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  • Before browsing the pixie hair tag: maaaan I'm gonna find such hip inspiration. My hairs are gonna be spicy adorable rebels. It's gonna be like a fairy princess makeover but with scissors instead of whimsical glitter-spells.
  • After browsing the pixie hair tag: I could never join the elite ranks of these celestial beings. They are too pure. I must not dishonor the pixie name. One day I shall ascend, but not before my time. Fight on, precious hairstyle warriors, fight on.

“Hinata… This big idiot finally understands… The real meaning of the scarf you gave me when you went with Toneri… I know now, from the scarf you painstakingly knitted and took so long to finish, that your love can’t be unraveled so easily… Wait for me… This whole time, you always loved me for the way I am… Now, as a man, there’s something I must tell you… Hinata, I swear I will save you!”

A Wing-man

Title: A Wing-man

Summary: Sam feels the need to help Captain get a date with the reader.

Words: 1600

Pairing: Captain America x Reader

Warning: Fluff

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Every weekend morning you strolled down the city streets to the national mall or the botanical gardens and read. You had this whole thing about pulling yourself out of your work and putting yourself into different universes. These days today could be draining, complicated, and sad. It was nice to transport to a new place. You found a spot by the reflecting pool on the grass, placing out a blanket, your cup of coffee, and lunch box full of snacks.

You tried not to pay much attention to the ton of people running around the reflection pool or the meetings walking by. It was about the book and the places that book took you. An hour and a half into Winnie the Pooh by A. A. Milne, a guy collapsed in the grass in front of you. He was breathing heavily and very sweaty, you look at him, “Do you need some water,” you ask.

He looked towards you, shaking his head, “No, nope, just needed to take a breather. Don’t let me bother you,” he breathed out. You eyed him up not believing him. He was wearing an air force shirt, athletic build, and it seemed he could have quite the personality. It was just a feeling you had about him.

“Here,” you leaned over and handed him a water bottle, “Just hydrate, I really wouldn’t like to have to resuscitate you.”

He reached over and grabbed it, “I’m Sam.”

“Y/N,” you reached over and shook his hand.

“Thanks for this,” he drank some of the bottle, “Is that a protein bar,” he pointed on your blanket.

You chuckled, “Yeah,” he did this little pout thing, pretending to cough some more, “Would you like it?”

“If you don’t mind,” he grinned reaching for it, “I’m just so dizzy,” he put a hand on his head to illustrate he felt faint.

“I’m sorry, should I be calling someone to come get you,” I ask, putting my book down completely.

He shook his head, “Nah, I just need a minute or two,” he said opening the protein bar and taking a bite, “So Y/N-.”

“Wilson, you alright,” you looked up to meet the beautiful blue eyes of another man, “I got worried when I didn’t lap you back there,” he was looking down at Sam. You recognized this new man instantly, this was the emphasis Captain America. You noticed him once or twice around the area running or the news. I guess he was the closest celebrity you have ever been near, but you were kind of shy and didn’t like to meddle in other people’s lives.

Pointing his protein bar at Captain, “I just needed some air and this lovely stranger offered me substance and libations.”

“Offered,” Captain mocked his friend, “I’m sorry ma’am, Sam here struggles with social skills. I apologize.”

Shaking your head, returning comfortably to your blanket with your book, “I didn’t mind. I was just glad he was okay. I’m not known for my medical skills and I don’t have a phone on me.”

“How exactly were you going to help me call someone if I said yes to your offer,” Sam shot back, looking mockingly offended.

“I had a plan,” I shot back at him, “It involved running and/or screaming.”

Sam laughed at my response, “Well Y/N, it was real. Thanks for the extra fuel,” he started to get up, “Now Cap,” he looked at Captain America himself, “Give me a head start, stay here for a bit.”

“I don’t think that is necessary,” he said to his running mate, “I’ll take it easy on you.”

Shaking his head again, “Nah man, you don’t want me to faint again. Just let me have a head start, old man,” Sam continued.

“You’re a real-,” Captain started to say.

“Thanks bud,” Sam run backwards onto the trail before spinning around, looking awfully spry again.

You watched the conversation between the two men in amazement. This definitely threw a wrench in your usual morning routine. He looked down at you, “Aa, I don’t mean to barge in on your picnic, but may I,” he asked to sit down with you, “If he wants a head start, I’ve got some time,” he shrugged.

“Yeah,” you looked down to your blanket, pushing all your stuff, including your book out of the way, “Here have a seat.”

“I truly am sorry about interrupting your morning routine. I’m Steve,” he sat down on your blanket and put his hand out to shake, which you instantly accepted.

