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an ask meme for fic writers ♥
  • 1: what inspires you?
  • 2: one of your favorite comments/reviews on this chapter/verse?
  • 3: what motivates you?
  • 4: what time of the day/night do you like to write?
  • 5: do you write scenes in a linear fashion or do you write future scenes/dialogues sometimes?
  • 6: hardest/easiest character to write for?
  • 7: hardest/easiest verse to write for?
  • 8: (if you have either or both) how do you manage time with writing, work, school etc.?
  • 9: what tv shows, books, or movies inspire for this verse, if any?
  • 10: any writing advice?
  • 11: (if you use) what do you like about archiveofourown?
  • 12: anything you would do to make archiveofourown different/change it?
  • 13: why did ___(character) do ____ in this fic/verse/chapter/scene?
  • 14: what is the arc for this character (redemption, etc.)? 
  • 15: ask me any spoilers you’re curious about for a verse, and i’ll post the answer in the tags
  • 16: do you ever hand write? why or why not?
  • 17: do you listen to music while you write?
  • 18: any fanmixes you’ve made for this fic/verse?
  • 19: any edits or art you’ve made for this fic/verse/any edits readers have made? if not, what visuals would you use for one?
  • 20: what songs were you listening to during this scene/chapter?
  • 21: this character’s best/worst memory?
  • 22: favorite line/quote/inner monologue from this character?
  • 23: feelings on epistolary fic?
  • 24: do you outline?
  • 25: if you outline, do you edit it frequently?
  • 26: anything you’re planning to write in your fic that you’re worried readers might like?
  • 27: when you read fic, how often do you comment?
  • 28: any scene/line you wrote that you didn’t expect to write/that surprised you once it was written?
  • 29: do you eat or drink anything while you write?
  • 30: any backstory questions about characters
  • 31: any other questions you want to ask
  • 32: what are your stats for this story/verse?
  • 33: favorite one-shot you’ve written?
  • 34: a scene/paragraph you wrote that you’re proud of
  • 35: any foreshadowing/symbolism you wrote that you hope readers didn’t miss?
  • 36: any scenes you wrote that parallel the canon verse?
  • 37: do you use quotes in the beginning notes/intro to your chapters? if so, what are some of your favorites/what are their significance?
  • 38: do you title your chapters? what’s your favorite chapter title? what’s its significance/why did you choose it?
  • 39: any alternate fic titles you were considering for this verse?
  • 40: chapter you’re most proud of in this verse?
  • 41: chapter that was the most fun to write in this verse?
  • 42: five songs that this character has on their iPod/iPhone?
  • 43: emoji this character uses the most whilst texting?
  • 44: have you shared your outline with anyone? if so, what did they think of it?
  • 45: anyone you share excerpts with?
  • 46: story with the most kudos (AO3)?
  • 47: story with the most comments?
  • 48: a happy future moment you’ve written/have planned for this ship? (will post under read more for spoilers)
  • 49: this character’s starbucks order?
  • 50: this character’s guilty pleasure?

0.24% of people who read one of my fics on Sunday left a comment. On Saturday it was 0.51%

Please, if you like a story you are reading, tell the writer. Even something as short as ‘thanks!’ from a guest account can mean the world to someone.

Fanfic Writer Mood Dictionary:

😊= When readers leave kudos
☺️= When readers leave an ‘I like it, it was good’
😆= When readers list reasons why they liked the story
😄= When readers ‘fic rec’
😭= When readers/artist make art for your fanfic
😘= When readers leave encouraging/motivational messages on your fic
😡= When people are mean and leave rude feedback
😤= When people leave messages asking when the fic will be updated, but are disrespectful
😞= When people don’t leave kudos
😖= When people don’t leave comments
😢= When fics are ignored

Another month of fics! These are some of the stand-out ones for me this month, and not all of them are exactly new, but excellent nonetheless. I’ve been cleaning out my to-read list, and I’ve found some absolute gems!

As always, you can catch up on previous LMR’s here and check out my standard reblog recs here. Also be sure to leave a writer some love, as feedback is what keeps writers motivated to keep putting stuff out!

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Star Trek Writer Masterlist

For the oh so wonderful @trekken81 who needs a bit of help with our Amazing Star Trek Writers. Here is list of everyone I follow and there are probably some missing.

