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hey !! i’ve been feeling this for a while now and i feel like my name hasn’t felt like … my name so from here im going to go by ian !! 

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can you give me a scientific explanation as to why ripped jeans look so awesome on all SHINee members? cuz i've seen ripped jeans in real life and so NOT appealing. But put them on any one of ot5 and i'm literally exploding inside from how good they look.....even the ridiculously excessive rips where their legs are almost completely exposed anyway (which i find so ridiculous irl) what is this phenomenon????

a question i’ve struggled with for years, my friend. why is it that the shines can work such styles? what is it, exactly, that makes them look so damn good? i’ve worked strenuously for months and i’ve yet to find a scientific explanation for this. i have, however, developed a hypothesis:

  • undeniable fact #1: shinee’s got good leggies. the best leggies. best leg.
  • undeniable fact #2: denim is a superior material
  • when u have beautiful legs, the more u can show em off, the better.
  • additionally, jeans hug the curves of good legs in beautiful ways.
  • therefore, with the multitude of rips, holes,and tears that come with ripped jeans, and with the curve hugging denim material, we get the most of those shine leggies as we can get.
  • and therefore, in your words, ripped jeans look so awesome on all SHINee members

to test this hypothesis out, let’s check it with kibummie.

so if we start with a regular pair of pants:

we have an undeniably beautiful boy just glowing but the pants just are Not doing him any favors (and before some1 gives me garbage for this just know i have a specific tag for these pants because i love them so much but that’s not the POINT)

so we give him some jeans:

look at those leggies!!!!!! so much more defined!!! so good….but these still do not give him the love he deserves, and he knows it too…..

so just…cut the knee holes:


but we still know….we can do better.

and there it is…….the end all be all for good leg fashion. the alpha and the omega for all good looks of all time forever. the earth spins on its axis and revolves around the sun all for this look. the sun shines just so that this look may be seen by the world. this is it!!!! ripped jeans!!!!!! the best look!!!!!!!!

✓ hypothesis proven

this can be supported with evidence from all shinee members


tbh i’m just going through my bookmarked ones, some are long one-shots, others are chaptered ones, some are cute and fluffy while others are pure smut and some you’ve probably heard of buT HERE TAKE IT

Give and Take ”In which John is a little too possessive of his best friend, and Dave is a little too okay with that.”

Gotcha ”John discovers a new and MUCH more entertaining way to fill his prankster’s gambit.” (rated E)

Amazing Places a sequel to another fic, but can probs be read alone. basically john and dave go camping

Marvelous Things “Everything about Dave is wonderful, especially when it’s not.”

And Let This Cold Night’s Wind Be My Witness ”Hunters look for the demons who murder the hunters who kill the demons. … Or is it the other way around? (Your name is Dave Strider, and you might just accidentally find out.)” (reverse demonstuck)

50 Ways to Lose Your Heart ”50 sentences for the pair Dave/John.”

Shared Space “This is exactly why teenage boys shouldn’t be forced to share a bed, Dave decided.”

Maybe You Can’t Handle Yourself, Staring at Me With Your Lips and Tongue mute john & rebellious dave who hangs with the wrong crowd become neighbors. things ensue.

First Door Down ”Alternately titled In Which John Egbert and Dave Strider Are Huge Dorks and Need to Get Over Themselves and Kiss Already.”

Photophobic Encounters ”Inabilities to RECOLLECT. Dreams of FREEDOM. Avoiding light, avoiding people, avoiding yourself. Growing up and simply acknowledging TRUE LOVE.” (pretty long, suggest saving for another time)

Interstellar Lullabies ”To put it shortly; a voice is but a play on airflow. As Heir of Breath it would be expected for you to have a certain affinity with such things. As John Egbert, it was not expected (or welcomed) for you to be turned on by Dave Strider’s voice.” (also quite long)

Shy Observations rated E, voyeurism and masturbation but wow does it end sweetly

Rhythm and Signs ”When Dave spots John in the hallway, it’s love at first sight. After begging his friend Rose for info on the attractive guy, he goes out on a limb to ask him out, only to make an embarrassing discovery moments too late.” deaf john, short and sweet

The Perfect Home just pls read this there is such a twist you will love it (however possibly triggering, but triggers not all triggers tagged for the sake of the story)

At Least Life Isn’t Boring ”In a world where a lot of weird and average things happen, Dave Strider is the kid who just wishes that something DIFFERENT will happen to him, because he is that fucking bored. He gets John Egbert. It’s actually a neat deal, various inexplicable (and mildly concerning) things occurring notwithstanding.”

