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dear sophia

dear sophia eve you cute aussie weirdo 💛

first of all i appreciate our automatic kiwi/aussie love hate relationship 

i also like how you’re one of the few ppl i’ve met on tumblr who’re actually my age bless 

and that we both wanna do OE’s in the same place second year of uni & wanna go on archaeological digs one day and work in tv/film like who woulda thought, honestly i always get so happy thinking abt the fact that we just so happened to have like, near identical plans for (some stuff of) the foreseeable future it’s so lame and i love it 😙😎💛

also ty eternally for picking me to be in the gay mistakes group chat (sorry but i am forever going to refer to it as this) bc i can’t imagine the last three months without it now 

(and you tried to protect me from greys but i am me and therefore got my heart broken but it’s ok, you get to say i told you so. and you do. regularly.) 

and also one more thing you are the babest babe to ever babe, it’s unfortunate bc if we ever when we meet i will look like a potato in the photos we take but it’s ok i forgive you 



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Soph. Consider, "my plane is delayed overnight so I'm stranded in this airport and you're on my flight will you watch my bag while I go to the bathroom because you look trustworthy and also really cute"

oh man ok 

  • imagine sleepy Percy being like “would you please watch my shit while I go to the bathroom?” 
  • Annabeth laughs, which wakes him up a little bit and she’s like “Sure, I’ll watch your shit.” 
  • he curses himself the entire walk to the bathroom for being such a dweeb
  • He’s way more awake when he makes it back and decides since laughed it can’t be that bad??? He rolls with it and is like, “Well, thanks for watching my shit.” 
  • They both laugh and Percy takes his seat across from Annabeth again. 
  • He starts reading some of the comic books he had gotten himself for the flight, and thinks he notices Annabeth watching him. 
  • He takes a deep breath and offers her a comic book, which she politely declines but she does get up to sit next to him so he can tell her about the one he’s reading. 
  • they talk until someone else in their area asks them to keep it down so they can sleep. Annabeth just smiles at Percy and goes back to her seat and suddenly he misses her??? 
  • anyways they keep to themselves until boarding time. 
  • Annabeth gets excited because she has the window seat and it seems like the seat next to her will be empty for the flight, so she puts her bag on it. 
  • she’s taking a picture of the tarmac when someone clears their throat, “excuse me, do you mind moving your shit?” 
  • when she looks up, those green eyes she kept catching herself thinking about were looking back at her. 
  • A mischievous smile spreads across her lips, “Sure, I’ll move my shit.” 
  • both of them had been planning to sleep on the flight
  • neither of them get even a wink 

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OH ive been meaning 2 ask. whats ur other cats name???????? the white one??? i Need to know this is so important

oh!!!! his name is shaun :’) he’s actually isabel’s younger half brother (same mom different dads) so we have a little family of kitties. he’s my favorite son ;u;

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alright: so my first impression of you was that you're hilarious and total shinee trash bc of your tag game(tag game always on point), which made me want to follow you and i got senpai vibes off of you(i still cringe to this day of how you remember me) but now after almost a year i realized you are not trash but a big soft who has so much love to give out(not only for the shines but for everyone)and also you always want to grow more and be a better version of yourself and i love that about you<3

afhdjgjfdfhgjfdg sarita i lov u first of all omg….IM PFJKTH IM STILL LAUGHING ABOUT THE SENPAI THING IM SO GRATEFUL THAT WAS MY FIRST IMPRESSION OF U IT WAS SO CUTE u stole my heart that first moment. i’m gonna say i am definitely a big soft but i think i can be a big garbage soft bc rly….what else could i be…..and oh gosh..sometimes i feel like i use this blog as too much of a diary but i’m happy that through that it’s somewhat obvious that i’m trying to be a better me bc Fuck my dude it’s so tough it’s rly so tough..ily i rly do i’m so thankful we’re mutuals honestly i wish we could have been mutuals from day 1 u are so warm and lovely and talented and i’m thankful to call u a pal ahhhhhhhhh ily ok i’ll stop rambling ;u;

what was ur first impression of me vs. ur current impression of me? :’)

sataeminism  asked:

we all know u are Extra but I feel like you can sense some sort of serenity underlying your every thought irl? l have the impression that you make people comfortable around you & while you are indeed the type to sing lazytown songs in the shower, I'm 100% sure someone could call you over in the middle of the night just so you could talk about the mysteries of life. you're simple and genuine but you care for the details so I bet it's pleasant to be around u 24/7

i wasn’t expecting anything that’d actually make me emotional but pgjfhtf i was wrong. i’m just…that’s the kind of person i want to be. i’ve always admired people who just have that comforting presence, so to know that u see that same sort of thing in me just…makes me really happy. i’m 150% about that calling up in the middle of the night life ohhohhohhj i live for late night conversations about life and the stars and i feel like u know this already pfgfff. but all those aside i’m glad the lazytown comment stands strong,,,,i will Forever support robbie rotten and the positivity squad

judging by my blog, tell me what u think i’d be like in real life

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me: hi i’d like to apply for this screenwriting position
them: and what are your credentials?
me: *slides over three ring binder full of my own tumblr tags*
me: i think you’ll find i’m more than qualified
me: i’ll be waiting for your call

