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the danvers sisters band au for @fiddleabout


If you haven’t heard the stripped down version of Relief Next to Me then you are not ready for the goosebumps you’re about to have.  Stuff like this makes me seriously excited for the Con X tour.  

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for coping with how all my favourite famous lesbians keep talking about gender stuff? First it was Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher, now Tegan and Sara. I've struggled so much to be okay to be in my skin as a woman and a lesbian, I can't handle people whose work got me through some awful things telling me that everything is fluid and instead of women and girlfriend I should just say folks and "babefriend"...

Ooooooooooooooooof. I feel this so hard. Its rough to see the people you look up to as successful lesbians trying to escape from being like you in some way. Related… I know for me it took me a long time to really know in my bones that I could grow old without having to change and fix myself, that lesbians can be lesbians forever, so it fucks with me in a really particular way when older lesbians who I think have “made it”… well, you get the idea. I think the thing that helps me the most is staying as connected as I possibly can to my lesbian friends, especially the older dykes. If you don’t know any old lesbians you should do anything you can to seek them out and connect and hear their stories. And in the meantime, maybe try looking into comedians + artists who are really grounded in lesbian culture. Off the top of my head, try Julie Goldman, a butch dyke comic. Try listening to Gossip - the singer, Beth Ditto is strong in her lesbianism, and I think there is a big overlap in fans from both groups so you might like them. One thing that’s great about lesbian culture is that its extremely CREATIVE, we’re constantly building culture and making art, so there are always a lot of lesbians to find the works of. In the meantime, stay grounded - you know what you are, you know the meaning of your experiences.