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oh no! i accidentally misgendered someone! what should i do?


  • apologize
  • thats it. 
  • realize you fucked up. 
  • realize you probably hurt the other person. 
  • apologize. 


  • try to make sure it won’t happen again 
  • get in the habit of asking someone what their pronouns are 
  • when in doubt, use gender-neutral pronouns until you figure out what they use
  • dont assume gender from someone’s name/clothing/appearance 


  • try to make excuses for yourself
  • go on the defensive 
  • try to justify it by recounting your own experiences with misgendering
  • brush it off as ‘not that big a deal’ 
  • refuse to try and correct your behavior

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hello! i was wonderin.... how do u figure out whether a breeder's good or not? whether they're legit, humane, etc?

my experience is mostly with cats, but maybe @noodle-dragon can weigh in (if she has time)? from what I know, a good breeder:

- finds competent homes for all animals they produce. if the homes can no longer support the animal, the policy should be that the animal is returned to the breeder

- is willing to provide advice throughout the animal’s life

- is knowledgable about breed-specific health problems, and actively tries to improve the breed by producing healthy, well-adjusted animals (ex. could mean testing for specific defects, or considering the COI - Coefficient of Inbreeding - of pairings to keep their animals genetically diverse)

- is educated on all aspects of genetics and behaviour that relate to breeding & caring for their animals

- puts energy into socializing their animals before sending them to new homes

- maintains the hygiene of their animals’ environment

an example of a lovely breeder is PracticalCats Cattery, who have a brilliant essay here on how their cats are kept healthy!


I can’t remember if I posted this already but anyway here’s my fave video from the uk tour