

Speaking of Fred and Archie, look how nice Fred was to that fucking pedophile. Like, he was complimenting her, inviting her to dinner and being such a great guy and that bitch is just sleeping with his son. Ugh. I hate her. 

Betty keeping a diary is so cliche™ but I love it lmao. 

I AM SO HERE FOR BETTY, RONNIE AND JUGHEAD HANGING OUT. Kevin’s okay too, I guess. Still haven’t decided if I like him or not. I mean, he’s funny and all but idk he just feels way too stereotypical and I’m still most certainly not over the biphobia. But maybe he isn’t really biphobic and that was a one time thing bc how else would Betty and Veronica, who are both obviously bisexual still be friends with him? Idk man. 

Cheryl, I love you for being a bitch but damn you just got your ass handed to you by Hermione Lodge, who is just as much of a goddess as her daughter. 

Betty calling out Archie on his shit 👏 👏👏

but like she was so…good about it?? Like she got her point across but didn’t immediately threaten to tell and stuff. And, Archie, honey, how could Ronnie even back you up? Firstly, what you’re doing ain’t cool and secondly, that’s her girlfriend you’re arguing with so ??? 


Where can I sign a petition to get rid of Alice Cooper? 


Betty questioning Grotesque Garbage is   👌 👌 👌 she was really good at that too honestly I just really love Betty Cooper man. 


“I don’t think of my students that way” lmao bitch stop lying

Jughead being a rebel with a cause is my aesthetic. And awww, he’s talking about himself and his family for once. This boy must be protected at all costs.. 

Archie, wtf are you trying to do, telling Betty to stay out of it? She’s literally doing what’s best for you like smh man shut up. 

BETTY AND VERONICA BEING DETECTIVE GIRLFRIENDS IS MY JAM. Like, seriously, they have so much chemistry like just let Bernoica happen man. It’s literally already canon. 

I would sell my soul to Satan and sell my body on the black market to make Beronica canon. 

I’m fully aware I’m being queerbaited but Betty and Ronnie are just. so. goddamn. cute. 

‘Jennifer Gibson’. THAT BITCH.

She has a gun in the car. THAT FUCKING BITCH. SHE’S THE KILLER!!!11!

Alice, wtf is wrong with you. Fred is a chill parent. He isn’t going to tell his son to stop talking to his best friend just ‘cause you’re a psycho who wants to control her daughter.

Okay, but like I really love Hermione and Veronica’s relationship it’s so good and–WAIT A SEC THEY’RE BUYING THE DRIVE-IN. Why must you crush Jughead’s happiness?  I TRUSTED YOUR HERMIONE.

Omg Alice saw the gun oops shit shit shit (betty what were you thinking hiding it in your fucking drawer smh girl). Wow, Alice just hit a new low. It’s not cool to read your daughter’s diary 

I would have felt bad after learning about Grundy’s backstory but my obvious hate for prevented that from happening thank god. 


Let’s talk about the drive-in.

Poor Juggie god I feel so bad for him Archie where are you your boyfriend needs you


Veronica Lodge is like fine wine. She gets better and better the longer she exists. 

I kinda sorta weirdly like the Veronica-Cheryl-Kevin squad?? They can be the ‘burn you to a crisp’ squad.

Ooh, Kevin’s got a new hottie. Also, did I mention I really love Kevin’s dad? He’s so nice.

YAS KEVIN GET SOME (My feelings are so conflicted like I want to support Kevin because he’s the only important, openly LGBTQ+ character on the show so far but like, something’s just off about him) 

Archie, please never speak to Grun–OH. HE’S LEAVING HER. YES ARCHIE YES YES YES–OH WAIT. OH NO. 


Alice why tf do you have to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong? 

Man, I feel bad for Fred. 

Archie, don’t defend that woman, please. She deserves it. 

Such drama much intense very wow. 

Oh no. My bby Betty is crying FUCK YOU ALICE. 

Okay, I know there’s probably some people sad about Grundy after her backstory but we got nothing but good stuff immediately after she left? 