Updated 1/27/17

@whereno1701hasgonebefore (she is on hiatus)
@avengersassemble-imagines (she only has one called Red Alert but its a new series)

anonymous asked:

As a premise, I love sasusaku. I wanted to ask you what do you think about the end of garden, when Sasuke doesn't kiss or anything and goes away leaving her hanging. I mean, I understand the smirk and all but they didn't see each other for years... Why would he negate her this simple act between spouses? And also humiliating her a little, imho? For me it was very anticlimactic, and I wonder what you think about it. Also, love Penthesileia, one of the best fic here in Tumblr, congrats!

I think that was Kishimoto trolling the readers for nagging at him even after he ended the series in what he thought was a definitive way. The thing about writers, when readers nag us about stuff we think is self-explanatory, we can be dicks :P

He wrote Gaiden to diffuse the absolutely ridiculous notion that Sarada was Karin’s daughter, by juxtaposing the whole thing with the equally ridiculous premise of ChoCho trying to find her “real” father. And then he kept SasuSaku fans hanging because they seem to think the ultimate expression of love is a kiss/sex/confession. It’s not. To some people, the ultimate expression of love is holding hands, or exchanging a set phrase that has great meaning for both parties or some other type of gesture. For Sasuke, the ultimate expression of caring for anyone (especially in the mind of a man who had as horrible a childhood as he had), it’s the forehead poke. 

Also, Sasuke is the epitome of stoic Japanese man. In Asian cultures, it is so very rare for a couple to demonstrative in public, and if they are, it’s usually looked down on or considered inappropriate. (Note that showing affection to children has slightly different rules, which is why he had no problem hugging Sarada).

Sasuke is not the PDA type, and I have no doubt that Sakura knows this. Personally, I think her reaction was an exaggerated part of an ongoing joke between the two of them. Given the fact Sarada didn’t seem to suddenly think that her entire epiphany about her parents connection was invalidated by the goodbye scene, she probably sees this as affectionate teasing between a loving couple as well. 

Sasuke probably spent a few days at home reconnected with his family before he left. Remember, he is on an important mission, and now they are all aware of it. Sakura and Sarada would never demand he stay home and be with them given the importance of the mission, because they are both shinobi and recognise the need to carry out important missions.

I do, however, think Sasuke has recognised he handled this badly the first time, and will probably take more of an effort to visit home more often between Gaiden and the Boruto movie. Given that Sarada is more at ease around her father in the movie, and from the scenes I’ve seen in the Boruto video game, he probably checks in every few months. 

If you’re looking for a good fic that deals with this moment, which I pretty much use as my own headcanon, check out Day & Night by Finval. It does an excellent job of resolving any lingering doubts and issues. 

(And really, did you actually want Kishimoto, who has admitted that he is horrible at writing romance, to write shippy scenes between Sasuke and Sakura? There’s a reason the NaruHina moments in the anime and movies felt so forced… No slight to NaruHina, I actually shipped them before SasuSaku, but their relationship was not developed half as much as SasuSaku was…precisely because Kishimoto was trying too hard!)

Hope that answers your question - and thanks for the compliment on Penthesilea, I’ll try to get the next chapter out as soon as possible!

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Another month, more fics. It’s been a rollercoaster ride for sure, and there’s *GASP* no smutty recs this month! I’ve been on a bit of a smut cleanse, just to cleanse the palate.. especially since I have things of my own in the works.

As always, you can catch up on previous LMR’s here and check out my standard reblog recs here. Also be sure to leave a writer some love, as feedback is what keeps writers motivated to keep putting stuff out!

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Dean One Week Writers Challenge

Friday, November 27 – Hospital

Dean x Reader

Words: 1,462

Warning: None just pure sweetness.

A/N: Third of the seven’s stories, I’m very glad everyone is doing and enjoying this challenge. Hope you guys enjoy this lil fic and if you want send some feedback, those bright the writers days. ;)

Tagging: @spnashley, @the-mrs-deanwinchester, @deanouement because they’re cupcakes and @aprofoundbondwithdean for helping me spread the word about this challenges. 

Imagine you having to give birth on of a crisis. 