“Y/N,” you answered, “And it’s fine. My morning routine need a little spice up, I guess.”

Captain nodded looking around, you took this time to look at him, I mean, really look. He was watching the area or looking up at the sky. He was breathing lightly, which was nothing like his friend. Though I imagine a super soldier is built for working out harder than this. His arms seemed to be unreal, you leaned forward to touch it, but before you could, “So today is Winnie the Pooh,” he turned to me suddenly gripping my book.

Letting go the moment, “Oh, yeah,” you said awkwardly, what has gotten into you, “It’s a classic.”

“Yeah, yeah I know. I was eight when this came out. My mom would read this to me,” he grinned at the book, “A classic,” he shook his head. You sat quietly, just listening in amazement, “Last week it was The Secret Garden and Ethan Frome,” he made direct eye contact with you grinning, “Not once since I’ve seen you, that you were reading something published in the last twenty years. You must really like old and classic things.” You didn’t know what to say, he was just so pretty, you never acted like this, “I’m sorry, you must think I am really odd. I’m not st-,” he muttered out after your silence.

“Please,” you whispered, “You are truly the last man I’m worried about stalking me. You’re Captain America, I know what people say about you.”

“Oh really,” he grinned putting your book down, “What do they say?”

You blushed, pulling back a stray hair, “That you have an exceptionally strong moral compass, kind, and incredible strong,” you sputtered out, “Oh and very patriotic.”

Who did you think you were, joking around and saying those things? You really needed to learn to keep a tight lip. His laughing drew you back to him, “Yeah, I believe they say that, but right now I’m just Steve Rodgers a man from the Brooklyn, New York.”

You nod, smiling a little, “If that is the case, maybe I should be worried about you noticing my reading habits,” you joked.

“Touché,” he laughed again, “It’s hard to miss a woman like yourself reading such familiar things from my time and not once looking at a phone or using any technology. It’s refreshing,” he grinned looking away from the runners and back at you.

You nod your head, “I’m a lawyer, so I’m always answering my phone or dealing with some new tragedy. And sometimes I think people now a days are so awful, that I come here and throw myself into a whole new universe and what is better than the true classics,” you got carried away again, becoming a chatty Cathy. He must think you’re so weird, “I’m so sorry, I don’t know what has gotten into me. I’m not usually so talkative to strangers.”

“Again, refreshing,” he continued to look into your soul. Suddenly he looked at his watch, “I guess I’ve let Sam get enough of a head start. I’m sorry for taking up so much of your morning ma’am,” he began to stand.

“That’s alright Captain, you definitely made it more interesting. Take care of Sam, you might have to go a little easier on him,” you look up at him.

“Not a chance,” he grinned down at you, taking a few steps back, “And it’s Steve, please.”

You were overwhelmed by an impulse to ask Captain a question, “I’m sorry, Cap – Steve, but do you mind if I ask you a question?”

“No, ask away ma’am.”

“When you said a woman like myself, what did you mean,” you were concerned he meant weird or worse, though you’re sure Captain America wouldn’t say anything if that is what he meant when he said it.

He grinned, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly, checking the running path before answering, “Beautiful ma’am – a woman like yourself I meant a beautiful.”

You sat back in shock, “Oh, oh alright. As long as you didn’t think I was weird.”

Sam whistled on past us again, Captain sent him a glare, “That’s my call,” he pointed at Sam.

“This was interesting, thank you,” you said to him again.

He looked down the path at Sam, “Hey, look – do you, could I buy you your coffee tomorrow? Maybe join you. I won’t bother you, we can sit in silence and read.”

Taken back, you blinked a few times. Captain looked a little discouraged by your hesitation, “Sure, I mean, that sounds fine,” he looked relieved, “One condition, you’ll have to tell me what it was like to be alive when my book was published.”

He chuckled, “Deal,” he smiled looking down, “See you in the morning Y/N.”

“Goodbye Steve,” you waved after him. Not in a million years would you have guessed that you’d get a date with the infamous Captain America.

Captain caught up quickly to Sam, “Did you get a date?”

“You think you’re so clever,” he said to Sam, “I could have done that on my own.”

“Nah man,” he said smiling at his friend, “You’ve been out of the game for far too long. You need yourself a wingman.” He burst into a blunt laugh, “Ha, get it wing man. Now that is a pun.”

“I’m going to sprint past you know.”

“Your welcome,” Sam screamed after him.

✨ Important! ✨

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Hi everyone! I just wanted to say I’m truly happy you are interested in tutorials for my art! Thank you very much for all your kind words and comments ♥

So I have an idea I wanted to talk to you about and I think this is the opportunity! 