Like Clockwork ”On his birth, John was the first thing he had seen. His blue eyes, his smile, his black hair gleaming into brown streaks under the lone light of his chamber as a golden crown lay atop his head. John had taken Dave’s hands, his own hands warm with life, and placed the hilt of a shining silver sword in his grasp. “It’s yours,” John had spoken, voice soft, before pressing a kiss upon Dave’s pale knuckles. ”You are the Knight of Time, Dave.” “

Bear and Bull ”Dave Strider is a jaded stockbroker. His perfect neighbor: quiet, mindful, and not an idiot. His actual neighbor: John Egbert. He spends his days hating John’s guts until slowly, slowly, he falls in love.”

Blasphemy ”Dave wears a clean red suit and says he’s a demon. John runs a bookstore and says he’s busy.”

This Will Never Happen ”John’s hand splays out lazily against the cement. Dave’s hand, lined with scars, curls inches away, but inches were a lifetime to snails and miles to a map. They fall in love in a fragile reality, and make a romance story out of a tragedy.”

Age / Sex / Location ”John starts to love it when Dave talks with his hands.”

Touching Through Glass (rated E) john’s disembodied hand. that’s all you need to know.

that’s all i got for now pls enjoy (i also hoped everything linked correctly ofmg)



— LOOK AT HOW NEAT AND CLEAN THIS IS omg i feel so bad for making you work so hard to get all of these!! ;n; but i really appreciate it!! you’ve been a big help

sataeminism  asked:

what's your favorite eyebrown-less taem pic

ggbjhfhbgf i have an unreasonable amount of eyebrowless pictures saved thanks for this opportunity, dear wife. some of my personal favorites come from when taem went to milan last summer and that was eyebrowless paradise but this particular photo is my very favorite:

not because of the eyebrows but more so because of his expression that either says “dear god what do i have to do to stop this man from putting me in a headlock” or “dear god i apologize for what i’m going to do to this man if he doesn’t get his fist away from my beautiful face i’ve already lost my eyebrows i don’t need to lose any more features thx”

send me “what’s your favorite..” asks 💫

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do you like mercury too??? hanbit is open about being a trans woman!!!! pls support!!!!!! lgbt idols!!!1 everyone!!!!!


if any of u guys haven’t seen mercury PLS watch their two mvs they’re blessings ;; i haven’t heard anything from them since last year but my heart is forever holding on for the future i love them ;n;

BUT YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUPPORT LGBT IDOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2KFOREVER!!!!!!!!!

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I am going to be that anon, and ask how bella became your girlfriend? I NEED THE 411!!!

AHH OKAY i’m more than happy to share the mess of a story with u guys bc i’m just adhgfhs just so happy we’re so happy ;u; so bells gave a very condensed explanation on her blog, but i’m here to provide The Whole Story my dude. soooo basically bella got real drunk out with her friends a few days ago, and went straight to kkt to message me. she told me that she reeaaaaally cared about me. i, of course, was just like “oh haha bella you’re so drunk i care about u too!!!! duh!!!!” but then bella would immediately respond with “NO YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND” like (in bella’s words) some kind of angsty teenager. at this point bella and i had been into each other for..a pretty long time. long enough that when i ran to winnie to tell her that “HOLY SHIT BELLA MIGHT LIKE ME” winnie was just like “binch FINALLY i’ve been WAITING for u to tell me about this” so we’ve been….pretty obvious. so at that point in the convo i was on a mission to actually tell her i felt the same way but literally no matter what i said while bella was drunk, she wasn’t going to believe it sfdfsfs. and when i say no matter, i really mean no matter. i told her i’d prove how much i cared, i told her i hoped she already knew how i felt (to which she replied “Uon’t know how I feel thoughhggg”, i told her that i DID understand because i felt the same, but it seemed the only way she’d believe me would be if i straight up told her “binch i like u” and i just..couldn’t quite get the info out into the air bc i was still a bit nervous that she didn’t feel the same (to which i say….i was oblivious). so after that 2 hour conversation of back and forth “i love and care about you”s and “you don’t understand”s bella fell asleep in front of her laptop. it was understandable for her because it was late, but for me it was morning and i was getting ready to go to class. so essentially….i had to go to an 8 hour day’s worth of classes while dealing with friggen anxiety tummyaches and racing thoughts until bella FINALLY woke up the next morning. she was acting all apologetic and cutely embarrassed about the drunk way she acted last night and i was like “binch no pls it was cute” and i tried to talk about it but it was clear she didn’t want to bc..u know…she didn’t think i felt the same way. so i basically forced her onto skype and with sweaty and shaky hands i confessed. queue us spending the next 30 minutes of that skype call smiling like children at the carnival ah gosh asdhgfhdsgfjds