Fred and Archie having a moment 👌 👌 👌 (I mean, I feel bad that Archie cried and that he was upset but it had to be done) 

Betty finally standing up to her asshole of a mother  👌 👌 👌 (I still kind of think that Betty is actually Polly but idk) 

A cute scene between Betty and Archie  👌 👌 👌

The scene where Veronica confronts her mom was certainly…something.


Grundy is like a bag of opened chips. She gets worse the longer she exists. Archie, you could not have been more wrong when you said she wasn’t a child predator. I already feel bad for that poor new kid victim of hers. 

On the whole, this was a really, really good episode. I give it a 9 out of 10, but that’s because my queen Josie wasn’t in it and there was not enough Jughead and Archie and there was way too much Archie and Grundy interaction but hey, at least she’s gone now. 

God, I’m literally crying over Jughead. The picture with him and his sister (who tf named them Jughead and Jellybean tho) was so adorable and so sad. My poor child. 



Also, I would just like to add, Betty is the best friend anyone could ever have and she needs to be appreciated more. 

So, what do you guys think? What do you agree and disagree with me on? Let’s talk! Reblog this while adding your notes or send in an ask (PLEASE SEND ME ASKS) or send me a message or something and I will see y’all next week.

I just found?? A 100% completed outline?? For an angsty superfamily fic just hanging out on my computer including:

  • morphing Richard and Mary Parker’s backstory into the MCU
  • a plausible way for Steve and Tony to get Peter
  • Steve and Tony raising Peter from infancy
  • Peter becoming Spider-Man
  • Norman Osborn
  • Steve and Tony discovering Peter is Spider-Man
  • Supervillain backstory
  • Venom??!?
  • Supervillains ft. Venom going after Peter
  • Ending

Like literally, there is a whole plot line written out for like a multi-chaptered superfamily fic just sitting in my hard drive and I have no idea how long it’s been there??? What should I do with you?? Where did you come from?? When did I write you?? This is wild.

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WHY ISN'T THERE ANY FICS FOR SEASON 6!!! I need some forgotten Stiles then found again Stiles. If there are any can you let me know?

Bro, I haven’t even watched season 4 yet.  lol  But rest assured, AO3 pulled through for you  -Emmy

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Curiosity and Satisfaction by Inell

(2,900 I Explicit I Complete)  *steter

Stiles knows that Peter is up to something. He just hasn’t figured out what he’s scheming yet.

Love that Comes, Loves that Goes Away by MaChi1993 

(9,739 I General I Complete)  *steter

Stiles didn’t hate Peter per se, even though he threaten his friends on multiple occasions, and for what he forced Lydia to do. He could actually understand him on some levels: there wasn’t a word to describe what he felt when his mother died, he could barely imagine what it was like to lose your entire family in a fire, watching them burn while you couldn’t do anything to save them, and pass the next six years in a coma, trapped in your own body, slowly healing every bit of your skin and organs without the last two living members of your family to support you.
To a degree, he also understood why Peter felt necessary to ally himself with Kate Argent: he lost his family because his alpha sister refused to take precautions against Gerard, and he saw history repeat itself with Scott - who, despite having always the best of intentions, was doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.
It made a terrible, twisted sense; as twisted and terrible as Peter was after all.

Silhouette by DerekHaleGirl97 

(4,402 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek

Derek did not return to Beacon Hills. The town wasn’t his problem anymore, and Stiles had Malia, so what reason does he have to return to the place where he only got hurt? Why should he go back? He was somewhat happy where he is now, so why go through all the trouble once again?

Derek’s questions are answered, but it only comes as a text message from Stiles with only a few vague words that send Derek’s heart plummeting to the depths of his stomach.

Help, come find me. REMEMBER ME.

Don’t You (Forget About Me) by ChasetheWindTouchtheSky 

(18,104 I Not Rated I WIP)  *no pairing

When they found out the Ghostriders were after Stiles, everyone promised not to forget him.