First it’s been a while since I wanted to do step by step tutorials or video tutorials but I never had the time to. This summer I’ll have more time. I’m currently working on three commissions and I’ll do a lot of streaming to help me finish them! So you can see a bit of process there, but I would love to do something more and I was wondering if you guys would be interested if I opened a Patreon? 

I could do something monthly, like a little streaming video/process video, some written tutorials and maybe show more about some characters and universes of mine? Give access to witchy wallpapers I have drawn, comic preview and other special stuffs?

 I just don’t know and truly want to have your opinion on this! I have a few costly sides projects (Cosplay/a trip to Japan in August) and if I was able to do that it could help a lot!

So what do you think about it guys? ✨🌿🌘🔮

I was trying to think about which one of Jay & Anders snores, wakes up to the sound of their own snore, and asks the other if they said something, or ‘what was that?’ but the answer probably is honestly ‘both’, they’re equally on edge even when they’re sleeping. Maybe Jay snores more loudly or more frequently but Anders can hold his own as well in the right conditions. :’)

Alternatively they’re settling down to sleep and one has dozed off and the other’s stomach makes a loud noise or they burp or cough or sneeze or something like that and the other one goes, sleepily, ‘…whuh’dyousay?’ The offending noisemaker, trying not to laugh: ‘uh, just ‘I love you.’’ And then the sleepy person: ‘Oh. luvyou too.’

Personal responsibility

So someone messaged me to ‘take down’ a post I’d reblogged and said it was “weird I was 4 years back into their archive”…  I wasn’t in their archive.  I had simply done a search for a funny imgur post, and their post came up.  They messaged me, very curtly, to remove it and explained why…  After hearing why, I understand, however, if this video poses such a threat, why is it still viewable and rebloggable by the general public?  This seems like a thing that should have been taken down ages ago.

There seems to be an ongoing pattern of behavior here that’s worrisome. People are holding complete strangers responsible for every trauma that has happened to them.  There’s no way we all can read each other’s minds and pasts.  Most of us are just here for fandom, jokes, cats, and general escapism.  Hell, we all have our own traumas, every last one of us.  If someone misunderstands a post you made, or reblogs a photo or video that brings bad memories for you, we have literally no idea.  You can either continue to message people (in not so nice ways) to alert them to your discomfort, or you can simply remove the thing, block it, blacklist it, etc.  That ensures your well being a lot more than continuing to expect everyone else to simply ‘know’ about your pain.

We can’t hold everyone else responsible for our own troubles, memories, traumas, etc.  Take your own well being into your hands as much as possible, as really that’s the strongest defense you have.  The rest of us might be willing to help, but it’s not a burden that should be forced onto us without us even knowing.

V, Saeran and RFA reacting to and then taking care of a MC who has intensively bad periods. (pain so bad causes vomiting and not being able to stand)

Chose this purely because cramps are killing me atm


  • Yoosung has a sister, so he’s seen her suffer
  • Okay more like him suffering because his sister got bad mood swings and rarely got cramps
  • But he didn’t know that it could get as bad as you got it
  • You got extremely fatigued and nauseous, sometimes almost to the point of fainting
  • Not wanting anything bad to happen to you, he’d take a complete break from LOLOL and studies for a bit
  • He’d keep you in bed and make sure you were very hydrated, but didn’t know what else to do
  • For your sake, he calls his sister and mother to ask them for advice on how to care for you (despite their teasing and his blushing red face)
  • The meals he made you were light so it wouldn’t make you feel too sick
  • As embarrassed as he would to do it, he’d still go on pad/tampon run and bring home a big box of chocolates for you
  • This sweet boy secretly feels manlier since he’s able to help his girlfriend through this


  • Jaehee has her period too, she knows how the normal pain is
  • Her period gives her back pains most times
  • But damn, she’s never seen someone who has it as bad as you
  • You were in such pain from cramps that you literally couldn’t stand
  • Honestly, she has so much pity because she can’t even dare compare this to her back
  • She probably digs through all her cabinets to find the strongest medicine she has
  • And if she has to work that day, she’ll call in on you constantly to check up on you
  • She’ll also pick up anything at the store on the way back along with even stronger medicine
  • Baehee’s mother instincts baby you whenever she can and brings out all her heating/cooling pads and junk food
  • She’ll do whatever she can before the pain wears away after the first few days


  • His past girlfriends all had relatively normal periods, so he never really had to worry about it (along with the fact that he didn’t know much about them)
  • But he feels absolutely terrible when he found out that your back killed you to no end
  • He suggests that maybe some exercise would help, but shuts it completely down when you tell him that it’s already excruciatingly painful to walk
  • So instead, he instructs you to just lie on your stomach until he comes back from the convenience store
  • Zen is best boyfriend like literally has no shame buying pads/tampons for you 
  • Picks up a heating pad and goes out of his way to buy a ton on goldfish bread for you
  • Did I mention that his back massages are heavenly?
  • Because all your back pains will go away just from that, trust me