“Dean…?” You muttered holding up your very pronounced almost nine months belly, Dean instantly stopped bickering with his brother about how the darkness abducted Dean out of the car and throw him a mile away. Your boyfriend is by your side, holding you and your belly.

“W-What’s wrong? Are you guys alright?” He asked quickly, his eyes fluttering up and down.

I shook my head, and whispered “I-I think it’s time”. I think Dean’s heart stopped for a second by his facial expression, jaw dropped and widened eyes. Next thing I know he’s driving like crazy towards the nearest hospital. For our not so luck, there was a crash in the middle of the street, leaving lots of cars there yet no people around.

“Go check it out.” I groaned under my breath thanks to the contractions.

“But, the baby?!” Dean asked

I looked at him, “I’m fine, go check them some people could be hurt.”

Dean thought about it for a long second before kissing my forehead and getting out of the car to see what’s wrong. Sam and Dean walked towards the crash and checked the people inside the cars. I knew there was something wrong when nobody walked out. The sound of gun fire made me grab my gun, pointing at the woman who’s with the boys.

“Hold up!” Dean shouted running my way.

“Who is she?” I asked, noticing her wound.

Sam helped the woman sit on the back seat, “She needs help.”

“I’ll explain on our way to the hospital.” Dean’s hopped quickly inside the driver’s seat and hit the road. He told me there were some monsters that caused the crash. I didn’t paid attention to the other words since the pain of these contractions. “We’re here.”

I let out a sigh; Dean hopped out and helped me to get up from the car, while Sam helped the woman. For our surprise the entire place was quiet and solitary, except for dead bodies all around. Another contraction came and I grunted holding myself on Dean, “What happened here?”

“I don’t know, maybe the same things that caused the crash passed through too.” He muttered as he walked me to one of the labor room. Quickly putting me on top of the bed, the woman is sitting not far from us,

“Dean there’s no doctors or anyone, anywhere.” I heard Sam told his older brother.

Taking a deep breath in you looked at Sam, “Then you’ll have to play doctor and bring your nephew to this world.”

Sam and Dean stared at me not believing what I just said. Another contraction, “NOW!” I’m trying my best not to yell because I read somewhere is bad for the baby but these contractions are slowly killing me. Sam stood there in shook, his eyes widened at the task I’m asking him to do.

“You heard her Sammy! I trust you.” Dean told his brother.

“O-okay” Sam voice is very shaky, “Y-you, um… you need to change,” he turned and quickly grabbed one of the hospital gowns, “put this on, I’ll be right back.”

Holding in my screams and doing the breathing exercises, “Dean you do it?” I whispered in pain.  

“Sure baby.” He said softly, taking my clothes of and gently putting me the gown. I can tell he’s worried about me and his son “Where does it hurt?”

“Everywhere” I scoffed, trying to get comfortable but it’s worthless.

Dean caressed and brushed my hair slowly, rushed boots steps came our way, and Sam’s tall body blocked the view on the window. “We have a problem” he panted.

“What’s wrong?” Dean asked

“Those things, there’s one of them around.” Sam said. Another contraction, I grunted keeping myself from screaming. Sam quickly sat on the end of the bed and slipped the gown up, then popped his head up, “I can see his head, I think is time for you to push Y/N”

“Come on baby, you can do this” Dean cheered me up, holding my hand and helping me with my legs. I don’t know when but Sam put his hair backwards, one of the robes and some globes on very quickly. I pushed with everything I had, feeling the pressure between my legs bigger by the second push.

Sam peeked out and glanced at us, “Just another one and he’s here, Y/N.”

Breathing in, holding Dean’s hand more strongly, once again I pushed. This time it was different, I felt a weight of slipped under me but everything changed when I heard my son’s first scream of life. Pushing myself up to see my baby, I noticed Dean’s one single tear when he reached his brother and new born son. He cut the umbilical cord and helped to clean his son, I’m exhausted but I want to see my baby boy.

“Meet your beautiful mother Bobby John.” Dean whispered, holding his son on a baby blue blanket.

Smiling I looked at my son, instantly my entire self was filled with joy. The tears dripped down my cheeks, but everything clicked when Bobby hold my finger with his entire fist. “He looks just like you.” I said, glancing at Dean whose eyes are brighter than usual.