They lied.

If You Don’t Want to Love Me by etherealmindss 

(20,910 I Teen I WIP)  *multi pair:  scott/stiles. scott/malia, stiles/malia, lydia/malia, lydia/stiles

This takes place after 5b, going into season 6. Stiles is about to be taken by the Ghost Riders. But in the mean time, through untimely fate and waves of confusion, Scott finds himself utterly and hopelessly at the mercy of his growing feelings for Malia.

The Untold Tales by Ceris_Malfoy 

(22,481 I Mature I WIP)

The stuff that’s been sitting on my hard-drive for the past 2 years. Probably not going to be finished any time soon, thanks to RL issues, but… maybe, once I get back on my feet.

1st Chapter is a preface/explanation about stuff.

Added 1/11/17:
Chapter 12: It worked.
His shitty, spur-of-the-moment back-up plan worked.

Don't pay rent, eat my food AND steal my laptop? Have fun being homeless.

This happened about a year ago now in October of 2014, I had just split with my ex-wife and was moving into my own place with a friend of mine we’ll call him….dickbag or DB for short, DB had just split up with his girlfriend of almost 15 years, we decided to move in together as we were good friends and had known each other a couple years.

Upon moving day, I moved all my things into my room aside from my desktop which I put downstairs and setup attached to my desk [with locks]. My laptop which was worth quite a bit, was stored in a storage compartment in my closet that he didn’t know about as I chose that room specifically for this purpose. Things were going well for the first week….then my wii disappears, ended up finding it at his exs place as he had taken it over for his kids without asking me, I unhooked it and took it back told him if they wanted to play it they can come over to our place, same with my PS3.

A few days after that I find him snorting coke and pills and lock up my stuff even harder not wanting him to sell it off but low and behold he somehow finds my laptop and pawns it for cash, I called the cops they said there was no proof so I went pawn shop hunting and found it but they wouldn’t let me see it as it had already been sold even though I argued tooth and nail it was stolen property and I would sue unless they let me try to access it as the hard drive was busted and I KNEW that within that short time span they couldn’t have replaced it, ended up not getting the laptop back as they had a signed paper with a false name on it and gave him $1300.00 cash for it. Man I was f*cking livid at that point.

Onto the next part, I confronted him about it told him to get my laptop back or get the f*ck out of my apartment cause I was the only one paying for bills and food, he called my bluff and didn’t leave. So I packed up my stuff, called the cops on him snorting drugs and gave them full access to enter the home and left.

Last I heard he’s living under a bridge after posting bail somehow for all the drugs they found and his kids don’t even want to see him, nice knowing you D*ckbag, hope you have fun living on scraps the rest of your life.

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Favorite CS Headcannon?

I found this really hard to answer because I think that if I have a headcanon I tend to stick it into a fic. But I have been thinking about it and I guess one of my favorites is the idea that they teach each other things and share the things they are passionate about. Like Emma teaching him how to drive, or Killian teaching her how to sail or both of them learning how to ride a bike together (I wrote that one). Or even more personal things like Killian trying to teach her how to do relationship stuff like fighting or managing the morning bathroom routine because he has the experience with Milah but Emma never had a long term relationship. I know that feels like a lot of little headcanons so maybe it’s cheating but I think it all kinda works together… 

Ask Me My Favs

Sweet, I found a screenshot of my desktop from January 2000.


  • Me and Emmy spent a shitload of time playing Jazz Jackrabbit 2 online. I made tileset packs.
  • Klik'n'Play, The Games Factory, AND Multimedia Fusion. I made tons of games and never finished any.
  • Tarzan Activity Center. I think we made obscene stuff happen in the story creator thing
  • Leisure Suit Larry 6??? That’s pretty naughty
  • Shortcut to Flash.exe. That’s where it all began.
  • “old” was a shortcut to a backup of even older hard drives. I’ve been archiving my files since forever
  • ICQ forever, phuck AIM
  • “POKEMON!” ran an emulator because I didn’t have a gameboy
Today, I fucked up by getting drunk and stealing lawnmowers while on my bike at 3AM.

