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Hello! So I was at a party tonight, and this woman told me this great story about how she met her husband. She was the PR person for the local university. He was the sports editor for the local paper. He kept getting the school's mascot wrong in articles, and she would have to call him every time to correct it, growing increasingly frustrated every time. This was one of those moments when all I could think was LARRY AU, LARRY AU.

oh my god, thank you so much for sending me this message! It just made me so happy and I love it.  Like, I love these actually people you met and I love it as a larry au!!!!!! 

I feel like it works both ways so well for larry that I can’t even really pick one. example:

Louis as the university PR person, grumbling to Niall about the mistake the first time it happens.  Waving the sports sectionaround and stabbing a finger at the picture of their mascot at a basketball game.  “What the fuck!!! look at this photo of Ferdinand!?!!  Look at this caption!!! A hawk???? A hawk??” (they are the falcons) And then like, because in this version louis is immediately over-frustrated, instead of increasingly, he’d call up the paper in a big huff and then immediately be disarmed by Harry’s calm, deep voice and seal bark laugh once he finally got him on the phone.  Then he’d flirt-email him a link to an article about the differences between Hawks and Falcons as soon as he got off the phone, thrilling at his own daring as he did it! And after like the sixth time Harry got it wrong, they would go on a date and after they got married they’d always collected both stuffed hawks and stuffed falcons. 

oh my god how killer, because opposite way around, Harry the PR guy calling, he’d be immediately disarmed by Louis’s voice, too!!  Like all flustered, and then like he’d get blushy when louis teased him, but also tease back.  oh my god and then seven or eight calls in, Harry finally loses it and is like “you just don’t care about our sports teams because we’re not division one! Well, tough! you live in this city too, Louis, you should know our mascot is a turtledove by now god damn it!” and then louis would ask him out.  

i’m just smiling a lot.  like i can also imagine either of them as the sports editor, starting to get it wrong on purpose and feeling like “oh no, my journalistic integrity!” but also “i need to do this flirting very bad!!!!” 

okay sorry i rambled so much.   


Honestly one of my favorite parts in “Something Like This” by @emmagrant01 is when Kent drops his gloves to go after a certain asshole for a certain someone’s birthday.

Also a scan of the silly mouthguard sketchpage. So very attractive. Positively charming.

I need to further develop my relationship with my new scanner. We’re just getting to know eachother and it’s a little rough so far lol.

My Other Check, Please Fanart

I have like 0 doubt that Kent and Tater made out in the back of a club once to the muffled beat of Ariana Grande’s “Into You,” and the song is just unconsciously ingrained in the back of Tater’s head, and he just hums it whenever he has a game against the Aces

Falconer rookie: Hey are you humming Ariana Grande. My sister listens to it all the time haha
Tater: Yeah! Is Kenny and my song.
Falconer rookie: …okay.
Tater: Kenny dance really good to song. 
Falconer rookie: …….You don’t have to tell me–
Tater: We make out in club to this song.
Falconer rookie: I’m gonna go that way now

20 Things about Leia Organa and Ships

phil said she wanted pilot-Leia headcanons. And by the Great Cosmic Egg I am here to provide. (Honestly I’m pretty sure I think about this way too much. It is high time I share some of my thoughts.)

~1) When she was eight, she begged Captain Antilles to teach her how to fly the Tantive IV. (He found two things out that day: 1) Leia Organa was quite possibly the cutest kid he had ever met; 2) One day Leia Organa would make a fantastic politician.) Though she was still too young to properly learn how to fly the Corvette, Antilles spent the entirety of the voyage taking her around the bridge (carrying her and lifting her up when necessary), teaching her about what each of the controls did, the basics of navigation, and a hundred other things that pilots needed to know in order to fly safely. (He was shocked at how much she actually understood and retained.)

~2) When she was thirteen and traveled to Coruscant with her father, she finally convinced Captain Antilles to properly teach her how to fly the Tantive IV.

~3) After the Alliance makes it off Yavin, and they finally settle down into their new base, Leia goes to find Luke. “I want to learn how to pilot an X-Wing,” she tells him bluntly. “Will you teach me?

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“You don’t gotta hold my hand,” Bucky says after a minute or two. “It’s not like it hurts.”

“Sure it does, asshole,” Sam tells him, but he knows it comes out almost fond, and his hand is warm, and Bucky apparently leaves it at that.

When the artist goes over the edges of scar tissue, Bucky tightens his grip, and Sam doesn’t say anything at all.

So I came across this exceptionally beautiful art and then this fic happened. I just have a lot of feelings about how these assholes deserve to figure out they love each other.

Parker: “Don’t worry. No one’s ever died going in through an air duct.”

Tara: “That’s…comforting.”

Parker: “Worst case, you slip and fall, break your legs, lay there for days scratching on the metal. It’s like a long metal coffin. With wind.”

–Leverage (The Maltese Falcon Job, S2E15)

Ah yes Sharon Carter, or as i like to call her Deus ex Carter 

#36- Hill Beach

behind hill hall there is a wonderful grassy slope that is known as Hill Beach. this sometimes gets confusing because you don’t know if people are going to the real beach or just hill beach. no one really knows where the name comes from, but it’s stuck. hill beach is a great place for playing catch, throwing the frisbee around, studying, napping in the sun, or even 6th Hill’s annual beach bash! 

#38- Gwinn Lines

there are a few times when one should always avoid gwinn for fear of endless waiting in lines: saturday brunch, monday/wednesday/friday at 12:20pm, lunch tuesday/thursday at 1pm,  and any dinner at 5pm. 

but there is nothing worse than sunday brunch. gwinn doesn’t even open till 12pm but the line starts forming at around 11:30. people come in groups and sit on the stairs leading out to gwinn. by 11:55 the line is nearing the C-Store. it’s unreal. and for awhile they had one specific person swiping cards who got known as “the slow girl.” poor girl, but she did swipe cards very slowly… 

the worst part of sunday brunch isn’t the line outside, it’s the lines inside. sometimes there’s even a line for cereal! it’s totally insane, except that everyone goes because it’s totally worth it. gwinn breakfast/ brunch is gwinn at its finest. 

#37- SPU Fridays

we have a love-hate relationship with SPU Fridays. On one hand, Gwinn is significantly better to lure in prospective students. on the other hand, grown ups and high schoolers take over all the good tables in gwinn. it’s amusing to watch kids and their parents subtly clap in martin square, but a little awkward when they sit on your uCOR and you’re talking about sex. it’s fun to convince out of staters that it’s always sunny in seattle, but unfortunate when they know more about your major than you do. it’s always funny to realize that the preview students that you’re ridiculing now will most likely be some of your good friends next year. my how things change! 

what do you current student this? SPU Fridays- love ‘em or hate 'em?