“You made it, Y/N” Dean kissed my forehead and then lips.

I put my baby on my chest, which instinctively started sucking his first meal. Another smile, “I love you.” I kissed my fingers and placed on his little arm. Suddenly a weird groan came out of the hallway, Dean and Sam looked at each other. “Go, leave me a gun.” I told them.

“But- I can’t leave you guys.” Dean muttered.

“We’ll be fine.” I looked down to his hand that has the gun, “Give me the spare gun, just in case and go kill the thing and then take us home.” Dean quickly kissed my lips, leaving the gun on my hands as he drifted away with Sam. When both of them were out I stood up, carefully and protectively holding my baby. I felt Bobby stopped sucking so I put him down for a second while I put my clothes back on. Once dressed I took my baby on arms, there’s when I heard it, the growl; preparing to shoot I slowly turned, “Back away” I warned at the man standing in front of me. Something in me got furious when he stared at my son, I was about to shoot when Dean appeared and fight him off, couple shots and he was back next to me.  

“You guys alright?” Dean reached my side.

I nodded, checking on Bobby John who’s crying his lungs out, “He’s just scared cause of the shot’s.”

“Let’s get you guys out of here.” Dean said escorting us out

Dean walked in front of me, holding Bobby and sweetly shushing him. I smiled at this picture, staring at them the longest; I don’t want to forget any second of it. Sam’s holding our bags walking up front to open the doors.

“Welcome home Bobby,” Dean whispered, “here’s the where the cool stuff happens. There’s the control room.” He pointed at the couple of computers and kept walking into the library, “Here’s where you geek uncle spends more of his time.” Taking a couple steps more he stopped at the whiskey collection, “Ah, thanks to this grown up juice your mom said yes to me….” He chuckled glancing at me, “I’ll tell you the story when you’re older.”

“Hey” I chuckled approaching my boys, “I have to feed him.”

“Ha” Dean said placing our baby on my arms.

I smiled at him, and said with a baby voice; “Hi baby, let’s get to eat.”

Leaving the boys at the library I went inside his room in the bunker. Reminiscing how Dean and Sam helped out to make this amazing for Bobby. Couple of vivid memories rushed through my mind; one was when they were painting the room. One of my favorites is the day Dean was building the crib, he looked so focus it made me love him even more. After feeding Bobby and signing lullabies putting him straight to sleep, I left his bedroom, meeting Dean outside the room.

“Hi” I whispered, taking in his whiskey mixed with leather scent while I hugged him.

Dean wrapped me around with his strong arms, “Is he asleep?”

“Mhm,” I said briefly.

I felt Dean’s arms pulling away, so I looked up, “I’m so proud of you Y/N”

Smiling I kissed him, slowly yet effectively, pulling him towards our room.

Between Duty and Desire

Angel: Michael
Reader: Female
Words: 14280
Author: Mira and Scruff
Warning(s): It’s AU…I guess that’s a warning?  Also, there’s some Destiel as well as some Sass (or is it Jam?  Whatever the Sam/Jess pairing is)
Note(s): Co-writing has been an absolute blast.  

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I’ll always love you. No matter what

This is part four in the Steve, marry her series. Part one, part two, and part three

Pairing: Pre-serum!Steve x Reader

Word Count: 2869

Category: Fluff, Angst

Warnings: Guys, not gonna lie, this gets kind of intense. There is non-con in this (not between Steve and reader or Buck and reader).  I do not describe the actual act, just the before and aftermath. IF THAT IS A TRIGGER, PLEASE DO NOT READ. YOU CAN SKIP THIS PART WITHOUT MISSING LARGE CHUNKS OF THE PLOT FOR LATER PARTS. There is also; internalized victim blaming, fluff, art show, probably unrealistic representation of art dealers buying art, 

Summary: When Steve’s art is chosen for a exhibit, you accompany him to it. When you leave early, you run into trouble. After you get home, Steve and Buck are there to pick up the pieces.

Your name: submit What is this?

You were already in Steve and Buck’s apartment. Since the other night, you had just been staying with them. It was easier for you, because you didn’t have to back and forth and also because it was easier to look out for your boys when you were there all day. You were standing at the stove, cooking chicken when you heard the door open behind you.

“How was your day Stevie?”