Well, this actually happened six months ago, during the summer.

I am 19, can’t legally drink, an engineering student, and my family comes from a mix of Appalachian and Deep South. This is the perfect set of conditions for a guy like me to build a stove top distillery. So I did. It was a glass jar with some thin copper line, and looked ghetto as all get-out, but it worked! I could take my fermented sugar solution, and after a few distillates, come out with something so strong you could easily use it for fuel, which I was going to tell people is what I was making if it was ever found.

But anyway; I was up one night drinking this stuff, and worked it out to the equivalent of 10-15 shots of 40% liquor, when I remembered that there was this old run down house with a lawnmower on the front porch that had obviously not been used in the past few years. I decided I would go be the Stealthy Lawnmower Vigilante, and rescue it from disrepair! While I was stone cold drunk. Brilliant. I thought about getting in my car and driving, but the only thing that stopped me was knowing that the belts make a horrible squealing, and its hard to be a Stealth Lawnmower Vigilante in a squealing car. So I took my bike. Much quieter.

By this time, I probably had a BAC of at least 0.20. I was riding down the street, sometimes weaving all over and starting to talk in a southern accent. By the time I got there, I could hardly stand up. I stumbled onto the front porch, and tool half an hour “quietly” removing the lawnmower from the leaves and soil it was buried under. I tried to get my drunk ass home, but its hard to ride a bike drunk. And uphill. And one handed because the other hand has a death grip on a freshly liberated lawnmower. So Drunk Me does the only sensible thing at the time. I stripped off my pants, tied one leg to the mowers handlebar, and the other to my bikes seat post. I then decided it was best to ride home down a well lit street so I could see. If anyone looked out their window, they would have seen the Stealthy Lawnmower Vigilante, Riding his bike down the middle of a normally busy road, with no pants, and a loud clattering lawnmower tied to his bike. Yeah, not suspicious at ALL.

By the time I got home, I realized something; Not only do I have no where to put this mower, BUT PEOPLE WILL ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT WHERE IT CAME FROM. SHIT. Now, still being drunk off my ass, I decided to take it out to the park by my house, which has a convenient storm drain. After more stealth pants-less rattling along, I finagled the mower into the drain, and made it back home. The next morning I couldn’t find my pants, then remembered they were still tied to the mower. I did this several times since, with a total of three Liberated Mowers, one Commandeered Roto-tiller, and half a tank of propane.

Too Long; Didnt Read > Never led a bored engineering student build a still, or else he’ll sneak out at night and “Liberate” all the small engines he can find. He might also take off his pants while doing it.

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snapshots: grillems | insp. 

sometimes he would try and think back to the moment in time when he fell in love - he would try to pinpoint the day that he felt those butterflies and the world turned gold. but he couldn’t find what he was looking for. instead he found moments - snapshots. they didn’t seem like much - the day they laughed too hard, the one time they stayed up till three, that six hour drive to nowhere - but he realized this was what he was searching for. these moments, they were golden and filled with butterflies.

Rumor Instrumental
Late Nite Reading

was going through the hard drive on my laptop and found a bunch of stuff from the making of walls. this is an instrumental version of rumor, fun way to listen to the song. check it out 

I Didn’t Choose The Bug Life

Hi everybody…soooooo the past few months have just been a mess =/ I wanted to start posting educational entomology videos so I planned a bunch and recorded several. I wanted to amass a bunch before I started posting so I could post regularly even when school got crazy. I was super excited about finally uploading them and then I got robbed (while taking my mom out on her birthday).

