stuff directioners say

I made a mistake. I’m not blaming it on my age, but I was so pissed off at the whole racist comments everyone was saying about zayn. People on Twitter were trending directioners funeral, and that was the last straw for me because my late best friend was a directioner. Saying stuff about LC and Jimin was too far, I understand that. I get that all this shit was immature, I’m sorry for the racism, the stealing, and the death threats. I can’t delete my blog though, I’ll delete the racist remarks and stolen scenarios, but I actually like my URL, so I’ll keep that.

Anyway, I’m sorry for the shit, and this is me sincerely apologizing.


Sh!t Directioners Say......
  • You: All way.
  • Directioners: One Direction.
  • You: What's happened?
  • Directioners: Vas Happenin'?
  • You: One Boy.
  • Directioners: Five Boys.
  • You: I protested.
  • Directioners: No. Jimmy did.
  • You: Dude.
  • Directioners: Buddie.
  • You: One night in Ibiza.
  • Directioners: Up all night.
  • You: Pigeon.
  • Directioners: Kevin.
  • You: McDonald's
  • Directioners: Nando's.
  • You: I need more things.
  • Directioners: I need that one thing.
  • You: You're stupid.
  • Directioners: No. I'm a Directioner.