“I have amazing news,” he spun you around, “some of my art has been chosen to be in an exhibit at the school.”

“Oh Stevie that’s amazing!” You wrap your arms around him, “which ones were picked?”

“I’m not telling, you’ll have to come and see for yourself. Because I get to bring a guest, and I’m bringing you. It’s tomorrow night from seven to ten at the school,” he kissed the end of your nose.

“Oh, I’m so excited. You’re art in an exhibit.”

“And a beautiful girl on my arm.”

“Oh Stevie hush.”


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When there’s canon x reader stuff and even without specifying the writer automatically assumes the reader is female i die a little inside just. don’t do that unless you’re going to specify oh my fcking god

One Week Writers Challenge - Dean Winchester

Thursday, November 26 – Thanksgiving

Dean x Reader

Words: 1,459

Warning: Beware of lots of feels. 

Tagging: @the-mrs-deanwinchester, @spnashley, @deanouement

Imagine you and the boys spend you guys first Thanksgiving at the bunker.  

Originally posted by the-star-trekker

The smell of turkey cooking on the oven filled the entire kitchen. A smirk grew on my face as I prepare the layers of the pie. Dean and I been together for four years now, it never crossed our minds we’ll last this long but then my pregnancy test showed positive  both of our lives totally changed. We stopped hunting, matter fact there’s when we met, on a hunt down in New Mexico. I retired the life to be a full time mom, while Dean and Sam only take salts and burns, the easy ones. 

Today’s is Thanksgiving and we’re celebrating i, which to be hnest feels totally strange but Mary is very excited about it, the last three years we only do a small diner but today we’re taking it seriously. At the moment I have everyone on Christmas tree duty. Leaving the pie to cook inside the mini oven, I made my way into the library to see how things were over there. Every step I made was a step more closely to a library filled with old school Christmas songs and laughs.           

Strolling in I’ve come with the picture of Sammy holding my daughter over his shoulders so she could be able to place the star on top of the tree. I chuckled at Dean who’s clearly tense; he’s been a protective dad since the day Mary was born.

“Mommy!” Mary’s tiny body moved more than she should on Sam’s arms, she extended her arms to me and I caught her. Giving her a kiss on her forehead, I glanced at their master piece, “It’s looking pretty good.”

“I know right? Baby has done most of the work.” Dean told me, with a smile. We’ve never put a tree on the bunker, it wasn’t till two weeks ago I was at the store with Mary and she saw the Christmas trees, instantly making me buy one for this holidays. 

My eyes stopped at a really nice white ball hanging exactly in the center of the tree. “That’s pretty.”

“Uh- Yeah, she picked the other day, said it was perfect for the tree.” Dean cleared his mouth, “So, how’s the food going?”

“Getting there,” I handle Mary to Dean’s arms, “you’re doing a great job sweetheart.” Softly I pinched one of her rosy cheeks; she giggled on her father’s arms for a second before crawling down and keeps working on the tree. 

One of our phones started to ring, turns out is Dean’s; “Yeah? Hey Charlie, nah we’re good. You’re on your way? Okay.” He chuckled before hanging up, “Charlie will be here in five.”

I smiled, “How about Cass and Claire?”

“He’s on his way too.” Sam said “Perfect” I smiled.

 “I’ll go back to the cooking.”

“I’ll help, Sam?” Dean looked at his brother then passed his eyes over Mary, then follows my steps into the kitchen.”I have to say, this feels kind of strange.”

“I know right?” I replied with my eyes on the turkey, observing he’s getting that really nice cooked tone and not burned, “It’s literally my first time ever hosting an thanksgiving dinner… or anything.”

Dean’s soft scoff made me grin as I checked up the turkey, “Yeah- I’ve never had a normal nada… till Mary was born.” Turning around I saw him checking up the pie, holding the urges to take a bite, 

“It’s not ready yet.” Taking a couple steps to get closer to him, I placed both of my hands on top of his chest; Dean wrapped his around my waist. “She changed us.” I whispered, Dean leaned in and kissed me.His soft lips on me still make me shiver like the first time our lips touched.

“Get a room you two.” Charlie’s voice joined us.Still kissing Dean’s lips we smiled, slowly turning, 

“Hi Charlie”

“Hello bitches” she raised both of the bags on her hands, hugging us really hard for a moment.