  • When Jumin woke up at 4 am to find you hunched over the toilet vomiting, he immediately went to hold up your hair and phone in a doctor
  • After inspecting you and giving you some medication, she explained that you were one of the unlucky women during the menstrual cycle
  • She gave him instructions and tips on how to care for you and went on her way
  • Jumin spent no expense to make sure you were in the least pain possible and to make sure you were more comfortable
  • Sweet man even took his work home so he could look after you
  • He got you whatever you needed and even had the nutritionists and chefs arrange a special meal plan for when your period came
  • You even got the fancy barf bags that are lined with plastic inside or top notch medication
  • If you wanted something like real Belgian chocolate, he can (and will) have it imported in less than 5 minutes if you so desired 
  • Your period is more of a luxury than a pain at this point


  • Normally he would joke around about this kind of stuff, but when he saw how bad your period was, he truly wished that he could take the pain for you
  • He found you curled up in the bed, tears rolling down your face, trying to get through an intense headache
  • Immediately would rush to the store to grab everything he think you’d need
  • Ice packs, heat packs, headache medicine, period medicine, pads/tampons, the period cup, he’s grabbing everything off the shelf at this point
  • This man will come home and absolutely baby you
  • If it doesn’t discomfort you, he’d definitely cuddle you and maybe even hum until the medicine starts to take effect
  • He honestly feels awful that you’re in so much pain though
  • Saeyoung will utterly spoil you in his love


  • Jihyun is the kind of boyfriend to keep a pad/tampon on his person just in case of emergencies #blesshissoul
  • With Rika, she got very depressed during her period, but with you, your cramps kept you awake throughout the night
  • You would get sleepless nights every time because of the pain and that leads to no good health
  • Since he’s such a sweet person, he’d do everything in his power to help you sleep
  • Get Jumin to buy good medicines, make really good homemade soup, light scented candles, play soft music, get the fluffy pillows and blankets, and most importantly: cuddle you
  • He’ll hold you in bed and hum along with the music until he knows you’re asleep and out of pain
  • And he can’t have the sun be in pain


  • His experience with periods is little to none
  • So he doesn’t really know what he can do for you when your back is preventing you from getting up
  • You really just have to tell him what he’d have to do and he’d complain and do it
  • But the moment he sees you teary-eyed from intense pain, all complaints stop and he’s completely obliged
  • The only way you’re getting out of bed is over his dead body, that’s for sure
  • He feels kinda awkward when he send him to fetch supplies, but when somebody made fun of him they got cussed out
  • Nobody made a comment to him after that
  • Think of his comfort like somebody awkwardly patting you on the back since they don’t know what else to do
  • His heart is in the right place though, and he’s doing what he can <3

starhannah  asked:

okay can i just say that you are absolutely incredibly skilled?? i admire your art SO MUCH!!! the way you convey emotion through facial expressions/body positioning/everything is just SO ON POINT!! especially through your really subtle changes like people just totally know what the character is feeling also your pacing is fantastic and i know i'm not articulating this well but W O W your stuff truly blows me away. super awesome job, i look forward to everything you do!!&good luck on the contest!

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aw thank you :3


omg do u remember when tamora pi*rce responded to a post i made (abt lackluster trans representation in her books) w/ this argument and my response to her was basically ‘no s my d and do ur job’

I DO and I think about it once a month at least.

“Please allow yourself to grow, start anew. Why are you holding yourself back, my love? Is this not what you wanted? A new start, a new beginning? The world is in your court, and you can open any door you choose. All you need to do is take that first step. Every journey starts off with one foot forward. Please, find yourself, and make that leap. Do something good for yourself this time. Don’t spend another 11:11 wish on me, but on yourself. You do not benefit from my growth, but my goodness do I crave to see you rise against all your demons. Stop hiding. Stop lying. Grow. Do something for yourself.

I know it may be scary, I have been in your shoes before. I guarantee you it gets easier as time goes. With the world in your palm, do not rest it on your shoulders. Do not allow this world to weigh you down. This is why it is so important to move forward and take control. Please, do that for me. Do that for yourself.

Please, just focus on yourself, and do not wait for anyone to catch up. Find your cause and commit to it. Do that for me, commit and succeed.

You can do this. ”

Title: New Moon in Taurus
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© Crescent Diviner 2017
Deck Used: Shadowscape Tarot
Book Shown: Moonology by Yasmin Boland