The thief got away with my laptop bag with my brand new laptop inside (among other things -my thai as a second language books, my bluetooth head phones, some grad school papers, and my camera…I know I know, I hadn’t quite realized just how foolishly robbable I was being until I got robbed =/ ) Of course I was smart enough to back up all the data on my laptop (some research data and most of my video stuff) but unfortunately not smart enough not to have that hard drive housing the data in the same bag. That set me pretty far behind in school and I’ve been putting in crazy hours the past few months to catch up (hence why you haven’t heard anything from me until a couple weeks ago when I finally caught up and rewarded myself with a brief weekend vacation to Otakon)! Feeling both overwhelmed and violated is a pretty unpleasant combination. I wouldn’t recommend it.  

And in the middle of dealing with all of that, I found out with only one week’s notice that my music guy can’t work with me any more because he’s moving across the country! He was my sound engineer, basically my producer, and a good friend to boot. He knows how to do all of the technical stuff that I’ve got no clue how to tackle and he can basically play everything so trying to do a song with him was a breeze! I’ve grown so much as a vocalist working with someone as knowledgeable musically as he is. I just had confidence that I could tackle any project when he was around. Working on music was such a healthy outlet for me when I felt overwhelmed in any other area of life. When he had to leave, I was staggeringly disappointed. 

And as if that wasn’t enough, things got pretty crazy at my church and now it looks like I’m going to lose the remarkable, loving support system that’s seen me through so much over the years.

I had as good an excuse as any to give up on everything that’s important to me. My mom was worried that I would lose confidence in my musical ability without my music guy around. My advisor was worried that losing so much data and work would tank my motivation to finish my research project. And a couple of my friends have been worried that the tumult at my church would cause me to give up on my faith.

It was tough to pick things up and keep moving but I had to remember what I’m here for. I do what I do because it’s my passion, because I feel it’s why I was made and unless that changes, my determination to doggedly contend for my dreams wont either. Put simply, “I didn’t choose the ‘bug life’, the ‘bug life’ chose me…and it made a good choice!”

Sincerely, Doctor Buggs

p.s. that’s not a challenge to “life” right now, if you’re listening. I’d prefer you stop throwing curve balls my way at least for a while. I definitely wouldn’t mind a home run soon! =]

p.p.s I totally missed you guys a ton! I’ve got to catch up on these asks!

Meet Kylie.

Stuff I Like: Live music, social media, “Gilmore Girls”, pretty much all animals but especially dogs and cats and otters, screenwriting, Sarah Dessen books, TWLOHA (obviously), traveling, movies, war history, band merch, New York City, feminism, bagels, iced coffee, long drives, pumpkin-flavored foods, online shopping, pop culture trivia, tea, and talking about Taylor Swift.

Why I’m Here: Music is my biggest passion, and TWLOHA understands the honesty that can be found in a song. I’d already seen musicians wearing TWLOHA shirts for years when, in high school, I began dealing with depression and anxiety myself. In those hard moments, I already knew that I could turn to TWLOHA for hope and support, and that meant so much to me. I’m here because TWLOHA isn’t afraid to talk about things that aren’t normally talked about, and because that saves lives. I’m here because I want others to know that hope is real, help is real, recovery is possible, and life is worth living.

I would most likely stuff the office fridge with: Vanilla-flavored Dr. Pepper, cucumbers, pears, salsa, and cheese. Lots of cheese.

If my music is on, I’m most likely listening to: Twenty One Pilots, Taylor Swift, Sylvan Esso, A Silent Film, Third Eye Blind, Beastie Boys, Ed Sheeran, The 1975, Paramore, Frightened Rabbit, The National, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Sleater-Kinney, The Julie Ruin, Dashboard Confessional, Sara Bareilles, Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen, The Civil Wars, Flobots, Jack Johnson, and so many others I could go on for hours.

Outside of the office, I’m most likely: Trying to get myself to sit down and actually finish my screenplay, watching Netflix, asking people if I can pet their dogs, creating way too many Spotify playlists, going to the movies by myself, or thinking about how long I need to wait to get my first tattoo so my parents don’t freak out. 

If you could be best friends with anyone, who would it be and why?

It would absolutely be Taylor Swift because let’s be real - she’s the coolest. She’s wise beyond her years, immensely talented, and takes great care of her friends. And her cats are as precious as she is.