“What you got there kiddo?” Dean asked as he grabbed the bags.

“Beers!” She cheered with her contagious smile.

“Aunty Charlie, come make the tree with us!” Mary appeared doing little jumps around her, making her curls bump nicely. 

Charlie flashed a grin, “I’m going sweetheart.”

 With that she left to the library.Suddenly a weird smell started building up in the kitchen, Dean and I looked at each other awkwardly. He turned his head and instantly widened his eyes at the oven, “Crap!” Both of us yelled and went straight to save the turkey. 

Letting a sigh of relief, I started to take out the parts that didn’t burn which are really minimal. “At least it didn’t burn completely” I muttered. 

Dean grabs a bite of it and winked at me, “Crunchy” he kissed me to make me feel better. 

“Let’s get ready to eat.” I told him before walking out of the kitchen to get my daughter. Strolling back into the library to see Mary making everybody laugh with her goofiness, clearly taking out after her father. “Baby let’s get you ready for dinner.”

“Okay” she replied with a smile and reaches my side.I don’t know when we started calling her baby I just know it did. Dean’s calls the impala that but one day he called Mary as baby at it’s just clicked. It’s kind of funny to hear Dean saying something about baby (the impala) and that Mary quickly thinks it’s her.

“Stay still baby” I told her who’s sitting on my lap as I put a nice red bow on her beautiful dirty blonde hair. “Done” 

Mary quickly turned, giving me her cute pose and smiling, her green eyes lighting the entire room, showing me her red dress “How do I look daddy?

” I looked over my shoulder to see Dean smiling at us, “Beautiful baby

“Go show your uncles how do you look while I finish getting ready” I told her and she left.Standing up, I fixed the red dress I bout to match my little girls. 

“Wow” Dean let out a sight; his jaw dropped not taking his stare off my body. 

Placing my hands over my hips, I smirked; “Do you like the view?”

“Si” he got closer to me, hold my hand and made me turn, I giggled the entire spin.

“You look handsome as well” I stooped to fix his nice black button shirt.

“You made the code dress very clear.” Dean chuckled.

“Y/N! Dean! We’re starving!” Sam shouted I rolled my eyes with a slightly smirk and went to the library, to see Cass placing one of the last trays of food on top of the table, “Hey Cass” I hugged him, “Where’s Claire?”

“Here!” She spoke being dragged by Mary to seat next to her; everyone chuckled, Baby always been very connected to Claire.

 “Let’s get to eat then.” Dean said, I sat next to Mary and Dean sat next to me.

“Wait, let’s do a prayer first.” Cass said, we all stayed in silence, “Mary, would you do the honors?”

She smiled big, “Sure, thank you God for this meal and for my family, amen.”

“Amen” we all said to join her up, after everything we’ve seen we teach Mary to believe in God, Cass does most of the teaching, is a thing he has with her.

The library was filled with laughs and memories of everyone the entire time we ate. Every now and then Dean would stare at me and Mary, his eyes telling me he’s up to something. “Let me get the dessert”

 I was about to stood up when Dean stood before me, “I-I have it”

“Are you sure?” I asked noticing something odd about him.He nodded and winked at me once, “Baby?” she stood up and followed her dad steps

.I looked at Sam, “Do you know anything?”

“I have no idea.” He raised his arms; my eyes ran from him to Cass and Charlie who gave me the same ‘I don’t know crap’ look.

“And we’re back.” Dean appeared with the pie on hands. 

Mary quickly went to my arms and sat on my lap, my brows furrowed noticing the thin chain on her little neck. “What’s-“ I muttered slowly taking the chain up, my heart stopped when a beautiful ring bumped out. 

Everyone kept silence as I gently took out the chain of my daughter’s neck and turned to see Dean on one knee in front of me. “Oh God” was the only thing I could let out when Dean grabbed the chain of my hands, took the ring off and looked directly into my eyes. “Y/N…” He smiled, “We been together for four years now… We have an amazing and beautiful daughter together.” His eyes landed on Mary who’s smiling at her parents, “You and Mary are the best thing that ever happened to me… And today in front of our family, I ask you… Would you marry me?”  