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We should throw a tumblr party for you on your bday then! I mean, the fact that you were born in February, the month of love and friendship only explains why you're so full of affection haha, so I'd say let's do it! We can wear red hats with little stars and galaxies on them. :3 And nah, I say I'm questioning myself but I'll be forever a Shawol (at the very least!) until I can't attempt to dance rdd anymore.

oh my ghfdgjfgfjdfjgkfddsjg  ohohmy god lu i think i just cried this was too much for me im gonna just ..  t a ke my spot in the corner over here and die of sheer happiness and love (can that happen?? let’s find out)


tbh i’m just going through my bookmarked ones, some are long one-shots, others are chaptered ones, some are cute and fluffy while others are pure smut and some you’ve probably heard of buT HERE TAKE IT

Give and Take ”In which John is a little too possessive of his best friend, and Dave is a little too okay with that.”

Gotcha ”John discovers a new and MUCH more entertaining way to fill his prankster’s gambit.” (rated E)

Amazing Places a sequel to another fic, but can probs be read alone. basically john and dave go camping

Marvelous Things “Everything about Dave is wonderful, especially when it’s not.”

And Let This Cold Night’s Wind Be My Witness ”Hunters look for the demons who murder the hunters who kill the demons. … Or is it the other way around? (Your name is Dave Strider, and you might just accidentally find out.)” (reverse demonstuck)

50 Ways to Lose Your Heart ”50 sentences for the pair Dave/John.”

Shared Space “This is exactly why teenage boys shouldn’t be forced to share a bed, Dave decided.”

Maybe You Can’t Handle Yourself, Staring at Me With Your Lips and Tongue mute john & rebellious dave who hangs with the wrong crowd become neighbors. things ensue.

First Door Down ”Alternately titled In Which John Egbert and Dave Strider Are Huge Dorks and Need to Get Over Themselves and Kiss Already.”

Photophobic Encounters ”Inabilities to RECOLLECT. Dreams of FREEDOM. Avoiding light, avoiding people, avoiding yourself. Growing up and simply acknowledging TRUE LOVE.” (pretty long, suggest saving for another time)

Interstellar Lullabies ”To put it shortly; a voice is but a play on airflow. As Heir of Breath it would be expected for you to have a certain affinity with such things. As John Egbert, it was not expected (or welcomed) for you to be turned on by Dave Strider’s voice.” (also quite long)

Shy Observations rated E, voyeurism and masturbation but wow does it end sweetly

Rhythm and Signs ”When Dave spots John in the hallway, it’s love at first sight. After begging his friend Rose for info on the attractive guy, he goes out on a limb to ask him out, only to make an embarrassing discovery moments too late.” deaf john, short and sweet

The Perfect Home just pls read this there is such a twist you will love it (however possibly triggering, but triggers not all triggers tagged for the sake of the story)

At Least Life Isn’t Boring ”In a world where a lot of weird and average things happen, Dave Strider is the kid who just wishes that something DIFFERENT will happen to him, because he is that fucking bored. He gets John Egbert. It’s actually a neat deal, various inexplicable (and mildly concerning) things occurring notwithstanding.”

Like Clockwork ”On his birth, John was the first thing he had seen. His blue eyes, his smile, his black hair gleaming into brown streaks under the lone light of his chamber as a golden crown lay atop his head. John had taken Dave’s hands, his own hands warm with life, and placed the hilt of a shining silver sword in his grasp. “It’s yours,” John had spoken, voice soft, before pressing a kiss upon Dave’s pale knuckles. ”You are the Knight of Time, Dave.” “

Bear and Bull ”Dave Strider is a jaded stockbroker. His perfect neighbor: quiet, mindful, and not an idiot. His actual neighbor: John Egbert. He spends his days hating John’s guts until slowly, slowly, he falls in love.”

Blasphemy ”Dave wears a clean red suit and says he’s a demon. John runs a bookstore and says he’s busy.”

This Will Never Happen ”John’s hand splays out lazily against the cement. Dave’s hand, lined with scars, curls inches away, but inches were a lifetime to snails and miles to a map. They fall in love in a fragile reality, and make a romance story out of a tragedy.”

Age / Sex / Location ”John starts to love it when Dave talks with his hands.”

Touching Through Glass (rated E) john’s disembodied hand. that’s all you need to know.

that’s all i got for now pls enjoy (i also hoped everything linked correctly ofmg)



— LOOK AT HOW NEAT AND CLEAN THIS IS omg i feel so bad for making you work so hard to get all of these!! ;n; but i really appreciate it!! you’ve been a big help