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where's your proof pearlet are onto you, show us the receipts

i will explain now 

okay so the thing is that we shipped pearlet like literally weeks ago (if you want to know why we shipped it i posted the story earlier when someone asked.) before this actually became a thing around tumblr. like when they aired the ep7 untucked last week we were all literally screaming because we couldn’t believe all of it was true. okay anyways i’ll continue with the story.

so last friday biblegirl started following my personal blog on tumblr and fuck meeeh it is full of pearlet shit. so we all know biblegirl is friends with pearl, so this totally makes sense - maybe she told pearl what she found on my blog.

okay and right after this they started posting stuff of each other and it was really creepy and i totally flipped my shit when i started to think about this lmao. SO anyway then evan tweeted miss fame something like “tell violet and pearl we know they know that we know that they know” and she favourited the tweet. last night dee made a post that said “biblegirl, are they onto us?” and she liked it lma o.

OKAY AND THEN THERE IS THIS PICTURE like does this look like a coincidence to you?? (the first pic is from a month ago ahaha dont ask the squad was bored so that happened… and the second pic is from last weekend)

+ i hope you understood that we are not v serious with this lmao this is more of a joke but hey i still wanted to explain