I had to explain what an OC was to a friend of mine today. She just discovered ff… it was ummm an interesting discussion to say the least. 

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This may sound strange, but – as writers or readers, please give some credit to stereotypes.

Stereotypes are those things we all love to hate; but if they weren’t there in the first place, they couldn’t be broken. They are the foreground of our formation. Those that are overly simplistic are necessary at a younger age, and those that are flat out wrong set a precedent we know we will not repeat. 

Like in all things, we need to know wrong things if we want to right them. That means we are supposed to learn stereotypes first, and then their opposites. 

Don’t blame yourself if you are young and you believe yourself to be unoriginal; you are still learning. As long as you keep your eyes open and you embrace an ever-questioning attitude, you are going through a natural path.

Not to repeat history, we must learn from past mistakes.


Ok, @steverogersnotebook has persuaded me to go for posting a tickle smut… I’ve been postponing it since I’m not a smut writer but… Here you go guys. The stuff I like. It’ll be reader first, then Chris in the next part…

“Are you ready?” Chris whispers in your ear, making you shiver and tighten your fists. The air is cool against your naked body, arms tied to each end of the headboard and feet locked in stocks at the end of the bed. You’d been terrified of your little secret, especially when he figured it out all by himself, but he simply smiled and acted like nothing happened.

Until the packages arrived.

You’d seen then before he put the blindfold on: feathers, paint brushes, baby oil, more padded cuffs, toe ties in case he wants to torment your feet even more than usual. You love it when he uses the tools, giving you what your kink always asks.

“Ready for what?” You ask, forcing your voice to be calm. “You’re not enough to break me.” You know how much he loves to hear you deny your weakness, how turned on he gets at the challenge of tickling you to tears, until you beg for release.

“You’re going to regret that,” His voice is dark and smooth, and you can’t help but shiver as he brushes hair off of your neck and tenderly kisses your skin. “You’ve been a bad little girl, haven’t you?” He muses into your ear, gently biting your lobe.

You swallow, not wanting to get distracted by pleasure. “No,” You can’t help but smirk, eager for him to start.

He chuckles lowly, a dangerous tone you’re used to lurking beneath. “Teasing me like that,” He continues, hand traveling down your stomach and brushing where you’re already wet. “In front of my mother, too. Do you think that’s what a good girl does?”

You bite your lip, fighting back a whimper. It’s so unfair, taking advantage of that opening, teasing you before he’s started. “You didn’t seem to mind.”

He moves his hand, and then he’s silent for a long moment, making you squirm. “You deserve to be punished,” He whispers, brushing your inner thigh. “Don’t you?”

Your muscles twitch under his teasing touch. “N-No,” You breathe, forcing yourself to ignore it. You love it, but part of the fun is the denial.

He chuckles again. “I’m going to make you beg,” He lightly brushes all ten fingers up and down your inner thighs, making you suck in a sharp breath and tense.

“I- I don’t… beg,” You grind out, ignoring the feeling.

“What’s the matter, sweetheart?” There’s no teasing in his voice, making you wet quickly. “Ticklish?”

“N- No.” You gasp when his finger brush the junction of your thighs, but he continues his trip up, making you squirm when he reaches your stomach.

“Oh, did I find a spot?” You can hear his smile as he lightly traces all over your stomach, making you bite your lip to try to prevent yourself from laughing. “Don’t try to hide it from me, (Y/N). We both no you’ll lose.”

“I’m n-not tihicklish,” You internally curse yourself, hearing the giggles you couldn’t catch escape and know he won’t miss them.

“I think you are,” He slowly swirls a finger around your belly button. “Do you know what I do to liars, little girl?” He dips in before you can respond, making you squeal and burst into laughter. “Gotcha.”

“Pleheheheheease!” Your head goes back, and you feel his lips brush against the exposed skin, making you shriek and jerk your head back to try to protect yourself.

“Please what?” Please stop?“ His hands move up your sides and ribs and scribbles into your armpits, making you scream. "No, I don’t think I will. I’ll just keep tickling, not stopping, not giving you any mercy.” You can hear his smirk. “You deserve that, don’t you?”

“Nohohohohohoho!” You laugh, thrashing in your bonds, but you aren’t going anywhere. He stops, leaving you to gasp, and then fingers brush against your soles. You squeal. “No! Not there!”