but that’s basically it!! so TLDR: bella and i were obvious and oblivious for the longest time until alcohol told bella to just SAY something it already. and i’m so thankful that she did because i don’t know when either of us would have gotten the guts to just go for it ;;;;; [and for the record drunk bella is just as cute as u guys would think ;u;] but yea here’s the book version of our mess of a story created by our number 1 supporter, mich @tofnew

available at all bookstores someday

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hey! i"m going on a road trip this summer and i want to make a playlist, what shinee songs do you recommend for summer roadtrip vibes?

okay this list is kinda long but!!! i’m splitting it up into parts depending on the mood of the drive :’) aside from that they’re not in any particular order. i’ve included jjong and taem’s solo tracks as well!! i’ve bolded the ones that are especially road trip vibes to me. and just as a sidenote i feel like misconceptions of you, i’m your boy, 1 of 1, and five are alllllll very road trip vibes to me. i wanted to put all of their tracks on here (and i think i did basically pdhsfjd)

i hope u have a wonderful trip!!!

happy happy happy jams:

  • replay (of course)
  • aside
  • sunny day hero
  • sweet surprise
  • a-yo
  • beautiful life
  • like a fire
  • punch drunk love
  • good good feeling
  • runaway
  • diamond sky
  • do me right
  • romance
  • real
  • feel good
  • white t shirt
  • like you
  • just chill

exciting and fun vibes (i.e. songs to smile and scream to):

  • hitchhiking
  • 3 2 1
  • breaking news
  • beautiful
  • view
  • dream girl
  • queen of new york
  • wanted
  • dxdxd
  • colorful
  • aboab
  • downtown baby
  • get the treasure
  • lucky star
  • love still goes on
  • savior
  • woof woof
  • 1 of 1
  • so amazing
  • shift
  • prism
  • she is
  • deja boo

straight up screamin:

  • ring ding dong
  • why so serious
  • lucifer
  • everybody
  • destination
  • stranger
  • sherlock (clue + note)
  • get down 
  • picasso
  • obsession
  • ready or not
  • born to shine
  • dress up
  • let me out
  • crazy (guilty pleasure)
  • danger
  • pretty boy
  • drip drop
  • sexuality
  • sayonara hitori
  • tiger

and just i feel like these are necessary too:

  • password
  • kimi no sei de
  • rescue 
  • beautiful tonight

sataeminism  asked:

u know jealousy aint a good look when jjong's a flop nugu nd a flop stans u pretend that the moon isnt the biggest group now u flops even paid god to say lies about ur jjong lol cant wait to c ur faces when the moon have a comeback same time as ur flops nd we crush u all its time 4 jjong to disband they r old nd they dont have talent 4 to last this long #MOONEMOJi

why can’t we just stop stanning flopshinee and get with the winning team :/ #moon #voteformoonatBBMAs #moonies #moonies4lyfe #flopshinee #:/ #imemotionallyimmature

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Ok but wAS JONGHYUN FLIRTING w Bogum on that Music Bank interview????? U kno how he feels abt tall boys he was flirting

yes!!!!!!! jonghyun loves tall boys and park bogum is a Beautiful Beautiful tall boy jjongie was just *heart eyes* the whole time i’m-

like just while he’s chattin

and after bogum told him his pink hair suited him well

even while irene was talking!!! he was like!!  “(: he likes my pink hair :) wow”



jonghyun should always be this happy petition for jjongie to always be around tall boys sign here

softjj0ng  asked:

today i saw this post of ig and it was a pic where someone wrote smth on the wall and it said "if ur bf won't treat u right there's always a gay girl who will" and it made me think of u

aasdjfhdsjfhjfshjdfdsgfjdsf this is oddly sweet???? pffhf thank u oh my gosh i’m actually smiling so big ah gosh :’) buT idk if this post applies to me per se,,,, i feel like all that post energy belongs to my beautiful gf @flower-taemin trust me bella is truly That Girl 💕