“Here?” He grins, scribbling at your soles and teasing your toes, making you giggle uncontrollably. “Hmm, I like this spot. You’re so cute, baby girl.” You squeak when he gets between and under your toes. “Oh, your toes? Does this tickle? I’ll just stay here, tickling and tickling-” He suddenly stops, and you gasp, whining at your throbbing core.

“Not yet,” He whispers, brushing sweaty strands from your face. You whimper, needing more, needing him, and then you feel a feather brush your slit, making you scream and laugh hysterically, unable to move away. “Not yet, my ticklish girl. Not until you’ve paid.”

astcrisms  asked:

Max, I've never worked with a beta before. Soon, I will be assigned one as part of a large writing collaboration. Do you have any tips on writer/beta interaction? I'm really nervous. Thanks! (also I love your blog and it helps my writing a lot!)

Hello there, writerly friend~ ♥︎

First off, I want to say that I’m very excited for you! Working with a Beta can be a very awesome learning experience, as it really deals more with people than writing. I have a bunch of tips for you, so let’s get rolling :D

((For those of you paying attention, you will notice that the tips below apply to ALL WALKS of life. Really, these are tips for relationships c;))


If you’re going to take anything from this, then please make it this. Be honest, straight-forward, and transparent with your Beta. The success of this relationship (because yes, you have a relationship with your Beta) will depend on how well you communicate with them. This is the core of my advice. Have a question? Ask them. There’s something they need to know? Tell them. As with any relationship, you need to be honest, straight-forward, and transparent. They are doing you a favor by reading your work, make it as EASY as possible for them to provide you with feedback.


The #1 problem I see with Writers and Betas is that Writers get frustrated when they don’t receive the feedback they wanted. The thing is, if you don’t TELL your Betas what you want, you will probably not get it. You can NOT expect people to ‘know’ what you want.

You know what I do? I write a cover letter to my beta-book or piece, where I explain the following:

  • What sort of feedback I want.
  • What I believe are the strengths of the piece.
  • What I believe are the weaknesses of the piece.
  • And EVERYTHING I believe the Beta needs to know in order to fully understand the piece at hand. If you’re handing in a part of a bigger work, a summary of events and characters is a must!


Be clear about what you want. If you’re looking for plot-related problems, or grammar, or narration– then say just that. If you are not sure about the protagonist’s motives and want to see how readers react, then make it clear. You will lose NOTHING by being honest, straight-forward, and transparent. On the flip-side, you will lose EVERYTHING (including your time) if you just go about expecting people to read your mind.


Please, have questions for your Beta. This will help them understand better what you are looking for. Additionally it gives them a guideline for their feedback.

Here is what I do for my books:

  • At the end of the first chapter (or where I think the online book sample will cut off) I have a page with questions, asking for the Beta’s feeling on the opening of the story and their relative interest in reading more.
  • At the end of the book I have a page of questions, asking the Betas to give me their thoughts on the over-all book. What they liked most. What they liked least. The one thing they would change if they could (a very good question, by the way). And I ask for their 'mock-up’ of an Amazon store review.

Now, please take into consideration the time of your Beta. You don’t want to have questions at the end of every chapter, because that would severely hinder the flow of their read. Which leads me into the last point…


A Beta is someone who is going out of their way to read your work. Make it as EASY as possible for them to give you feedback. DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER TAKING ADVANTAGE OF YOUR BETA READERS. I will hunt you down. A Beta reader is there to give you FEEDBACK, not FIX your book or EDIT it for you.

Let me repeat this.

A Beta’s job is to give you FEEDBACK. Not to FIX or EDIT your book.

Be considerate of your Betas, or they might as well never read any of your work ever again. As with any relationship, you have to make it clear what you want, and how people can go about helping you. The instant they realize you’re taking advantage of them they WILL walk away. I know I have.

Now, I will leave that somber note aside.

I think that you have an awesome opportunity to forge a new friendship– and an even better opportunity to learn! Again, be honest, straight-forward, and transparent with your Beta. The three key-words to a good relationship are: Communication, Communication, and Communication!

I hope this helped! If you, or any other writerly friend has any questions, make sure to send them my way~ ♥︎